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Endeavor numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. If we endeavor to act.
  2. It is a teaching endeavor.
  3. I committed to the endeavor.
  4. I will endeavor to succeed.
  5. It can be a very tricky endeavor.

  6. Thousands of years of human endeavor.
  7. That was an incredibly stupid endeavor.
  8. This is a co-creative endeavor, you know.
  9. The purpose actually kills the endeavor.
  10. Picard assisted Tammas with that endeavor.
  11. Otherwise the entire endeavor is for naught.
  12. Record your endeavor in my journal I will.
  13. The embarrassment was not worth the endeavor.
  14. Remember that this is a co-creative endeavor.
  15. Life is not an "every man for himself" endeavor.

  16. A ticket signifies the start of a new endeavor.
  17. I will endeavor not to frighten you for real.
  18. As a result of this endeavor the King Negus of.
  19. It is the noblest endeavor one could undertake.
  20. The single instance alluded to, the endeavor of Mr.
  21. He retires and helps his bride in his new endeavor.
  22. Motel keepers are always useful, in any endeavor.
  23. With this Detroit endeavor, people didn’t get paid.
  24. In that endeavor, Spain employed engineers of other.
  25. This is not a good or bad or right or wrong endeavor.

  26. But it is not my fault, as I shall endeavor to prove.
  27. She received a large amount of money for her endeavor.
  28. Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it.
