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Dredge numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Dredge chicken in flour.
2. Lastly, dredge in the flour.
3. Dredge the beef in the flour and the pepper.
4. Rub all over with salt and dredge with flour.
5. I bet they have to dredge this channel yearly.
6. I gave him the sunniest smile I could dredge up.
7. Forbes in sounding the depths of the sea with the dredge.
8. Dredge a net full o' rocks and suddenly there's only one skipper.
9. Is this about the incident at the Kampar River dredge? There is.
10. He thought for a moment, but apparently couldn’t dredge up the tune.
11. It took him a few seconds to dredge his memories for those distant days.
12. The dredge probe returned with it unharmed and no evidence of foul play.
13. At peak levels the Marine Iron and Zenith Dredge companies employed 3,000 workers.
14. She said she preferred not to talk ill of the dead, or dredge up unpleasant memories.
15. The file sections consulted at the UWS-JDHL were: Zenith Dredge Company (Duluth, Minnesota); U.
16. Pain flickers at his temples and part of his brain begins to dredge up a medical textbook on stress headaches.
17. They would dredge an area dry of fish, not even leaving the tiddlers behind to grow into the next generation of fish.
18. Do you remember a couple years ago; the Viirin needed labor to dredge some of the sedimentation in their sewage system?
19. The workhorse stocks selected by most of the strategies with the highest risk-adjusted returns are companies like Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.
20. Not that Hunter cared, the cold was numbing, and combined with the morphine, opium – whatever drug they managed to dredge up, it was a good haze.
21. Having nothing better to do, I decided to dredge these beautiful, clear waters, which exhibited a profusion of shells, zoophytes, and open–sea plants.
22. He had opposed and blocked the emperor over fifty times when that sick evil fucker tried to dredge up another of his endless excuses to go to war against Serbia.
23. Rather, he would attribute the entire affair to her overactive imagination then dredge up her suspicions about his adultery that he would claim was utter nonsense.
24. The redoubtable George may even scoff occasionally at filial sentiment, but he would never dredge humor from the imaginary sin of a mother, used as a joke to please her own stagestruck daughter.
25. The conference honored the 45th Anniversary of the five Great Lakes 108-foot buoy tenders constructed in Duluth during World War II by the Marine Iron and Ship Building Company and Zenith Dredge Company.
26. A launch and whaleboat from the new Astrolabe were steered to this locality, and after going to exhausting lengths, their crews managed to dredge up an anchor weighing 1,800 pounds, a cast–iron eight–pounder cannon, a lead ingot, and two copper swivel guns.
27. Her griddlecakes done to a goldenbrown hue and queen Ann's pudding of delightful creaminess had won golden opinions from all because she had a lucky hand also for lighting a fire, dredge in the fine selfraising flour and always stir in the same direction, then cream the milk and sugar and whisk well the white of eggs though she didn't like the eating part when there were any people that made her shy and often she wondered why you couldn't eat something poetical like violets or roses and they would have a beautifully appointed drawingroom with pictures and engravings and the photograph of grandpapa Giltrap's lovely dog Garryowen that almost talked it was so human and chintz covers for the chairs and that silver toastrack in Clery's summer jumble sales like they have in rich houses.
28. The instant his car turned onto Franz Joseph Street, the horde of the Emperor’s undead ancestors saw this as a ‘signal’ a ‘sign’ from a ‘higher power’… from God Almighty himself whom they had never seen but still fervently believed in, giving leave for them to unleash all of their hatred, fear and guilt… projecting it all in one mass wave of hatred and death onto his virtually invulnerable body… and finding the one, small, tiny crack in his armour… just as Achilles was killed by the undead finding the one weakness in his life-aura… Re-creating this ancient filthy crime all over again:… going back and back into the mists of time to dredge up as much accumulated filthy insane brainwashed, ghouls of the past, piling evil upon evil upon evil… until finally the level of undead invisible negative hate and filth surrounding that car in which Franz Ferdinand was sitting rose to such a malevolent level of insane evil, it managed to do the job of killing not only him, but his wife and his soon-to be born baby as well, his heir to the throne of Austria… killing two heirs in one fell swoop, killing two birds with one stone as it were….
1. So he didn’t see the point of dredging this all up again.
2. Have they tried dredging the lake? Don’t worry, God has a sense of humor.
3. In 1962, more dredging occurred, which took the channel depth to 27 feet, (8 metres.
4. Fishermen are still dredging up stone tools from that time period in the English Channel.
5. Again the river was full of people dredging muck where it accumulated, or swimming where it was sandy.
6. She was still dredging them out of the cases down in the egg store when she heard Lapnar calling at the door.
7. Using emotional intelligence would help, as you would be aware that by dredging up and rehashing past hurts, will not help strengthen your relationship.
8. Jillian survived the endless hours until dawn by pretending she was in a bunk at camp, dredging up and humming to herself the dumb songs they'd made her scout troupe learn.
