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  1. Roug pulls the damaged ejection handle.
  2. The ejection system is online and ready.
  3. The ejection came hard and hell wrenching.
  4. Ejection from a doctor’s office, that had to be a first.
  5. Just activate the ejection routine, Torres told him.
  6. Toomb pulls his cockpit's remote ejection handle for his.
  7. That human beings moan in the howling gust of your ejection.
  8. Why didn’t he eject? Could someone have disabled the ejection mechanisms, too?
  9. I am responsible for preparing all quartz data storage units for ejection into space.
  10. A faulty fuel ejection intake system may have facilitated the rapid flooding and sinking of the aircraft.
  11. The vision of the ejection seat exploding Donny Higgens into crushed oblivion fleeted behind Court's eyes.
  12. He checked all the connections and had Shawn repeat the ejection and ground egress procedures one more time.
  13. Gould was formerly inclined to believe that the act of ejection was performed by the foster-parents themselves.
  14. The rear canopy of the Trot 11 aircraft suddenly flew off and the backseater was rocketed out in his ejection seat.
  15. Swearing at his bad luck, the British pulled the ejection chord of his seat and was rocketed out of his doomed plane.
  16. Her ejection seat’s rocket motor blasted her through the Plexiglas canopy and into the 400 knots relative speed air stream.
  17. Giving the example, Gertrude Meserve quickly climbed the ladder laid against the side of her cockpit and sat in her ejection seat.
  18. Before running away from the wreck, she however took the time to recuperate their two M2A2 carbines, stowed besides their ejection seats.
  19. With the ejection of these nineteen men the Sanhedrin was in a position to try and to condemn Jesus with a solidarity bordering on unanimity.
  20. In a last reflex before they impacted the first trees, Catherine pulled the canopy ejection handle, then protected her face with her forearms.
  21. While that operation went well, a light on her instruments panel lit up just after a gentle shake announced the ejection of the satellite from the payload bay.
  22. The pilot’s vision was killed instantly, and immediately before he panicked blew his breath on the sensor screen in front of him and activated the cockpit door ejection.
  23. Even without ramjet boost, the total thrust of her engines was close to the present loaded weight of her plane, pushing her and Ridley in their ejection seats under the acceleration.
  24. A mechanic helped her at once to strap her harness, then removed the safety pins of her ejection seat, while another mechanic did the same with her radar officer, Captain Betty Smith.
  25. Pulling back her legs close to her seat, she pushed her head against the headrest before grabbing the ejection handle between her legs with both hands and pulling it with desperate strength.
  26. Letheridge obeyed without hesitation, understanding that their plane was lost, and pulled his ejection handle, making the canopy fly off just before the rocket motor of his seat lit up and catapulted him out of the A-3N.
  27. As she watched the bomber pilot separate from his ejection seat and then open his parachute, she could only look at the surviving five Ar-234, who were now too fast for her to catch up and were fleeing at maximum speed towards the Southeast and France.
  28. Watched discreetly by Winslow, who wanted to assess how familiar she really was with her new weapon, Ingrid checked out quickly her CAR-41 assault rifle, a compact bullpup design with the magazine and ejection port behind the pistol grip and trigger action.
  29. Because of the inherent dangers in the writing of naked options, it is critical that you take action when these points are reached, that you pull the trigger and immediately move out of an these positions We have talked about ways of building this ejection system into your strategies through the use of contingency orders and stop-losses.
  30. With respect to the means by which this strange and odious instinct was acquired, if it were of great importance for the young cuckoo, as is probably the case, to receive as much food as possible soon after birth, I can see no special difficulty in its having gradually acquired, during successive generations, the blind desire, the strength, and structure necessary for the work of ejection; for those cuckoos which had such habits and structure best developed would be the most securely reared.

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