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Duck numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. I duck, but not in time.
  3. The wild duck fell again.
  4. A strange duck, that one.
  5. A duck for ten o’clock.

  6. Duck on over for a tasting.
  7. Not me, said the duck.
  8. He had to duck to prevent.
  9. Apple used to be a lame duck.
  10. Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto.
  11. I’m a dead duck without it.
  12. Duck? said one of the frogs.
  13. I try to duck, but he hits me.
  14. Me? I want to run, duck, and.
  15. Well duck inside that cavern.

  16. A gaggle of students duck into.
  17. We learned to duck quite quickly.
  18. Duck, domestic, wings of, reduced.
  19. She wasn’t able to duck in time.
  20. The duck shoot and the fun house.
  21. Let the duck drip dry for 12 hours.
  22. She said, Duck your head, Tandy.
  23. The duck will want a special feed.
  24. She had to duck an overhanging rose.
  25. A quick duck had saved him; and he.

  26. Duck feathers moved with the breeze.
  27. She took to it like a duck to water.
  28. She tried to have Remo duck by her.
  29. Get a pair, Duck Boy! Lope said.
  30. The other answer was a duck or ducks.
  31. Cutlets of Duck, with Chopped Celery.
  32. Chris took to Ruth like a duck to water.
  33. Spread the sautéed mushrooms over duck.
  34. Lalit looked very unsound and lame duck.
  35. Where was the duck pond? Where was her.
  37. Put it on my bill, the duck replied.
  38. And as he gave no answer, the Duck said:.
  39. When he came in I said, I saw you duck.
  40. Then he and I duck behind a high stone wall.
  41. But in the night the kitchen-boy saw a Duck.
  42. Boil a strong wild duck bouillon on the hull.
  43. Clearly, it was time to duck out of this party.
  44. Jack put the duck in the sack to carry it home.
  45. This duck was going to remain seated for the.
  46. Kind of an odd duck, but in a nice way, often.
  47. Luckily, until then, not a single duck was hit.
  48. I have eaten black duck at his table—two St.
  49. They sat on the bench in front of the duck pond.
  50. She would have to duck in a twelve foot ceiling.
  51. Even Higgens hasn't made many duck calls lately.
  52. We can duck behind it and still observe this path.
  53. The skin of the duck glistened beneath the honey glaze.
  54. She wanted to duck under his arm and race up the steps.
  55. There I was, sitting like a duck with a wobbling head.
  56. Maybe we could duck into your office for a few minutes.
  57. As she stood, she had to duck her head to avoid hitting.
  58. John looks like a duck that has been slapped on the head.
  59. The blossom in the cherry tree, the rose, the baby duck.
  60. So where did the duck come from? asked Catwhiskers.
  61. There was barbecued beef, lamb, steaks, chicken and duck.
  62. To this day I still haven’t got to try duck pancakes!.
  63. There is not one bit of duck left on the platter that I.
  64. But whilst the egg was being hatched the duck herself was.
  65. A bit of duck, a bowl of stew? Whatever they have, ser.
  66. Marty and Duck, the two coolest kids in your year, rock up.
  67. I was bucking and writhing around but I was a sitting duck.
  68. Bake duck which has been coated with hoisin sauce and chill.
  69. I looked around, searching for a place to duck into to use.
  70. Garcia joined the group and told everyone to duck and cover.
  71. The players duck and dive and sprint the opposite direction.
  72. I didn't even try to get out of the way or duck or anything.
  73. After that came mutton and duck with potatoes and vegetables.
  74. He had a bushy beard and mustache that covered his duck lips.
  75. I expect to see Aaron duck or to raise a hand to ward off the.
  76. To stick in her belly, The leg of the duck, The leg of the duck.
  77. She has it, she got it, Wherever she put it, The leg of the duck.
  78. Little chance of that but just in case duck down in your seat.
  79. I always saw the rabbit and had to force myself to see the duck.
  80. It was delicious, especially that duck pie with the melon sauce.
  81. He was wearing a blue onesie with a duck appliqué on the front.
  82. Tell Joe and Fred to duck under the counter and crawl through to.
  83. And that would be the truth of going after the wounded wild duck.
  84. And are these duck feet? I always wished I had duck feet!.
  85. They take cover and duck into one of the huts, but it is too late.
  86. Tylin ran towards Joey so fast Joey barely had enough time to duck.
  87. I will also duck a policeman to get my family out of harm’s way.