9. By diligent dredging of the Gnome’s archives his people had found that Kulai had signed out a 600ml bottle of abHg synapsase only a couple years before Ava’s host was brought in.
10. Perhaps while I am writing these words the children, or maybe the grandchildren, of my pacific teachers are out in trawlers, under the Naval flag, dredging for German submarine mines.
11. She hadn't been out on the Great Kimoneea in years, at least that part of the river before it narrowed down to just what the current needs by the relentless dredging and filling that goes on closer to the city.
12. His mother, a gnarled woman in the same trade as himself; a father he never knew but dreamed of often; later, his woman; the children she had borne for him; the trade in wax and the long hours they spent dredging a living from it.
13. The facts supporting this theory he’d spent the weekend dredging up one by one: the graffiti on the tile of the 81st Street station, the exit gate like a barber’s jar of combs, the rending sound it had made as he pushed through it.
14. But when she said Saxon Banks there was a flicker, not because he recognized her, he still had no idea, couldn’t even be bothered to go to the effort of dredging up the appropriate memory, but because he understood who she must be, what she represented.
1. His mind dredged up excuse.
2. He painted the house and dredged the well.
3. Some zoophytes were dredged up by the chain of our trawl.
4. Feelings of fear and suffocation were dredged from my memories.
5. What happened the last couple months dredged up a lot of the past for me.
6. The river was dredged to a uniform channel depth of 20 feet, (about six metres.
7. He was holding a cage in his hands, dredged from the bottom-most depths of the Luggage.
8. She read the data they dredged up over the next few days, but didn't write anything down.
9. I subconsciously dredged up al the information Amber gave me, going through it word by word.
10. I once again thought about Ali and Seth, the dream I had of their wedding dredged up memories.
11. Here and there an old foundation or a pile of dredged dirt and rock poked up between the bushes.
12. You dredged up this old file because Weiscz said it was an inside job? Jacobi screwed his brow.
13. Here and there an old foundation or a pile of dredged dirt and rock poked up between the bushes.
14. I remembered my childhood, so many memories dredged up with my mother’s memory sticks and Braden’s death.
15. Ever dredged up a boulder in your nets and had the ship pitch over ninety degrees afore y'could cut it loose?
16. A trawling fisherman had dredged up a missile-ejector can in October and tossed it back into the sea thinking it junk.
17. Two hours before that a car was dredged out of Star Lake inside were the bodies of two ex Soldiers turned bar bouncers.
18. God, this really was her day to have her shitty past dredged up and thrown like a pile of steaming cow manure at her feet.
19. I suppose it had all seemed like a good idea at the time, drain the swamps, channel the water, and build on the dredged silt.
20. There was much publicity about this and there were 19 different organizations supporting the EPA in wanting the river dredged.
21. Finally it stood nose pointing to a sampan in the distant channel, dripping like some dead monster dredged up from the sea depths.
22. From these boats they trailed vast nets and dredged all the life out of the mist as they went whilst the fishers watched from the deck.
23. Also on the table were the first batch of sizzling rolls stuffed with every condiment that could be dredged from the interior of a theirops.
24. I knew about the blood banks, although he didn’t know I knew that, but I hadn’t dredged his name up in conjunction with other research labs.
25. But now out of nowhere his father had dredged up the subject, My mother? Was the only words that his surprise frozen lips could squeeze out.
26. The sloping underwater part of the beach—the submerged area that slows down and diminishes the effects of waves and currents—was dredged and used for fill elsewhere.
27. And there was dirt dredged up and regurgitated about the reasons why he had never gotten the fourth star, and why the Medal of Honor had never been draped around his thick neck.
28. It was still dark when they docked in Niño Perdido Cove, nine leagues from the bay and the last port for riverboats until the old Spanish channel was dredged and put back into service.
29. Kerry, in 2005, dredged up allegations of Republican trickery and voter scare tactics in a speech before the League of Women Voters: Last year, Paradise Lost_____________________________ 129.
30. Suddenly, the words dredged up a faint, obscure memory that had been buried in a dark recess of Feltus’s mind, having been relegated there as irrelevant at the time though they were now of great significance.
31. Even that hard-to-top horror that Poe couldn’t have dredged up from his most opium-aided imagination—The Inquisition—won’t come close to beating today’s variety of torture and death-dealing techniques.
32. In 1886, at the mouth of the Stewart River, gold valued at $10,000 was found - and the dollar was at that time of a much higher value - and then, at Fortymille River, an even more promising sample was dredged up.
33. She would constantly ruminate over her sad childhood, her troubled relationship with Gladys, her arranged marriage to Jim Dougherty, the nightmare of Joe DiMaggio, and anything else that could be dredged up from her past.
34. I dredged my mind, trying to think of all the office gossip I had heard about him, and all I could remember was the story about his parents, so I typed in his name plus the word obituary and found an archive link to his parent’s obit.

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