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Emptiness numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. There was emptiness to it.
  4. All evil comes from emptiness.
  5. But emptiness filled his chest.

  6. There was suddenly an emptiness.
  7. Thou Shalt Not create Emptiness.
  8. Only emptiness is true because.
  9. This emptiness is our true self.
  10. And then the emptiness creeps in.
  11. A great emptiness without healing.
  12. Trying hard to fill the emptiness.
  13. Q: Then what is beyond? Emptiness?
  14. Why? To fill up an inner emptiness.
  15. The emptiness ran through his body.

  16. An emptiness ached in their chests.
  17. It is in no way an emptiness that.
  18. How great the size of emptiness is!.
  19. Instead of ground, he saw emptiness.
  20. She dwelt on the emptiness in there.
  21. But the cause of the emptiness your.
  22. Emptiness is the way things really are.
  23. Contemplating the emptiness of singu-.
  24. The emptiness under his dangling feet.
  25. Emptiness of the negative karma itself.

  26. And in me is also a desperate emptiness.
  27. The empty emptiness of the air is death.
  28. Then there was an emptiness in my chest.
  29. When we meditate on the emptiness of our.
  30. We cannot talk about emptiness in isola-.
  31. The house rang with emptiness, a muted bell.
  32. Almost he fell sideways into the emptiness.
  33. This emptiness is incredibly full and rich.
  34. The massive emptiness of the place came to.
  35. This direct realization of emptiness will.
  36. All it does is fill up your inner emptiness.
  37. Emptiness became the claim of enlightenment.
  38. Zero symbolizes nothingness and emptiness.
  39. The emptiness Marie had hoped and longed for.
  41. I just sat there, staring into the emptiness.
  42. The elevator’s ding echoed in the emptiness.
  43. It's a lot of emptiness, with no relationship.
  44. We can then concentrate on emptiness single-.
  45. She just dribbled the question into emptiness.
  46. M: Emptiness again refers only to consciousness.
  47. It was a pure white emptiness, sweetly perfumed.
  48. Nathan felt emptiness at the pit of his stomach.
  49. Nearly filling the emptiness of his environment.
  50. There was an emptiness there and she could see.
  51. Notice that there is emptiness around molecules.
  52. Julian saw the emptiness in his mother’s life.
  53. He floated in the emptiness and stilled his mind.
  54. Nature abhors emptiness, nothing can remain empty.
  55. The uncanny emptiness of the place seized upon me.
  56. What the hell was that? I said to the emptiness.
  57. Although in reality this "emptiness" is not empty.
  58. Sometimes, that old wire-monkey emptiness found me.
  59. She followed her father’s gaze into the emptiness.
  60. She had to actually see the emptiness that awaited.
  61. Now they were just limpid milky pools of emptiness.
  62. The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
  63. He imagined simply darkness, emptiness, nothingness.
  64. Having mixed our mind with emptiness, when we arise.
  65. He felt an emptiness and longing in his soul for her.
  66. From the state of emptiness, from EH EH comes a red.
  67. And found the emptiness you left waiting there for me.
  68. Dread pulsing, their cries echoed into the emptiness.
  69. Visiting Bridget’s was where the real emptiness lay.
  70. Perhaps I don’t fill the emptiness in her life, I.
  71. From the state of emptiness where all appearance has.
  72. Whole life practice is emptiness, emptiness is nirvana.
  73. Joseph looked at Ray and recognized the emptiness and.
  74. An analogy may be helpful to explain emptiness further.
  75. His gentle voice made a soft droning in the emptiness.
  76. From the state of emptiness, from kaMs come broad and.
  77. It was a strange thing to be jealous of the emptiness.
  78. To meditate on the emptiness of produced phenomena we.
  79. Intense sorrow filled him as he was met with emptiness.
  80. When this happens our mind will mix with the emptiness.
  81. From the state of emptiness, from aH comes a broad and.
  82. From the state of emptiness, from YaM comes wind, from.
  83. It is an expression of inner emptiness, and inner pain.
  84. Carolyn was aghast at the bleak emptiness of the scene.
  85. But your true home is in nothingness, in emptiness of.
  86. A cold beat through the emptiness and she gasped for air.
  87. Emptiness of the action that was done to accumulate it.
  88. The emptiness of it all drills down into Billy's marrow.
  89. Take all this away that had appeared amid the emptiness.
  90. The emptiness she felt in her heart told her that truth.
  91. And because of that its emptiness could never be filled.
  92. The pain of spiritual emptiness is never even spoken of.
  93. Holding this belief, we meditate on the emptiness of all.
  94. To fill up your cold inner emptiness with something warm.
  95. Bliss and emptiness of infinite Conquerors who, as if in.
  96. Doors, windows, in a house, are used for their emptiness:.
  97. Suddenly she had realised the emptiness of her whole life.
  98. Emptiness is a freedom from past solutions and conditions.
  99. Eric was left in what he could describe only as emptiness.
  100. All in all, Eric felt relieved and welcomed the emptiness.

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