  29. His golden wristwatch is the witness of that endeavor.
  30. The Mayor has stated his appreciation of your endeavor.
  31. This I shall endeavor to do with temper and moderation.
  32. I shall endeavor in a few words to identify this power.
  33. Therapy is a goal or solution-focused endeavor, with the.
  34. Building the Option Trader’s Hedge Fund is a big endeavor.
  35. Sometimes parents endeavor to tell the teacher how to teach.
  36. To endeavor to gain the favor of by attention or flattery;.
  37. Her greatest ally in this endeavor is Marion Wright Edelman.
  38. There are a great number of topics involved in this endeavor.
  39. I had wasted too much time in this whole endeavor and I had.
  40. You have built a solid foundation for success in some endeavor.
  41. The sales manager, for instance, wil endeavor to motivate his.
  42. That doesn’t mean that they can’t profit from each endeavor.
  43. I was so engrossed in my endeavor that I never heard her as she.
  44. I will endeavor to be at the festival this year, McCoy said.
  45. The Rocks was his and it was becoming a very successful endeavor.
  46. To endeavor to gain the affections of; to seek in marriage; to woo.
  47. In the very first place, you must endeavor to purify your feelings.
  48. It also does not matter whether you are successful in this endeavor.
  49. So vital is it to the success of collective endeavor that it must.
  50. The King left the castle in this endeavor in his second year as King.
  51. I shall always endeavor to serve in a manner worthy of your trust.
  52. Those who are of a good and pure heart will do best in this endeavor.
  53. Have your friend read a line or two of poetry, and then endeavor to.
  54. Science is the most non-learning human endeavor in all human history.
  55. Miri’s planet appeared to have been a scientific endeavor gone awry.
  56. It is the widest, most unlimited, untrammeled field of human endeavor.
  57. The medical research is but one endeavor, and it is not run for profit.
  58. Often the joy of a new endeavor of words or behavior is not recognized.
  59. His son assisted in the endeavor by pressing the doorbell several times.
  60. Harold, that was absolutely inspiring, truly an epic endeavor of love.
  61. Dashwood could neither pretend to be unconscious, nor endeavor to be calm.
  62. Wise organization has always been crucial to the efficiency of any endeavor.
  63. Carry out your network marketing endeavor with products/services that are in.
  64. Mitchell felt somewhat betrayed, unsupported in his uncharacteristic endeavor.
  65. It is as if the talent in all other spheres of human endeavor ceased to count.
  66. This endeavor produces tons of food yearly, is a training center and food hub.
  67. In any endeavor to save bucks, remember that time should be considered as well.
  68. This research facility doesn’t have much that can help you in that endeavor.
  69. In the initial stages of your endeavor, a minimum of 5-10 hrs per week should be.
  70. This was in the eighteenth century, and we’ll refer to that endeavor as Govt 18.
  71. Many of them found that this endeavor was hazardous to the health of the employees.
  72. Urban Tilth is an agricultural endeavor in west Contra Costa County of California.
  73. You’re desperately grasping at straws in your endeavor to get at Stratavynski.
  74. Autolysis is an intellectual endeavor, but I balk at calling it a path of intellect.
  75. The beauty of the endeavor obliterates the ugliness of the rejection, said Rau.
  76. Medallion (who was providing the food and service) to endeavor to improve either one.
  77. For many, online dating has become a successful endeavor for uniting countless singles.
  78. In order for your endeavor to turn out profitably, you have to keep the main thing the.
  79. Try to look at this endeavor not as a prospective husband/wife hunt but as an effort to.
  80. I knew then that none of us had planned for the real trouble we’d face in this endeavor.
  81. Buying high PE stocks, regardless of their market capitalization, is a dangerous endeavor.
  82. He wanted Dog to lead the pack into this new endeavor and frankly he had every reason to.
  83. They will assemble everything under one unassailable roof, a temple to the human endeavor.
  84. Obviously you will have different levels of cleaning each time you embark on this endeavor.
  85. Bending with a will to such an uncomplicated endeavor, Moshe and his crew sped through the.
  86. It would be as if you have failed in an endeavor and this could affect your self confidence.
  87. I will take the actions necessary with the businessmen that must be a part of this endeavor.
  88. We occidental astrologers – in our endeavor to turn astrology into a reasonable and.
  89. I couldn’t help but feel oddly dissatisfied with the outcome of my first military endeavor.
  90. Correctly applying predictions on what the economy will do IS an extremely difficult endeavor.
  91. I would consider you a major score in such an endeavor, he said, squeezing her once again.
  92. Every moment you delay in that endeavor causes doubt to rise in the minds of your Klingon crew.
  93. I shall endeavor to fulfill my several obligations to you in just payment for your faith in me.
  94. You are the Portion who is to endeavor a work on our behalf, and yours, and this you have begun.
  95. It turns out that intellectual endeavor is influenced as much, or more, by focus as intelligence.
  96. They make a larger demand upon the spiritual nature of man than any other form of human endeavor.
  97. They have been permitted to know for themselves the hopeful results of patient Christian endeavor.
  98. As much as he hated the idea, the best way to say sorry would be to offer help for their endeavor.
  99. Trading is a serious endeavor that will challenge our mental, physical, and intellectual reserves.
  100. Being able to focus is a key ability to be successful as a manager of TOMIC or in any other endeavor.
  1. She seemed to be endeavoring to recall something.
  2. I sprang aside, endeavoring to pull father with me.
  3. Eph: 4:3: Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
  4. Petersburg, to exhaust his resources in endeavoring to fulfill his mission.
  5. Nekhludoff blew his nose, and, endeavoring to assume an air of calmness, said:.
  6. He again beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetrate the narrow opening.
  7. The branches, wild with the brilliant glow of midday, seemed endeavoring to embrace.
  8. There will be a grand uplift to them in grasping and endeavoring to realize this great work.
  9. While he was thinking one thing in his brain, I was endeavoring to divine his thought in mine.
  10. I have a dim recollection of a group of officials who crowded round me, endeavoring to soothe me.
  11. Somewhat the same difficulty is met with in endeavoring to select an unusually capable management.
  12. We are endeavoring to open a Chapel in Chuck Hum, China, and if we only had means, could open as many as we desire.
  13. This is undoubtedly true, but there is great need of caution in endeavoring to take advantage of these disparities.
  14. We are convinced that the average investor cannot deal successfully with price movements by endeavoring to forecast them.