  88. She tried to duck quickly back into the house, but he had seen her.
  89. Guessing that she would duck to avoid the blow, he swung in a low.
  90. She’s smart enough to duck the police all this time, I said.
  91. From there on, it was, as Gordy Adam would later say, duck soup.
  92. Or if he hasn't, his sheep have, or maybe a deer or duck or turtle.
  93. Behind him, what look like protesters duck into waiting police cars.
  94. Turn left, the voice of Daffy Duck was heard over the speakers.
  95. Joey yelled, duck and rolled out of the way of the swooping creature.
  96. I feel my face heat up as I smile and duck my head away from his gaze.
  97. I duck my head and turn my body sideways so it’s safely behind his.
  98. Or what was it you used to say when Liberace was on TV? A queer duck.
  99. What happens when you try to make a duck soar? They fall flat on the.
  100. Or maybe I should say sometimes he was more of a duck than a point man.
  1. Ducking into the shadows of.
  2. I want Afros ducking into cars.
  3. Ducking his head as he ran, Cloud.
  4. Ciere falls to her knees, ducking out of the way.
  5. Deputy Penner led Easton into the woods, ducking and.
  6. Derrick shrugged, ducking his head in case he went red.
  7. Maybe they’re used to him ducking outside for a smoke.
  8. She did, ducking out of the glaring light of the hallway.
  9. Ducking their heads, Cloud and Aerith slipped through the.
  10. I had spotted a large man ducking out of one of the shelters.
  11. Galluk spears it yet again, easily ducking behind the trees.
  12. Ducking into a café to read their menu, Mick could see that.
  13. Ducking low, she climbed onboard after Sterling was loaded on.
  14. I could ask you the same thing, he said ducking his head.
  15. She stops near one of the large columns, ducking into the shadows.
  16. Ducking inside to check the layout, Kifter returned a moment later.
  17. Sam flinched away, turning and ducking, but he could not dodge it.
  18. Samantha dove the vessel, ducking and dodging the hooded creature.
  19. Ducking down, he took off in a sprint to the house kicking up snow as.
  20. Ducking into the deep shadow of the wall, he pulled down the under lever.
  21. He turned and left without speaking, ducking to even fit through the door.
  22. She glared hatefully at him before stomping away up the stream bed, ducking.
  23. It seems like Williams gets away with ducking the clothing thing, I said.
  24. I swear he’s never forgiven you for giving him a ducking that time, Stephen.
  25. It has had head specialists ducking and weaving all over the world for a decade.
  26. Now, though, with him dead and his pals ducking for cover, the case was going nowhere.
  27. Six years of hauling manure, though, three years of ducking calls from bill collectors.
  28. He crossed an expansive floor, ducking once under the wing of an unusual looking aircraft.
  29. A bottle broke near the window and sent the two of them and three others ducking for cover.
  30. Spinning, kicking, ducking to avoid my moves, grunting once when I connect with his lower abs.
  31. We strolled along the beach front, selecting a Pizza restaurant and ducking in, a modest meal.
  32. I throw myself into the panicked human tide, my small frame deftly ducking elbows and shoulders.
  33. Johnny – and that's Caesar, replied the thirsty convict, ducking his head toward his mate.
  34. She hurried through the forest, jumping over exposed roots and ducking under low-hanging branches.
  35. Ducking, screaming in pain, he rolled behind the counter and pushed a bar stool out in front of him.
  36. Definitely a charmer that one, said McGuire, ducking his head in the direction Lynch had gone.
  37. Have it your way Kana, but you’re missing out, The blond said before ducking into the tent.
  38. Shaking his head, Payne moved through the undergrowth, ducking down when he heard voices approaching.
  39. Weather it should be blocking, or pering, or ducking, or whatever method, the idea is, not to be hit.
  40. As for motor-cars, I've not been at all so keen about them since my last ducking in that river of yours.
  41. When the dust settled, a rent appeared that was large enough for Ingrid to walk through without ducking.
  42. Schnottweiper, he saw out of the corner of his eye, was ducking his head and loping toward a grassy lawn.
  43. She raced down the muddy street, ducking in and around people and horse drawn carts that were in her way.
  44. Yeah, you so big and bad but yet you ducking and hiding in the house, Sonja said looking at Raekwon.
