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1. We should not have to enact a lie.
2. It was time to enact some changes.
3. Why then, do we not enact them? It's simple.
4. As a group, we are going to enact the plot.
5. The founding fathers would have never been able to enact.
6. I would only hope by 2015 most states would enact such a law.
7. For while we could not propagate, we could still enact passion.

8. The majority of a corporation can enact a bye-law, with proper.
9. If he had time, he could enact it before the test was forced to run.
10. God cannot enact His promises to Israel as long as the Church is in the.
11. Will the sheep enact plan ‘B’? What will be the breaking news story one.
12. After that sniff of poison entered his body, it did not enact for along time.
13. And admirably did you enact the character; the animal itself might have been.
14. This consequence, however, may sometimes take generations for nature to enact.
15. Hold a review or assign a taskforce to enact any or all of the above action plans.
16. Perhaps, then, it was not the best time to enact a ritual of joy? Or perhaps it was.
17. I am requesting that Congress immediately enact legislation confirming this suspension.
18. It is quite likely that our Congress itself would enact some kind of legislation to aid them.
19. If the federal government were kept out of this the separate states might enact some of these.
20. All the laws we may enact the next hundred years will not change the character of a single Indian.
21. Government has to enact legislation to protect consumers, AND punish businesses that do not comply.
22. That was when Congress tried to enact voting rule changes that would have denied voting for new citizens.
23. Instead of speaking, therefore, he exerted himself to enact one of the antics of the animal he represented.
24. Last year, a similar procedure was used to enact new deficit targets for future years without an actual vote.
25. She wanted to fight; she felt the need to enact revenge! She scanned the room, but could not get a fix on it.
26. Which is, quite simply, you choose to buy or sell a share over the internet, and they enact the trade for you.
27. We will free her upon the release of McAdams and with an oath upon the river Styx to never enact that punishment upon him.
28. Don't you think that's what Morgan had in mind? said Caesar as they crept back to The Bush Inn to enact Johnny's plan.
29. We can’t get lost in a mad desire to enact revenge and to that end I think it’s best if you let me handle this part!.
30. The meaning perspectives our parents and/or caretakers enact and teach us imposes a form on the world and our relationship with it.
32. A prince, who should enact that a certain proportion of his taxes should be paid in a paper money of a certain kind, might thereby.
33. Then why is the Elite the only squad allowed to enact Free zones? Billy knew it had been Maxi, and was sure it meant trouble.
34. Then let us enact this law also for our guardians:--that they are neither to devastate the lands of Hellenes nor to burn their houses.
35. With perfect poise he could at one moment enact the human role or immediately assume the personality prerogatives of the divine nature.
36. Thus this amendment repeals the Eighteenth Amendment but does allow individual states to retain or enact their own alcohol restrictions.
37. Enact a general law on the subject of patents—make what provision you please in relation to future discoveries, and none can complain.
38. He currently plots to draft the indomitable Ashuras into his service to enact a misguided scheme of supplanting the status quo with a hedonist utopia.
39. And so, with the full knowledge that the Father had put all things under his authority, the Master now prepared to enact the parable of brotherly love.
40. Honest in that it recognizes it does not know how to do this nor can it prescribe any formula, principle or law for how to achieve, institute, or enact it.
41. Her eyes reflected the wrathful payback she wished to enact for how I had tormented her all afternoon, but she couldn’t slap me because her hands were still tied.
42. As is the human way, he replayed repeatedly in his mind what happened, imagining the revenge he would enact upon Steele for the liberty the man had intended to take with him.
43. In order to preserve our freedom, it may be necessary to resolve these problems by amending the Constitution to enact term limits and eliminate the practice of gerrymandering.
44. And while she could not deny the clench of anger in her gut at the sight of the rebel regalia, she also could not ignore the chance to enact a little revenge on a shared enemy.
