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Empty numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. An empty shed or so.
  2. But the lake was empty.
  3. I suggest we empty it.
  4. The Milk Bar was empty.
  5. It was dark and empty.

  6. But the room was empty.
  7. It was no longer empty.
  8. It should be empty now.
  9. All of them were empty.
  10. The deep moat was empty.
  11. The two beds lay empty.
  12. If space were an empty.
  13. It was nearly empty now.
  14. All the rooms were empty.
  15. Most of them were empty.

  16. It was all empty inside.
  17. Else the room was empty.
  18. The other two were empty.
  19. The locker had been empty.
  20. The eighth cell was empty.
  21. It lights and empty cave.
  22. The cabin is empty, all.
  23. Claire spoke to empty air.
  24. The beach ahead was empty.
  25. He came up empty handed.

  26. I felt empty without her.
  27. The house was empty still.
  28. He put down his empty cup.
  29. He waves at the empty desk.
  30. But it’s not empty land.
  31. He could see it was empty.
  32. They were each half empty.
  33. The lobby was empty again.
  34. I was empty at that point.
  35. We saw a nice empty.
  36. It was just an empty room.
  37. The square was empty again.
  38. They found the cabin empty.
  39. I have an empty day ahead.
  40. And I decided to empty her.
  41. In the morning it is empty.
  42. I took over the empty body.
  43. The place was almost empty.
  44. It can step into an empty.
  45. Decide to empty your mind.
  46. Do you have one empty?
  47. The Guidance Room was empty.
  48. The world's plate is empty.
  49. The place was nearly empty.
  50. The house felt very empty.
  51. The house was indeed empty.
  52. Just one great empty space.
  53. The roads were almost empty.
  54. The arena was empty of cats.
  55. Finally we left empty handed.
  56. The office was empty though.
  57. He looked at all the empty.
  58. My life is completely empty.
  59. There was so cold, so empty.
  60. Hold the empty cup up in a.
  61. Empty silence in the forest.
  62. It seems the world is empty.
  63. The streets were still empty.
  64. The city was an empty shell.
  65. Thats where they empty out.
  66. Empty – despite that 303.
  67. The bed beside him was empty.
  68. In a box that is empty,.
  69. Without it I feel so empty,.
  1. For the gift of emptying.
  2. The track was emptying out.
  3. The dining-room was emptying fast.
  4. ALLAH BIRDY' he said, emptying it.
  5. This complete emptying through the.
  6. I was emptying the bottle single-handedly.
  7. I felt that it was my aorta that was emptying.
  8. A short while later, the stadium is emptying out.
  9. She ran to the bushes and started emptying her stomach.
  10. I was becoming anxious about the rapidly emptying walls.
  11. Emptying the can, I gently placed it on the kitchen table.
  12. It was moving on to midnight and the restaurant was emptying.
  13. Which means He went from emptying His soul of knowledge (Phil.
  14. Emptying a litter box is basically like serving as a cat’s toilet.
  15. They were sharing pizzas, and the two platters were emptying slowly.
  16. She was not coughing, but her lungs were emptying from being flooded.
  17. The rest of the agents followed their commander, emptying round after.
  18. Kim gasped, the color emptying from her cheeks as she covered her mouth.
  19. As we were already equipped for emptying the entire 1000 Kg in less than.
  20. His eyes left Maggie, going to the train and his men at work emptying it.
  21. Finders keepers, said Johnny, emptying his new finds into the kitty.
  22. I thought you should know Dwayne is in the building, emptying his desk.
  23. She remembered it all now, it came in like a cloud emptying itself of rain.
  24. Qi Ge was carrying a pall and emptying the seawater in the cabin to the open.
  25. Alderman Robert O'Reilly emptying the port into his soup before the flag fell.
  26. Maybe sir, he said, emptying all the money out of his wallet and placing.
  27. Gambelli finished emptying the magazine in his Luger and offered Colling a turn.
  28. Emptying his soul of all the wrong he had done in his life, he earnestly called.
  29. He drank still another glass of liquor, and ate ravenously, emptying the saucepan.
  30. Yussef was firing like a madman, emptying the magazine of his 50-caliber machine gun.
  31. What the hell is wrong with you? I scream, opening the chamber and emptying it.
  32. Gould’s gun was shoved into Hurley’s stomach and he was emptying it into the man.
  33. As Windsor occupied himself with emptying the luggage from the carriage, Rad followed.
  34. He's waiting for the slack water that comes after the filling and before the emptying.
  35. The trooper finished by emptying the rest, all at once, down his prisoner's bare chest.
  36. Closing his eyes and emptying his mind, the peace increased as feelings of connectedness.