  45. She put her son to bed, then went to bed herself, ducking her head under the pillow to cover the sound of CNN.
  46. One of our party, a trifle more windy than the rest, kept ducking at the stray bullets that were whistling by.
  47. I spent whole days walking, pausing, ducking behind newsstands, begging the city to put Billy and me into contact.
  48. He hurried back into the front seat and awaited his next possible victim, ducking to the side to conceal his self.
  49. Dawn watched the helicopter hit the ground with wide-eyed horror, ducking as it exploded in a shower of flying metal.
  50. Dodging and ducking were skills she had long since acquired and finessed, owing in no small part to her petite size.
  51. They provided good cover, but hopping over roots and ducking beneath their low limbs drained even more of her energy.
  52. Gul is not on the ship, don’t move the ladder! Preeti stressed whilst shooting and ducking from police bullets.
  53. I shuffled through the Union Station crowd, clutching a stolen jacket and ducking my head away from potential cameras.
  54. When he knew he was out of sight he sped up, carefully ducking to the side when he passed others in the main corridors.
  55. Ducking back into the tunnel, he watched carefully from his hiding place as Grindel and Cherva entered the Great Chamber.
  56. My screams alerted Wyatt to the danger and he spun around, ducking just in time as the hollow creature pounced towards him.
  57. He squinted before quickly ducking his face back towards the bedroom wall away from the bright Rennie/CLEARWATER JOURNALS.
  58. I’m sorry there isn’t anywhere nicer for you to sleep, she said, ducking through the doorway of the long, dry shack.
  59. But, his sentry hens must have spotted me ducking behind the cherry tree, because they gave warning with a flurry of chatter.
  60. That's it! Sorry, young fellow! cried the older man, ducking suddenly as bullets danced across the roof of the forward cabin.
  61. As for Bilbo he could easily have trotted through his legs without ducking his head to miss the fringe of the man's brown tunic.
  62. The man was too quick, and, ducking beneath it, himself delivered a mighty one, with clenched fist, in the pit of Kerchak's stomach.
  63. He appreciated that despite his basic agreement with his boss, the Queen, on this issue, ducking out of it would be political suicide.
  64. Ducking his six-six frame through the metal cabin hatch, McKee dogged it closed and headed down the short flight of stairs to the deck.
  65. Ducking, to avoid hitting his head on the coombed ceiling he walked over to where an old PC tower sat on the floor beside a small desk.
  66. Bryony squealed a warning, but the Captain had already reacted, ducking low so that the curved blade swished harmlessly over his shoulders.
  67. He maintained a very steady pace, necessitating frequent ducking to avoid low branches, and we only stopped in the evening, as it got dark.
  68. The king took Ascalante's point in his left arm, and the outlaw barely saved his life by ducking and springing backward from the swinging ax.
  69. One fat Monk came after me, but I quickly eluded him by ducking into a Niche whither his surpassing Corpulence prevented him from following me.
  70. There were gasps from the crowd as they gradually silenced and moved away, backing into nooks, ducking behind timbers, creeping up the stairs.
  71. I managed to keep ducking most of the objects being thrown at me as I tried to work my way through the litter of fallen projectiles to Krista.
  72. He waited here all night answering calls and making cryptic entries in a little notebook ducking out to pick up cash or check clients for the girls.
  73. Ralph hit him with both fists on the face and body, a storm of blows that Wulfric feebly tried to ward off by holding up his arms and ducking his head.
  74. From there, he clucked on in defeat, nursing his pride from behind the wire fence, ducking his head with respect, and granting me this glorious victory.
  75. The firefighters were wrapping up as the ME and arson investigators came and went, ducking under the barrier tape that had been looped around the premises.
  76. Father James Eustace came down to the church early to practice his Sunday sermon, ducking in out of the rain and leaving a trail of watery footprints down the aisle.
  77. It was kind of fun, though, to watch her face when she peeked under her eyelashes at Bastian, her blushing and head ducking almost comical in their lack of subtlety.