45. To prohibit, by a perpetual law, the importation of foreign corn and cattle, is in reality to enact, that the population and industry of the country shall, at no time, exceed what the rude produce of its own soil can maintain.
46. Would those labouring men out in the thorny veld appreciate the meaning of these cookies I was baking to send them? Did they even want them? But what else was there for me to do except enact, alone, the rituals embedded in me?
47. But if the Legislature thought proper to enact such a law, let them not, in the name of the great God, throw the blame on their instrument, on the President, who was innocent of fault, and bound to carry the statute into effect.
48. By the end of September there were great numbers of men out of employment, and the practical persons who controlled the town were already preparing to enact the usual farce of `Dealing' with the distress that was certain to ensue.
49. A notable exception was the North Vietnamese, whose torture of captured American flyers was the primary motivator, thirty years later, for some of those pilots who were elected to Congress to enact strict legislation prohibiting torture by Americans.
50. A portal mage, who hopes to be a reality-weaver one day, walks by the tree, notices the carving, and says to himself: Awareness is supersymmetry per broken symmetry, what a deep realization! Thanks to it, I can spread my identity across multiple realities and enact portals.
51. But, sir, if the French Government is allowed to have in the act of March an excuse for reprisal, we had better discontinue making laws altogether; for it is difficult to find in our statute book a law less hostile to France, or more within the right of an independent Government to enact.
52. Do you swear to enact and install the rules and infrastructure of The Game of Status, exactly as you’ve described it to me, including the oaths you described to protect non-players and to live by the spirit of your oaths, and to swear those oaths and abide by those rules yourself?
53. The slight qualm of conscience which had been excited by the intended deception was instantly appeased, and he began to collect his thoughts, in order to enact his part with suitable spirit, when he found he was about to be anticipated in his skill by an attempt to prove the power of music.
54. The question, then, is what is the threshold of love for love to functionally predominate the social will; what are the social systems, cultures, and institutions necessary to enact a social love that is greater than any individual within it? If love is the attractor, how are we a social will to it?
55. To propose that Great Britain should voluntarily give up all authority over her colonies, and leave them to elect their own magistrates, to enact their own laws, and to make peace and war, as they might think proper, would be to propose such a measure as never was, and never will be, adopted by any nation in the world.
56. When was the last time a corporation bribed a politician to enact harsher regulatory laws on their own industry, so that the consumer might be better protected, given a quality product, have a superior good created for the people, paid its real share of taxes on all aspects of its production, and limited its profits so as to improve the lives of its employees and suppliers, rather than shareholders?
57. In response to the cheering of the processionists - who, of course, had not heard the speech, but were cheering from force of habit - Sir Featherstone Blood stood up in the carriage and addressed the crowd, briefly outlining the great measures of Social Reform that his party proposed to enact to improve the condition of the working classes; and as they listened, the Wise Men grew delirious with enthusiasm.
58. Although Owen, Easton and Crass and a few others were so lucky as to have had a little work to do during the last few months, the majority of their fellow workmen had been altogether out of employment most of the time, and meanwhile the practical business-men, and the pretended disciples of Christ - the liars and hypocrites who professed to believe that all men are brothers and God their Father - had continued to enact the.
59. For a Christian to promise to subject himself to any government whatsoever—a subjection which may be considered the foundation of State life—is a direct negation of Christianity; since an individual who promises beforehand to obey implicitly every law that men may enact, by that promise utters an emphatic denial of Christianity, whose very essence is obedience in all contingencies to the law which he feels to be within him—the law of love.
60. Why is it that you show such disrespect for the traditions of the fathers and the laws of our elders?" And when Jesus heard him speak, he answered: "Why is it that you transgress the commandments of God by the laws of your tradition? The commandment says, `Honor your father and your mother,' and directs that you share with them your substance if necessary; but you enact a law of tradition which permits undutiful children to say that the money wherewith the parents might have been assisted has been `given to God.