  37. Of course, after emptying her bag on the roadside, she realised she hadn’t packed either.
  38. The tables round them, however, were emptying; a waiter came and stood discreetly near them.
  39. By then it was rising to the surface, but cautiously, while slowly emptying its ballast tanks.
  40. He rediscovered the business card when he was emptying his pockets the next morning for laundry.
  41. He could extend the pickup’s range by emptying the bodies from the bed, but it was unnecessary.
  42. The next moment, Ludwig was leaning on the side of the Rover, emptying his stomach involuntarily.
  43. Now ShantyTown was emptying out fast, with runners headed to the other ghettos to spread the news.
  44. The bottle was emptying perceptibly and rising still higher and his head tilting yet further back.
  45. He rolled his left sleeve up and gave him the injection, emptying the full contents of the syringe.
  46. Non-duality is a state of emptiness, of emptying the mind of all ideologies, beliefs, and conclusions.
  47. Ayaya looked on in awe as their convoy streamed into the encampment that was fast emptying of people.
  48. It spoke, grumbled the barman, hesitating as he collected the glasses from the ever emptying shed.
  49. With the studio emptying out it made it easier to kill the villains, take care of my possible assassins.
  50. However, he drank it all, to the last drop, as though he could not leave the tumbler without emptying it.
  51. Mary blurted, What if he marries someone who already has a maid? I would be emptying pots for a lifetime.
  52. I only just found it when I was emptying out all my pockets on Hroon, and it hasn't been needed since then.
  53. Once again, after the celebrations of the Annunciation of the Virgin on August 15, Myrina started emptying.
  54. I eject the magazine, even though I haven't even come close to emptying it, and slam the new one into the rifle.
  55. The whole police building back there is emptying itself into Lower Manhattan, fanning out to do God knows what.
  56. Nerissa suspected it would mean her life if she did them the favor of emptying their bags onto the filthy straw.
  57. Emptying his pockets, he found the key to the captain’s car, which he tucked in the top pocket of the coveralls.
  58. The Parfinn’s twelve-year-old son was emptying a waste bin behind the Bumbling Badger’s burrow and spun around.
  59. Part of the preparation consisted of emptying out store rooms and disposing of all outdated equipment and medications.
  60. The second question is – over what time frames do these cycles of filling and emptying the warehouse typically last?
  61. Only by emptying Himself and becoming a man could He die our death for our sins and deliver us from the power of death.
  62. Emptying his 38, quickly, mercifully, he put bullets in each of the heads of the two Marines his daughters had wounded.
  63. He saw three female cleaners going from desk to desk, emptying the waste bins under the desks into large black plastic bags.
  64. Emptying herself and becoming a vessel for the light was a tiring thing but it was becoming easier the more that she did it.
  65. My eyes about fell out of my head then as I saw her take a drink before then emptying the rest of the bottle over my shoulder.
  66. The insiders pull in more demand by whip sawing the prices and gradually emptying their warehouses of all the inventory of stock.
  67. Mandred gave a joyful shout and screamed strange incantations, emptying his herb pouch into the fire that he carried in his bowl.
  68. She checked that the servants were emptying the latrines and removing horse droppings then turned her attention to the guest rooms.
  69. Anna Kournikova was much preferable to fish swimming in an artificial sea He checked the Recycle Bin before emptying it just as Mr.
  70. When the bag was full, he signalled to Jenni to bring the other bag which he rapidly began to fill, emptying the safe of its contents.
  71. With a wild whimsiness, he now used his coffin for a sea-chest; and emptying into it his canvas bag of clothes, set them in order there.
  72. After emptying the contents of our pockets into plastic bags and handing them over to the prison guards, we were let into the building.
  73. When the girl left with two orders the editor dropped back into his chair and began emptying his pipe into an untidy ashtray on the desk.
  74. The sentry at the crossing fell dead, but the commander-in-chief rode coolly on, a few cavalrymen emptying their carbines into the trees.
  75. I could hear Zacchaeus and Adrinius groan in delight at the emptying of my body, too busy relishing their meal to have noticed, but I did.
  76. One swiped the head clean off a soldier’s shoulder, spun and slashed the other one that was emptying rounds into its back across the helmet.
  77. Emptying his pipe, he took a seat in the other chair sitting in front of the fireplace and said, "You really thought a lot him, didn't you?".
