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Enclose numa frase em (in ingles)

We enclose the check herewith.
You don’t need to enclose a reply.
You’re going to have to enclose the area.
It is my privilege to enclose Week Twenty-One.
She could barely summon her arms to enclose him.
The tips of the fingers need to enclose this circle.
I enclose her address and phone number, just in case.

He would enclose a separate page for his dad when there.
Religion provided a form in which to enclose that something.
Sometimes the green prisms enclose others of blue and black.
We therefore enclose the spell which Cyrellius was to have.
And shall forever span them and compactly hold and enclose them.
Along with the items above, we also enclose FIVE ADDITIONAL VACATION.
She has written a short note of her own, which I enclose in this letter.
We always enclose an order form with every order of Vacation Certificates.
Optionally, these parentheses may enclose a list of parameters within them.
Three runs of fencing would enclose it, a cave with an open-air run, right next to.
My choices were limited, but I had a six-foot high fence erected to enclose my garden.
Your mother gave me hers to enclose in this letter just in case something should happen.
He bent to touch one of the unusual boxes that seemed to enclose numerous artificial limbs.
Too, Herod built so many new structures, hes erected walls to enclose all his holdings.
Week Eighteen, which I enclose herewith, has something more to say concerning this important law.
He remembered how he had wanted to enclose her in an embrace the other time, but he had dared not.
In accordance with your wishes, I enclose report of the conditions of everything left in my charge.
We have no recently-taken photograph, but such as we have I enclose, in compliance with your request.
It was a first edition and besides hard bindings to enclose a lengthy treaty, also boasted metal corners.
I hasten to enclose his offering, with those of others, making out for you a postal order for five dollars.
He seemed hesitant to touch her, hesitant to enclose her with his arms, though this might have been welcomed by her.
I managed to assist at the examination of the case, and I enclose herewith the copy of the mitigation of the sentence.
And, in like fashion, the woman will respond to your letter and enclose a picture that was not made part of her profile.
When you are using any of the date directives from the table above, you must enclose your picture string in single quotes.
She felt the cool, cleansing water enclose her body, leaving her feeling buoyant and unrestricted from the forces of gravity.
I had to tell him that our ships required much larger facilities, although we did not enclose them, nor did we work in secret.
In this situation, one of his neighbours engaged him to enclose a lot of land, with a post and rail fence, which he was to commence making the next day.
He felt the urge to hug her back, to wrap his arms around her and enclose them both in their own microcosm, but the thick towels restricted his movement.
The hall was full to bursting and the comments I heard afterwards were very complimentary – I enclose a cutting from the Readersein describing the event.
This is followed by an identifier name for the function followed by a pair of parentheses which may enclose some names of variables and the line ends with a.
Douglas wanted to run back in there where the town, by its very weight, its houses, their bulk, might enclose and prevent John's ever getting up and running off.
To use a macro variable in a title, you just need to enclose the TITLE or FOOTNOTE statement that contains the macro variable with double quotation marks like this:.
As there is not a probability of your receiving this shortly, I have made a communication to the Department upon the subject, a copy of which I enclose for your perusal.
They rocked together, his arms completely enclosing her.
There was an enormous building with a wall enclosing it.
Rochester—so, he added, enclosing me in his arms.
She lifted her hands up, enclosing them all in a force field.
That is what is happening in you: life is trying to destroy the enclosing.
He saw with horror that the wire surrounded him, enclosing him in a tiny box.
The Vikings locked the crate by enclosing its exterior with a larger iron cage.
Wed live in a white mansion with a white picket fence enclosing a large manicured lawn.
Instinct and training and a deep, almost incapacitating panic cracked the ice enclosing her.
Adding a sincere apology to all whom I may have offended, and noting that I was enclosing a.
But, snuggled up to him against his chest with his arms enclosing her as she was, she did not mind.
For about a hundred paces on both sides of this lane there were high stone walls enclosing backyards.
I stretched one side of it around her shoulders, enclosing us both, and she gave me a grateful smile.
Father Malley knew, without looking, that the flesh enclosing that voice was raining and falling away.
A spell seemed to have settled over the room, enclosing every person in his own private cares and thoughts.
I eyed the wall enclosing my uncle’s house, gnawing on a hunk of old bread and wondering how best to get inside.
A graduate of Hampton writes to a former teacher enclosing sample compositions of his pupils in The Sunday School.
And when the leatherette envelope enclosing the check had been returned to the waiter, he drew his hands into his lap.
About the lowest tier, two hundred feet below where Sam now stood, there was a battlemented wall enclosing a narrow court.
The only thing that betrayed its purpose was the security fence enclosing the grounds and the numerous guards patrolling around.
Their old, creaky wagons found a home outside the Bergendal Stave Church, camped in a circle, enclosing a constantly blazing bonfire.
And over there we can hang the mistletoe, said Lovern as he walked through the space that Straun would be enclosing with our new wall.
Circling around the tall fence enclosing the site, they found large double gates on the other side, allowing access to the compound within.
According to his calculations, this frozen mass enclosing the southernmost pole forms a vast ice cap whose width must reach 4,000 kilometers.
I made it all the way to the barn doors only to see a high fence around the barn enclosing it inside a paddock but built more like a stockade.