  15. She pretended not to see his extended hand, turned round, and endeavoring to hide her elation, she walked away with quick step.
  16. The lad and I struggled in the water for several hours endeavoring to hold afloat by grabbing to the sides and end of an overturned life-boat.
  17. Habituated as she was to dissimulation through endeavoring to copy her husband in all his actions, these emotions were more than she could endure.
  18. Cosette contracted herself into a ball, with anguish, within the angle of the chimney, endeavoring to gather up and conceal her poor half-nude limbs.
  19. We were still discussing it, endeavoring to adjust our minds to these new conditions, when a singular scene in the plain below arrested our attention.
  20. Notwithstanding the revolting horror of the exhibition, Munro and Heyward flew toward the festering heap, endeavoring, with a love that no unseemliness could.
  21. Heyward was also nigh, supporting himself against a tree, and endeavoring to keep down those sudden risings of sorrow that it required his utmost manhood to subdue.
  22. All his limbs have become completely paralysed, he has lost his voice also, and we ourselves find much trouble in endeavoring to catch some fragments of his meaning.
  23. Again the tempter of the night before whispered in his soul, endeavoring to turn the question, What would be the best thing to do? into, What will be the end of it?
  24. I spoke to Benedetto alone, and proposed to him to accompany me, endeavoring to tempt him by all the promises most likely to dazzle the imagination of a child of twelve.
  25. Leading question: What elements in the earnings exhibit must be taken into account, and what standards followed, in endeavoring to arrive at a reasonable valuation of the shares?
  26. Marius, while endeavoring to form a clear idea of this man, and while pursuing Jean Valjean, so to speak, in the depths of his thought, lost him and found him again in a fatal mist.
  27. After this termination of the scene, Duncan wandered among the lodges, unquestioned and unnoticed, endeavoring to find some trace of her in whose behalf he incurred the risk he ran.
  28. Maslova and Miss Dandy sprang up and took hold of the hands of the red-haired woman, endeavoring to release her hold on Korableva, but the hand that clutched the hair would not open.
  29. Noirtier's face remained perfectly passive during this long preamble, while, on the contrary, Villefort's eye was endeavoring to penetrate into the inmost recesses of the old man's heart.
  30. I spent a few minutes in assisting a venerable Italian priest, who was endeavoring to make a porter understand, in his broken English, that his luggage was to be booked through to Paris.
  31. Thus, the master of some and mastered by the rest, crushing those beneath him and stifling under those on top of him, endeavoring in vain to shake off all the efforts which were heaped upon him, M.
  32. They were endeavoring to break down one of the stone pillars of the iron gate with their axes and hammers, and had already succeeded in making an aperture, through which one of the gang now climbed.
  33. He knew that when the time came, and when he saw his enemy facing him, and studiously endeavoring to assume an expression of indifference, his speech would flow of itself better than he could prepare it now.
  34. Endeavoring, then, to collect his ideas, he prepared to perform that species of incantation, and those uncouth rites, under which the Indian conjurers are accustomed to conceal their ignorance and impotency.
  35. And so it has gone on for hundreds, nay, thousands of years, and the governments, that is to say, their representatives, have endeavored, and still go on endeavoring, to preserve this delusion among the people.
  36. At the time it was endeavoring to acquire Reliance, Leasco knew through Reliance’s consolidated balance sheet that as of December 31, 1967, the insurer’s common stock portfolio had a carrying value of $110.
  37. I have no idea of laughing the subject out of the House; but how can gentlemen see the least probability of success in the invention? Suppose a frigate at anchor, and a few boats endeavoring to harpoon this vessel.
  38. If ever Martians had an exhibition of jumping, it was granted those astonished warriors on that day long years ago, but while it led them away from Dejah Thoris it did not distract their attention from endeavoring to capture me.
  39. A single instant was enough to assure him of the rashness of the measure, for he immediately found himself fully engaged, with all his activity and courage, in endeavoring to ward the desperate thrusts made with the knife of the Huron.
