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1. He’d made some egregious miscalculation.
2. The details of his crime are especially egregious.
3. We need not to forget this egregious misuse of a federal office.
4. Using Plants for Healing and I Always Look Up the Word Egregious.
5. This egregious decision by our legal men and women in hallowed garbs was.
6. There are many instances, but the most egregious is the Sandy Berger episode (Sept.
7. The City Council has conducted its own investigation into how this egregious crime remained undiscovered for so long.

8. At length the time had come for us to part, and Blanche, the egregious Blanche, shed real tears as she took her leave of me.
9. Neither had an interest in spending the next five years brawling with Casper Slate, regardless of how egregious its behavior.
10. Because of the undeniably purposeful egregious misconduct of the prosecutor the Texas Attorney General's office now has the case.
11. I have oft’ thought to write my Adventures, too, Madam; for the Narratives of Voyages I have read are full of egregious Errors.
12. She died because the defendant, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer, made an egregious error of judgment and shot Sara twice through the heart.
13. Astley! Yes, as now I look back at things, I remember that I felt greatly depressed, despite the absurd gigglings of the egregious Blanche.
14. One of the more egregious mistakes might have occurred when in 2008 Bank of America acquired 100 percent control of Countywide Financial Corp.
15. Had I just committed an egregious violation? After all, I knew there was a possibility my preplanned question would provoke Hilton to walk off.
16. Designed to provide a safety net for fiscal mismanagement, this egregious measure undermines financial planning while deflating tax payer morale.
17. The two most egregious in todays America are Senator Chris Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, he of the male prostitution ring from his townhouse.
18. Theo said that since he left his wedding band the money situation at home had become so egregious that he was unable to buy new shoes for his baby son.
19. All the while most of these universities are sucking away tax money to fund the egregious waste of collegians in bowling class and other wasteful efforts.
20. Thus we must act collectively and with an ethic to oppose money's underlying ethic, the privileges of inequality, and not just its more egregious effects.
21. In suggesting such, I by no means have in mind the puff piece of John Kennedys time in office, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr: the egregious „One Thousand Days.
22. Cerbini‘s critique of the Educational System, the Media and Immorality and the manner they have indirectly contributed to rather egregious jury verdicts of late.
23. After egregious losses, they uniformly cried "uncle" and went long in 1929 buying Radio Corporation of America at the tail end of Michael Meehan's famous pool, bagged yet again.
24. Bizarre, not Bazaar, had been Robert’s judgement of the egregious collection of kitsch and popular junk overflowing shelves, tables and display-cabinets, even spilling onto the floor.
25. Had the impetuous Latins waited in their position, they could have swept off the exhausted Americans as they gained the summit, and the victory evolved from the egregious blunder of July 1st might have had a different sequel.
26. These taxes include, however are not limited to, consumer taxes, school and property taxes, ―sin‖ taxes, egregious taxes on inheritance or the ―death tax‖ and capital gains taxes whose earnings are taxed twice, no less.
27. He found it neither daunting nor uncomfortable to be placed between the massive poultry production company spokesman and the environmentalist filmmaker who had exposed egregious degradation caused by faceless corporate hog and poultry processing plants.
28. And in that regard, common political leadership is guilty of egregious incompetence in dismissing the prospect for peace and understanding by declaring potential adversaries as unable to seek a greater good, and accepting animosity and war as inevitable.
29. One of the most egregious examples of this practice of unilateral disarmament in the battle of ideas is the January report of the independent review of the Fort Hood massacre, co-chaired by former Army Secretary Togo West and former Chief of Naval Operations Adm.
30. The (official) reason behind this egregious measure was to promote greater visibility and monitoring (read: write up more tickets) of vehicular infractions (not to mention increased revenue accruing from licensing and registration requirements, inspection and other user fees).
31. The formal passage of this egregious bill, that ties ―guest‖ worker programs with proposed amnesty for ―resident‖ aliens, would further encourage potential lawbreakers, who, not unlike their predecessors, would feel emboldened to enter our country illegally without fear of (legal) reprisal.
32. From inside information extending over a series of years Mr Bloom was rather inclined to poohpooh the suggestion as egregious balderdash for, pending that consummation devoutly to be or not to be wished for, he was fully cognisant of the fact that their neighbours across the channel, unless they were much bigger.
33. There is no question that the advent of recent hostilities, now elevated to a higher level, has re-awakened the dormant passions of tired old leftists (and their younger converts) who view this war as an opportunity to re-enact their most singularly egregious achievement; the discrediting of American Institutions.
34. And then, to go on and amass a fortune (several millions) as a director of Fannie May, while that organization and Freddie Mack were on their last legs, thanks to the egregious Community Reinvestment Act, fostered by Carter, and strengthened by Clinton, lays her bare as one of the most devastating females in power in all of American history.
35. It was a different matter (case), but if Parrish would resort to such egregious unbelievable misconduct to convict and obtain a death sentence when the person is innocent why wouldn't he violate the Constitutional Rights of the guilty? Ethics? Someone like Parrish would never let a little old thing like ―ethics‖ stand in the way of achieving his objective.
36. Think about the high ranking executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack who earned (or embezzled) millions while, thanks to Chris Dodd in the senate and Barney Frank in the House, the two government-backed corporations were taking a nosedive due to the strict (Democrat) implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act, passed under the egregious Jimmy Carter, and expanded and implemented under the equally egregious Bill Clinton.

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