Frases de exemplo

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Emphasize numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Let me emphasize this point.
  2. Let us emphasize one detail.
  3. Emphasize the promise as you.
  4. God, and to emphasize His glory.
  5. Emphasize that this income is.

  6. I just can't over emphasize the.
  7. I want to emphasize the last point.
  8. I emphasize that books have the truth.
  9. Liz would often emphasize to me that.
  10. Scales can be altered to emphasize or.
  11. However, I did emphasize that the threat.
  12. I can’t emphasize how important it is to.
  13. I emphasize, recently dead and little or no.
  14. Janet held up her hand to emphasize her point.
  15. To emphasize this, let us examine another fact.

  16. Emphasize the joy and satisfaction the child.
  17. He tapped his midsection to emphasize the point.
  18. I have heard economic reports that emphasize.
  19. Keep it simple, I can’t emphasize that enough.
  20. She waved her arms as if to emphasize her point.
  21. Emphasize that we need a quick decision on that.
  22. They think that spiritual teachings that emphasize.
  23. He will not be able to emphasize on the key points.
  24. It is important to emphasize that the result of the.
  25. And as if to emphasize his feelings he kissed her hand.

  26. Before we end, I would want to emphasize that Internet.
  27. Holistic basically means to emphasize and recognize the.
  28. I wish to emphasize, the RCMP is not rotten to the core.
  29. The rounded brows would emphasize your heart shape face.
  30. I emphasize the pitfalls in interpreting historical data.
  31. However, it tends to emphasize security over ease of use.
  32. But for myself, let me emphasize, I am ardently attracted.
  33. I want to emphasize what was spoken of earlier in this book.
  34. That said, it is also important to emphasize that the rules.
  35. He continued to emphasize that it would not be far off the.
  36. Use a cloth in the hand to emphasize the YES and NO signals.
  37. Therefore it is very helpful to emphasize that nothing and.
  38. The following example will emphasize the correlation with EVA.
  39. However we should emphasize here that the theory of personal.
  40. This is why I emphasize that proper planning ahead of time is.
  41. To further emphasize my point, do not use the code for trading.
  42. Over And over he ceased not to emphasize this great admonition.
  43. Her fingers were extended to emphasize the drama of the gesture.
  44. Let him emphasize diversification more than individual selection.
  45. We should once again emphasize that the art of shaman was rather.
  46. His fingers struck hard into the page to emphasize certain words.
  47. This is an important point to emphasize because of the lies that.
  48. All the said considered, I will emphasize again, that a work over.
  49. He was master, and if she forced him to emphasize the fact he would.
  50. That is why we first emphasize defining and aligning work execution.
  51. There is another point regarding this story I would like to emphasize.
  52. Finally, courts have emphasize that buyers always have a remedy for.
  53. Th e Naqshbandi researchers emphasize that for the purpose of new.
  54. I can’t emphasize enough to make sure you know where you’re going.
  55. Avoid the use of the words hope, wish and try and emphasize the word.
  56. The kind that doesn’t emphasize bacon, sausage, ham and eggs is best.
  57. We used the word probably on purpose to emphasize that formula 5.
  58. Zenaida, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this undertaking.
  59. And I emphasize that both are needed: “business” and “analytics”.
  60. In their analysis of common stocks, G&D emphasize the following factors:.
  61. I must emphasize that in those days no fatty would be allowed in uniform.
  62. I would like to emphasize this again, as an options trader, it is crucial.
  63. I again emphasize the financial spreadsheet to monitor where the money goes.
  64. That person will emphasize that it is YOUR belongings that have been stolen.
  65. No money, no honey, she giggled, to emphasize the negotiating position.
  66. However, for our purposes, we will emphasize the Ashkenazim, or European Jewry.
  67. The key is to be firm with rules and emphasize responsibility and independence.
  68. And while I do want to emphasize the relevance of verbalization in African and.
  69. True, based on your unique situation, you will likely emphasize one more than.
  70. Here is a truth I wish to emphasize: The principles relating to mental pictures.
  71. When you take a picture, you should emphasize your subject as much as possible.
  72. Number Forty-one: Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative.
  73. I also want to emphasize that you will find isolated sentences or two throughout.
  74. I cannot emphasize too strongly that I have determined that we should go for broke.
  75. In bringing this chapter to a close, there is one thought I wish to emphasize: Be.
  76. John, I cant emphasize enough that time is of the essence with respect to this.