61. But new occasions call for new laws; the side pavement, concentrating the people, required to be kept cleaner, and in better order, than when the whole width of the street was in use; so that the magistrates were constrained to make regulations concerning the same, and to enact fines and penalties against those who neglected to scrape and wash the plainstones forenent their houses, and to denounce, in the strictest terms, the emptying of improper utensils on the same; and this, until the people had grown into the habitude of attending to the rules, gave rise to many pleas, and contentious appeals and bickerings, before the magistrates.
62. That, comparing the amount thereof with the sums which will probably be required by a prudent regard to the public credit, it appears to the committee indispensably necessary to make a further provision; that this may be done by a partial suspension of the non-importation acts, which will not greatly lessen their injurious effects upon the enemy, by an additional duty on foreign tonnage, and by the imposition of internal taxes and duties: That, in their opinion, all these means will be necessary to supply the revenue which will be wanted: That it is impracticable, during the present session, consistently with a due attention to the other business of the nation, to enact the laws necessary to embrace the last-mentioned object; but that this may be done without difficulty and without a delay which will be injurious either to the public credit or the public service, by an earlier meeting of Congress than the constitutional period, which it will be the duty of Congress, or the Executive branch of the Government, to fix at such time as shall be deemed most proper and expedient: That it is, however, necessary that the suspension of the non-importation acts which is contemplated should be enacted at the present session of Congress: and for this purpose and the imposition of additional duties on foreign tonnage, they beg leave to report a bill.
1. In fact, the secret of enacting The Law of Attraction to.
2. Culture is the consent of wills enacting the custom of choices.
3. He held a clipboard with the enacting message for the President's signature.
4. That night after dinner, Mitchell wasted little time in enacting his master plan.
5. Bulgarian institutions would engage in the legislative process by voting and enacting.
6. Enacting change in the corporate environment,while often necessary, is always expensive.
7. The boys had resumed their sports in the clearing, and were enacting a mimic chase to the post among themselves.
8. Every day, the vans would touch fifteen to twenty villages, almost like a modern-day jatra enacting a slice of political theatre.
9. It will be observed that our constitution, by its enacting clause, was ordained and established for the then United States of America.
10. She alone could be sure that the van was still where it had been left, though fleetingly she had been carried along with the pretence she was enacting.
11. There seems to be something puerile about enacting a long list of rules and then permitting an administrative body to waive as many of them as it sees fit.
12. And indeed, African nations may be best served by enacting stronger local land-use policies and demanding more specific agreements, as suggested by Van Braun.
13. Notwithstanding the horror excited by the presence of her captor, there was a present relief in escaping from the bloody scene enacting on the plain, to which Cora.
14. A fierce growl repelled the eavesdropper, and then the scout boldly threw open the covering of bark, and left the place, enacting the character of a bear as he proceeded.
15. As that lion who took the first bite of a trapped and terrified meal was not flawed, but perfectly enacting his role, so too is the predatory, war-making, blood-sport-loving man.
16. I took her cool metallic grasp and shook it firmly, Partners it is then! I said, but we both knew that we were enacting something far more than just a working relationship.
17. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the women are disposable chattel concepts of ages thankfully past.
18. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the "women are disposable chattel" concepts of ages thankfully long past.
19. The best way I find to do this is to pretend you are in a cinema and you see yourself enacting the scene, routine or event out, as it happens on the screen, and you are actually sat in the audience.
20. And I’d like to point out that it’s not merely explaining our plans in full that would take too long if I don’t have command, it’s explaining and enacting many of the smaller aspects of it.
21. If the non-intercourse system was to prevail, he thought it made much more intelligible to the revenue officers by repealing the embargo laws, and enacting the non-intercourse as a new system throughout.
22. The state of Colorado to be outdone by some United States territory? The healthy and fit Coloradans would have none of this rubbish and in droves relentlessly inculcated enacting this initiative into law will immutably affirm Colorado being the first state to seriously combat obesity.