  78. Emptying with resignation his purse on the table, he looked sadly at the few small coins that fell out, all of it amounting to less than one Livre.
  79. The jubilant French gunner obeyed with gusto, sweeping his machine gun from left to right and back and emptying his 150-round belt in one long burst.
  80. We are focused on helping option traders understand key trading skills and techniques, while not emptying the traders’ accounts to pay for education.
  81. The public writer, a good old man who could not fill his stomach with red wine without emptying his pocket of secrets, was made to talk in the wine-shop.
  82. There still appeared, after all this time, to be no logical or factual explanation for the emptying of so many bank accounts belonging to so many ‘top’ people.
  83. On Sunday evening, Manda was going around the flat emptying the rubbish bins that Sierra usually liked to leave until bits of rubbish started falling on the ground.
  84. Closing the door behind him, Hawkins then invited Sarah to sit down at the table, then sat opposite her and grabbed her purse, opening it and emptying it on the table.
  85. Summerlee was weaponless, but I was emptying my magazine as quick as I could fire, and on the further flank we heard the continuous cracking of our companion's rifles.
  86. Only after emptying a bottle or two did he feel dimly that the terribly tangled skein of life which previously had terrified him was not as dreadful as he had thought.
  87. The mess crew were unobtrusively clearing up bottles, emptying ash trays, and when they could squeeze in amongst the officers, taking a swipe at the table with wet rags.
  88. The moment you work on your own unresolved karma, you change your vibration at a cellular level, emptying your energy field of some of the toxic residue that slows it down.
  89. When they had finished emptying rounds of ammunition in our direction, again the excited voices could be heard, and the frantic click-clicking of their reloading once more.
  90. In addition to curing bellyache, a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology suggests ginger may have a unique ability to accelerate gastric emptying.
  91. HYDRATION COMPLEX will have the effect of removing the hard and dry stools, straining, chronic constipation, incomplete emptying, helping you to overcome anorectal nerve damage.
  92. Maguire shook his head, drew on his cigar, swallowed a mouthful of whisky emptying his glass and said: I think you should be careful which hornets’ nests you interfere with.
  93. Anyone who does not attain to that absolute emptying of self in order to take the absolute filling of the Spirit will not be able to handle the intensity of being within that City.
  94. They then continued their hauling work for half a hour, emptying completely the whaler boat before putting in place its covering tarp and overturning their canoe on the narrow beach.
  95. Caleb reached into an inner pocket and withdrew a leather pouch, emptying the contents into one hand, and he spun in place, sending out a glittery arc in a circle around their position.
  96. She lost count of the number of spasms she experienced and finally she had her greatest orgasm ever, just as he obliged by emptying his prick juices into her cunt with great force and heat.
  97. Bathing required drawing water from the well bucket by bucket, heating it over the hearth in a big, iron kettle, emptying the kettle into the tub, then starting the whole process once again.
  98. He did leave behind an immense fortune and an awful reputation which the rumour-mill of the revolution blackened even further while, at the same time, emptying his palaces of their treasures.
  99. Holstering his weapon, he began a thorough search of Booker’s study, pulling books from the shelves and emptying drawers onto the floor, adding to the mess that Booker had made when he’d left.
  100. Walls papered in faded floral fall away and burst as a newborn meadow speckled with sun and a stream emptying into a greater stream where a small boat awaits with two glowing oars and one blue sail.
