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Dreary numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a dreary day.
  2. It was dreary and cold.
  3. She is tired and dreary.
  4. It was dreary and wearisome.
  5. The house was very dreary now.

  6. It was mostly dark, dreary, and ugly.
  7. It was a dreary day and a symbolic day.
  8. Then he sank into dreary musing again.
  9. The next day was a dreary one for Emma.
  10. The days that followed were dreary ones.
  11. It was a dreary blank that was before us.
  12. The dreary scene was accompanied by the.
  13. Long absence makes of life a dreary void;.
  14. She brightens my life in this dreary place.
  15. That even in escape, dreary days lay ahead.

  17. Eagerness to be gone from this dreary place.
  18. They don’t know how dreary it is, how low.
  19. She was pleased but still felt dreary inside.
  20. And his lodging in Walthamstow was so dreary.
  21. It was a dreary day; and we wandered about a.
  22. A dreary place: but it seemed a charming and.
  23. That the day would be as dreary as ever.
  24. And he felt dreary and hopeless between the two.
  25. Soon enough, to the west, they spied a dreary.

  26. The land all about was dreary, flat and drab-hued.
  27. But then one day in the cold, dreary month of late.
  28. The highroads are dreary but they lead to the town.
  29. The white fields looked vast and dreary in the dusk.
  30. She enjoyed her time out away from dreary castle life.
  31. It was as wet and dreary as the day he’d buried her.
  32. Never was such a dreary sea or such a melancholy spot.
  33. How dreary to meet death, surrounded by their cold faces.
  34. The only thing he felt was rather a dreary little surprise.
  35. This one sex, this one drink, or some other, dreary shame.
  36. She had sunk into a dreary apathy and would not be roused.
  37. Even for a guy who read the Bible one long, dreary winter.
  38. It’s about time the light came into this dreary place.
  39. Night was creeping in, further darkening the dreary grey sky.
  40. Gone were the days of the dreary tiring eight-course Chinese.
  41. It was another dull dreary day with the sun barely more than.
  42. The Masonic dinners were dull and dreary when he was not there.
  43. She sat back down and gazed at the drab and very dreary cabin.
  44. And in the wintertime I am afraid it gets even more dreary.
  45. The lightness of it sounded so odd on such a cold, dreary day.
  46. It was a dreary day, and low clouds hanging over the city sig-.
  47. The fog outside the sixth window was just as dreary as the fifth.
  48. It is dull and bad because it is so dreary, so hopelessly dreary.
  49. I let my imagination paint the streets as cold and dreary as it.
  50. When the dreary change was wrought, she extended her hand to Pearl.
  51. The forenoon was a dreary time, but at noon the solicitor came, Mr.
  52. During those dreary times down river, I’d longed to get back here.
  53. Burton reached his car, got in and pulled out of the dreary basement.
  54. The children breathed the air that was poisoned, and they felt dreary.
  55. Thank God she didn’t have to wait until the dreary office on Monday.
  56. The night which Napoleon passed in the suburb was a sad and dreary one.
  57. And, in fact, all such reminiscences are very dreary things, dear boy.
  58. He sheds the dreary layer of gear to reveal his proud police blues below.
  59. The meeting came to an end in a dreary silence and a half-hearted silflay.
  60. But drudgery and a lost youth do not make your life less, but more dreary.
  61. The infantrymen marching across the dreary plain fell into a sullen silence.
  62. It's still cold and drab and the sky is still a dreary, cloud covered gray.
  63. Summer was only a few weeks away but the weather had turned cold and dreary.
  64. Without her it rolled a barren, dreary and desolate waste from pole to pole.
  65. The story’s headline read: Bears on Prowl As Market Ends a Dreary Week.
  66. But despite the dog's company everything around him seemed still more dreary.
  67. They got a dreary bite in the kitchen and intended to wash the dishes at once.
  68. What dreary yarns padded out with inconsequential minutiae, populated by, or.
  69. TOM arrived at home in a dreary mood, and the first thing his aunt said to him.
  70. Where’s the map? She asked him on one bleak and somewhat dreary morning.
  71. October 16th was a dreary Monday, and Chas had scheduled a late evening service.
  72. Maybe it’s just that it’s so dreary outside and it’s ruining our Saturday.
  73. With these dreary prospects confronting many of us, we began the 1968/9 Cricket.
  74. In the summer she sat on the steps, and her soul was empty and dreary and bitter.
  75. As she walked down Washington Street, the landscape was as dreary as her own heart.
  76. We drifted from pipeclay to a discussion on bicycling for women--a dreary subject.
  77. He conceded that it was a different world from dreary industrialized Slough and St.
  78. A far cry from the dreary weather and football hooligans we have to deal with here.
  79. Here there lay dreary gray streets and lopsided houses scattered higglety piggilty.
  80. When she reached the attic door and opened it, her heart gave a dreary little thump.
  81. His eyes were large and black but empty of feeling like the mouth of a dreary cave.
  82. The sky was dark with dreary clouds hung low with an oppressing feeling about them.
  83. Nonetheless, the brisk winds have succeeded, declaring today a dull and dreary day.
  84. His consolation, in that dreary time, was that he bore half the burden of its grief.
  85. Stopped our favourite on the street for a moment of magic in this dreary city swell.
  86. His sobs resounded horribly against those dreary walls and reverberated in the echoes.
  87. The smile on that girl actually illuminated the dim and dreary interior of the cottage.
  88. Darren told his first, in a dreary voice huge and hollow docked inside of a haunted hangar.
  89. Sunshine had come again into the blind woman's life, and made her days less dark and dreary.
  90. I suppose that everyone finds his first independent start in business a dreary experience.
  91. Come, come, be merry and like yourself! Look at little Hareton---he's dreaming nothing dreary.
  92. Very dreary at heart, very sad, and very tender, his fingers wandered over her face pitifully.
  93. Tom's heart ached to be free, or else to have something of interest to do to pass the dreary time.
  94. In the middle of this dreary room, upon a pair of tressels, was the coffin containing Philpot's body.
  95. Two massive doors opened into a dark, dreary room; heavy dark green drapes hung throughout the room.
  96. Indeed, as the days drew near for his departure, her heart began to close and grow dreary with despair.
  97. EARLY THE FOLLOWING MORNING, we waited for Kathleen and Rosetti in a small, dreary café in the Termini.
  98. Ha! that sheet of dull and dreary water, then, is the sepulcher of the brave men who fell in the contest.
  99. Do you know what I've been thinking about all afternoon at that dreary office? Going for a sail with you.
  100. These celebrations are sure to bring a bright spot of warmth and joy to your otherwise dreary January chill.

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