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  1. My Reply to the Synod's Edict.
  2. Eventually an edict was issued.
  3. So then here's the tsar's edict.
  4. Prior Godwyn has issued a new edict.
  5. The peasants were stunned by the edict.

  6. L emperor issued an edict that shifted.
  7. Alexis! Have you the tsar's edict with you?
  8. Edict followed edict with lightening rapidity.
  9. Edict of Milan (313) he mandated toleration of.
  10. Maybe he was old enough to escape Herods edict.
  11. This fix is some kind of Obama governmental edict.
  12. However, the same edict forbade Jews to possess Christian.
  13. I would make an edict for leaving the ego outside the courtroom.
  14. That same edict will require reductions for speedboats and other.
  15. The latest edict is to issue restrictions on gas powered lawn mowers.

  16. Ken Murray had taken the bit between his teeth and issued that edict:.
  17. Eve and Adam disobey the edict of the parental figure and eat of the tree.
  18. Haemon, Creon's son, responds to tbis edict by pleading with his fatber for merey.
  19. United Nations edict that would eliminate the use of inhalers for asthma sufferers.
  20. Captured and made to follow the ancient’s edict of becoming a warrior for the masses.
  21. This was far stronger than an edict of toleration or the provisional gift of an emperor.
  22. That same edict will require reductions for speedboats and other recreational watercraft.
  23. Many who worried about Herods edict of counting people, appeared to become more complacent.
  24. The following year Constantine issued the Edict of Milan authorizing the practice of Christianity.
  25. Our secret Tantra contains a revolutionary edict: act according to your strongest inner tendencies.

  26. I was given a yellow Amity shirt and black Candor pants earlier as a result of that particular edict.
  27. Once this is established: anyone who disobeys this edict of zero tolerance can and should be killed dead.
  28. A memorable result of this meeting was the edict of tolerance in favor of religious freedom for all sects.
  29. By the terms of our act the revocation must be effectual, so as the edict shall cease to violate our rights.
  30. What about your father’s edict, that all male children of the slaves should be killed, another woman said.
  31. There is no counterbalancing message to this prime edict, there are no other ideas or concepts given equal airtime.
  32. When he received the message, Herod issued a new edict that said all Jewish babies under two years old were to be killed.
  33. I consider you worthy of addressing me, though I would ask that you try to remain civil, or else my edict will be enforced.
  34. Monogamy is not established by a thundering edict from Mount Sinai, but by the quiet, persistent inward-speaking of human need.
  35. The EPA is now considering complying with a United Nations edict that would eliminate the use of inhalers for asthma sufferers.
  36. Notwithstanding the edict of 1766, by which the French king attempted to reduce the rate of interest from five to four per cent.
  37. Clearly, she had not hesitated much before declaring without consulting him in advance an edict that she knew would displease him.
  38. The Parisians, on the other hand, had taken little time to put a 150,000 livre reward on his head, an edict that had then been annulled by the King.
  39. If there be no edict affecting our lawful commerce in force by one belligerent, the interdict is at an end in point of fact in relation to that one.
  40. Beneath a great tree in the neighborhood fell the German general, Duplat, descended from a French family which fled on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
  41. The newsman then reminded his viewers of the religious death edict put on Laplante’s head by the Taliban, making one of the customers in the lounge chuckle.
  42. It is stated that whatsoever eateth any manner of blood, even that soul shall be cut off, he said like an executioner reading a death edict to the condemned.
  43. As the letter of the Duke of Cadore had been published in France prior to this period, no one will believe that if it was in form of an edict of the Empire, the seizure would have been made.
  44. Can a decree, or order, or edict, be pointed out in the long history of our wrongs and our sufferings, which is more strongly marked with injustice, or which more strongly "violates our neutral commerce?".
  45. Does this edict include Christians? Can a Christian possibly lose their salvation over this one sin by the way these verses are worded if his transgressions in this area have been deemed to be severe enough by the Lord?
  46. An edict may be defined to be a law promulgated in such form as the institutions of the country require, or some act of sovereign authority, which has gone through the established forms of office, so as to become obligatory.
  47. The last report we got on her, thanks to American newspapers and radio stations, was that she had been tasked to form an all-female air unit, following the edict from their president authorizing the enlistment of women in their army.
  48. Contrary to most people, she knew quite a lot of details about the Taliban and their organization in that region, and for good reasons: they had put a death fatwa, or religious edict, on her head while she was still an officer in the Canadian Military Intelligence.
  49. That may be, but that is no law; that proclamation is not law, nor is the Legislature of the United States bound by it, unless they intend to adopt a principle similar to that used in Great Britain, where the King and Council can issue an edict having the force of law.
  50. I contend that a revocation or modification of an edict requires the same or equal solemnities with its enactment; the fact must exist and be officially made known before it becomes obligatory—no declaration of an intention to revoke, can constitute an actual revocation.
  51. Thou knowest well, neighbour and friend Sancho Panza, how the proclamation or edict his Majesty commanded to be issued against those of my nation filled us all with terror and dismay; me at least it did, insomuch that I think before the time granted us for quitting Spain was out, the full force of the penalty had already fallen upon me and upon my children.
  52. He joined company with the Moriscoes who were going forth from other villages, for he knew their language very well, and on the voyage he struck up a friendship with my two uncles who were carrying me with them; for my father, like a wise and far-sighted man, as soon as he heard the first edict for our expulsion, quitted the village and departed in quest of some refuge for us abroad.
  53. In 1784, an edict was made which is still in force, declaring, that any classed seaman, who shall, in time of peace, be found serving in foreign ships, shall be sentenced to fifteen days' confinement, and reduced to the lowest wages, and serve two years extraordinary at the lowest rate; but those who, in time of war, shall be arrested in foreign ships, or passing into foreign countries, shall be sentenced to three years' service in the galleys.
  54. Instead of an authenticated act of revocation, bearing the authority of the most ordinary law or edict of the French Empire, we have nothing but a letter from the agent of the Government, and which the Emperor may disavow at pleasure—as was done in the case of the Minister of Marine, in his explanations to General Armstrong of the intended operation of the Berlin decree—instead of the restoration of the immense amount of American property, of which your citizens have been most cruelly and unjustly robbed by this fell monster of the age—and which the President declared, through the Secretary of State, in letters to General Armstrong of the 5th of June and July, must precede an arrangement with France, and was an indispensable evidence of the just purpose of France towards the United States; instead of having forty or fifty millions' worth of our property restored, we are vauntingly told, that the property was confiscated as a measure of reprisal, that the principles of reprisal must be the law in that affair, and that a compromise would be inconsistent with the dignity of France—the plain English of which is, we have the property and we will keep it.

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