  77. I do want to emphasize, however, that your prayer (or meditation) should be regular.
  78. I can't emphasize this point enough because not only will it make the whole research.
  79. Diets that emphasize choosing foods with a low glycemic index have been show to help.
  80. Besides, I emphasize an exceptional favor of such interactions with a source of life.
  81. I want to emphasize it's not necessary to send new information to The Field to.
  82. Odila, he said, as if there were any need to emphasize who he was talking about.
  83. I want to emphasize that the only reason for including this section is for completeness.
  84. I want to emphasize though that my plan could cause you to lose everything very quickly.
  85. It is important once again to emphasize the great need not to confuse the timing of the.
  86. I should emphasize one word here that is meaningful and shouldn’t be overlooked: admit.
  87. True, based on your unique situation, you will likely emphasize one more than the others.
  88. Why is there a need to use such a tool when it only seems to emphasize our TV mentality?
  89. I should emphasize that it is a novel of deception, and right along with that is illusion.
  90. Each crude carving was done in a particular color to emphasize its importance to a society.
  91. Emphasize bouil ons and consommes, as they are nutritious, fil ing, and low in calories and.
  92. Preeti wanted to emphasize her point about speeding but thought no, the lecturing could wait.
  93. To emphasize the changes in the VIX and futures contract, the scale that was used in Figure 13.
  94. If you emphasize on PEOPLE the audience will not react, rather you should emphasize on 20,000.
  95. When you do that, you should also try to come up with ways to emphasize her desirable features.
  96. It’s important to emphasize here that astronomy doesn’t locate or cover signs in the heavens.
  97. With that said, I will strongly emphasize that the original Hebrew texts were truly inspired and.
  98. By and by, out of the stillness, little, scarcely perceptible noises began to emphasize themselves.
  99. Shaders can be used to emphasize good bone structure and to detract from pudginess or uneven features.
  100. It would be better to emphasize what their company can do and how the employees can benefit from them.
  1. Here Thenardier paused; then he added, emphasizing his.
  2. I give several examples while emphasizing various words of the.
  3. I‘ve spent a lot of time in this course emphasizing how our past.
  4. After emphasizing on 20,000 you say people or cattle doesn’t matter.
  5. Drums sounded among them, emphasizing his speech and bestowing approval.
  6. We will not try to escape, for now, Garcia said, emphasizing the we.
  7. Vagelos changed the way Merck did research by emphasizing scientific discovery.
  8. He might be good enough for our Alex? she said emphasizing the word ’might’.
  9. The windscreen wipers squeaked on the windshield emphasizing the silence in the car.
  10. It's also worth repeating and emphasizing that while you can do Robert's Process in.
  11. He frowned but told her to do her best, emphasizing that her presence was important.
  12. Yes, but are you familiar with it? Deanna asked, emphasizing the word familiar.
  13. The 12 stars are an obvious allusion to the 12 houses of the zodiac, emphasizing the.
  14. I believe it is worth emphasizing that the appropriateness of such statements lies not.
  15. Gertrude took a sober expression as she answered him, emphasizing each point as she went.
  16. His society sent missionaries there to civilize the people instead of emphasizing the Gospel.
  17. Worrying about any one trade or emphasizing reasons why your trade lost money is not important.
  18. Highly trained, emphasizing tactics and techniques of ‘limited warfare’, as well as ‘covert’.
  19. I asked him about his studies and he indicated that they were still emphasizing Nahual prose and poetry in Texcoco.
  20. Don’t move, said the man in a heavy, gnarled voice, emphasizing every word to make the command unmistakable.
  21. These bring life and a shape to your face, emphasizing bone structure and playing down faulty or irregular features.
  22. Let me start by emphasizing that these things need to happen in the hearts of all involved, including in your heart.
  23. Emphasizing all of your strengths and skills on job interviews would increase your chances of landing the desired job.
  24. But the CEO was emphasizing pro-forma targets, which did not realistically represent the true earnings of the business.
  25. You’re the one with some explaining to do, Liam, she said, emphasizing the use of his name instead of his title.
  26. Good, I nodded, pretending to ignore what I could have sworn was her emphasizing the ‘Schmuck part of my last name.
  27. I’m emphasizing this point because I’ve had the opportunity to sit next to many traders who come to visit me at my trading office.
  28. Here he paused, then, with a sort of sovereign and sepulchral authority, he added, articulating slowly, and emphasizing the syllables:.
