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Earn numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. You have to earn it.
  2. You want to earn $50.
  3. You have to earn him.
  4. I earn on average $1.
  5. We were able to earn 8.

  6. He wanted to earn a J.
  7. He could earn a living.
  8. But we have to earn it.
  9. He would earn his place.
  10. For example, if I earn 6.
  11. I didnt earn that money.
  12. I had to earn my own rep.
  13. Now you have to earn that.
  14. The students had to earn.
  15. That you get what you earn.

  16. You did not earn your luck.
  17. Do you think you can earn.
  18. None of us can earn heaven.
  19. Earn their trust by asking.
  20. Brittany plans to earn her.
  21. What a way to earn a living.
  23. Marques decides to earn his.
  24. The Three Ways to Earn Money.
  25. They earn but a very scanty.

  26. The first is to earn premium.
  28. Spend less than what you earn.
  29. And I like to earn my keep.
  30. Something that he could earn.
  31. You have to earn those titles.
  32. So, in this case, you earn $4.
  33. When we earn enough, we will.
  34. But you can also earn here too.
  35. He was the only one to earn it.
  36. Treasury bills and earn only 3.
  37. Or maybe you need to earn that.
  38. Too many advisors earn fees or.
  39. Learn to spend less than you earn.
  40. We expect it to earn $32 million.
  41. They do not earn their own bread.
  42. I needed to earn his forgiveness.
  43. It’s important you earn these.
  44. High time ya started to earn.
  45. We earn th< rent first and then.
  46. We earn more; we pay more tax we.
  47. To earn a fortune overall, I mean.
  48. How did he earn your trust?
  49. You will earn thus a significant.
  50. I can practice and earn a couple.
  51. Everyone has to earn his principal.
  52. Being honest will earn you respect.
  55. That’s why I try to earn a little.
  56. Love so priceless, I could never earn.
  57. One way is to work for it and earn it.
  58. It is impossible to earn money in an.
  59. Members then earn credit by doing this.
  60. She did, ah, something to earn her job.
  61. Earn profits on money already stashed.
  62. I merely doubt my ability to earn it.
  63. You never did anything to earn my love.
  64. This way he was able to earn some money.
  65. Travel the World & Earn a Living with.
  66. That would only earn him another beating.
  67. You are young, you will earn It all back.
  68. They have to earn their own self-respect.
  69. Your inner peace and joy you have to earn.
  70. Do you want to earn five hundred notes?
  71. One catch: Investors didn’t earn a dime.
  72. M: No doubt, it helps you to earn a living.
  74. Trust can't be bought, you have to earn it.
  75. It would take me a year to earn that much.
  76. Education paid brains to perform and earn.
  77. If I did earn a scrap of respect from my.
  78. In our example, where we expect to earn 0.
  79. Looks like I didn’t earn the VIP spot.
  80. Most of the time, they earn a small premium.
  81. You then have to earn $242 on the next game.
  82. You have a very good chance to earn a profit.
  83. The analyst estimated that GE would earn $1.
  84. You earn ad revenue with no additional cost.
  85. The percentage commission that you can earn.
  86. They earn a plenty of money by just sitting.
  87. You have to earn the right to ride a horse.
  88. Have you ever noticed that people who earn a.
  89. You will earn that spare life and a free spin.
  90. Active Income: Money that you earn by working.
  91. The rest are specialists who earn more like.
  92. There’s no limit on the amount you can earn.
  93. Only a relatively few businesses earn the 16.
  94. And what must I do to earn your trust?
  95. Do not feel compelled to earn money from XXXX.
  96. You cannot earn it, or it ceases to be a gift.
  97. We all are slaves to the bankers but we earn.
  98. The bad news was that individuals had to earn.
  99. What did she do to earn that? asked Kirk.
  100. And on re-orders, you will earn 60% commission.
  1. A teacher earning $4 million.
  2. The Concept of Earning Power.
  3. Earning power is very strong.
  4. For earning money we should.
  5. Helping others and earning trust.
  6. Army and upon earning his civil.
  7. Earning their keep by their hand.
  8. He was earning millions of dollars.
  9. He was a thesis shy of earning it.
  10. Find out what the stock is earning.
