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Drag numa frase em (in ingles)

Sorry to drag you in.
Time began to drag then.
She would drag a siphon.
She could hardly drag it.
I would have to drag my.
And he would drag him out.
I took a drag and coughed.

Help me drag it over here.
Help me drag her, boys.
I could not drag it longer.
That I have to drag around.
Time does not drag with him.
She’ll just drag you down.
This is a drag, he said.
I was barely able to drag it.
But then I was able to drag.
The two men drag the crate off.
Kristie smiled and took a drag.
The evacuation seemed to drag.
We can drag him by his throat.
Don’t let him drag you down.
Net or drag them from the water.
I’ve managed to drag this out.
I had to drag the truth from him.
General y, he was a bit of a drag.
Hayden took a drag, acting casual.
Too heavy to carry easier to drag.
The coyotes will drag her away.
He began to drag Vamenos with him.
To minimize drag from the dead No.
Bino took a long drag on his smoke.
The Holy Spirit will draw or drag.
Let me see if I can drag him along.
Help me drag her out to her car.
He was needed to drag out the dead.
I handed it back and he took a drag.
They each hold or drag a Roadrunner.
We drag the rucksack forward again.
Let him drag that confusion to his.
He was dragging me somewhere.
He was virtually dragging her now.
Knuckle dragging cavemen did not.
Look,’ he said, dragging a hand.
Rosie started dragging me but quit.
I tire and slow, dragging my feed.
By dragging and dropping with the.
Secondly you might end up dragging.
He enters slowly, dragging his feet.
The TV showed them dragging it out.
Bev said, You do a lot of dragging.
And then he comes dragging Scarlett, Mrs.
With the day dragging past, the parent's.
It was all dragging around on the floor.
I reckon that saucer is dragging us round.
She could not risk dragging it any longer.
After two hours of mindlessly dragging his.
Yes, I have been dragging the Serpentine.
Dragging the white vapour with its luring.
Having been through this dragging business.
Within seconds Janelle was back dragging Mick.
Something heaved it's dragging way out of it.
She kicked at the sand, her footsteps dragging.
After a long walk dragging, I felt a presence.
I hate that the days are dragging on too long.
Back at the boutique, the afternoon was dragging.
But what on earth did Carreen mean dragging Mrs.
Come, he murmurs and rises, dragging me up.
The Team was dragging its feet, for God knows why.
He scowled at me, and began dragging me to the car.
I scrambled outside, dragging Grover from the car.
The sound he heard was the dragging of the table!.
The clowns grabbed her again, dragging her toward.
It was hard work with a lot of dragging and lugging.
The boatmen are dragging vessels against the stream.
Her father stepped into the house, dragging the old.
Dragging Roman’s dead weight—even though he was.
Gulping air, he began to wade, still dragging Roland.
Elowen heard a shriek and then saw the wolf dragging.
I waded into the dark water, dragging the skin behind.
I am being dragged away.
Oh, they dragged me out.
He dragged her into the.
It had been dragged away.
He dragged me out of there.
The next two days dragged on.
His friends dragged me away.
The men dragged Hedy away.
Rudd had dragged the local.
So I dragged it to the rover.
Thus the afternoon dragged on.
We dressed and then dragged.
He dragged her to the shower.
Nate dragged on his cigarette.
The rest of the day dragged on.
The militia dragged us outside.
I dragged Bill back to our tent.
The morning dragged on for Kady.
The evening dragged on and on.
He started to dragged the dead.
Look what the cat dragged in.
He dragged her by a forest road.
He dragged me towards him again.
The rest of that week dragged by.
Suddenly, he was being dragged.
I basically got dragged here.
We were dragged along the streets.
I dragged her through the lounge.
Our session had dragged too long.
An hour dragged by as with every.
Ferec dragged him into the bedroom.
They dragged her another sugar-loaf.
No, you dragged me in now I'm in.
It dragged too slowly on the paper.
He dragged the inert Alien out of.
The day dragged on and finally ended.
Baba dragged his head off the pillow.
He barged in here and dragged me.
I dragged the blanket into the hole.
They dragged on till the next summer.
But drags to the great fall.
Time drags by slowly for Yeshua.
He just drags me along with him.
But as the winter drags along.
Willie drags the crate labeled R.
He drags it along to the counter.
A loud voice drags a dragon fight.
He drags it with him and yields to it.
He could now, but he still drags them.
The truck drags the deflated blimp behind it.
If you noticed, I took maybe three drags tops.
He drags Unks up and angrily stares in his eyes.
She puts me in a headlock and drags me upstairs.
Christina screams and drags one of her arms free.
God was it three days ago? Time drags without him.
Cooper all but drags her along, and the kid is crying.
The crew notices the change in Cass as the day drags on.
He drags his thumb under his eyes, catching the moisture.
He drags her over near the bed and lays her out properly.
She drags her eyes open; she’d shut them at some point.
And whoever was strongest, drags the rest along behind him.
Duncan drags air into his lungs, but cannot get enough of it.
With an exhausted grunt, he drags himself next to my turret.
He groans, and drags himself away from the opening to recover.
Andrew waited until he'd had three drags before calling out to.
He drags open big, low drawers; he jangles dozens of key rings.
Other moments he drags himself to his new pub he’s decorating.
Mitch waited as the man took a number of long drags on the smoke.
He said, ‘You come here because Toby drags you along, don’t.
It is mass that drags you down because the mass is in charge of.
Selena drags me out of the room on my handcuffs and up the stairs.
Zachary drags his friend to the edge of Sean’s car, away from me.
Ana, please, I murmur as she drags me into the large vestibule.
Mari says nothing, but her sudden movement drags me from my thoughts.
Tori is trying to walk, but one of her legs drags behind her, useless.
Jay drags his dagger through the pilot’s controls on their way out.
Drags are the part of the reel that creates pressure and prevents the.
Amy grabs your arm and drags you over to some crappy little airport cafe.
The woman coughs and drags herself into the circle of light, inch by inch.
Al pulls Will’s arm across his shoulders and drags him out of the arena.

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