  29. Lady Matilda was the ward of Earl Roland, rest his soul, Ralph said, emphasizing that the wardship had ended with Roland’s death.
  30. The two were escorted off stage and the corporation retracted the generous claim, only emphasizing how the company really treated people.
  31. He had heard his backpack hit the ground, the four or five seconds it had taken it only emphasizing the length of the descent ahead of him.
  32. Merely the inflection of a word, emphasizing a certain point, the slightest exaggeration, a change in the wording, can easily be misconstrued.
  33. In addition to emphasizing strongly the current showing of a company, the stock market attaches great weight to the indicated trend of earnings.
  34. Appealing to his direct superiors and emphasizing, again and again, that this was definitely the right move for the investigation; he was certain.
  35. She made no response, still pointing at the clock with one arm, and down to the air vent with the other, as though emphasizing time was slipping away.
  36. Make sure Daddy isn't around when she reads it, he warned, emphasizing unpleasantly on the word 'daddy', and then patted her lightly on the head.
  37. Obliterated one dark evening night Jiva whispered, emphasizing the climate centuries earlier, she was a natural born story teller, my favourite kind.
  38. The bodice was shaped in the latest cuirass style, which hugged my frame all the way down to my thighs, emphasizing my small waist and the curve of my hip.
  39. Theo recounted his stay in Dar-es-Salaam and conveyed his anxieties about the future, emphasizing his wish to act independently of others and of their plans.
  40. To be a great player, one needs to focus on the present and that is the reason why so many teachings have been delivered to us emphasizing the power of Now.
  41. It is our view that those emphasizing reported earnings are, for a number of reasons, out of step with almost everybody in the United States aiming at wealth creation.
  42. In addition some experts estimate that up to 30% of health care is unnecessary, emphasizing the need to streamline the health system and eliminate this needless spending.
  43. For example, in the late 1990s, the metric of emphasizing a stock’s earnings and ignoring stocks that had no earnings changed with the onset of the Internet revolution.
  44. The Emperor said that the fiscal system must be reorganized and the accounts published,’ recounted Bitski, emphasizing certain words and opening his eyes significantly.
  45. These passionate leaders run the business for key stakeholders such as customers, employees, and shareholders alike, instead of emphasizing one constituency over the other.
  46. The Emperor said that the fiscal system must be reorganized and the accounts published, recounted Bítski, emphasizing certain words and opening his eyes significantly.
  47. Eyeliner is used to accentuate the shape of your eyes by emphasizing the borders of the eyelids and providing a contrast between the dark eyeliner and the white of the eye.
  48. He kept emphasizing Marilyn’s emotional weakness—and then he said he would be willing to settle for a percentage of the picture! He also wanted George Cukor to direct, not Larry.
  49. And when Lydia asked them all to recount the same event, each remembered it somewhat differently, omitting some parts, exaggerating others, emphasizing their own individual perspectives.
  50. It proved to be a fiasco: as usual, the guru monopolized all conversations, emphasizing that he is in total control of our lives now and that he knows exactly what we are doing every moment.
  51. Most lodgers slept in a communal dormitory: Ralph was emphasizing his new position by taking an entire room – paid for, Gwenda thought sourly, out of the meagre harvests of Wigleigh peasants.
  52. In July 1929 the president circularized the shareholders, presenting an intermediate balance sheet as of June 30 and emphasizing the disparity between the current bid price and the liquidating value.
  53. The Donatists were extreme rigorists, holding that a priest could not validly administer the sacraments if he were in a state of sin, emphasizing purity as an indispensable quality for church membership.
  54. Such investment meant buying common stocks instead of bonds, emphasizing enhancement of principal instead of income, and stressing the changes of the future instead of the facts of the established past.
  55. This is probably the principal reason why nearly all writers about financial accounting and security analysis have denigrated the importance of NAV as a tool of valuation, emphasizing instead a primacy of earnings.
  56. In such non-agreed takeover battles the target company will send shareholders documents defending its management and trading record, and emphasizing its glowing future as well as the need for continued independence.
  57. More traditional brokerage firms, meanwhile, began emphasizing financial planning and integrated asset management, instead of compensating their brokers only on the basis of how many commissions they could generate.
  58. That done he crossed his legs and stretched himself out on the back of the chair, an attitude characteristic of people who are sure of what they are saying, then he entered upon his subject gravely, emphasizing his words:.