I do not know what it is except that it is grand, and that it is happiness, And that the enclosing purport of us here is not a speculation or.
The object is to command as many places on the board as possible--this may be done by enclosing empty spaces or by surrounding the enemy's men.
The primary manifestation of life and how you may get in touch with it is explained in the part which I have the privilege of enclosing herewith.
In this, we find that he had sent two before, each one enclosing a copy of the law, and no doubt both containing instructions what use to make of it.
He observed a power crew working inside a chain-link fence enclosing what looked to be twin transformers that might have been connected to the prison.
This group of mounds is surrounded by a ditch, which can be distinctly traced on three sides, and enclosing besides the mounds, several acres of ground.
Boots stomped over the back of their sacrificial comrade to gain access to the last piece of ground separating them from the fence enclosing Gloria’s house.
But, at this we are not suffered to look, nor at the one sent to General Armstrong, of the same date, which was also the first to him enclosing a copy of the law.
As for Lady Shuttleworth, she got a letter from Priscilla; quite a long one, enclosing a little one for Tussie to be given him if and when his mother thought expedient.
Outside the boundary wall, the narrow strip between sidewalk and wall enclosing their haven was generously planted with flowers that bloomed for those who walked or drove past.
A letter sent by mail to buy Wellsprings, and enclosing the necessary money missed its way, and was brought with waste paper to a mill; there it was found by a boy of ten years.
Indeed, it would seem most natural to suppose that the instructions given in this business were contained in the letter of the 4th, which was the first enclosing a copy of the law.
In the centre of the floor was a pebble mosaic, a masterpiece in stones forming two huge circles, one enclosing a six-pointed star and six concentric circles; the other showed a two-headed eagle.
She twisted about to follow his stare, and saw a green wall of trees and shrubbery rising from the water's edge and sweeping away in a wide curve, enclosing a small bay whose waters lay still as blue glass.
Her person seemed made of a shadow; there was hardly sufficient body to provide for sex; a little matter enclosing a light; large eyes forever drooping;—a mere pretext for a soul's remaining on the earth.
All is an enclosed dream.
The area was enclosed by a.
He enclosed a letter to Mrs.
They are a garden enclosed.
Week Nine is enclosed herewith.
Week Twelve is enclosed herewith.
I'm tired of being enclosed here.
I’m tired of being enclosed here.
The invisible box I was enclosed in.
Panels of grey plastic enclosed the.
This one had an enclosed private pool.
The entire town park was enclosed and.
Hello? A starship is an enclosed space.
On the other hand, the cave was enclosed.
The linen closet with all of its enclosed.
Please find a copy of the invoice enclosed.
Jo seems to think the enclosed area of the.
Washington Group had an enclosed suite for U.
Seconds later, they were in an enclosed room.
He has me in an enclosed room, in his custody.
I twisted the two, and enclosed them together.
This enclosed space muffled the far-away sound.
The deep hollow was enclosed by the same grey.
The childish note that had been enclosed with.
Enclosed herewith you will find Week Twenty-Four.
We could always breed the fish in enclosed ponds.
At least they had enough sense to have it enclosed.
Elaine was standing before me, enclosed in a huddle.
They are enclosed by the special love of God the Son.
The gunshot made his ears ring in the enclosed space.
The enclosed check is my way of showing my gratitude.
This gives a huge enclosed, echoing space where the.
The red tourmaline is frequently enclosed in the green.
There was a hand-drawn map enclosed; and a phone number.
It would reach me in safety enclosed to ——, Boston.
It was a green, rank-smelling place, humid and enclosed.
The Soul – it’s the same Spirit enclosed in a sphere.
Pressurized, enclosed gate ramps rolled out to the ships.
A drystone wall enclosed the yard, but the gate was open.
It was open fronted but enclosed on the other three sides.
The house encloses her like an embrace.
But only one: movement, encloses everything in itself.
He encloses one of my hands perfectly between two of his.
For the roughness of the earth and of man encloses as much as the.
Be not ashamed women, your privilege encloses the rest, and is the.
Kernmantel type (a) encloses a central core of strands in an outer sheath.
Peduncles short, clothed with a thin membraneous acute pointed sheath, which generally encloses also the base of the spike.
The opaque covering, about twelve millimetres thick, encloses the robot completely and merges it with the metal framework that supports it.
An Indian said it extended each way to the river, and had several unexcavated parts, which served for passages to the area which it encloses.
In certain parts of the vein almost every green crystal encloses a red one, which always corresponds by its sides and angles with the exterior crystal.
Jenn encloses her letter to Boyd Warner, in which, to avoid any future misunderstanding, she plainly states that the cost of these nights will be born by Boyd.
On top of the pillars rests a layer of thick transparent material, which encloses the entire planet, a smart-polymer, a foundation for the next and outer layer.
The west range (E) is divided into two parts quite to its base, which with the slope of the east range encloses, on three sides, an irregular hollow, called the Hopper.
The governments and the ruling classes do not now lean on the right, not even on the semblance of justice, but on an artificial organization which, with the aid of the perfections of science, encloses all men in the circle of violence, from which there is no possibility of tearing themselves away.
In spite of the branding and the chains, in spite of the palisade which hides from his eyes the free world, and encloses him in a cage like a wild beast, he can get himself spirits and other delights; sometimes even (not always), corrupt his immediate superintendents, the old soldiers and non-commissioned officers, and get them to close their eyes to his infractions of discipline within the prison.

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