  40. It is criminal to waste our energies in endeavoring to uproot, when all we can profitably accomplish is to bend the universal tree of humanity a little in the direction most favorable to the production of good fruit under existing circumstances.
  41. And they discussed again and again all the religions of the world, Jesus endeavoring to point out to this young mind the truth in each, always adding: But Yahweh is the God developed from the revelations of Melchizedek and the covenant of Abraham.
  42. And now the Church appears, failing to give them a moral support, but forcibly teaching old-time paganism,—the Church, with its immutable formulas, endeavoring to thrust men back into the gloom from which they are struggling so earnestly to escape.
  43. There was only a narrow slit left between their lids, by which he preserved a peninsular relation to me; thus, with half-shut eyes, looking out from the land of dreams, and endeavoring to realize me, vague object or mote that interrupted his visions.
  44. For it makes a very real difference whether a stock buyer can consider the investment banker as essentially his agent and representative or must view the issuing house as a promoter-proprietor-manager of a business, endeavoring to raise funds to carry it on.
  45. In this way we had progressed to within about a mile of the hills we were endeavoring to reach when Dejah Thoris, from her point of vantage upon the thoat, cried out that she saw a great party of mounted men filing down from a pass in the hills several miles away.
  46. The prosecutor spoke at great length, endeavoring on the one hand to remember all those wise sayings which he had prepared for the occasion, and on the other, most important, hand, not to stop for a moment, but to make his speech flow uninterruptedly for an hour and a quarter.
  47. This American government—what is it but a tradition, though a recent one, endeavoring to transmit itself unimpaired to posterity, but each instant losing some of its integrity? It has not the vitality and force of a single living man; for a single man can bend it to his will.
  48. A profitable field of analytical activity should be found therefore in keeping in close touch with such situations, endeavoring to discover securities that appear to be selling far under their intrinsic value and to determine approximately the best time for making a commitment in them.
  49. The papers had related his various adventures, both as the man of fashion and the galley-slave; and as every one who had been personally acquainted with Prince Andrea Cavalcanti experienced a lively curiosity in his fate, they all determined to spare no trouble in endeavoring to witness the trial of M.
  50. Thenardier, raising his right hand to a level with his forehead, formed with it a shade, then he brought his eyelashes together, by screwing up his eyes, a motion which, in connection with a slight contraction of the mouth, characterizes the sagacious attention of a man who is endeavoring to recognize another man.
  51. Our Ministers at their respective Courts are endeavoring to negotiate, and by negotiation to obtain redress for the injuries of which we complain, and whatever precautionary measures we might adopt would not be deemed a violation of our neutral character, so long as those measures were equally applicable to both the belligerents.
  52. After a still winter night I awoke with the impression that some question had been put to me, which I had been endeavoring in vain to answer in my sleep, as what—how—when—where? But there was dawning Nature, in whom all creatures live, looking in at my broad windows with serene and satisfied face, and no question on her lips.
  53. At first, when written to for aid, he proceeded immediately to intercede for the applicants, endeavoring to relieve their condition, but in the end their number became so great that he found it impossible to help every one, and was involuntarily brought to a fourth matter, which had of late occupied him more than either of the others.
  54. I know it is a doctrine, that the ruling party in this country, both in and out of this House, are every day zealously endeavoring to inculcate, that even admitting the war to have been wrong, at its commencement, it has now become the constitutional duty of its original opponents to afford every aid and encouragement to its prosecution.
  55. Nor is it unworthy of reflection, that this revolution in our pursuits and habits is in no slight degree a consequence of those impolitic and arbitrary edicts, by which the contending nations, in endeavoring, each of them, to obstruct our trade with the other, have so far abridged our means of procuring the productions and manufactures of which our own are now taking the place.
  56. Here it is evident that, in the very infancy of our Republic, before indeed it could with propriety be said to be born, when every bosom glowed with enthusiasm for liberty and a pure disinterested patriotism, a National Bank was not thought that dangerous, dreadful monster, which the very wise and exclusive patriots of 1811 are endeavoring to represent it to the American people.
