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Drumhead numa frase em (in ingles)

1. And should this happen, she had no legal rights, no legal redress, except those same drumhead courts of which Tony had spoken so bitterly, those military courts with had the South prostrate and they intended to keep it so.
2. I’d spent the previous two years in a lot of tight spots: station wagons, shaky airplanes, smoke-filled tour bus lounges, diner booths, airless clubs, charmless dance halls, one drumhead court-martial, and a string of motel and hotel rooms so similar that I’d have to look at the stationery in the desk to find out what city I was in.
3. So of course the citizen was only waiting for the wink of the word and he starts gassing out of him about the invincibles and the old guard and the men of sixtyseven and who fears to speak of ninetyeight and Joe with him about all the fellows that were hanged, drawn and transported for the cause by drumhead courtmartial and a new Ireland and new this, that and the other.

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