  11. Intrinsic Value and Earning Power.
  12. However, as soon as he was earning.
  13. He asked me how I was earning a crust.
  14. At the time I was earning £8,500 a.
  15. That’s right: You may be earning 0.
  16. Any product that has earning money as.
  17. Today you'll be earning interest on $1.
  18. I look forward to earning that privilege.
  19. Earning power is much stronger than usual.
  20. She was busy modeling, earning good money.
  21. Also, be sure they are earning their treat.
  22. You could be earning $7 per hour and still.
  23. I was her top earning lady in her whorehouse.
  24. Bahit said, Karit, try earning it for once.
  25. Rate Chasers: Wasting Time Earning $25/Month.
  26. Earning a doctorate is a marathon in many ways.
  27. He was in his swimming trunks, earning a few.
  28. Long-range Study of Earning Power and Resources.
  29. Assess what is the normal earning for someone.
  30. Disadvantages of Sole Emphasis on Earning Power.
  31. You're earning them faster than I can print them.
  32. Motherfucker was busy earning his nickname.
  33. That is earning respect from your fellow traders.
  34. The most recent estimates have Shanda earning $3.
  35. And therefore, in duly earning the privilege of.
  36. Property Values and Earning Power Closely Related.
  37. You can also see how much earning an additional 9.
  38. It had been earning in excess of $4 and paying $3.
  39. Those ten clients must have been earning a fortune.
  40. Clare was in the upstairs dungeon earning her money.
  41. At last, the days of earning a living while toiling.
  42. Education became a necessary tool for earning money.
  43. Because of the difficulty earning it, think twice or.
  44. She bent and took the object from him, earning a look.
  45. What money he had left was now in investments earning.
  46. When all was said and done, instead of earning the $1.
  47. Casella peeled a big-time spree, earning off the charts.
  48. Colours that promote earning power – grey, silver.
  49. The dope dealers in the west are earning the money they.
  50. Well, I think it really starts with earning your own money.
  51. Many are earning their degrees with much financial hassle.
  52. It hasn’t stopped many individuals from earning a living.
  53. There is no such thing earning a mediocre income in network.
  54. Today earning power is often called earnings yield.
  55. Tom recalled how ecstatic he was at earning his wings years.
  56. The boy took a sip and spit it out, earning some harsh words.
  57. In this business it allows the possibility of earning high.
  58. Including the sales incentives, our employees are earning on.
  59. After Adding the £307 extra that Janet is earning, over the.
  60. You are spending more, for sure, but also earning a lot more.
  61. Think of those people earning whatever increases they happen.
  62. Superficially, the price of 23 in 1932 for a stock earning $2.
  63. You could also be earning $300 000 a year and be in terrible.
  64. Perhaps also the fact that she was earning more money than me.
  65. OUT OF HERE?203 Haven't I done enough earning? The only way I.
  66. So they’re all earning more than they need, said Algar.
  67. Compounding, simply put, is earning interest on your interest.
  68. The minimum order is 50 Certificates earning you a minimum of.
  69. Dan also felt that he was not earning sufficient income at SCC.
  70. It was then earning at the rate of $8 per share, as against $3.
  71. This book focuses on financial aptitude #1, Earning more Money.
  72. This shows strong earning power – ‘exalted’ earning power.
  73. It shows earning through retailing, trading, buying and selling.
  74. And he was used to earning his money in a more satisfactory way.
  75. I leave you to judge what a damp way of earning a living mine is.
  76. Assess your earning capacity and compare this against your needs.
  77. The investor should avoid buying shares if earning acceleration.
  78. If I’m sharing the cabin I think I should share in earning it.
  79. What with the auto expenses, I barely broke even earning $1,200/wk.
  80. Let's say you invested $10,000 in a fixed annuity earning 6% a year.
  81. Steel common entirely for their earning power and future prospects.
  82. The fact that they are earning money from your group gives you the.
  83. Gives You the Control and Ability to Advance in Earning More Money.