23. What reason could there be for enacting this law, if the principles of the law of 1807 were correct? If it was intended, by a side blow, to repeal that law, he had rather see it done at once; and not, whilst in appearance we had such a law, to give the President a dispensing power over it.
24. When one night the people in Quitman, Georgia, burned over their heads the seminary for colored girls, or when the Georgia Legislature was enacting the infamy of the Glenn Bill, his heart was hot as any Babylonian furnace, aflame with indignation, as though touched with the divine wrath, the anger of love.
25. When any class has unequal access to the representative powers of the tax enacting State, what usually results is a polarizing and paralyzing privilege of the wealthy class paying a donation toll to the powers that be so as to not have to share with the hoi polloi through the communal resource that is tax as social redistribution, i.
26. Here, then, is one difficulty in our law about women, which we may say that we have now escaped; the wave has not swallowed us up alive for enacting that the guardians of either sex should have all their pursuits in common; to the utility and also to the possibility of this arrangement the consistency of the argument with itself bears witness.
27. She assigned them lands generally in the conquered provinces of Italy, where, being within the dominions of the republic, they could never form any independent state, but were at best but a sort of corporation, which, though it had the power of enacting bye-laws for its own government, was at all times subject to the correction, jurisdiction, and legislative authority of the mother city.
28. The government of Pennsylvania, indeed, pretended, upon their first emission of paper money, in 1722, to render their paper of equal value with gold and silver, by enacting penalties against all those who made any difference in the price of their goods when they sold them for a colony paper, and when they sold them for gold and silver, a regulation equally tyrannical, but much less, effectual, than that which it was meant to support.
29. Does any man believe that this frontier traffic is not as beneficial to us as to our enemies? Can your law fail of producing more injury and loss to the United States, than benefit? Have you not witnessed, sir, that while you was exercising paternal care in enacting an embargo by water, for the seaboard, that our merchants and navigators, roused as by a shock of thunder, escaped from your shores, with their vessels, as from a destroying angel—from pestilence and death?
