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Drive numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He had to drive a.
  2. It was a short drive.
  3. He had to drive to.
  4. He would take a drive.
  5. I parked in the drive.

  6. We pull into the drive.
  7. It was a glorious drive.
  8. He will drive me crazy.
  9. It is a long drive home.
  10. We could drink & drive.
  11. My drive home was awful.
  12. Why? I like to drive.
  13. It would drive her mad.
  14. I drive all the time.
  15. He wanted the USB drive.

  16. I seen you drive up.
  17. I drive past the house.
  18. Just had a long drive!.
  19. I found the drive very.
  20. I hardly use that drive.
  21. March, you drive the car.
  22. The drive home is silent.
  23. The flash drive is gone.
  24. On the drive out there.
  25. I drive an unmarked car.

  26. We pulled into the drive.
  27. You'd have to drive them.
  28. Aviv? Bit of a long drive.
  29. I hear a car on the drive.
  30. You mean to drive me to.
  31. I still have to drive.
  32. It was a long drive –.
  33. I watched her drive away.
  34. Keep the car and drive it.
  35. Teacher will drive me out.
  36. The glasses drive her nuts.
  37. Next, drive to the library.
  38. It is used to drive nails.
  39. We can still drive away.
  40. Jayson pulls into the drive.
  41. She’s too drunk to drive.
  42. He shifted into drive and.
  43. He said that the drive to.
  44. Drive him fast to his tomb.
  45. Now shut up and drive!.
  46. I have to drive you home.
  47. I raced out the drive way.
  48. Would you like to drive?
  49. I shifted the car to Drive.
  50. The drive home will fly by.
  51. Ingrid would drive this time.
  52. Allen Drive and the bus stop.
  53. Dan-e-o could drive this car.
  54. Julie put the van in drive.
  55. She would have to drive to.
  56. The ensuing drive down the.
  57. That would drive me crazy.
  58. Stay alert and drive safely.
  59. It had a circular drive way.
  60. Its hunting drive is strong.
  61. I would drive them, but….
  62. No way she wanted to drive.
  63. On the four-hour drive home.
  64. It was kind of a long drive.
  65. He wanted to drive with her.
  66. The basement of 7 Ocean Drive.
  67. The drive home was uneventful.
  68. After they leave, drive out.
  69. Then they would drive their.
  70. And then drive a 3-inch (75.
  71. And the men to drive them.
  72. Then we drive to Cala Ratjada.
  73. The drive took thirty minutes.
  74. This time you must drive it.
  75. It used to drive Ember crazy.
  76. There’s a USB drive inside.
  77. He settled down to the drive.
  78. The drive in traffic and an.
  79. I have to drive, she said.
  80. It was a long drive to Walgett.
  81. You can now drive out of here.
  82. She was barely able to drive.
  83. The drive home was a quiet one.
  84. He reversed back off his drive.
  85. This is the instinctive drive.
  86. And I promise to drive slowly.
  87. Another quick drive onto the.
  88. Then connect rod drive motors.
  89. And, only she had to drive it.
  90. The drive home was uneventfull.
  91. He’s heading for Ocean Drive.
  92. Drive more carefully then too.
  93. The long drive that was very.
  94. It was called Deep Port Drive.
  95. The drive took no time at all.
  96. Once in standard drive, they.
  97. It was only on the hard drive.
  98. Are you blockin' the drive?
  99. Convince her to let us drive.
  100. Yes, but stop by Rodeo drive.
  1. He meant he was driving.
  2. Mind you, he was driving.
  3. And good driving is no.
  4. She was driving him to.
  5. He was driving me crazy.
  6. From now on, I'm driving.
  7. She was driving me crazy.
  8. That woman is driving me.
  9. He's driving way too fast.
  10. I refocused on my driving.
  11. That was some cute driving.
  12. Helen was driving the Volvo.
  13. This was driving me insane.
  14. I was driving to Freedom!.
  15. Within a two hour driving.
  16. Driving in a teasing way.
  17. It was driving us apart.
  18. Maybe he was driving me mad.
  19. The man in the driving seat.
  20. The only two driving forces.
  21. And then driving down here.
  22. I have a hard time driving.
  23. Driving what he slyly calls.
  24. While driving around at 2 a.
  25. One day she was driving by.
  26. Eric needs that for driving.
  27. His driving was not properly.
  28. He was driving his own wife.
  29. My father driving, so stolid.
  30. I’m driving you home later.
  31. I’m driving back in my car.
  32. Do more walking than driving.
  33. Driving himself nuts with it.
  35. He had grown used to driving.
  36. The condom was driving me nuts.
  37. He was driving me up the wall.
  38. He insisted on driving me home.
  39. Nicole was driving home when.
  40. Her job was driving her crazy.
  41. Samantha would do the driving.