  84. Yet another way of earning more profits with affiliate marketing is.
  85. Society, with a net worth of about $50 a share, was earning about $1.
  86. He thinks because you're earning he needn't keep the house any longer.
  87. Treasure is a necessary qualification for earning heavenly blessings.
  88. There is no need to equate a past earnings record with earning power.
  89. Earning beyond what you need and spending on the things that you do.
  90. A CD earning 6% would leave an investor approximately 4% after taxes.
  91. Similarly, earning a profit mining bitcoins is challenging and risky.
  92. Recession or no recession, you are in business and earning good money.
  93. Investment Operations: Earning good returns on the reserves (or float).
  94. I’m planning on earning another two billion in the next few years.
  95. He was earning well so he wanted to invest in some real estate project.
  96. Pretty soon, Anne was writing in her spare time and earning extra money.
  97. Click here to learn all about it and start earning back-end sales today.
  98. Make them selfish by giving them anything they want without earning it.
  99. Imagine you discovered a method of earning huge amounts of money on the.
  100. Within a year, he was their right-hand man and was earning normal wages.
  1. It has to be earned.
  2. I guess I earned that.
  3. A trial he had earned.
  4. He earned a degree in.
  5. You earned it long ago.
  6. He earned the right to.
  7. He earned his wings in.
  8. She earned a little also.
  9. You have earned the St.
  10. If that pride is earned:.
  11. I’ve earned a full meal.
  12. I would have earned enough.
  13. The Key of Knowledge earned.
  14. In 2001, it earned 72 cents.
  15. His joke earned a thin smile.
  16. I should've earned her trust.
  17. You earned all those patches.
  18. Nothing he did earned praise.
  19. Two guys earned their crosses.
  20. He has earned a second chance.
  21. That earned him a little smile.
  22. He had earned his first wages.
  23. Truly, he had earned his name.
  24. I earned this, didn’t I?’.
  25. This earned him a crooked smile.
  26. And, they would have earned it.
  27. His lineage earned him respect.
  28. My agent earned her commission.
  29. They have earned it this night.
  30. I earned it, and I want it back.
  31. I earned all the wealth myself!.
  32. Nick wished he earned more money.
  33. That remark earned me a sour look.
  34. You’ve earned it, after all.
  35. Similarly, Flavors had earned 19.
  36. We figured that he has earned it.
  37. This was how stories were earned.
  38. And we've earned something to eat.
  39. She actually earned a check that.
  40. Its words had earned it that much.
  41. He hadn’t earned that honour yet.
  42. Each share of stock earned only $4.
  43. Respect, however, has to be earned.
  44. Take a holiday, you've earned it.
  45. Who has earned the higher return?
  46. I had earned a break, hadn’t I?
  47. The Small Stocks universe earned 10.
  48. On those revenues Emerson earned $1.
  49. Gross Income is total dollars earned.
  50. It has been earned by the karma of.
  51. I mean that I have earned the reward.
  52. He has an earned Doctoral degree in.
  53. Look, I earned my bread and butter!.
  54. Friendships are earned not offered.
  55. You have earned my trust and respect.
  56. This last remark earned her attention.
  57. We earned our place in this trial.
  58. High Returns Earned on Total Capital.
  59. Give them the honour they have earned.
  60. Good for him though, he earned it.
  61. Earned it hain’t we? said Begley.
  62. In 3 months I would have earned $1,500.
  63. Interest earned on the Stock Position.
  64. High returns earned on total capital.
  65. Spiritual power is not earned casually.
  66. Well, I believe you’ve earned this.
  67. Earned money, retain some stipulations.
  68. That earned him a warm look from Ingrid.
  69. Toy Story 3 (USA, 2010) has earned $1.
  70. That earned them the Nobel Prize in 1962.
  71. That earned him a severe look from Nancy.
  72. The comment earned her a raised eyebrow.
  73. Interest earned on the call C × r × t.
  74. They claim that wealth earned by talent.
  75. In the beginning I earned mediocre income.
  76. A profit earned from the sale of an asset.
  77. Interest and one-third of rentals earned.
  78. He didn’t want it but he’d earned it.
  79. Love is accepting, patient, is not earned.