  1. The room had been emptied.
  2. Hades is to be emptied at.
  3. The bar emptied in seconds.
  4. He emptied it into his purse.
  5. He'd emptied a can of lighter.
  6. I was emptied and devastated.
  7. He emptied the carrier bag first.
  8. Omar emptied the beer in his hand.
  9. One by one, the grave site emptied.
  10. Emptied and refilled the magazines.
  11. If the coffin is really emptied.
  12. When she fired a gun she emptied it.
  13. He emptied the clip as fast as the.
  14. Not only is Hell emptied before the.
  15. The Time Wind roared, the room emptied.
  16. The barn emptied and people scattered.
  17. Moines and emptied my storage unit first.
  18. Ramballe emptied his too, again pressed.
  19. Fred switched on the kettle and emptied.
  20. Is emptied of this folk, this pious morn?
  21. As they emptied their sacks, behold, each.
  22. Ish emptied a box of bombs on the cylinder.
  23. I gave him the glass and Nathan emptied it.
  25. Misha emptied the glass, bowed, and ran out.
  26. He had emptied Dunradin and organized the.
  27. Drawers were emptied, cushions slashed open.
  28. They emptied their pistols in firing at the.
  29. She emptied her desk drawer and file cabinet.
  30. Jesse emptied the glass and set it on the bar.
  31. Pierre took one of the glasses and emptied it.
  32. Jess’s side of the closet had been emptied.
  33. They bellowed his name and emptied their mugs.
  34. Morose Matt emptied the fourth bottle of red.
  35. She emptied her glass, switched to the Chianti.
  36. He opened the miniatures in turn and emptied.
  37. He kept shooting as Josh emptied his third mag.
  38. A fresh water stream emptied into it, and she.
  39. Slowly the second flask of whiskey was emptied.
  40. When the table was emptied, wiped, and a clean.
  41. The place had been already searched and emptied.
  42. When the trail emptied out onto a clearing along.
  43. Podge emptied a clip in another one coming at him.
  44. I emptied our bank account while you were out.
  45. The courtroom was emptied in an orderly fashion.
  46. Theo took out his wallet and emptied it of bills.
  47. Within minutes, the car was almost emptied and a.
  48. Bruce had emptied a whole clip and started running.
  49. She emptied her pockets of mud and turned to Janet.
  50. Roughly two hours later Marie had emptied out two.
  51. They appeared a few minutes later, emptied their.
  52. My magazine emptied as apparently Bev’s had too.
  53. A Mafia hitter emptied his Bull Pup at the Butcher.
  54. Our city of Lancosa was emptied of life overnight.
  55. Silently, they emptied their bags without question.
  56. She didn't want to think about it and emptied her.
  58. The room quickly emptied leaving the Baron and the.
  59. As the room emptied, I felt a mix of relief and fear.
  60. Happily talking and laughing the group emptied the.
  61. The beer and wine glasses had already been emptied.
  62. Levin emptied his glass, and they were silent for a.
  63. The streets had been emptied by the courthouse clock.
  64. He took the second glass of brandy and emptied it too.
  65. The room emptied until the four Germans remained alone.
  66. Guzkat’s eyes rolled and his bladder emptied, as he.
  67. Then the bucket came up and emptied it's load as the.
  68. His sons emptied their guns and weapons onto the table.
  69. For a split second his mind emptied as he rejected the.
  70. The duel went on until both had emptied their magazines.
  71. After the room had emptied of Committee members, Homer.
  72. The guard's eyes widened, then emptied of life; he fell.
  73. After we emptied the space and started worrying about.
  74. Olenin and Eroshka had emptied five bottles of chikhir.
  75. A syringe can normally be emptied in three-five seconds.
  76. I reluctantly emptied out the contents of my pouch then.
  77. He could have emptied his wallet at the various stalls.
  78. He emptied his mind of thoughts and the sound of the car.
  80. That burst also emptied her last magazine for her AKSU-74.
  81. What is more astonishing is, that I only emptied a small.
  82. After she emptied the bowl's contents, a sudden feeling of.
  83. The past and present wilt--I have fill'd them, emptied them.
  84. So the Wizard unfastened his head and emptied out the straw.
  85. On her way home she made a stop at the local bank, emptied.
  86. The contents of the wallet were emptied on the control desk.
  87. Some of the caves had people in it, while some were emptied.
  88. He emptied the basin, filled it with clean water and returned.
  89. Hardly is the second samovár emptied, a third has to be set.
  90. The bottles emptied one after the other, but Peter could see.
  91. As though emptied of life, the elderly couple sat, softly sad.
  92. After a while, the stuff started bubbling, so I emptied the.
  93. Inside, a short and dim hallway emptied into the dining hall.
  94. Ok, Emily said, and emptied the second lip into the heku.
  96. And, taking the tumbler in both hands, he emptied it at a gulp.
  97. The fuel cell of the truck they’d found had been emptied on.
  98. Desa took the enormous gourd and emptied it into the water tub.
  99. Vinny emptied the entire bottle into the basin then threw the.
  100. When the room emptied out, Kyrin got up and pulled on her boots.
  1. He empties it.
  2. She empties the can.
  3. Where what empties out?
  4. And this empties the decanter.
  5. He empties its contents onto the counter top.