  78. Ducking under an unappetising banner of wet underwear, they dusted off the elegant, excruciatingly uncomfortable wrought-aluminium chairs and sat, clinging to their coffee mugs for support.
  79. The lead dame, a white haired woman with a pale complexion, fired to her left and shattered the ice sculpture that had been the centerpiece of the room and sent the band ducking for cover.
  80. Nearing a small rectangular building of stone she paused, scanning the path behind her from beneath a pair of long black eyelashes before ducking within the building's crack riddled walls.
  81. Caroline was normally more apt at ducking out of trouble, back when she was at school she had been bullied constantly by the older girls, every day without fail they would steal her dinner money.
  82. She thought about ducking into Betty’s Quilts and hiding for an hour or so, but then what would she and Betty talk about? Instead, she walked around the block and entered the offices from the rear.
  83. After five minutes of silent passage through the forest, walking in single file along the narrow path and ducking occasionally to avoid the hanging lanterns, they came at last to the end of the trail.
  84. Northbury her model, Jo rashly took a plunge into the frothy sea of sensational literature, but thanks to the life preserver thrown her by a friend, she came up again not much the worse for her ducking.
  85. By this time the sun was starting to make its appearance, so Rory returned to the Land Rover, not noticing a panic-stricken head ducking out of sight beneath a loose tarpaulin in the back of the vehicle.
  86. Berndt heads straight for a wayhouse called ‘The Bright Stars’, ducking his head as he rides Adamant under the archway leading into the stable yard, the gg’s hooves clattering on the cobbles of the yard.
  87. Slowly, the quartet wended its way back towards the top deck, hiding behind crates, ducking into small rooms, and moving quickly into the shadows and letting crew members dart by in their haste to prepare for the storm.
  88. But the last straw that broke the camel herd was the men ducking through a whirlaround garden sprinkler one untimely hot autumn night and, seeing their wives in a nearby window, they yelled, "Come on in, the water's fine!".
  89. The glass door was like the shutter of a Coleman lantern: the square of yellow light on the sidewalk shone brighter when it was open, but this time it was only a doorman in a long coat and epaulets, ducking out for a smoke.
  90. Fern reached into her bag and took out a melini tablet and ate it whilst travelling, she stopped for a moment next to a bush of extremely large leaves and ducking her head under one leaf poured the water that had collected upon it into her mouth.
  91. Ducking around the philosophical implications of all this, it’s interesting to note that, despite the Aboriginal family’s meager chattels, in a majority of tribal lifestyles one common domestic necessity was the coolamon -- essentially a carved, shallow wooden bowl.
  92. Two men and a woman who had the same coloring and build as Conrad, Joel, and Kathy, would be seen getting into one of the Garland Crest’s glass-tinted, luxury mini vans, ducking their heads and acting furtively, as if they were trying to make a quick getaway from the building undetected from the press.
  93. Volkheimer lifts the engineer—the older man like a child in the staff sergeant’s arms, the field light gripped in Volkheimer’s teeth—and crosses the ruined space with him, ducking again to avoid the hanging ceiling, and sets him in the golden armchair still upright in the corner, now powdered white.
  94. The light hovers there another moment, as if allowing Werner to absorb their situation, then veers to the right and wobbles toward something nearby, and in the reflected light, through skeins of dust, Werner can see the huge silhouette of Volkheimer ducking and stumbling as he moves between hanging rebar and pipes.
  95. I dashed at the place in which I had left her lying and over which (for the small silk counterpane and the sheets were disarranged) the white curtains had been deceivingly pulled forward; then my step, to my unutterable relief, produced an answering sound: I perceived an agitation of the window blind, and the child, ducking down, emerged rosily from the other side of it.
  96. On arriving at the Malakoff mound, and climbing the slope, he perceived that Vlang, who had not lagged a single pace behind him, and who had appeared such a valiant fellow at home in the house, kept constantly swerving to one side, and ducking his head, as though all the cannon-balls and bombs, which whizzed by very frequently in that locality, were flying straight at him.