  42. I wouldn't try driving though.
  43. What is driving their decisions.
  44. You are driving me mad, Rowena.
  45. Now God is on the driving seat.
  46. There's a male mind driving it.
  47. I’m not driving in this shit.
  48. The woman was driving in a car.
  49. Saw them driving with Richards.
  50. Then, he went to truck driving.
  51. Only if I’m driving, Vince.
  52. The guy driving it works for us.
  53. We were driving along the road.
  54. No, but he knew I was driving.
  55. I knew I shouldn’t be driving.
  56. Basics of the Game – Driving.
  57. The woman was driving him potty.
  58. And I abhorred the fast driving.
  59. John here was doing the driving.
  60. Chang was driving, in her T-shirt.
  61. But I’m driving, I added.
  62. I couldn't wait to start driving.
  63. I’m driving to Oklahoma City.
  64. Driving away was impossible, so.
  65. You're driving me insane, Chev.
  66. The rain began to lash, driving.
  67. I continued driving without fear.
  68. What the hell are you driving at?
  69. You shanks are driving me nuts.
  70. The next day saw me driving again.
  71. He was the one who was driving.
  72. The one I was driving was an old.
  73. Vasant concentrated on his driving.
  74. To best monitor driving behavior.
  75. Highway driving is fast, but dull.
  76. They were driving into the harbour.
  77. They forbid the men from driving.
  78. The four of us alternated driving.
  79. Oh, this guy is driving me nuts!.
  80. It feels funny driving over there.
  81. No way was I driving at that thing.
  82. It’s driving me around the bend.
  83. He was drunk while he was driving.
  84. Your scent is driving me crazy.
  85. The legal limit for driving was 0.
  86. Xen was put in charge of driving.
  87. Girl, that was some sick driving.
  88. We were a large family, driving a.
  89. No, Robert, you’re not driving.
  90. You're not driving in that state.
  91. Gideon had been driving ever since.
  92. Driving has been so bad in the car.
  93. Not only will you be driving more.
  94. I can see what you’re driving at.
  95. He pulled away and started driving.
  96. This meant he would be driving the.
  97. It was a bit dull driving back alone.
  98. We've been driving less than 10mins.
  99. Rakesh hastily got his driving seat.
  100. One of the guys was driving for him.
  1. Then driven to a G.
  2. The C driven R-H brain.
  3. Of false E driven only.
  4. The way that we driven.
  5. The mob had been driven.
  6. Chris had driven me home.
  7. They had been driven deep.
  8. Men are driven to absurd.
  9. Driven out (he is always.
  10. The count had driven off.
  11. I had driven all that way.
  12. Driven by revenge and spite.
  13. Behold, you have driven me.
  14. The F flat driven influence.
  15. I have driven her to this.
  16. He seemed to be driven to it.
  17. His E driven left hemisphere.
  18. The powers of hell be driven.
  19. I was driven to the point now.
  20. Eventually the car was driven.
  21. The youth have been driven away.
  22. You would have driven him away.
  23. Faustine had been driven north.
  24. Waking E driven conscious brain.
  25. I could have driven myself home.
  26. The boys were driven back twice.
  27. The mighty F flat driven dollar.
  28. They had slowly driven through.
  29. She was driven through the woods.
  30. However, most women are driven.
  31. Driven by covetousness and greed.
  32. Blake had actually driven out to.
  33. The memory of the bard was driven.
  34. He was driven home in my carriage.
  35. Princess and not the greed driven.
  36. He is very driven and intelligent.
  37. It was like a sword being driven.
  38. Especially if you'd driven by at.
  39. Not one single car has driven by.
  40. You will be a driven man or woman.
  41. It was driven through her stomach.
  42. A cart is driven by an individual.
  43. Physically we were driven together.
  44. They were driven back to their car.
  45. Have you driven them before?
  46. Weylyn is driven by darker motives.
  47. Customer driven campaigns are the.
  48. He was driven by moral imperatives.
  49. These were a people driven to the.
  50. Automobiles have driven out coaches.
  51. And sensational driven news reports.
  52. She knows her son is driven to hell.
  53. Every action, even those driven by.
  54. Between the E driven present emotion.
  55. But gradually they were driven back.
  56. Tdeshi was a very driven individual.
  57. You’ve driven that one, too?
  58. The cab had driven up, and I left him.
  59. She and Landon must have driven away.
  60. Becky was driven like a little slave.
  61. But she'd never driven a boat before.
  62. I have driven this since I was eight.
  63. I tell you, I have driven them forth.
  64. Carrying a negative (E driven) charge.
  65. Bad culture is driven by bad impulses.