  6. One by one, he empties the chambers of bullets.
  7. I’ve come for the empties, she announced.
  8. Kat empties her glass of wine before she answers me.
  9. Empties have to be thrown in the bin, and glasses.
  10. Popped corks, splashes of beerfroth, stacks of empties.
  11. The second tumbril empties and moves on; the third comes up.
  12. Blackness colours all his dreams then empties out his fears.
  13. On his hands and knees in the mire he saw plenty of empties.
  14. It gets packed early in the morning and empties at midnight.
  15. It actually is fed by a creek that empties south of here and.
  16. Standing, he empties his jeans pockets of BlackBerry, keys, wallet, and money.
  17. On the western edge of Evreux, the road empties and the countryside levels out.
  18. It clattered off the wall and fell into one of the many, many piles of empties.
  19. I’d seen plenty of empties here, but this one was packing a bona fide corpse.
  20. She told Detective Henry that she always empties out the garbage before going to bed.
  21. The foyer empties into a grand hallway that appears to be the central point of the house.
  22. He empties the jug into the engine and then stands back as his son turns the key in the ignition.
  23. His sauce of choice was beer, the cheaper the better, and as the hours piled up, so did the empties.
  24. Raising his head above the platform he waits until it empties of people and jumps up onto the platform.
  25. He unscrews the top and takes a long guzzle, empties most of the bottle, wipes his mouth with his sleeve.
  26. He didn’t close the door, and didn’t see me, as he wheeled the empties toward a shed off of the parking lot.
  27. How much value can you store in a debtor nation whose public treasury empties into election-buying corporate coffers?
  28. If the client keeps shooting until he empties his gun, or the bear tries to attack them, then the guide will fire again.
  29. The train empties in a hurried mass of Arct and robot servants and Grailem steps aboard and finds himself a discreet corner.
  30. This may bring to mind Kramer and Newman in the United States Postal Truck on their way to Michigan with a cargo of empties.
  31. If your servant empties your purse and disappears without warning, he’s not keeping your money safe, he’s stealing it.
  32. He stops when the hand vac is half empty, kicks her over and empties the handy tool across her shoulders blade, nape and hair.
  33. What is glory except for the evasive image of the mother who empties you of your life and that you can only hold for a moment?
  34. Behind the hill there is a small creek, which empties into a large swamp and a gigantic bushy ball about the size of a spaceship sits there.
  35. The ridge which the soil of Paris forms on its right bank empties one of its water-sheds into the Seine and the other into the Grand Sewer.
  36. The few residents of the nearby floors all have copper deposited with him so they just mark a sheet and bring back the empties once in awhile.
  37. Sitting alone at a nearby table on the ‘bar’ part of the porch, the drunken man who had accosted him earlier sat with a collection of empties.
  38. I checked out the storage room, cases of powdered milk, some split open, powder on the floor, footprints, cans of condensed milk, empties in a pile.
  39. Looking from the southeast shore, you have a partial prospect of the falls, and a view of an amphitheatre of greenstone hills, through which a small river empties.
  40. In a few years, if the current popularity of Bitcoin continues, we suspect most computer viruses will include code that immediately empties any Bitcoin wallets they find.
  41. Saint Terentius, Bishop of Port, where the mouth of the Tiber empties into the sea, requested that on his tomb might be engraved the sign which was placed on the graves of.
  42. Indian Wheeling is a fine mill stream rising in Harrison county, and after crossing this, empties into the Ohio, opposite the town of Wheeling, which stands on the Virginia side.
  43. Why, if that fool Gertrud hasn't emptied everything out! What a terrible fate yours is, always at the mercy of an overfed underling--a person who empties bags without being asked.
  44. He didn’t notice, for instance, any of the many absentee reports, the notepads with From the Desk of Principal Klieglight printed on the top, or the perhaps dozen Diet Coke empties.
  45. It has indeed been said, that this cane was never found north of the Ohio, nor above the mouth of the Big Sandy River, which empties into the Ohio, on the line which separates Virginia and Kentucky.
  46. Not at all; Fortune, who lets whole populations die of hunger, showered all her gifts at once upon the little aristocrat, like Kryloff’s Cloud which passes over an arid plain and empties itself into the sea.
  47. They had been steaming in this direction for about three hours, going slowly and keeping a sharp outlook toward the land, when the captain called French’s attention to an opening in the coast line, where the Gallegos River empties into the sea.
  48. Let us suppose then, that the river Scioto descends one hundred feet from the mouth of the Whetstone, which empties into that river at Columbus, to the Ohio, and that the Whetstone which runs through a limestone formation, descends another hundred feet, which would make Upper Sandusky two hundred feet higher than the Ohio river.

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