  97. And she led him across the lawn where the picnic blankets still lay as after a storm, tossed and half-furled, and some few dogs had arrived with the army ants while several cats waited for the beasts to leave, and Nef walked among them and opened the front door of the Egyptian View Arms and, ducking his head, blushing, Cardiff stepped in swiftly, but she was already at the stairs and halfway up before he touched the first riser, and then they were in her tower room and he looked and saw that her vast bed had been stripped and the windows thrown open wide with their wind-tossed curtains and the town clock was striking four in the afternoon as Nef lifted her arms and a great soft bloom of sheet rose in a summer cloud over the bed and he seized his half and with her gentled it down in a field of white over the bed to cover its face.
  98. He crouched and ran, ducking and weaving,.
  99. We have had ducking and deprecating about enough,.
  1. She ducked her head once.
  2. He ducked too late, and.
  3. I ducked just as he shot.
  4. We ducked into a building.
  5. Shoop ducked down a smal.
  6. Josh swung, and Alex ducked.
  7. Moses ducked his head shyly.
  8. He ducked and splashed her.
  9. He ducked his head and beamed.
  10. Lenar ducked into the cockpit.
  11. Isin ducked an imaginary blow.
  12. I ducked in the first floor.
  13. He ducked his head sheepishly.
  14. Severus ducked and rolled away.
  15. Yes! Myra said and ducked.
  16. He had also ducked, so he lived.
  17. I ducked into the hall laughing.
  18. Evan ducked and put up his hands.
  19. Lezura ducked and covered her head.
  20. Emily ducked into the chicken coup.
  21. Doon ducked back behind the pillar.
  22. He smiled back and ducked his head.
  23. He ducked and turned back to Kurt.
  24. It ducked with a disquieting ease.
  25. Jai and Ceder ducked out of sight.
  26. The men in the chairs ducked down.
  27. They ducked in closer to the house.
  28. Paul ducked his head over the book.
  29. Ben and Sarah ducked into a doorway.
  30. One of the FBI agents ducked inside.
  31. Black Francis ducked inside the cave.
  32. I ducked and heard the shovel whiz.
  33. My mind ducked under his words and.
  34. She ducked to the side in automatic.
  35. Luckily, I ducked in the nick of time.
  36. Cloud ducked as one of them swung a.
  37. Stokes ducked and jabbed him in the.
  38. Chuck shrieked and ducked in his seat.
  39. Evan giggled and ducked his head shyly.
  40. It’s why I ducked into the pharmacy.
  41. The robots fired just as Vinnie ducked.
  42. Hazel ducked his head in embarrassment.
  43. They ducked, pulling hard to the right.
  44. He ducked his head and tucked a tuft.
  45. I ducked but it hit Chinna on his head.
  46. I lifted it and the waiter ducked away.
  47. Sterling ducked and looked straight up.
  48. Aiden ducked to the side and spun around.
  49. Garcia’s window exploded and he ducked.
  50. I ducked a little lower and tried again.
  51. Rachel ducked into a corner and vomited.
  52. He ducked aside, slipping on the walkway.
  53. As they ducked inside the airliner, the.
  54. We ducked under the water and entered it.
  55. Grant laughed as he ducked in beside her.
  56. The Nycarman ducked beneath Joey’s hand.
  57. Joey and Lezura ducked along with officers.
  58. Mercer ducked into a shop, short of breath.
  59. Uncle John ducked his head under the water.
  60. Nem ducked and somersaulted out of the way.
  61. Finally he ducked his head and went inside.
  62. I ducked as he swiped at me with the wrench.
  63. Eric ducked as a piece of computer casing.
  64. He ducked as the sword swept over his head.
  65. The bankers had ducked out during the night.
