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East numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The east side of St.
2. He headed east on Rt.
3. East, arts of the, 57.
4. The east wing is mine.
5. That left me the East.
6. The east side of the.

8. All the East is moving.
9. Neither of the east (i.
10. It's on the east coast.
11. The east and the west.
12. Fire showed in the east.
13. The Watcher in the East.
14. A hill rose east of the.
15. The Wise men of the East.
16. In the East there was a.
18. Chased into the East Side.
19. The wind was in the East.
20. We were still heading east.
21. The diner was on the east.
22. Muddle in the Middle East.
23. He turns to the east and.
24. Urgench further to the east.
25. Its a hike into the EAST.
26. Day came pale from the East.
27. East is furnished with them.
28. John, just east of the wall.
29. I grew up in East Haddam.
30. Down in the south east was.
31. You need to travel east as.
32. Oh, that's in the East Wing.
33. About quarter mile due east.
34. Back there is the East Poll.
35. They live in east Charlotte.
37. North, South, East, and West.
38. An East Side idol had fallen.
39. In the south, east of Krakow.
40. A green star rose in the east.
41. Greer lived on the east side.
42. East has merged with the West.
43. The Middle East is a place of.
44. Deep mines here in the East.
45. We have come from the East.
46. No, directly east from here.
47. I'm irate that the East Earl.
48. She's travelling in the East.
49. He took an East Texas holiday.
50. Dawn showed faintly in the east.
51. Rats bit babies in East Harlem.
52. Karma and the Ways of the East.
53. I thought you were in the east.
54. Jupiter was rising in the east.
55. Much more so than East of Eden.
56. An old fort town east of Midgar.
57. From the east of Helagan come I.
58. That was why he had headed east.
59. From the Gurus of the East who.
60. Then head east through Gronland.
61. Sephar, the mountain of the east.
62. Jim racing over to the east wing.
63. Just evaded us at the east gate.
64. Half the state was east of here.
65. A valley is forming going east.
66. They walked around the east side.
67. Look to the east, and see what.
68. At the last moment I turned east.
69. We continued east towards Indiana.
70. One such seat was Ahmedabad east.
71. Watching the east, the autumn sky.
72. She looked to the east, in that.
73. Now I was west, and heading east.
74. West of the Moon, East of the Sun.
75. He drove us back east, through D.
76. The Middle East is disintegrating.
77. The east was the only place there.
78. Hence the trip to the Middle East.
79. Fortunately it was heading east.
80. The sun does not rise in the east.
81. Downhill due east, hear the waves.
82. Q: You can speak only for the East.
83. He was now fixed on the far east.
84. East since it is in the news daily.
85. Isn’t the East Gate just in.
86. Again, they had encamped east of.
87. I kept the heading east northeast.
88. From north to south, east to west.
89. The airplane went east with Leiber.
90. Castlereagh in the East of the City.
91. But Conan was not a son of the East.
93. What is this, the Middle East?
94. The rosy east held out did I resign.
95. The main east gallery, he said.
96. And that road east or south or west.
97. News travels fast in the Middle East.
98. It is the east and Juliet is the sun.
99. Look at the horrors in East Pakistan.
100. East Fife rain turns to Spanish sun.

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