1. Laws are enacted and the.
2. Therefore, Be it enacted, &c.
4. Ironically, this policy was enacted.
5. The Romans enacted this for centuries.
6. That is the scenario that has been enacted.
7. If this bill is enacted into law, it will.
8. They knew that jobs would be lost and enacted.
9. This was a safety measure enacted by the Gray.
10. It was enacted, therefore, by the 1st of James II.
11. The British in India had enacted a Salt Act in 1882.
12. Those very things that were enacted to free people.
13. Later, the United States enacted the Mann Act of 1910.
14. Statutory : Something which is enacted by legislation.
15. The inflation tax has been enacted by our legislature.
16. The FDCPA is a collection of laws enacted by the Federal.
17. At the same time, he tried to have a measure enacted that.
18. Most transactions are not enacted within a corporate environment.
19. Together, they enacted nearly a thousand pounds of magnified force.
20. It is hoped that this Bill will soon be fully enacted and operational.
21. One of the laws enacted by our Congress was the Endangered Species Act.
22. May 15, 2112: The council enacted an Income tax bil , then realized they.
23. Enacted in 1935 it applied to those over 65 and since the people lived to.
24. If their course of action is enacted, the withdrawal will remain in effect.
25. The role she enacted was that of a refined sweet Southern lady in distress.
26. During the increase in capital, a movement toward non-optimality was enacted.
27. Such are the partial laws enacted by men; for, only to lay a stress on the.
28. And this love, once defined and enacted, will it begin the Age of Love?
29. She missed characters her father had enacted for her, mostly when she was little.
30. An intensive investigation was enacted, but the count had covered his tracks well.
31. In October 2008, congress enacted legislation to extend the tax relief through 2012.
32. In 1881, the Negotiable Instruments Act (NI Act) was enacted in India, formalizing.
33. For Jellinek the force of law derives from the fact that it is enacted by the state.
34. And be it further enacted, That all bonds taken for the security of the two per cent.
35. The entire program from here on was to be enacted in the dark, he as Mr Interlocutor.
36. The Northwest Ordinance, enacted by Congress in 1887 stated: The utmost good faith.
37. She came forward slowly, cautiously, a clear fighter’s stance enacted with every step.
38. The lawn was the reception room, and for several minutes a lively scene was enacted there.
39. The procession, as usual, was enacted by couples, with tinfoil halberds on their shoulders.
40. The problem that medical regulation was supposedly enacted to address is quality of service.
41. By the 5th of Elizabeth, commonly called the Statute of Apprenticeship, it was enacted, that.
42. This Great Satan enacted a plan which would bring the world to the sorry state it is in today.
43. So when God enacted those laws, they first existed and their annulment was their non-existence.
44. Once enacted, there will have to be a process of training Debt Counsellors to assist consumers.
45. The cause of the merchants became a common cause, and the non-importation law was enacted, and Mr.
46. When it was enacted in 1997, child tax credit started to provide credits for as much as $400 in 1998.
47. Actually, in 1933, a law was almost enacted to usher in a thirty-hour workweek in the United States.
48. Since I have not been able to disable it from here then the contingency plan will have to be enacted.
49. Something was being enacted here, as if it had been this deeper mission calling Mercer home all along.
50. In a sense he blamed himself for this since he had enacted the law and forced his brother to spare her.
51. In these words of Agafea Mihalovna, Levin read the final act of the drama which had been enacted of late.
52. The law was enacted in the 1960s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with.
53. I expect decreases in health care costs as tough new legislation is enacted to stifle white collar crime.
54. An example of ‘party above all else’ was enacted the in the recent Republican primary in Rhode Island.
55. The man angrily reminded Steele how grateful blacks had been when the Great Society programs were enacted.
56. She wondered if such scenes were being enacted on the south side of town and thanked God she was not there.
57. The articles of the ordinance were enacted previously, and are consequently binding under the constitution.
58. No laws would be enacted until their full text had been posted on the Internet and fully debated in Congress.
59. Not the least important of the remedial legislation enacted since 1933 is the Trust Indenture Act of 1939.
60. This is due to a law enacted in 2005 requiring 180 days of debt counseling before the bankruptcy can take effect.
61. Too bad Virginia hadn’t yet enacted a hands-free law so we could hear both sides of any calls made from his car.
62. Programs that cannot be enacted through Congress can more quietly be implemented in the shadows of these invisible Czars.
63. The law for the encouragement of the coinage, by rendering it duty-free, was first enacted during the reign of Charles II.
64. There is a time for preparing and it should be enacted now; preparation in mind, body, and spirit for a change in mankind.
65. The Seventeenth Amendment, enacted in 1913, changed that arrangement and mandated direct election of United States senators.
66. I hope and trust that the wisdom and patriotism of the Legislature of Massachusetts will not permit such a law to be enacted.
67. The law of May 1st, 1810, enacted that certain sections of that of March, 1809, should be revived upon certain contingencies.
68. These statutes were enacted without any connection with or reference to the principle upon which the original act was founded.
69. The arithmetic makes it plain that inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything that has been enacted by our legislature.
70. New laws since then have been enacted to protect these things from happening but it is to late for these employees, who lost a lot.
71. When my father planted his vegetable garden in the spring, he enacted the specific causes that would bring about the specific effects.
72. We also had the ignoble privilege of being the inaugural class for the nuly enacted federal policy: the National Youth Right of Passage.
73. Under his very eyes, unheard-of vision, he had a sort of representation of the most horrible moment of his life, enacted by his spectre.
74. But history must not yet tell the tragedies enacted here; let time intervene in some measure to assuage and lend an azure tint to them.
75. I presume he includes everything, especially “laws” and “spirits,” for he tells us “a law once enacted is always in existence.