  59. In the documentary, Gore makes a presentation that directly ties man-made activities such as burning fossil fuels to changes in the earth’s temperature, emphasizing the resulting negative impacts these actions have on the planet.
  60. What if she’d had a stroke? But there had been no footprints in the snow when Mel had been there—she remembered him emphasizing that, no car in the driveway or car tracks to show that she had been home since the snow started Friday evening.
  61. At some point David, standing in his corner all lost in the sea of sound and flashing lights, visible mainly because of the shiny white T-shirt emphasizing his torso-muscles while his head remained anonymous and unnoticed, let go a long, long sigh!.
  62. Missing the significance of the moment, I retold a story about seeking shelter from a mortar attack in an abandoned apartment, emphasizing that my sensitivity to some cats, even those who were long gone, was such that I had to leave that space to breathe.
  63. In conventional approaches, one key role of financial accounting, albeit not the only one, is to measure the true performance of a business during a period while emphasizing the reactions of traders to new accounting information as measured by changes in securities prices.
  64. He laid his hand on Gavroche's shoulder, and said to him, emphasizing his words: Listen to what I tell you, boy! if I were on the square with my dog, my knife, and my wife, and if you were to squander ten sous on me, I wouldn't refuse to work, but this isn't Shrove Tuesday.
  65. Yet, we have no doubt that over time and over all types of markets, the average diligent unaffiliated investor emphasizing this approach will obtain much more satisfactory results, and a higher total return, than could be obtained using any other method of investment available to him.
  66. Nor does he rely to any controlling extent on his judgment as to whether future earnings will be materially better or poorer than in the past, if he did that, he would have to measure his margin in terms of a carefully projected income account, instead of emphasizing the margin shown in the past record.
  67. Rory carefully told his mother all about his investigation of the illegal Drug distribution and sales racket in South Africa – emphasizing the fact that the bulk of the incoming drugs were being brought through Customs, hidden in Heavy Machinery imports, which made all importers in this category, suspect until proven otherwise.
  68. Watts was not infallible, but if that principle he introduced is correct, that God himself has never given revelation contrary to our sense of right or reason, then here is one of the ablest defenders of that system who has entered the pulpit in a century, with his fingers emphasizing with emotional gestures to a great audience, in Louisville, Ky.
  69. Watts was not infallible, but if that principle he introduced is correct, ‘that God himself has never given revelation contrary to our sense of right or reason,’ then here is one of the ablest defenders of that system who has entered the pulpit in a century, with his fingers emphasizing with emotional gestures to a great audience, in Louisville, Ky.
  70. I just wanted to point out that absolutely all fragmented Forms of Self-Consciousness really have such a possibility! The possibility greatly depends on us who inertially “form” (as if restore in our “memory” — TEC) and constantly “reconstruct” (refocus from one NUU-VVU-Configuration into another one) Formo-images and Formo-clichés created by us, either “endowing” them (in our Imagination) with higher-qualitative characteristics, or emphasizing, distinguishing and aggravating some negative character traits and appearance features.