  57. Duncan found it difficult to assume the necessary appearance of unconcern, as he brushed the dark and powerful frames of the savages who thronged its threshold; but, conscious that his existence depended on his presence of mind, he trusted to the discretion of his companion, whose footsteps he closely followed, endeavoring, as he proceeded, to rally his thoughts for the occasion.
  58. Lord Hailes, who says that William was personally acquainted with Becket, when there was little probability of his ever becoming a confessor, martyr and saint, endeavoring to discover a motive for the munificence of the Scottish King, continues to say: Perhaps it was meant as a public declaration that he did not ascribe his disaster at Alnwick to the ill-will of his old friend.
  59. And shall we still, with all this information and experience, adhere to this system, and still think we can legislate France and England into a comitance to do us justice, and bring them to the bar of justice in this way? Far be it from me to censure any one for the part they have taken in endeavoring to maintain the rights of our country, and giving security to the interest of our citizens.
  60. When the Wallachians broke into the castle, the widow had taken them all to the attics, leaving the door open, that her brothers might find refuge in case they were forced to retreat; and here the weaker members of the family awaited the issue of the combat which was to bring them life or death, listening breathlessly to the uproar, and endeavoring, from its confused sounds, to determine good or evil.
  61. But memory turned traitor, and as if possessed by the perverse spirit of the girl, would only recall Jo's oddities, faults, and freaks, would only show her in the most unsentimental aspects--beating mats with her head tied up in a bandana, barricading herself with the sofa pillow, or throwing cold water over his passion à la Gummidge--and an irresistible laugh spoiled the pensive picture he was endeavoring to paint.
  62. Truly, we are deep thinkers, we are ambitious spirits! As I stand over the insect crawling amid the pine needles on the forest floor, and endeavoring to conceal itself from my sight, and ask myself why it will cherish those humble thoughts, and bide its head from me who might, perhaps, be its benefactor, and impart to its race some cheering information, I am reminded of the greater Benefactor and Intelligence that stands over me the human insect.
  63. My father was endeavoring to pierce with his eager looks the remotest verge of the horizon, examining attentively every black speck which appeared on the lake, while my mother, reclining by his side, rested her head on his shoulder, and I played at his feet, admiring everything I saw with that unsophisticated innocence of childhood which throws a charm round objects insignificant in themselves, but which in its eyes are invested with the greatest importance.
  64. The activity of the Russian Church, despite the veneer of modernity and the scientific and spiritual standards which its members have begun to establish by their essays, their religious reviews, and their sermons, consists not only in encouraging the people in a coarse and grotesque idolatry, but in strengthening and promulgating superstition and religious ignorance, and in endeavoring to destroy the vital conception of Christianity that exists in the people side by side with this idolatry.
  65. While he was endeavoring to calm his fears,—and instead of dwelling upon the political future that had so often been the subject of his ambitious dreams, was imagining a future limited to the enjoyments of home, in fear of awakening the enemy that had so long slept,—the noise of a carriage sounded in the yard, then he heard the steps of an aged person ascending the stairs, followed by tears and lamentations, such as servants always give vent to when they wish to appear interested in their master's grief.
  66. They struggled half an hour longer under the tumbler, and when I looked again the black soldier had severed the heads of his foes from their bodies, and the still living heads were hanging on either side of him like ghastly trophies at his saddle-bow, still apparently as firmly fastened as ever, and he was endeavoring with feeble struggles, being without feelers and with only the remnant of a leg, and I know not how many other wounds, to divest himself of them; which at length, after half an hour more, he accomplished.
  67. Caderousse, then, was, as usual, at his place of observation before the door, his eyes glancing listlessly from a piece of closely shaven grass—on which some fowls were industriously, though fruitlessly, endeavoring to turn up some grain or insect suited to their palate—to the deserted road, which led away to the north and south, when he was aroused by the shrill voice of his wife, and grumbling to himself as he went, he mounted to her chamber, first taking care, however, to set the entrance door wide open, as an invitation to any chance traveller who might be passing.