  66. She ducked, putting her hands over her head.
  67. I just screamed across the Oval and ducked.
  68. Aack! the officer screamed as he ducked.
  69. He wheeled and ducked as a bow-string twanged.
  70. She ducked, and missed Vince's slap that time.
  71. I ducked out of sight, or at least I hoped so.
  72. Shit! He shouted just before he ducked.
  73. I ducked a little lower and tried again.
  74. An arrow clattered off the walls, and I ducked.
  75. She ducked the blade and angled into his body.
  76. Ralph ducked in as he peeked around the corner.
  77. Barbara swung again and Fiona ducked the punch.
  78. He gasped and ducked, but it was far too late.
  79. Penn covered his face with both arms and ducked.
  80. Clastaan screamed, ducked and dove into a slide.
  81. He ducked beneath her arm, grabbed her by the.
  82. She ducked and slipped away before their eyes.
  83. But Robbie saw her and ducked down with a yelp.
  84. Nem ducked into an alley beside another brothel.
  85. She ducked out of the office and hurried to her.
  86. Both Titus and Katie ducked behind some pillars.
  87. Nancy ducked behind the curtain and removed the.
  88. He ducked his head and went down into the galley.
  89. They jumped, startled, and ducked back into the.
  90. A spear again flashed toward her, and she ducked.
  91. Cadet Mironov ducked every time a ball flew past.
  92. Steve ducked but this time it wouldn't be avoided.
  93. Square who ducked out-of-bounds and wasn't found.
  94. Janelle ducked out of the door he was holding open.
  95. By the time they ducked under the shelter of the.
  96. Cadet Mirónov ducked every time a ball flew past.
  97. They both ducked when another Cyri came running in.
  98. She ducked her head down then quickly whipped her.
  99. Sebastian ducked out of the car to look at Russell.
  100. They all ducked, and many fell flat on their faces.
  1. What a good time ducks have!.
  2. And, oh, yes! his decoy ducks.
  3. But we're still sitting ducks.
  4. He nods, ducks his head a bit.
  5. The ducks got what they desired.
  6. They looked at the ducks swimming.
  7. The ducks still swam lazily on the.
  8. All the ducks in the yard were there.
  9. Lora used to love feeding the ducks.
  10. The other answer was a duck or ducks.
  11. There is nowhere for the ducks to hide.
  12. Out in the open, they were sitting ducks.
  13. Teach your grandmother how to milk ducks.
  14. She loved those ducks…’ The ducks set.
  15. Reflexively, Jet ducks to avoid the spatter.
  16. If you've got the ducks in a row you'll be.
  17. Somewhere distant on the lake, ducks honked.
  18. The ducks they all gaggled and even the hog.
  19. Ducks and herons populated the shallows by.
  20. A squad of wild ducks shot-gunned across the.
  21. When you think about ducks, what do they look.
  22. I, as one of the ducks, can tell you for sure.
  23. The other ducks saw her do it and laughed at her.
  24. We're sitting ducks off Narrulla's nose like this.
  25. There are many farmers missing chickens and ducks.
  26. It was Captain Binet lying in ambush for wild ducks.
  27. The ducks in the park won't feed themselves you know.
  28. And he did in fact get across, and startled two ducks.
  29. Anyway, I thought maybe he might know about the ducks.
  30. The force feeding of ducks was first practiced by the.
  31. Walkers were sitting ducks for the Indian Nation who had.
  32. Several years ago they had ducks in that artificial pond.
  33. The sounds of the wind in the trees and the ducks on the.
  34. I really enjoyed the calm waters, better still the ducks.
  35. Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto looked at the family of ducks.
