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Enactment numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Rather than enactment of folk plays based on the legends of Ram.
  2. Absolution and redemption were offered to him in the enactment of his faith.
  3. It became apparent early after the enactment of NEPA that it was unworkable.
  4. Francois enactment was a bunch of laughs as every member acted as an animal of some.
  5. After the enactment, Lesley gave yet another impressive lecture about the relevance of.

  6. Perhaps the only formal whaling code authorized by legislative enactment, was that of Holland.
  7. The collapse occurred in 2008 but it all started in 1977 with the enactment of the Community.
  8. Then we have made an enactment not only possible but in the highest degree beneficial to the State?
  9. In the twenty years since the enactment of the 1974 Act, the average budget deficit has been $170 billion per year, and 3.
  10. The negotiation was indeed renewed, but it was followed up with the enforcement of the non-importation law, and the enactment of the embargo.
  11. Such regulations have in fact been set up in many states by legislative enactment to govern the investments made by savings banks and by trust funds.
  12. Virginia sanctioned it immediately after its enactment, and before the commencement of the present Federal Government, to wit, on the 30th day of December, 1788.
  13. I am warranted in this construction, not merely by the letter of those laws, by the lapse of time since their enactment, by the express official declaration of Mr.
  14. There has never been an enactment where 26 states sued to have a law repealed and now other states are suing to get him to protect our borders and stop illegal immigration.
  15. As an ethic of imagination, this means the intended and collateral consequences inform the formation of the imagiton, and that the resultant consequences of one's enactment become the concerns of one's reimaginings.

  16. The authorities had no option but to respond in kind, and within a few short months of enactment of the new measures, the sight of truckloads of police officers toting automatic weapons became an everyday occurrence.
  17. Any lapse of time consciousness on his part, in connection with the entertainment of definite desire, was equivalent to the enactment of the thing conceived in the mind of this Creator Son, and without the intervention of time.
  18. And though he refused to stoop to the performance of material wonders or to the enactment of temporal exhibitions of political power, he did now ask the Father's consent for the manifestation of his hitherto unexhibited power over life and death.
  19. A frequent interlude of these performances was the enactment of the part of Eutychus by some half-dozen of little girls, who, overpowered with sleep, would fall down, if not out of the third loft, yet off the fourth form, and be taken up half dead.
  20. I contend that a revocation or modification of an edict requires the same or equal solemnities with its enactment; the fact must exist and be officially made known before it becomes obligatory—no declaration of an intention to revoke, can constitute an actual revocation.
  21. As it began to dawn on Simon Peter that there was attached to this proposed enactment of service some signification that determined one's future connection with the Master's work, he not only became reconciled to the thought of allowing Jesus to wash his feet but, in his characteristic and impetuous manner, said: Then, Master, wash not my feet only but also my hands and my head.
  22. What I logically fear is that the federal government’s enactment of Medicare and Medicaid thirty-eight years ago and its congressional starting and subsidizing the early Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which are failing with serious consequences, will nonetheless give justification to those ‘liberal’ types to push for government to ride in to solve the mess by taking over with a form of nationalized (socialized) medicine.

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