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Downward numa frase em (in ingles)

They then drifted downward to.
Repeat the upward and downward.
Mac was in a sharp downward spiral.
The ball of fire thundered downward.
The downward movement should be a.
This resembles Downward Facing Dog.
Sue caressed her hand downward and.

Tim glanced downward at the pavement.
Her eyes darted downward and widened.
I’m spinning and spinning downward.
In this the downward movement is not.
There is downward pressure on earnings.
Conan scarcely wasted a downward glance.
The lever started downward in its track.
Mabeuf had continued his downward course.
The downward motion never seemed to stop.
She swung her dagger in a downward strike.
His hand dragged hers in a downward sweep.
The ripple moved steadily downward as the.
Yet as the feline Daitya floated downward.
Attitude of Analyst Where Trend Is Downward.
The men inside were still shooting downward.
Something was pulling these objects downward.
Their attention was focused downward, not up.
There he halted, panting, and stared downward.
The convent stopped him on that downward path.
Upward arpeggio and downward octave with turn.
Olin saw the man's head jerk suddenly downward.
This started the downward movement of educa-.
Adjusting the mirror downward, he stared at a.
There was a sudden, noticeable downward shift.
This will put downward pressure on the put price.
Use your strength to control the downward motion.
Staff knowing the restaurant on a downward slope.
Nozroth, let us move downward from this school.
Downward he fell with a hard smack into the water.
Price is obviously moving in a downward direction.
His eyes were to be directed downward at all times.
He stared downward at the white ground, mouth agape.
There is harm in my mother’s continuing downward.

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