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I am not a dope.
Dope is my only hope.
My boyfriend was a dope.
But the booze and the dope.
We're gonna dope this boy up.
Dope fiend dropped the purse.
Take that as the straight dope.
The dope boys want the case.
This is pretty good dope, Andy.
Did Conrad dope you up?
Please end the booze and dope use.
She didn't look like any dope to me.
The connection with the inside dope.
She said, Are they dope dealers?
He still had some alcohol and dope in.
Fernandez, dope dealer to Potrero Hill.
How did you guess? Well, here's the dope.
These run into 70--that's the dope joint.
And no more slinging dope for the Cobras.
Not to mention his alcohol and dope problems.
Strung out on dope, unable to deal with the world.
He took to smoking dope more than he did his meditation.
The dope dealers in the west are earning the money they.
The usual range; E, dope, uppers, downers and the new stuff.
ZJ was a drug user, and he was pushing dope to feed his habit.
There are dope dealers and meth makers and child molesters.
Farmers, trappers, hunters, fishermen, birders, dope growers.
The more dope he used, the worse it got; even booze didn’t help.
Dope enveloped her in a cotton-wool tunnel, filled her mouth with.
Which dope dealers generally didn’t give, in Reacher’s experience.
There was the woman who had fled so precipitately from the dope joint.
No longer was he Hazel the Innocent, Hazel the Unaware, Hazel the Dope.
You and a bunch of teenagers sold dope on the south side of Chicago?
ZJ really didn’t care if Big Guy owned them, as long as he got his dope.
He’d done a few deals with Big Guy and expected to get his dope, pay, and go.
The shear weight of money used in the dope trade alone implicates banks being.
Traffic generation needs a qualitative approach today to dope its effectiveness.
I thought it was a bit ironic to booze it up and smoke dope but not smoke tobacco.
The victim was arrested outside a crack house where some dope slingers had been shot.
As soon as we entered the fraternity house we were met by the scent of booze and dope.

Then it transitions out, getting the required doping on the exit path.
Doping people with this curious form of antisocial behavior was merely a continuation of watching TV, or Movies.
Doping of the silicon could occur on the output sequence in a special segment set up for that purpose to create the PN junction needed for solar cell operation.
I believe that Sam Jenkins, the older brother, who fixed races at Black Canyon Greyhound Park on I-17 by doping the dogs was sent to the state prison in Florence.
The salts of dysprosium had an extremely high magnetic susceptibility, and they were doping their castings with small amounts of the element; more to find out what would happen rather than having any major theory.
They had never heard of the concept of doping migration, never thought a bit about what it takes to keep human souls in charge of their system, since they barely understood the concept of their simulated environment.
So, following the verdicts, he and his felon brother Sam who fixed greyhound races at Black Canyon Park by doping racing dogs totally cleaned out the law firm’s United Bank Building office, moving all the contents to Bob’s screened-in back porch.
No science could yet stop the doping migration in any semiconductor, and with the line sizes necessary to simulate a human mind to the requisite level of detail, the safe life span of a logic crystal was only months and the logic had to be constantly re-cycled thru the fabricators.
Have enough small pressure chambers to step down a vacuum to room pressure so that you may put in a solar cell substrate and after sequencing through the chambers, depose upon it solar grade silicon and then sequence out, doping the silicon on the way out to create the pn junction needed for the production of a cell.
Thank God you were doped.
A good many were pretty doped up.
And then those doped cigarettes interest me.
Yes, he must have been alive when the vaccine was doped.
He was the one that doped the vaccine with Jaquar’s body fluid.
That doesn’t mean he should have doped the vaccine, right?
The maid came in with the cigarettes and I smoked one of the doped ones.
She doped him with her own medicine,’ Nathalie said, giggling merrily.
I am fairly doped up on Valium, guess I shouldn’t be drinking but what the hell.
Those kids should have been doped with beer and slugged into their cots hours ago.
He’s a scientist too then! What if he had doped the vaccine? Deneb asked suspiciously.
He reveled in the real and imaginary sensory data, his entire nervous system doped with pleasure.
You are the Fire-kid, Cleo! Your mother was aboard Haven, when she had a drink doped with the pill.
I said, ‘You think I’m likely to want a relationship, after you doped me in that fetish club and did.
Most of that time I was half doped and don’t remember having any conscious thoughts, especially for the last two years.
I had forgotten what it was like to interact with people especially romantically even though I was still unusually doped up.
EASY! Can’t you see he’s doped up to the eyeballs? Stand him up over here, Tim ordered Carl, pointing to a nearby desk.
Cleo took out the vaccine (they have brought from NCRBAS) from the liquid Nitrogen chamber to test its composition and find out what it has been doped with.
The massed youth twisted and ground against each other to the tune of strobe lights their doped out senses lost in the euphoria of the wantonness of their actions.
Your man eats entire drug cartels for breakfast and while many men couldn’t take down a rave hall packed with doped out gun rockers, he can! We call him the Iceman.
She had become calmer, and had started listening and paying attention to everyone – the very distressed patients, the calmer and doped ones, as well as the doctors and nurses.
So beforehand, he doped the vaccine with the alien fluid, asked someone to call him after the installation of RAM stating that he was accused and to post the letters after he flees from the country.
The top of the substrate would have the output conducting surface overlaid by silicon and then doped, and then sprayed with a conducting surface grid that allowed the passage of light in between lines of the top anode.
Drumming, the tapping of tambourines, dancing and excitement, and tuneful voices that entirely enchant hearts that are unmindful of the Source of Majesty and Beauty: these are used to delight the ears, after which the hearts become cheerful at these sounds and the spirits become captivated by what they hear, as the domination of whim is awakened and thinking and rationality become doped.
As dopes forever.
It’s only on the way back home you get it – they weren’t the only two dopes in Café.
There was the usual meandering lunchtime crowd of dopes and mopes moving in and out of Mickey D’s.
I partly blame all those dopes that clap their heads off--they'd foul up anybody, if you gave them a chance.
I swear to God, if I were a piano player or an actor or something and all those dopes thought I was terrific, I'd hate it.
She shook herself out of the memory, determined not to give in to the mopes—another of Hartman’s phrases—or the dopes.

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