  80. Paul would not have earned him my respect.
  81. A condition she felt had been hard earned.
  82. Punishment they earned, and it burned –.
  83. Those who have earned awards feel honoured.
  84. I think I've earned it, he said to her.
  85. Earned on common stock, % of market price.
  86. For taking the flag when you earned it.
  87. The Large Stocks universe itself earned 10.
  88. That’s $41,000 earned in just five years.
  89. So far in three months I have earned $2,400.
  90. You may have earned a degree and have some.
  91. I have earned the respect of important men.
  92. Having earned a lot of wealth, he returned.
  93. Unfortunately, that handle wasn’t earned.
  94. The Queen shall be pleased, we earned honor.
  95. Every soul is hostage to what it has earned.
  96. His place, at the top spot, must be earned!.
  97. This was the second lira that he had earned.
  98. You can pay when you’ve earned some money.
  99. I’ve earned this, whispered the demon.
  100. You earned them by protecting the Portuguese.
  1. That earns you a beer.
  2. This earns him an eye roll.
  3. A faith that earns respect.
  4. Each dollar invested earns $0.
  5. That earns her a raised eyebrow.
  6. I think that earns me breakfast.
  7. He who understands it, earns it.
  8. Girls with tea earns followed behind.
  9. York, spent her years studying and earns a.
  10. Even before one earns he can buy a product.
  11. Thus, through relentless striving he earns.
  12. And Whoever earns a sin, earns it against himself.
  13. He earns a smal income and spends every cent of it.
  14. On analyzing the report, I find that the firm earns.
  15. Day 10: Because mom has a job also she earns money too.
  16. One in Five Australian Expats Earns More Than $320,000 A.
  17. In the case of WPPSS, the "business" contractually earns $22.
  18. What you put in, stays in, and earns additional money for you.
  19. Saving in a bank account is okay since it earns some interest.
  20. Still, had he read The Iliad, you’d know why Odysseus earns.
  21. Should Dave be forced to give half of everything he earns to Rick.
  22. For the next eight minutes, I learned that Daven earns his living.
  23. If XYZ stock sells at 20, earns $2, and pays a cash dividend of $1.
  24. That answer earns him an admission to the psychiatric evaluation ward.
  25. Anything other than top-notch copy earns me a lot of red ink and tough.
  26. Cid resents his behavior; she is not ashamed of the way she earns money.
  27. It turned out among other things one of Tonys earns was wholesale weed!.
  28. He's helpful and earns his keep, getting real close to becoming a good man.
  29. Say you buy a business that has $100 in capital and it earns a 5 percent ROIC.
  30. Owner income is the calculation of how much the owner earns from the businesses.
  31. So on average a mid-size market trainer earns approximately forty-five dollars.
  32. A servant can usually count herself lucky in Paris if she earns one franc a day.
  33. Each individual account earns a fixed rate of interest of 10% from year to year.
  34. A good response to any question earns two points, poor zero, or one for an in-between.
  35. Chryssa doesn't work anymore, as her husband earns enough to support her and their child.
  36. When interest is added to your principal, from that point forward it too earns interest.
  37. Assuming that there is no movement in the underlying, the trade earns money as time goes on.
  38. Rewards-Spots also has a great referral program, which pays you 5% of whatever the referral earns.
  39. For example, you might buy a business that trades at a P/E ratio of 20 times that earns $1 per share.
  40. It’s just as important to know what a company does with what it earns as it is to know what it earns.
  41. For example, let’s say you pay up and purchase a business at a P/E ratio of 25 that earns $1 per share.
  42. In Iced, Jayne earns Dani’s eternal wrath by stealing her sword when she’s too injured to fight back.
  43. There's a monthly contest which involves the top 10 users who earns the most will receive a prize of $50.
  44. Second, any initial advantage you secure will be quickly eroded by the low return that the business earns.
  45. The effects of compounding become even more evident if your investment earns a higher annual rate of return.
