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Emotional numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I am an emotional idiot.
  2. I was an emotional wreck.
  3. It was a very emotional.
  4. He was emotional y buzzing.
  5. That was the emotional side.

  6. Nuke was an emotional wreck.
  7. It was bright and emotional.
  8. It was an emotional parting.
  9. He is all sad and emotional.
  10. The Power of Emotional Tone.
  11. All except the emotional part.
  12. It was emotional but worth it.
  13. The emotional tidal wave was.
  14. There was also emotional pain.
  15. I haven't had any emotional or.

  16. Sue said in a highly emotional.
  17. False humor is an emotional lie.
  18. Emotional power of the arts, 20.
  19. So, I developed this emotional.
  20. I knew this would be emotional.
  21. Emotional abuse can’t be seen.
  22. Here is the emotional journey:.
  23. Having found it, he got emotional.
  24. Could you make an emotional and.
  25. Motivation Is An Emotional Thing.

  26. It is our emotional selves that.
  27. Why was she so emotional lately?
  28. While any emotional release that.
  29. Then there are emotional energies.
  30. My arrival had been too emotional.
  31. Jesus’s Emotional State of Mind.
  32. And leave you in emotional poverty.
  33. I released the trapped emotional.
  34. So I put on mental and emotional.
  35. He was very upset, even emotional.
  36. It was a touching, emotional talk.
  37. There is help for emotional eaters.
  38. He is filled with great emotional.
  39. The Emotional Stages of a Break Up.
  40. Emotional imbalances stem from fear.
  41. It shies away from emotional logic.
  42. Stop being all weird and emotional.
  43. I was so high-strung and emotional.
  44. Then I started to become emotional.
  45. The Patient With Emotional Baggage.
  46. He was in too much emotional agony.
  47. I had an emotional look on my face.
  48. Ours had been more of an emotional.
  49. Sue then added with more emotional.
  50. But to his grim fate, no emotional.
  51. The emotional body is part of what.
  52. I was very tired and very emotional.
  53. I had an emotional good-bye with Dr.
  54. Write your key emotional driver on.
  55. Where the emotional need is strong.
  56. Quite often, she was a bit emotional.
  57. Fake, false humor is emotional poison.
  58. Tom could get pretty emotional when.
  59. This is all so painful and emotional.
  60. He was being very emotional for Kyle.
  61. Emotional ties that bind beyond death.
  62. This is an emotional time for them.
  63. She then shared an emotional embrace.
  64. That was an emotional writing session.
  65. I began to clear his emotional baggage.
  66. Our emotional state affects our health.
  67. You are seeking emotional stimulation.
  68. Emotional health plays a role in how.
  69. There are no emotional ties so it is.
  70. Emotional significance of objects, 31.
  71. He has an emotional attachment to you.
  72. The emotional strain caused by simply.
  73. No expressions of emotional negativity.
  74. Your emotional brain makes judgements.
  75. It was the most emotional moment for me.
  76. Hazel was far gone in emotional fatigue.
  77. Poison his mental and emotional energy.
  78. She wrote a really deep and emotional.
  79. Timothy could see he was very emotional.
  80. Sue said with an emotional voice, I.
  81. And it was this emotional dependence.
  82. She gets very emotional, I swear to God.
  83. May Create Emotional Ups and Downs, 217.
  84. Deeply emotional and upset at what had.
  85. Science is not supposed to be emotional.
  86. If we’re on top of our own emotional.
  87. Trevain was more emotional than she was.
  88. It's the emotional stress of the attack.
  89. Our mental and emotional states conflict.
  90. All of your emotional states are visitors.
  91. The dynamic of emotional denial is simple.
  92. Eventually, the exertions and emotional.
  94. Are there emotional reasons you overeat?
  95. Light and Dark are both emotional states.
  96. An emotional issue is eating away at you.
  97. That sort of emotional scar had created.
  98. Now it was Michael's turn to be emotional.
  99. It was a very emotional moment one that.
  100. Their emotional congruence was unchanged.

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