76. It is difficult, nay impossible, to paint the scenes of horror, of butchery, which were enacted under the fire of the Russian batteries.
77. But to attain this end you do not even need four days; the five hours during which one "day" is enacted, as in Moscow, are quite enough.
78. Several years ago our government enacted a law that allowed for the aggressive payment of prescription drugs for Medicare with the seniors.
79. It is only stated for the purpose of showing that the law was not in that clear, decided form in which penal statutes ought to be enacted.
80. After his poison enacted, he told me all the sad history of his family and finally I know the reason why he was always trying to avoid me.
81. These often turned into fleeing patterns while larger fish enacted their eating patterns before continuing their mating patterns once again.
82. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ): enacted by Congress in 1950 for all of the armed forces; the basis for the Manual of Courts- Martial.
83. Her life seemed to be a drama enacted in the theatre of the absurd wherein the plot of fate pushed her onto the stage of climactic tragedy.
84. The covenant enacted of old shall be completed and the separation of those who believe in that new covenant from life eternal will be abolished.
85. Congress has rarely levied direct taxes upon the citizens of our nation, with the federal income tax (enacted in 1913) being a notable exception.
86. It is enacted so the healthiest-strongest males of each species can pass on their genes to the next generation instead of the weakest-most sickly.
87. He supports San José legislators who labor on a bill that, if enacted, will require equitable distribution of tax revenues among all the provinces.
88. It is somewhat difficult to evaluate the premium in a particular insurance policy without knowing what factors could cause that policy to be enacted.
89. If an exercise was to be enacted in a major city centre where there was likely to be, say, major traffic disruptions, an advanced warning might be given.
90. By the way, this law was enacted in January of 2010 by executive order number 13528 and was considered by the courts as constitutional, based on Article 9.
91. In many countries of the world this is not the case, but at the time we enacted this law, we were trying to attract more citizens to build up our population.
92. But now has he obtained a ministry the more excellent, by so much as he is also the mediator of A BETTER COVENANT, which has been enacted upon better promises.
93. She had taken out seventeen potential shooters with shots to the head, as Tyre had enacted his own version of the paso doble on the central dance floor Rambo style.
94. He stated that the ballot wording lacked the phrase be it enacted and therefore, the voters didn’t know they were amending the constitution, despite eight.
95. By a law passed the 6th of July, 1798, it is enacted, that whenever there shall be a declared war between the United States and any foreign nation or Government, &c.
96. The law was enacted in the 1960‘s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with extinction and the purchase of habitat for their protection.
97. But now has he (Christ) obtained a ministry the more excellent, by so much as he is also the mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted upon better promises.
98. If that is not sufficient proof, I respectfully refer you to the Sobukwe clause enacted during the 1970s, which was a disgrace and legally designed only to keep Mr.
99. We thought we had freed ourselves from the curse our ancestors had enacted upon themselves to reach this hidden world! The woman said on a hopeless note of anguish.
100. They have enacted laws for the security of patentees, provided a remedy for violations of their rights in all cases, and a tribunal before which that remedy may be sought.
1. It annexes the territory in question to the Orleans Territory; it creates a Governor; it enacts laws, and appropriates money.
2. But the state at the same time enacts rules which bind itself: it thereby becomes a Rechsstaat…Now, the obvious weakness of the.
3. What if every renter demands a jury trial? What if Congress enacts a bill not allowing jury trials for evictions? Then you will find out for once who your friends are in Washington.
4. This section enacts, that the act passed the 31st day of October, entitled 'An act to enable the President of the United States to take possession of the territories ceded by France to the United States, by the treaty concluded at Paris, on the 30th day of April, 1803; and for the temporary government thereof,' shall continue in force until the 1st day of October, 1804, any thing therein to the contrary notwithstanding; on which said 1st day of October, this act shall commence, and have full force, and shall continue in force for and during the term of one year, and to the end of the next session of Congress, which may happen thereafter.

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