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It was like a drug.
The drug is not a.
Not a drug, but GOD.
Bryn had a drug and.
It is a temporary drug.
All of them drug slobs.
The drug war is a farce.
This kind of drug rape.
They are an amazing drug.
After all, my drug days.
So they drug tested you?
Try looking at the drug.
Perhaps a date rape drug.
The inhibitor is the drug.
Marilyn was a drug addict.
The drug Rohypnol was used.
This drug had been in the.
The applause can be a drug.
Tim went into the Drug Store.
I couldn’t expect a drug.
Tax the new drug businesses.
Maryland, US Food and Drug.
It was a Military test drug.
No drug could stop me from.
How effective is the drug?
We are a drug cartel, after.
The drug wasn’t quite out.
I guess we all have our drug.
The drug of choice is called.
Then I half drug Bev with me.
First of all, what is a drug?
It did not have a drug culture.
I had faith in that lousy drug.
The new drug is suppose to be.
You drug companies amaze me.
He had been poisoned by a drug.
I don’t need the drug anymore.
I contacted the Specialty Drug.
Life is the only deserving drug.
With sleep, too, the drug helped.

That’s for drugging me, she said.
He had been drinking and drugging non-stop.
Oh, he's the doctor who treated you for the drugging.
Sex slams me in the face, scorching, drugging, volatile.
This way he knows when he is drugging himself with cookies, or chocolate.
Her brain reeled with the drugging scent and she sought to crawl from the dais.
I’d let a misplaced sense of honor stop me from drugging Polyphemus soon enough.
According to Mike, most of the residents immediately resumed drinking and drugging.
Humans have been drugging themselves with anything they can find for thousands of years.
Have you accepted part of the blame or excused his/her drinking/ drugging or bad behavior?
He was the one who stayed by my side through all the difficult times, you know with the drugging and all.
Vince pulled her close and pressed a kiss to her mouth so slow and drugging, she stopped thinking altogether.
This man would endure torture, probing, and drugging until the OWG squeezed all it could out of him, and then it would kill him.
I leaned up and kissed his chin, and he bent his head to take my mouth in a slow, drugging kiss that had my legs shaking from more than fatigue.
What had she expected would happen? That she would talk her way out of a death sentence and get Hollowcrest to stop drugging Sespian while she was at it?
A part of her wanted to tell them about everything: Forge’s assassination threats, Hollowcrest’s drugging of the emperor, and her suspicions about the creature.
Instead of drugging yourself with pills to relieve stress, why not give meditation a shot? You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain from this experience.
He pulled her in, his broad palms skimming up the bare skin of her back as he took her mouth in a slow drugging kiss that blurred the details of the rest of the evening.
He had instructed the nurse at the Private Sanatorium (owned by Hu Lyang and used to ‘dry-out drug addicts) that held Marianne, to stop drugging her for the moment.
Was I suffering from a guilty conscience? Had the pill called Num protected me from this feeling until now? And what did I feel so guilty about? Uncle Peter had been instrumental in drugging his own family.
The kidnapping of the artist, the death of the Comte de Chagny under such exceptional conditions, the disappearance of his brother, the drugging of the gas-man at the Opera and of his two assistants: what tragedies, what passions, what crimes had surrounded the idyll of Raoul and the sweet and charming Christine!.
Meanwhile, as we thus lay entranced, the occasional sudden frantic spectacles in the distance evinced the activity of the other boats, still engaged in drugging the whales on the frontier of the host; or possibly carrying on the war within the first circle, where abundance of room and some convenient retreats were afforded them.
To destroy and corrupt and poison all human health and intelligence as quickly and completely as possible, in every way possible; from mass destruction, mass death, mass killing, brainwashing, drugging, poisoning, polluting, mass culture, mass manufacturing, govt control, capitalist advertizing, entertainment propaganda, etc, etc.
But three thousand years later do you still think this is the epitome of justice and the highest calling of a penal system that a post-infotech culture can achieve? Has your social ethic of acceptable behavior become one of 'I want them to feel the pain I do!'? Is this really as far as you want to advance spiritually – to be equally inhumane as the perpetrators of inhumanity? Is this what you want to see on Justice TV's i for an Eye: some lucky lotto winner torturing the torturer, killing the killer, raping the rapist, drugging the pusher?
It was he that drugged.
My mother had been drugged.
I figured hed been drugged.
Turns out he drugged it, and.
She cursed, he had drugged her.
I think they have been drugged.
All the drinks are drugged?
Minnie whimpered in her drugged sleep.
Sober or drugged, he would flash back.
They clapped in drugged dissatisfaction.
She had the incuriosity of the drugged.
The vics didn’t report feeling drugged.
As I understand it, I'm going to be drugged.
She will be drugged before the bidding begins.
She was drugged and smothered with a pillow.
Bull shit! You're all drugged up I can see it.
Of all the drugged whales only one was captured.
She would’ve done that while you were drugged.
My mother was bamboozled! I mean, she was drugged.
The women all had red eyes; the men looked drugged.
He seems to be heavily drugged and can hardly stand.
In his drugged condition his legs buckled under him.
She may be drugged before the selected Johns appear.
You gave Lauren the wine; you knew I’d drugged it.
He looked groggy and still out of it, maybe drugged up.
Her voice, sounding drugged by recent sleep, was barely.
Wallace assumed that Euther was too far into a drugged.
To save me, I realized slowly, dumbly in my drugged mind.
He is Zhan Donglai but at this moment he had been drugged.
She wasn’t being drugged anymore, not since the beginning.
She had to have been traumatized, or maybe she was drugged.
With or without being drugged, the Mastiff would've kicked.
The Killer in the side of the neck with a drugged mini-arrow.
What do you mean they were both drugged?! Barry shouts.
She was drugged, and I brought her here to take care of her.
Two hours since I found her boss, I guessed they drugged her.
He drifted into a drugged sleep to be woken by Peter staring.
It was incredibly stupid and I was young and probably drugged.
Ease is an artificial, drugged, condition of non-awareness….
Then comes two days of fatigue so intense that you feel drugged.
He was now using drugs.
Drugs are not the answer.
I didn't like the drugs.
Well, that and the drugs.
I took tobacco and drugs.
Kids and booze and drugs.
Sophie got her drugs at.
I was scared of the drugs.
There they sold drugs too.
It is illegal to use drugs.
She was addicted to drugs.
And drugs are what I need.
As for booze and drugs on.
So he has the drugs?
What they sell is all drugs.
It must have been the drugs.
Recently drugs have made a.
My drugs were in one of the.
He drank drugs to obliterate.
Drugs had controlled him to.
I have keys and I have drugs.
He was doing more drugs and.
They found drugs in her car.
Drugs had been her first love.
Had he dreamed of drugs? Did.
Even more essential are drugs.
Has she been using drugs?
But Diane D don't use drugs.
No reports of mysterious drugs.
Bring all those drugs over here.
She was addicted to drugs, and.
They were on drugs or something.
A cocktail of drugs and alcohol.
And so did the drugs barons, man.
The drugs were really kicking in.
The trade in drugs was excellent.
And where Amber got those drugs.
That is also the danger of drugs.
I can’t have drugs in my system.
The country is flooded with drugs.

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