  66. This stake must be driven through her.
  67. This trendis driven not only by more.
  68. Men will be forever driven by plowing.
  69. We were put on a truck and driven away.
  70. He could have flashed it and driven on.
  71. He had driven his truck, hadn't he? He.
  72. This output is driven to approximately 1.
  73. His anger had driven him, however, and.
  74. I was driven mad with dread and horror.
  75. They also asked for a chauffeur driven.
  76. My point is, they’re driven, you see?
  77. They were driven by more than birthright.
  78. The boy would be driven home by a friend.
  79. Business is driven by transaction revenue.
  80. Louie was driven to the Radio Tokyo studio.
  81. It is a machine driven by the fear of man.
  82. In fact, anything you sell can be driven.
  83. She had driven down with our rubber boots.
  84. It's the year she was driven off the ranch.
  85. She was driven off, by old Johnny, himself.
  86. When the mountains are driven away;.
  87. Thereafter they will be driven to Paradise.
  88. Jamison had just driven off in his carriage.
  89. A nation like this cannot be driven to war.
  90. Any that are any good are probably driven.
  91. Kate was driven out to see him once a month.
  92. Louis Borsi (UK) has built and driven a 9.
  93. Still driven by a need to be sure, I called.
  94. I’ve driven cross country on book tours.
  95. They were driven to a torture house, where.
  96. He may have driven his cost-cutting too far.
  97. Driven just enough to keep the battery alive.
  98. That raft will be driven across the sea and.
  99. To me, this whole process was Divinely driven.
  100. The people there refuse to be driven by fear.
  1. Drives of the Old West.
  2. This is what drives me.
  3. He drives the knife home.
  4. A new guy always drives.
  5. Mary drives her car away.
  7. And drives the horse away.
  8. It drives my parents crazy.
  9. It drives my friends crazy.
  10. It drives me out of my mind.
  11. The EPA erased hard drives.
  12. This firing drives out the.
  13. That woman drives me nuts.
  14. She drives me round the bend.
  15. Left hand scoops, body drives.
  16. It drives them all to madness.
  17. That drives it into the ditch.
  18. She gets in the car, drives away.
  19. She gets in her car, drives away.
  20. And who drives the wind?—Heat.
  21. Boy, that stuff drives me crazy.
  22. The car behind me drives past me.
  23. Drives within me my rush to tame.
  24. The same is true for hard drives.
  25. Long trail drives from Texas to.
  26. He drives for my ex-wife, Daphne.
  27. And productive fear drives action.
  28. But he drives home anyways?
  29. He enters: to the mill he drives:.
  30. That kind of stuff drives me crazy.
  31. Hell, she drives it out in traffic.
  32. It drives itself, the horse is gone.
  33. He went back to his long drives not.
  34. Hunger drives the wolves out of the.
  35. Florida) drives me absolutely bonkers.
  36. Chapter 14: Edward Thinks and Drives.
  37. They enjoyed taking drives about the.
  38. There is something else that drives.
  39. Those drives have always made me mad.
  40. It drives the wheel of modern economy.
  41. And who drives the water?—Again heat.
  42. I follow her and wave as she drives off.
  43. The memory of you drives me to despair.
  44. It is the engine that drives traffic!.
  45. He drives me up the wall, and has put.
  46. Trail taggers, tagged along trail drives.
  47. He's so fucking sexy it drives me crazy.
  48. Creating a Headline that Drives Traffic.
  49. Fear drives the ego, but love drives life.
  50. John drives his car somewhere in the city.
  51. The consumer’s dollar drives the market.
  52. I know! She simply gets in and drives off.
  53. What’s on his computer hard drives?
  54. He drives quickly on the highway to a hotel.
  55. This scenario drives the reality of why a.
  56. You know what type of car she drives?
  57. His voice rises as he drives home his point.
  58. He drives like a madman! Silas shouted.
  59. Mark glances into the rear view as he drives.
  60. He drives on, points out a freshly dug trench.
  61. The van drives away as soon as John is inside.
  62. But one thing drives out another, as you'll.
  63. The woman drives a hard but foolish bargain.
  64. Jesus further drives home this point when he.
  65. Hunger prevails over most of the other drives.
  66. Nor with the dread of sounding bows he drives.
  67. He drives a quality car and makes £60K a year.
  68. Force exerted to the rear of a horse drives it.
  69. The hyper drives had been tested and certified.
  70. We lost a bunch of hard drives to bullet damage.
  71. He winks and then drives backwards to the street.
  72. Justin drives away with a brief toot of his horn.
