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Do numa frase em (in ingles)

God in all we do.
I do as I’m told.
You have to do it.
It will have to do.
How do I know this.
Some of them do it.
Yes … you do that.

I do like that idea.
At once do you hear.
All you have to do.
I do not mean women.
So what do you do?
I do not have think.
It must do this too.
So what can you do?
We do more than obey.
Because I think I do.
What harm does it do.
But I do know this.
I wish to do nothing.
Do not bend your head.
So what do you do if.
But when you do have.
I couldn't do his job.
He has called us to do.
I would never do that.
That would have to do.
We have to do this.
Ava would not do that.
Q: What would you do?
All he could do was nod.
Do you hear that, love.
Or what do you think?
He just couldn't do it.
I'll see what I can do.
But I do repeat myself.
Yes, that should do it.
Do your own dirty work.
Was I doing what I.
It was more my doing.
And in so doing, the.
Doing 100 reps with a.
I know what I'm doing.
Said you were doing a.
If you are doing some.
We're doing all we can.
By doing this your 45.
What are you doing to.
Q: What are you doing?
He was doing his best.
I'll be doing that now.
Why is she doing this?
We were doing all right.
I know what I’m doing.
How was he doing this?
Why was he doing this?
I’m just doing my job.
What are we doing here?
I suppose doing that in.
They were doing the deed.
Should be doing, in fact.
Is doing too many things.
We started off by doing.
She was doing it for him.
Clearly he was doing his.
What was she doing here?
But you are not yet doing.
In doing so, the biggest.
Maggie was doing the same.
I’m doing a story arc.
What was I doing? Nature.
I will move more by doing.
What are you doing?
By doing whatever they can.
I'm doing all I can ma'am.
What are you doing here?'.
What are you doing here.
What are you doing here?
It had to be done.
See how it is done.
I was done with this.
He would have done it.
Wait until I am done.
She had done no wrong.
It was very well done.
She had done her best.
And this can be done.
It was as good as done.
Hey, I've done my bit.
I think this was done.
I have done very bad.
Wynne had done his part.
You have done well John.
I hate what I have done.
How had she done THAT?
What was done was done.
Q: Easier said than done.
Finally the job was done.
Because it must be done.
The trance is done with.
He had always done that.
What had he just done?
There is more to be done.
There's a lot to be done.
Well, I’m not done yet.
At last the job was done.
Well done, both of you.
And I would have done it.
Justice will be done now.
It has never been done.
Something had to be done.
There is work to be done.
Alex must have done that.
That could be done later.
David his father had done.
The damage had been done.
There was much to be done.
By then we should be done.
AND it does it an.
And yet he does not.
Oh, he does have a.
As it does not fit.
It does not seem so.
M: It does not apply.
He does not know how.
How does it work in.
It does not need to.
God does not like it.
It does not have to.
But he does not know.
And it does not miss.
I wonder what it does.
But does he buy it?
Q: I guess it does not.
M: What does it mean?
He does have an alibi.
If the temp does cont.
What harm does it do.
It does not mean that.
Does he feel the same?
A saint does not want.
What, if it does not?
It does that to people.
But it does not matter.
It does not move him!.
Why me, why does this.
But it does not teach.
He does not believe me.
Yoga can and does help.
The one that does the.
What does it say when.
No matter what he does.
Rigidity does not work.
But your mind does move.
Does it mean that past.
See if it does any good.
What does it say to me?
Well, er, everyone does.
How did he do it.
I did not find yet.
As he did so, he.
I did not have any.
All I did was fall.
I did not envy her.
He knew what He did.
Nye and his mate did.
He did most of his.
So she did the same.
I did though hear a.
Did he know this? No.
No, but I did help.
I did my pivot turn.
How did I know this?
Tell me what he did.
How did he do that?
So he did, but not me.
But he did not hurry.
He did a lot of good.
How did you put it?
As he did this, Son.
And since I did not.
Im glad you did that.
He did not turn back.
I did him a service.
She did not want her.
ERICK: She did say no.
I did the wrong thing.
What more did he want.
You know what you did.
He did note that the.
As I did I took notes.
See, you did it again.
He did ask one other.
He did get a theirops.
I did not prod further.
I think Papa did, too.
She did not regret it.
Tom did not believe it.

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