  46. It earns $1 million per year, which is a return on equity of 10 percent and a return on assets of 1 percent.
  47. Besides when a player earns a million a month he’s not going to risk his career for a measly hundred grand.
  48. She had a child, a boy, but managed to survive with what she earns here and she absolutely refused to remarry.
  49. Buying the 50 stocks with the best scores from Value Factor Three earns an average annual compound return of 18.
  50. By then, you'll have a PhD in making mistakes, the degree almost every trader earns during his or her first year.
  51. If Madeline had been there, she would have said, Perry earns a shitload, so Celeste can live a life of leisure.
  52. The god Poseidon subsequently rapes Medusa, and Medusa earns the wrath of Athena who accuses her of being unchaste.
  53. Who is so stupid, so incompetent, so untalented, yet is actually allowed to play at the coffee shop? And earns pennies.
  54. How much money one has in the bank or earns is never the issue with this transit – one lives ‘as if’ one were rich.
  55. When a fund earns high returns, investors notice—often pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of weeks.
  56. In most cases, you will need to make adjustments to the accounting numbers to understand how much a business actually earns.
  57. A business that earns its revenues from a diversified customer base has less risk than one with a concentrated customer base.
  58. We look out three years and want to see the reinvestment yield the company earns increasing relative to its enterprise value.
  59. If you are an outside Apple shareholder, you want its managers to be rewarded only if Apple’s stock earns superior returns.
  60. He earns his MBA from Harvard and in 2008 takes two years off to live in Europe: Venice, Stockholm, Berlin, London and Barcelona.
  61. And he’s got the paycheck to prove it: his worth in the private sector would be exponentially higher than what he earns at Yale.
  62. It’s where you can figure the all-important gross profit margin, the difference between what a company earns and what it spends.
  63. Should Dave be forced to give half of everything he earns to Rick in order to close the gap between them? Let me continue the story.
  64. For example, according to the Berkshire Hathaway 2010 proxy statement, Warren Buffett earns $100,000 in salary and directly owns 37.
  65. Hercules obtains immortality with his twelve labors and he earns the right to stay up on Olympus with the celestial gods and goddesses.
  66. Mostly this just earns a beating for the Kidnappers are so worked up and high (maybe on drugs) that they are not capable of listening.
  67. The first one earns $100,000 in net income from $10 million in sales, and the second earns $500,000 in net income from $5 million in sales.
  68. That is, does this luxurious man think that it is he who supplies himself with life? Dose he earn what he earns by his own power and effort?!.
  69. Also, while ABC is waiting to pay out claims, it makes more profit from investing the money it collects as premiums and earns investment income.
  70. It also serves as one of the clearest signals for the consumer discretionary sector—the quintile with the worst six-month price appreciation earns just 2.
  71. This generally means trying to determine the rate of return it earns on its invested capital, and whether this rate of return can be sustained and/or improved.
  72. In the second, a $10 million business that regularly earns 12% on equity and retains all earnings to grow, will also end up with $300 million of capital in 2015.
  73. He earns his living partly as interpreter in the law courts and partly by acting as guide to any wealthy Orientals who may visit the Northumberland Avenue hotels.
  74. Any business that earns between $1 million to $5 million dollars has the luxury of choosing which accounting method they would like for their particular business.
  75. Similarly, any discount or premium coupon bond earns part of its return (the part in addition to coupon income) via the pull-to-par effect as the bond ages.
  76. These people that you see in the pitcher might be able to get a better dinner than this if it wasn't that most of the money wot the bloke earns 'as to pay the rent.
  77. At first glance, which one would you prefer to invest in? Based on this information alone, most investors would prefer the business that earns a higher net profit margin.
