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Dumbfound numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Joey watch it drop near a rock with a dumbfound expression.
2. I was dumbfound and shocked to see the lying lifeless body of Sunena.
3. Dumbfound she sat there, playing with the strap of her purse, trying to figure out what he’d ran off for, when like a streak of lightening Jim came bounding thru the door.

1. Then there was the first of a dumbfounding series of confrontations.
2. The dumbfounding news of his deeds eventually reached the highest ranks in al-Sham State [78]and one day, while he was going about his usual tasks, the commander of the Turkish army entered his office in a state of extreme anger, which was most unusual for a man who was normally quite calm.
1. Leo and I were dumbfounded.
2. Zac stared at her dumbfounded.
3. Chico and Cu were dumbfounded.
4. By now William was dumbfounded.
5. I just look at him dumbfounded.
6. Paul just sat there dumbfounded.
7. Mark stared at her, dumbfounded.
8. Zac sat dumbfounded for a moment.
9. Saul stared at Samuel dumbfounded.
10. All three of them were dumbfounded.
11. This time I was dumbfounded, and.
12. Chance was dumbfounded for a while.
13. His face had this dumbfounded look.
14. Zarko just stood there, dumbfounded.
15. Brightness was dumbfounded with shock.
16. Cassidy stood dumbfounded and confused.
17. Colleen had turned to her, dumbfounded.
18. Others are dumbfounded and hold their.
19. Adas and I sat dumbfounded by the story.
20. I scared you? I asked, dumbfounded.
22. Houston stared at his father, dumbfounded.
23. Dumbfounded, they now knew she was Sophia.
24. He was dumbfounded, almost lost for words.
25. The Brahmin looked on dumbfounded at all.
26. Dumbfounded, I watched her leave the room.
27. Marcus was dumbfounded as Valera continued.
28. I was dumbfounded and completely at a loss.
29. Zarko stood there for a moment, dumbfounded.
30. Joey stood, dumbfounded by this information.
31. Dumbfounded, they fell, faces to the ground.
32. Brent opened his eyes and stared dumbfounded.
33. They just looked at each other, dumbfounded.
34. She walked out of her car, almost dumbfounded.
35. For a moment, Akenji was completely dumbfounded.
36. Dumbfounded, Jesse’s head tilted in confusion.
37. Ummm, I was dumbfounded by the suggestion.
38. Both men just stared at the money dumbfounded.
39. Carmen took it dumbfounded and they walked away.
40. She stares at him, dumbfounded by his harsh tone.
41. Karl looked dumbfounded and his heart just sank.
42. Flint was dumbfounded, and it showed on his face.
43. He was still pretty well dumbfounded at all this.
44. Ivan Dumbfounded was arrested when he reported to.
45. Isaac stood dumbfounded in the middle of the floor.
46. I watch, dumbfounded, as Aaron climbs into the truck.
47. I stood dumbfounded for what seemed like an eternity.
48. Sam was dumbfounded by the actions of the great cat.
49. It was William’s turn to be completely dumbfounded.
50. For a moment, Amaranthe was too dumbfounded to respond.
51. What? He exclaimed giving me a dumbfounded look.
52. He looked over at his friends, who seemed dumbfounded.
53. As usual I was dumbfounded, and even if I could have.
54. He was dumbfounded and surprised at this turn of events.
55. Helen? Paul now noticed that Helen was dumbfounded.
56. He noticed the captain’s shoes and became dumbfounded.
57. The eclectic crew was dumbfounded, lost as if in a dream.
58. Jerry was standing there with his mouth open, dumbfounded.
59. Carol Markson sat dumbfounded, staring out of the window.
60. Horrified, dumbfounded, I watched him walk out of the room.
61. Gary, dumbfounded that he was just duped into telling the.
62. Upon entering the vet’s office I was dumbfounded by his.
63. You actually killed him, the Metrone said, dumbfounded.
64. The rich tourists are always puzzled and dumbfounded by this.
65. The prince was dumbfounded when he first heard the voices of.
66. The two lovers looked at her in dumbfounded amazement as she.
67. Gad sat dumbfounded as an old fear spread anew across his face.
68. A minute later, he’d dragged Todd, dumbfounded from the room.
69. He is left dumbfounded on how he should respond to her request.
70. Josef was dumbfounded, for once in his life he was totally lost.
71. Erne stood dumbfounded with the letter still clasped in his hand.
72. Seth stood dumbfounded on the slab, his eyes glued to the women.
73. This said, the Canadian withdrew, leaving me close to dumbfounded.
74. Stopping dead in my tracks, I faced him, dumbfounded at his words.
75. He looked around the room, dumbfounded by the apparent flash mob.
76. The pizza man looked down at the money dumbfounded, unhappy with.
77. Raskolnikov was dumbfounded for a minute, but only for one minute.
78. I’m as dumbfounded as the rest of the youngsters surrounding me.
79. The advert ended and Raven stared, dumbfounded, at the blank screen.
80. Everyone was immediately struck dumbfounded when they heard it was.
81. The musician stood dumbfounded watching Melvin sing the song to him.
82. He was just dumbfounded that the whole thing could even be an issue.
83. Peter was dumbfounded , he couldn't believe she had done that again.
84. All five of the boys sat staring at him with dumbfounded expressions.
85. He was so scared and dumbfounded he even forgot to sweat for a while.
86. There was a long silence, then Cooper said, I’m just dumbfounded.
87. Witty threw this dumbfounded look on his face and asked, “Who?“.
88. Leesa was dumbfounded to hear such words issue from such a boyish face.
89. He was dumbfounded to see the person that had served him wine looked.
90. He was dumbfounded by his assistant, suddenly leaving in the night, in.
91. The banking executive turned fugitive sat dumbfounded by this revelation.
92. Tears filled a dumbfounded George’s saddened eyes as they narrowed in.
93. Um where do I fit in all of this? I asked dumbfounded, Bill smiled.
94. Christian will either walk out dumbfounded or, having tolerated it just.
95. Needless to say, I was never so dumbfounded by anything in my life before.
96. Guerrero looked at the communicator, dumbfounded, as Tina eyed him coldly.
97. Pyotr Ilyitch was simply dumbfounded when he went into the police captain's.
98. He found Rakesh there standing with a grin on his face and was dumbfounded.
99. Salome looked at the other men, still standing dumbfounded in the courtyard.
100. Dumbfounded by his daughter's logic, Grandet turned pale and stamped and swore.

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