  73. He ties the Roadrunner to himself and drives off.
  74. And drives an ice pick directly into your heart.
  75. And I didn’t know what kind of car she drives.
  76. It’s insecurity that drives this ache within.
  77. The cost of hyper drives plummeted as demand grew.
  78. In other words, this is what drives the flow of.
  79. This drives the PC ratio to its highs on the day.
  80. What we are really looking for is what drives him.
  81. Thus, large capacity hard drives are required to.
  83. The American trail drives changed the face of the.
  84. It is what drives me away from other commitments.
  85. And the driver drives us to a place we are staying.
  86. This fact and the above is what drives contrarians.
  87. And now he was taking her for drives in the Bois!.
  88. He and I are seated in the back while Jonah drives.
  89. Failure to receive help from man drives Job to God.
  90. It’s a good thing he doesn’t fly like he drives.
  91. The concept of the conflicting drives for closeness.
  92. Of course Caleb drives a Hummer, I think as I get in.
  93. As this piece moves, it drives the other components.
  94. He drives the car and… Auntie Bea is also with me.
  95. And what drives all of this? Commercial advertising.
  96. How many movies could fit on twelve massive drives?
  97. Only, there Bulstrode holds the reins and drives him.
  98. That's what really drives me on a professional level.
  99. It drives millions upon millions into abject poverty.
  100. You have to realize that income growth drives housing.
  1. He drove back to D.
  2. We drove up to it.
  3. I drove to the gate.
  4. So, I drove up the.
  5. As, I drove off in.
  6. A few cars drove by.
  7. I just drove off and.
  8. We drove a long time.
  9. A: We drove toward St.
  11. As he drove away, he.
  12. As they drove out of.
  13. I drove the car into.
  14. They drove to the Hall.
  15. I drove out of the camp.
  16. We drove back to help.
  17. She drove home to study.
  18. The just drove off as.
  19. He drove to the circle.
  20. A patron drove me home.
  21. The car then drove away.
  22. A very old man drove it.
  23. David drove up next to.
  24. The car drove off a bit.
  25. Allan drove the jeep as.
  26. Number One Fan drove off.
  27. We drove back to Avignon.
  28. Drove him into the tree.
  29. Jiju drove the car again.
  30. So He drove out the man.
  31. She drove to the other.
  32. I waved as he drove away.
  33. Will drove on in silence.
  34. We drove up to my place.
  35. It drove to a warehouse.
  36. The car drove out of the.
  37. Then I drove to the Hall.
  38. It drove him to one knee.
  39. He drove up to the steps.
  40. The same man that drove.
  41. He pulled away and drove.
  42. Boy Scout! We drove away.
  43. Beth also drove this home.
  44. She drove to a shopping.
  45. Then he calmly drove away.
  46. I drove another few blocks.
  47. Jiju drove the car himself.
  48. Which drove his wife crazy.
  49. I drove her home about ten.
  50. Then I drove to Josie’s.
  51. I drove to the Market Cafe.
  52. What he saw drove him mad.
  53. Then they drove in silence.
  54. Mike drove on to the Lodge.
  55. We drove back in silence.
  56. I drove for a little while.
  57. She waved as he drove away.
  58. Then I drove out to the RTG.
  59. John drove into the shadow.
  60. He drove his friends crazy.
  61. The man drove a Land Rover.
  62. That suddenly drove it home.
  63. He drove towards the river.
  64. While we drove back, Lisa.
  65. A young man drove the cart.
  66. Well, he drove you there.
  67. She drove to Chinedu's home.
  68. It drove Cam batshit crazy.
  69. I drove us down a road to.
  70. We drove on to Fulrose Court.
  71. I leaned back in and drove.
  72. He drove off and headed home.
  73. When you drove off the road.
  74. Or drove and parked his car.
  75. Carter waved, and drove away.
  76. It drove me damn near crazy.
  77. I drove off heading for home.
  78. We drove in a tense silence.
  79. DENNY DROVE AROUND for hours.
  80. So we drove the car here.
  81. A moment later he drove off.
  82. I drove as fast as the wind.
  83. We drove a while in silence.
  84. It drove her coworkers crazy.
  85. He kicked once and drove off.
  86. This drove the price over 14.
  87. Then we drove for a long time.
  88. Justin drove it in once more.
  89. We drove al the way to Shimla.
  90. I still drove by and looked.
  91. I drove up to where Josh was.
  92. Then he drove to Wyoming and.
  93. Of course he drove a Porsche.
  94. I drove into the gas station.
  95. After one year, I drove her.
  96. I drove to the center of town.
  97. I drove off and that was that.
  98. I thought I drove you to.
  99. Just then, a truck drove past.
  100. She drove us about ten miles.

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