  1. He emphasized that His kingdom.
  2. This can’t be emphasized enough.
  3. This point I have emphasized before.
  4. I have emphasized the word ‘friend.
  5. Of any nation, Tammas emphasized.
  6. This has been repeatedly emphasized by.
  7. He just emphasized that it was important.
  8. It only emphasized how far he had fallen.
  9. It is also emphasized that this occurs so.
  10. But it emphasized what he needed to do yet.
  11. She did not die alone, Marié emphasized.
  12. She emphasized that it was for a breast exam.
  13. He emphasized it could be seven days, seven.
  14. Jesus in His ministry emphasized relationships.
  15. His tight jeans emphasized his thin, lady-like.
  16. He emphasized, with an overstrung urgency, that.
  17. This approach is emphasized throughout this book.
  18. Mean returns with the ±5% cutoff are emphasized.
  19. All of you, she emphasized as she paced the room.
  20. It should be emphasized that the specifications are.
  21. Bollettieri emphasized that the player who makes the.
  22. She emphasized the role of black women in the movement.
  23. The one that the monk emphasized was Om Mani Padme Hum.
  24. This fact is repeatedly emphasized in the Upanishad: it.
  25. This all emphasized how unobtrusive we would have to be.
  26. The Bishop had emphasized the words when he uttered them.
  27. The horror of the listeners was better emphasized this time.
  28. And he emphasized this phrase by making his bunch of seals.
  29. Fear was all around and emphasized by the leaders in power.
  30. They valued and emphasized freedom because of the abuse they.
  31. In many ways, Jesus emphasized the importance of relationships.
  32. The continuity of the act is emphasized by the useof venir or ir.
  33. Surprise would be their most important weapon he had emphasized.
  34. When I seemed negative about the project, my teacher emphasized.
  35. Their envoy also emphasized the importance of the last paragraph.
  36. I emphasized that if they didn’t close, no matter how great the.
  37. Ironically, an approach that emphasized developing a whole, or a.
  38. Here Krishn has emphasized the importance of cultivating unconcern.
  39. This spiritual truth is emphasized by al the Fathers of the Church.
  40. They were all stained with blood, Rango emphasized with his hands.
  41. This statement may sound like a truism, but it needs to be emphasized.
  42. That doesn’t matter, wench, he emphasized, his teeth appearing.
  43. We find this truth emphasized wherever the power of thought is understood.
  44. Is that ok, Jack? Carla deliberately emphasized his name and it grated.
  45. They are slow, and methodical, but very thorough, she emphasized smiling.
  46. A headline can also be emphasized by a photograph or a chart appearing near it.
  47. Not even injured and exhausted could I share a bed with Fern! he emphasized.
  48. Those who worked at the Institute knew of the dangers and safety was emphasized.
  49. Some of the research has emphasized the amygdala as the locus of sensitization.
  50. The administrator also emphasized that there was no reason not to trust Lester.
  51. Throughout this text we have emphasized the point that stock price maximization.
  52. The old lady was bending down, Tom watching, with interest emphasized by anxiety.
  53. He also emphasized that we shouldn’t give in to our aggression, if it appears.
  54. Throughout this text, we have emphasized our belief that stock appreciation is a.
  55. This is also emphasized by the symmetrical alternation of young and old satyrs, i.
  56. In addition to these components, Chernin (1985) and others have emphasized the role.
  57. It has been emphasized, and re-emphasized, by design throughout this book, that the.
  58. As I have emphasized before, I had great difficulty viewing the Ken Burns documentary.
  59. Her, as repeatedly symbolized and emphasized in The Apocalypse, Dead Sea Scrolls, and.
  60. It is my understanding that if the subject is to be emphasized, the subject precedes the.
  61. Remember that when your tongues start, he emphasized, and was gone in the darkness.
  62. Although we have emphasized the importance of models, trading is both an art and a science.
  63. As I have stated in my high yield pearls to pass the boards: Most commons are emphasized.
  64. The concept of good relates to ethical and moral systems that has been emphasized in the Bible.
  65. The emotional content of a headline is also emphasized by the type size in which it is printed.
  66. Ahmed jumps up on the bed, his short stature notably emphasized by standing on something so high.
  67. He emphasized that scientists of Japan are utilizing a source known about for years, geothermal.
  68. Should you ever cause me doubt or concern for our safety, anyone’s safety, he emphasized.
  69. The dignity of her posture only emphasized the alluring roundness of her hips and her proud bosom.
  70. I repeat this: qualities that are emphasized in a true relation to the group or groups we belong to.
  71. Although, to be fair, it seems in each case you simply emphasized a defect which already existed.
  72. It must be emphasized that Wellburtin is not the only antidepressant that causes such a side effect.
  73. He emphasized that no one would object to my passage in a Jim Crow car because the races mixed there.
  74. This is emphasized if, on the subsequent rally, the tape moves sluggishly and only small lots appear.
  75. As we noted in our trading diary: Consumer (read: retail) stocks should be emphasized at this time.
  76. It emphasized both syllables with an exaggerated change of pitch going from really high to really low.
  77. We emphasized that nobody can receive directly any money, organizational resource, product or service.
  78. Here it must be emphasized that this relationship with God, of the saints and the monastics who follow.
  79. Buffett emphasized buying quality companies rather than speculating about the direction of a stock price.
  80. This fact can not be over emphasized, that the real deal is a personal and private relationship with God.
  81. Creating a poem, of course, supplies one such avenue for integration, something the dream emphasized by.
  82. Of course, I might have said a few things while I was angry that made it all worse, she emphasized.
  83. Even when the development is checked, as by the Dorian invasion, the element of continuity is emphasized.
  84. Earlier I emphasized that the household member filling out the census may not have gotten everything right.
  85. He emphasized that the merchants he invited should bring the big carpet merchant to the banquet with them.
  86. Neill emphasized the importance of assessing the crowd’s view by culling information from the print media.
  87. Emptiness, void or a silence that is emphasized in spiritual education is not sought for as an objective state.
  88. The point being emphasized that what the conscious self is not aware of, does not receive any acknowledgement of.
  89. Elizabeth knew that and emphasized the point, hard, on Sophia but her daughter was, one way or another, disbelieving.