  36. You have to get as many of your ducks in order as you can.
  37. She ducks to one side and her small stature works in her favor.
  38. Behind them swans and ducks floated on the easy-flowing river.
  39. Sergeant, we are sitting ducks here while he waits for help.
  40. Any ducks? he asked a man sitting there in an identical boat.
  41. There is a flock of ducks [waterfowl] in the creek behind my house.
  42. Max slides open the glass door for Volkheimer, and he ducks through.
  43. She flicks suds back at him, chuckling as he ducks to avoid the bubbles.
  44. We called ours Swans, Kookaburras, and Ducks, but it’s the same thing.
  45. Al tries a punch, and Will ducks, the back of his neck shining with sweat.
  46. You need to have your ducks in a row when approaching distributor prospects.
  47. They passed by stalls of ducks and geese and booths full of fresh vegetables.
  48. Then he ducks into the shrubbery across the street from the mansion and waits.
  49. Alex ducks back into the car and puts Billy's keys on the top of the dashboard.
  50. Jake takes a half-hearted swipe at Katie but she ducks in time, they both laugh.
  51. Children played and yelped on the grass or threw crumbs of bread for the ducks.
  52. I had visions of ducks, foals, farm milk and freshly picked apples in mind, as.
  53. They passed by stalls of ducks and geese and booths full of fresh vegetables and.
  54. But then again, it was more of a defensive measure, as these ducks were aggressive.
  55. He ducks back, just on the off chance that she might cast a glance in his direction.
  56. I stopped and looked to where a group of wild ducks fluttered above the rice plants.
  57. Ducks lined the edges, waiting to be fed with breadcrumbs from pink cheeked children.
  58. But with an afterthought he offered a possible means by which the ducks could escape.
  59. When picking the wedding date, it is recommended that you get all your ducks in a row.
  60. Just for ducks, let’s try a little of what my boys would call this generality jazz.
  61. What are the related associations? It could be Ducks Unlimited for the Conservation of.
  62. When his gaze sweeps over the area, Ciere ducks back behind her crate and breathes hard.
  63. It's tougher for the fish, the winter and all, than it is for the ducks, for Chrissake.
  64. Ducks moved noisily away in the distance as they realized no one was going to feed them.
  65. Her loud voice startled the ducks and they quacked once, before flapping their wings in.
  66. A rosy-faced man in white ducks and a yachting cap stood over him with a glass of brandy.
  67. Mother of Zeus where's that damned launch?' Alexis gripped my wrist, 'We're sitting ducks.
  68. I'm not in love with anyone or anything except ducks, Tumblr and the Cold Stone Creamery.
  69. Well, you're probably thinking "that looks impossible to get all those ducks 100% in a row".
  70. The ducks and geese weren’t at all shy, pecking and quacking at their visitors for bread.
  71. She had on a white polo shirt with green trim on the collar, white ducks, and tennis shoes.
  72. There are lots of families out feeding the ducks and even a few sailing boats on the water.
  73. When all the ducks are lined up, both fundamentally and technically, the stock is purchased.
  74. These ducks are not normal, New Trader couldn’t help but think as he listened to Rich Trader.
  75. As the storm became persistent within Frith Le Firth, the swans, geese and ducks flew over to.
  76. Crystal turns her head back forward and quickly ducks to the side behind the rest of the crowd.
  77. She would inch closer quietly and try to hear what Palomita was saying to the geese and ducks.
  78. As the two got closer to the camp, they saw that a few ducks and hares also hung from the pole.
  79. Quack, Quack, Quack, she could hear the ducks landing into the pool and then the policeman’s.
  80. How come Superman can stop bullets with his chest but always ducks when a gun is thrown at him?
  81. Just in time, Noah ducks his head, and the man’s fist hits the floor instead of Noah’s face.
  82. He will have a very pretty income to make ducks and drakes with, and earned without much trouble.
  83. It is only after the ducks are being shot at do they realize that it was not a safe place to land.
  84. The recent arrival, no doubt unpacking his little leather bag, and getting all his ducks in a row.
  85. This set off all the other geese, and the ducks too, until Squirrel Girl wanted to cover her ears.
  86. Lame ducks were unfortunately conspicuously absent, whereas lame old gits unfortunately weren’t.
  87. She ducks her head to look up at him through her eyelashes, her green eyes bright and intoxicating.
  88. The lochs are grandiose and beautiful with swans and ducks residing there as their natural habitat.
  89. This threw everyone on all Yankee whalers into turmoil, as they were sitting ducks with no way to.
  90. She put her headphones on and sat alone on a bench next to the water, watching the ducks and swans.
  91. This may not be a good idea if you have cows, ducks and chickens behind your house or dogs and cats.
  92. The hunters will even blow a whistle to imitate the noises of the duck to beckon the ducks to join them.
  93. She seemed oblivious to his presence, only eventually noticing ducks gathering round, hoping for treats.
  94. Since that's the case, why don't you cook us up a couple of ducks and have them sent to the elf's table.
  95. I sat back, lined up my ducks, and in keeping with her frank experience as a parent, I came clean as a kid.
  96. The creek was the place where wild ducks usually take a bath before the sunlight could shine on the rapids.
  97. A day out in the park feeding the ducks could become a living nightmare if a bearded man crossed their path.
  98. Remember what we’d always say at home? ‘Winter’s a-comin’ early,’ we said, when the ducks flew.
  99. A "plump" of ducks rose at the same time and took the route to the north in the wake of their noisier cousins.
  100. Summer Sunday evening at the pond, feeding the ducks, the ones that aren’t chasing each other around, that is.

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