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Drifter numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. As I said, a drifter.
  2. A kind of Homeric drifter, I supposed.
  3. Max Sheehan was a drifter, always had been.
  4. And where’s this drifter you picked up?
  5. To live with her own kind, not some drifter, some janitor.

  6. He shrugged and shifted uncomfortably on the seat of the Drifter.
  7. Moses was already laying out breakfast on the tailgate of the Drifter.
  8. You have to face the fact that she may not have any folks who care about her--otherwise she wouldn't have been a drifter.
  9. Jay did nothing with his life; his existence had deteriated since turning at seventeen, Nothing, I’m a drifter of such.
  10. He has become a drifter, unwilling to finish his studies at Texas Tech or get a job, and would be homeless without their support.
  11. It’s that scene where they’re in the kitchen alone, Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson, the old Greek’s young wife and the drifter.
  12. The best of the old wrecks he had out back was an ancient Mazda Drifter, with a tattered canopy over the bed and an empty space in the dash where the odometer used to be.
  13. It took but one circuit of a nearby park to reach the conclusion that I was an aimless drifter of no particular talent, content to be wafted along on the draughts of chance as long as I was independent and on stage.

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