  90. And let it be emphasized that God is not to be dealt with in a few minutes out of the entire twenty-four hour period.
  91. In order that my side of the debate not be overly emphasized in our statement of our question, I will not state it.
  92. He had a strong jawline with a five o’clock shadow and thick, dark eyebrows that emphasized the blueness of his eyes.
  93. As bad as classes were, weekly drill was much worse and it really emphasized the fact that military intelligence.
  94. My eyes are so bloodshot, and the reddish-purple under my eyes is even more emphasized by the intense paleness of my skin.
  95. Deo Gashagaza ran a mission called Prison Fellowship, which emphasized forgiveness as a way of overcoming hatred of others.
  96. We have been focused on the development of soft skills–many skills that weren’t emphasized in the past, says Diaz.
  97. However, it must be emphasized that the correct technique of using an inhaler is important if the medicine is to be effective.
  98. The uncertainty was also emphasized by the knowledge that many editors send out the less talented journalists to write reviews.
  99. We believe this margin-of-safety principle, so strongly emphasized by Ben Graham, to be the cornerstone of investment success.
  100. Third, it should be emphasized that when implied volatility is fluctuating wildly above its upper boundary, anything is possible.
  1. The mind emphasizes the negatives and.
  2. The plain meaning of this word emphasizes the.
  3. In the Symposium, Plato emphasizes the value of love.
  4. What a society emphasizes is what it tends to manifest.
  5. FF emphasizes covenants and collateral in credit analysis.
  6. Beck (1976) developed a psychotherapy that emphasizes the.
  7. Yet the same woman with her children emphasizes rules and.
  8. A case in point: A CEO emphasizes current sales and operating.
  9. Acts 2:38 clarifies this point and again emphasizes Peter’s.
  10. Surah 61 emphasizes the importance of adherence to the messen-.
  11. This emphasizes that the most difficult person to adjust with.
  12. Practice centers on the virtue of compassion, and emphasizes prayer.
  13. Berridge (1993) emphasizes the motivational function of NAcc dopamine.
  14. This emphasizes that banks should be aware of the risks involved in.
  15. With enthusiasm, it is the voice that emphasizes your lively interest.
  16. My friend also emphasizes the fact that this is not a prayer to the.
  17. Practiced all over the world, Zen emphasizes a master- student practice.
  18. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the.
  19. Rationalism emphasizes the cognitive component of knowing - thinking and calculation.
  20. Taoism emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao, which is ultimately considered to.
  21. Cam caner-defines an exploratory testing as A style of software testing that emphasizes.
  22. This emphasizes information in the mind, and helps you to recall important details after.
  23. I really saw it! Little Mikey emphasizes as he slowly mopes back to his seat, dejected.
  24. It’s so pervasive and so necessary to storytelling that the speaker always emphasizes it.
  25. The term stochastic in SDF emphasizes the uncertainty in time-varying discount rates.
  26. MPT emphasizes the importance of the portfolio (the whole) over individual assets (the parts).
  27. An open door before us emphasizes our worth through the spiritual fruit, which is impossible to shut.
  28. This emphasizes only as the refutation of all religions that put forth the concept of worshipping.
  29. René Descartes's famous dictum, "I think, therefore I am," emphasizes not only rationality but individuality.
  30. The film emphasizes that many of us don’t want to know the truth, which I commented on earlier in this book.
  31. He discreetly emphasizes the dire need this family has beyond what he mentioned at yesterday's evening dinner.
  32. This example emphasizes that during your hour of worry fast, no incident should affect you however adverse it is.
  33. I can't emphasizes this particular point enonugh -- as a relationship can completely change the life of a student.
  34. As one of the ways of sanctification, monasticism emphasizes the presence of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary.
  35. Let us try to reason around this myth: the way which it is normally told emphasizes the difficulty and the toil of Sisyphus work.
  36. Buddhism emphasizes the same goal as yoga, reducing the power of attachments to self-centered desires as a way to obtain nirvana.