  78. In other words, even if Apple’s stock earns no better than half the long-term average return of the overall stock market, Jobs will land a half-a-billion dollar windfall.
  79. One obvious example is a short-term Treasury bill that is issued at a discount; the bill earns its fully predictable return through price appreciation, accruing toward par.
  80. In human terms Heaven could be considered as the lighter planes on the Other Side, and as one progresses spiritually, one earns the ‘reward’ to ascend to a higher level.
  81. If your business earns over $5 million dollars in a fiscal year, then you don't necessarily have a choice but to use the accrual accounting method as this is mandated by the IRS.
  82. Although the exact details vary between mining pools, a miner earns a share when she calculates a hash output that is less than a much easier-to-reach target than the real target.
  83. We just try to be cash counters—if you can buy something at 5× free cash with limited chance of permanent impairment, even if it earns only half of what we thought, that's okay.
  84. There’s an advanced algorithm at work determining how well a submission does on the site, but the basic idea is that the more votes a submission earns, the more visible it becomes.
  85. For example, the currency carry strategy earns nearly all of its long-run profits by being systematically long carry (buying high-yield currencies against selling low-yield currencies).
  86. Since he wants the option to expire worthless, the covered call seller gets paid when he sells the covered call but earns that money through daily erosion for the term of the option.
  87. Moreover, a strategy of writing equity index options earns positive long-run returns, a justifiable reward given the inherent riskiness of effectively selling financial catastrophe insurance.
  88. This is a strictly first class investment bond, secured by a first mortgage on an old road, fully built and equipped, that has always paid its interest, and earns a dividend on its stock besides.
  89. Similarly, if, say, a backwardated crude oil futures price curve remains unchanged over a quarter, a futures contract earns roll gains as its maturity shrinks and it rolls up the futures price curve.
  90. For me a woman should work but only if she has her husband’s permission and she never forgets to treat him as the head of the house just because he earns less than you doesn’t mean his less than you.
  91. Any pair of assets earns the same total realized returns (over some holding period) only if one asset’s initial carry advantage is exactly offset by capital losses caused by subsequent rate/price moves.
  92. It also tells, by comparison, what the company does relative to other companies in the same industry and whether a company earns more than its average and marginal cost of debt, currently and historically.
  93. It isn’t often that a student with only a sixth grade formal education earns a high school diploma then, in three short years, completes a Bachelor of Science program, graduating with honors near the top of the class.
  94. If this mileage actually earns substantially more than the rental paid, then Southern Railway could be expected to make a special effort to pay the bonds at maturity, for fear of otherwise losing control of the property.
  95. Sanchica is making bonelace; she earns eight maravedis a day clear, which she puts into a moneybox as a help towards house furnishing; but now that she is a governor's daughter thou wilt give her a portion without her working for it.
  96. The tender mother cannot _lawfully_ snatch from the gripe of the gambling spendthrift, or beastly drunkard, unmindful of his offspring, the fortune which falls to her by chance; or (so flagrant is the injustice) what she earns by her own.
  97. If Company A earns $4 a share on a $20 book value, and Company B also $4 a share on $100 book value, Company A is almost certain to sell at a higher multiplier, and hence at higher price than Company B—say $60 for Company A shares and $35 for Company B shares.
  98. She hasn’t been dependent on me financially for some years – she earns more than I do anyway – and when she pulled the plug on our marriage she insisted on being financially independent, seeing it as some sort of compensation for me if I didn’t have to maintain her.
  99. Yet, when you require that all stocks have share prices of greater than $1, have no missing return data, and have limited the monthly return on any security to 2,000 percent per month, as we see with Scenario Two, returns decline by approximately 10 percent, and the portfolio earns an average annual compound return of 18.
  100. Whereas Charles Dickens once wrote to a friend that the character he most enjoyed portraying was the rogue who transforms himself in a blink of an eye and thereby instantly earns his eternal reward, it is not the nature of a distressed investment to realize its goals in the blink of an eye or even in the turn of a quarter or two.

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