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Dour numa frase em (in ingles)

sensing his mood was dour.
’s dour Calvinist heritage.
I shrugged with a dour frown.
The dour guard and the grey.
Castle Dour was still waiting.
With that, she made her way out of Castle Dour.
and she had become dour and sullen as a result.

He meant it for a joke, but it was a dour one.
Her nation’s mood matches her dour performance.
farmhouses and their occupants were as dour as the.
Ulbrickson remained steadfastly and resolutely dour.
Crumley watched with a dour eye and said, Let me guess.
He had taken on the dour aspect of the Maya and was just as taciturn.
Though just as heavy as the other farmer, this one was jovial, not dour.
Or the sheriff’s office, Breckenridge added with a dour look at.
It was a dour and gloomy place dedicated to good coffee and sad, soggy food.
His already dour expression darkened even more after swallowing a swig of ale.
The dour recluse still there (he has his cake) and the douce youngling, minion of.
While always present, the tension in Castle Dour had been especially thick recently.
Here and there we stopped to stare at statues of whimsical animals and dour deities.
The dour woman on reception at the hospital sighed as Smith and Whitton approached her.
The woman in reception at the hospital was a dour, frump of a woman in her mid-forties.
Several of the meeting participants smiled broadly but a few wore dour expressions.
This man stood with his arms crossed and his expression weary and dour, yet vaguely hopeful.
Here and there we stopped to stare at statues of whimsical animals and dour frowning dieties.
Even if it was one that most of us hated! Judah finished the thought on a more dour note.
Clad in their gold-colored robes, they did nothing save watch everyone they passed with dour looks.

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