  37. Rank's formulation in part anticipares one 1 will present, but emphasizes a dynamic sense of reciprocity between father and daughter.
  38. Saudade is deep yearning, a word which emphasizes the positive celebration more than the sadness we normally associate with what has gone.
  39. The Economist is more of a general interest magazine than it used to be, but it still emphasizes a business and financial view of world news.
  40. The Tennessee Valley authority has recently announced a 20 year development plan that emphasizes nuclear and gas and includes fewer coal units.
  41. As originally conceived, the program emphasizes skill development in speaking Spanish and gives lower division credit for the courses completed.
  42. This transitional age of the neocortex emphasizes language development and the emergence of ego as it mirrors the culture which is forming its identity.
  43. Eric Falkenstein’s book, Finding Alpha (2009), highlights empirical evidence similar to what I have presented and also emphasizes the story of lottery preferences.
  44. The Islamic creed, the five fold call to prayer, the annual fast, the steady mutual exhortation of Muslims, in short, the whole of Islam emphasizes the place of God in human life.
  45. Traditional Chinese medicine correctly emphasizes that prevention is critical – that it is important to treat the source (cause), not the symptoms (effects) of illness and disease.
  46. It emphasizes a primacy of the income account unmodified by considerations of the current quality of either a corporation’s financial position or the net assets the company employs.
  47. It tends to be much easier for outsiders to gain some degree of conviction if a cornerstone of their analysis is an approach that emphasizes high-quality NAV acquired at a discount price.
  48. Some users are better off using a wallet that requires only a single device and the least amount of computational power, whereas a large enterprise might prefer software that emphasizes security.
  49. Warren Buffett and Bill Miller look at the present value of future free cash flow, Peter Lynch emphasizes value measures such as P/E and price-to-book, William O’Neil focuses on earnings acceleration.
  50. The second, or protective, approach may be called the quantitative or statistical approach, since it emphasizes the measurable relationships between selling price and earnings, assets, dividends, and so forth.
  51. The first, or predictive, approach could also be called the qualitative approach, since it emphasizes prospects, management, and other nonmeasurable, albeit highly important, factors that go under the heading of quality.
  52. This is the kind of experience that indelibly stamps itself on someone getting started in the business and emphasizes the threat of risk and the pain of loss that are always present in investment markets, especially in times of euphoria.
  53. That brings up the question, Has anyone ever seen an outhouse made of bricks? They had a small black and white television after a while, but Colt emphasizes getting back to nature for that short period each year and the lack of technology.
  54. Carey intentionally emphasizes Miss Bramblestone’s rather abnormal intuition, or whether he is trading, for the purpose of his story, upon the popular superstition—maybe it is not a superstition—that this faculty is essentially feminine.
  55. Douglas emphasizes that having a healthy respect for risk, a willingness to think in terms of probabilities instead of certainties, and an open mind toward whatever market expectations you may have are essential ingredients in the winner's mindset.
  56. If a movie or book emphasizes all the disadvantages and horrific outcomes of war – and it really doesn’t matter which one is being discussed – apparently that effort hasn’t had much of an effect since we still have the killing and the destruction today.
  57. The tantric philosophy emphasizes that the fundamental and supreme energy can be aroused by the training of systematic breath control which is a technique of yoga and goes as far as to deem sexual intercourse a conduit to the ultimate felicity associated with the Divine.
  58. The principle idea is that in adopting this approach in presenting the price and volume relationship on the chart, this emphasizes the relationship, with volume moving to the chart itself, where it joins price, rather than as an isolated indicator at the bottom of the chart.
  59. Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality.
  60. The experience since 1928 undoubtedly emphasizes the need for a general tightening of investment standards, and a simple method of attaining this end might be to confine all straight-bond selections to those which meet the legal tests of eligibility for savings banks or trust funds.
  61. When other conditions are introduced—for example, the investor, operating without borrowed funds, emphasizes contractually assured cash income rather than total return as an investment objective; the investor focuses on long-term buy-and-hold; or the analysis of a security involves great complexity (e.
  62. If this is the solution or the only way (or the most comfortable way) to choose, then it is not necessary to have a guide, to have somebody who represents/defends and emphasizes the quality of single persons, you just need an anthropologist that studies the modalities for disappearance, extinction of the group.
  63. Bandura's cognitive social learning theory emphasizes the observational learning process,.

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