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Early numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was the early 90s.
2. It is too early to.
3. It was early in the.
5. In early 1996 I 155.
6. But it is still early.
7. Mama had her too early.

8. But it's early days yet.
9. It was still early yet.
10. But it was still early.
11. And it is too early.
12. Awful early for a call.
13. It is an early warning.
14. Men to their early grave.
15. We will be here early.
16. It’s too early to be.
17. It is the early morning.
18. We left early one morning.
19. It was early spring 1985.
20. Too early to call Athens.
21. It was early, only 7:30 P.
22. Then wake up early again.
23. It was the early nineties.
24. In the early church the.
25. We’ll go out early for.
26. It was early March of 1977.
27. It is an early Wodehouse.
28. It just needs to be early.
29. That was after the early.
30. It was still early, 9:30 P.
31. It is said that the early.
32. See the early chapters of.
33. I come from the early 52nd.
34. Early in the morning, way.
35. By the early 1950's their.
36. It was late spring, early.
38. From early childhood to now.
39. The Dorseys left home early.
40. Early in 2012 we will have.
41. The early church fought this.
42. Wake up early in the morning.
43. In an early exercise, in The.
44. Waking too early in morning.
45. In the morning I was up early.
46. True this LIMO was an early.
47. Early in the war years, the U.
48. Things to do in early spring.
49. By early afternoon the snow.
50. Leaving in early April would.
51. This was early in June 1980.
52. We left early the next morning.
53. And an early unpleasant grave.
54. Plus early in sobriety I was.
55. You gotta learn that early on.
56. They told me it was too early.
57. You should have done it early.
58. Is it too early for whiskey?
59. Start saving early, and save.
60. It's a good idea to come early.
61. Maybe ours was a bit too early.
62. He woke up early in the morning.
63. In early 1982, Josie went to St.
64. The early bum catches the food.
65. Metaphor of what? Of an early.
66. Beneath the early morning sun1.
67. In the early evening I went out.
68. You and the Missus are early.
69. Max woke early the next morning.
70. Easter Sunday starts very early.
71. It was early in December, 1943.
72. They are early adopters when it.
73. We reached Cuzco in early winter.
74. It was too early to be parading.
75. Sunday morning, Chris rose early.
76. Why not get him started early?
77. Early Days in the Program.
78. Ron Hubbard in the early 1950's.
79. Eat banana early in the morning.
80. So they’ll turn up early and.
81. Support services such as early.
82. From early infancy through the.
83. The next morning Nick woke early.
84. Preparation for an early start.
85. I left early and came home late.
86. I am always a few minutes early.
87. Before that-a really early memory.
88. Why The Dog Goes Early To Bed….
89. Night turned into early morning.
90. Tim was up early the next morning.
91. The next morning we woke up early.
92. Everyone leaves early on Fridays.
93. It was 9:30, and they were early.
94. In early spring, we came upon it.
95. The early days were filled with.
96. Still early in the morning, the.
97. Young, late teens early twenties.
98. Can you believe that, this early.
99. The early summer rains had been.
100. Some early commuters waiting for.

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