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Drudge numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Drudge was snoring.
  2. Drudge shrugged his shoulders.
  3. A little drudge at the school.
  4. He directed a question to Drudge.
  5. I stake my life on it, Drudge said.

  6. Just to be his drudge in the kitchen.
  7. Erlandr was pulling Drudge out of the water.
  8. Dvalinn helped Erlandr pull Drudge to safety.
  9. Was he to be a slave and a drudge all his life also?
  10. Drudge let out a laugh that rocked them upon the water.
  11. Dvalinn led the bald man, Agata and Drudge toward his boat.
  12. But in spite of his dapper appearance, Warrener was an overworked drudge.
  13. But parties with no drink are rather dull and life generally is a drudge.
  14. He shook that fear out of his head and studied first Dvalinn, then Drudge.
  15. Drudge was a giant ball, arms holding knees, head tucked somewhere between both.

  16. With both Drudge and Erlandr, he would have a greater chance of finding Framarr.
  17. Your presence on this boat is no more just than the presence of this man, Drudge.
  18. Drudge ate his meal, which consisted solely of stew, in the corner of the longhouse.
  19. As for Drudge, the bald man was still blissfully ignorant of that particular issue.
  20. Drudge turned to look at the horizon, the back of his head ignoring his former master.
  21. Not only under the lash of my task-mistress, but the drudge of the maid, apprentices.
  22. Dvalinn's quiet confidence and the dispassion of the man called Drudge only made them worse.
  23. He grabbed a drudge and ordered food and drink to be delivered before he entered his chambers.
  24. You will still have to slave and drudge to gain a bare sufficiency of the necessaries of life.
  25. You couldn't be unhappy if he were here, even if he gie'd ye no money—even if he used you like a drudge.

  26. In pruning season he earned eighteen sous a day; then he hired out as a hay-maker, as laborer, as neat-herd on a farm, as a drudge.
  27. The new world, as Drudge had called, was big, bigger than Iceland, bigger than Greenland, and bigger even than the western mainland.
  28. How hungry for love and fun I was--an unloved little drudge with never a chance to play! They do have such good times with the manse children.
  29. What could have put it in my head but the glistening of a tear as it dropped on her work? I sat silent, recalling what a drudge she had been until Mr.
  30. I had almost given the fight up and resigned myself to being a medical drudge for life, when the turning-point of my struggles came in a very extraordinary way.
  31. As it happened the Drudge Report was linked to the Chicago Exchange floor and from there to YouTube where, within hours, the tea party idea had awakened a national sensation.
  32. But what we strive to gratify, though we may call it a distant hope, is an immediate desire: the future estate for which men drudge up city alleys exists already in their imagination and love.
  33. Of course that's all nonsense, it's almost all talk! You see, you know of course that my mother has scarcely anything, my sister happened to have a good education and was condemned to drudge as a governess.
  34. The Internet is changing all that, just as it did on the day Rick Santelli’s rant about the need for a new tea party was picked up by the Drudge Report, and YouTube made it into a national sensation all in the same day.
  35. It would have been work, but did not farmers and herders also work? But too embarrassed to ask Dvalinn, who had done so much for him, and not yet desperate enough to talk to Drudge, Erlandr kept his doubts to himself and the sea.
  36. Vicki has learned nothing except a little cooking and other domestic drudgery, only of use if you have a house to drudge in and a husband to drudge for; of those pursuits that bring in money and make you independent and cause you to flourish and keep green and lusty she knows nothing.
  37. This was what would happen: when she was older she would be expected to drudge in the schoolroom as she drudged now in various parts of the house; they would be obliged to give her more respectable clothes, but they would be sure to be plain and ugly and to make her look somehow like a servant.
  38. It seemed a strange thing to remember that she—the drudge whom the cook had said insulting things to an hour ago—had only a few years ago been surrounded by people who all treated her as Ram Dass had treated her; who salaamed when she went by, whose foreheads almost touched the ground when she spoke to them, who were her servants and her slaves.
  39. The flight of time which hurries us so tragically along; the eternal drudge and drone, now bursting into fiery flame like those brief balls of yellow among green leaves (she was looking at orange trees); kisses on lips that are to die; the world turning, turning in mazes of heat and sound--though to be sure there is the quiet evening with its lovely pallor, "For I am sensitive to every side of it," Sandra thought, "and Mrs.
  40. It is true the tragedy of the faded face combined with the uncomfortably young heart, which is the tragedy that every woman who has had an easy life has to endure for quite a number of years, finds no place in the existence of a drudge; it is true too that I never yet saw, and I am sure you didn't, a woman of the laboring classes make efforts to appear younger than she is; and it is also true that I have seldom seen, and I am sure you haven't, women of the class that has little to do leave off making them.
  1. They ought to be, if you had taken bigger handfuls of leisure and had not wholly wasted your time drudging.
  2. That is what I have never seen when I have looked on superciliously from the height of my own idleness at these drudging lives.
  3. Was the simple life a sordid life as well? Did it only look simple from outside and far away? And was it, close, mere drudging? A fear came over her that her soul, her precious soul, for whose sake she had dared everything, instead of being able to spread its wings in the light of a glorious clear life was going to be choked out of existence by weeds just as completely as at Kunitz.
  4. Our elder neighbor down the hill has actually given his eyes and his back; he peers at life through spectacles, and walks about like Wordsworth's leech gatherer, bent double through poking about for years in the muddy pools of little boys' badly written exercises; and here he is at fifty still not satisfied with what he has earned, still going on drudging the whole year round, except for his six short weeks in summer.
  1. I drudged back to my bench and then leaped unto it.
  2. I ignored the nightmares, medicated heavily for the migraines, and drudged on.
  3. For the rest, she drudged in the house, which work she would not have minded had not her clean red floor been mucked up immediately by the trampling farm-boots of her brothers.
  4. This was what would happen: when she was older she would be expected to drudge in the schoolroom as she drudged now in various parts of the house; they would be obliged to give her more respectable clothes, but they would be sure to be plain and ugly and to make her look somehow like a servant.
  1. Making them into endless drudges of misery and unhappiness.
  2. That's the great empire they boast about of drudges and whipped serfs.
  3. My situation started out pretty much average, but it ended up in the drudges of.
  4. In those days to be a "master" tradesman meant to be master of the trade, not merely of some underpaid drudges in one's employment.
  5. The resentment of those who were out of work was directed, not only against the heads of the firm, but also against the miserable, half-starved drudges.
  6. He had described its cheerless look, and the bearing of the child, who seemed as if she was not of the class of those who were treated as drudges and servants.
  7. And as for their children - most of those savages would rather knock them on the head with a tomahawk than allow them to grow up to be half-starved drudges for other men.

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