  68. On the evening of one of the warmest days spring had yet bestowed on the inhabitants of Paris, might be seen negligently thrown upon the stone bench, a book, a parasol, and a work-basket, from which hung a partly embroidered cambric handkerchief, while at a little distance from these articles was a young woman, standing close to the iron gate, endeavoring to discern something on the other side by means of the openings in the planks,—the earnestness of her attitude and the fixed gaze with which she seemed to seek the object of her wishes, proving how much her feelings were interested in the matter.
  69. The Secretary of State, to whom the President has been pleased to refer the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 22d of last month, has the honor to state that it appears from the records in this department, that in the years 1801 and 1802, the Executive had endeavored to obtain, for the citizens of the United States residing on the waters of Tombigbee and Alabama rivers, the free navigation of the Mobile river to its confluence with the ocean—first, by claiming this navigation as a natural right, sanctioned by the general principles of the law of nations applicable to rivers similarly situated; and, secondly, by endeavoring to purchase the country held by Spain on the Mobile.
  70. The cause of the lie into which the art of our society has fallen was that people of the upper classes, having ceased to believe in the Church teaching (called Christian), did not resolve to accept true Christian teaching in its real and fundamental principles of sonship to God and brotherhood to man, but continued to live on without any belief, endeavoring to make up for the absence of belief—some by hypocrisy, pretending still to believe in the nonsense of the Church creeds; others by boldly asserting their disbelief; others by refined agnosticism; and others, again, by returning to the Greek worship of beauty, proclaiming egotism to be right, and elevating it to the rank of a religious doctrine.
  1. This he endeavored to do.
  2. I have endeavored to discharge my duty.
  3. This habit he vainly endeavored to overcome.
  4. We have endeavored to some extent to disconnect the.
  5. He has endeavored to make no mistake in his work, as.
  6. They have endeavored to hide the true location of Zion of.
  7. But she endeavored to change quickly - as quickly as possible.
  8. This crisis past, I endeavored to catch your eye, but could not.
  9. This he has attempted; he has endeavored to support his negative.
  10. Even so, they have blatantly endeavored to deceive everyone about.
  11. The wise and learned endeavored to trip him, but he did not stumble.
  12. Peter also endeavored to reason with her and to persuade her to go home.
  13. The witnesses endeavored to insist, but the president bade them be silent.
  14. At length, he endeavored to walk closer her, while still trying to breathe.
  15. So, too, have I endeavored to help the world with my God-given mystical gifts.
  16. She endeavored to be nice, but succeeded only in being haughty and patronizing.
  17. He really pitied Pilate and sincerely endeavored to enlighten his darkened mind.
  18. I endeavored to explain this act of renunciation, which seemed so strange to him.
  19. The Roman leaders endeavored to strike terror to the Jews and thus, cause them to.
  20. I endeavored to finish dressing but couldn’t lift my arm over my head without pain.
  21. Albert turned frightfully pale; he endeavored to speak, but the words died on his lips.
  22. The Master endeavored to cheer his downcast apostles, but that was well-nigh impossible.
  23. Monsieur de Bonfons endeavored to put himself in keeping with the role he sought to play.
  24. I have endeavored to ascertain the present population of the Orleans Territory, so called.
  25. While expressing his approval of Jean Valjean's silence, he endeavored to force him to talk.
  26. The Roman leaders endeavored to strike terror to the Jews and thus, cause them to surrender.
  27. Hailing a passing cab, he asked, in a voice in which he endeavored to hide the shame he felt:.
  28. It is irrefutable that Rome and Christianity endeavored to distance themselves from the original.
  29. They subsequently endeavored to hide the truth from their current and future followers and subjects.
  30. Like a slice at the heart, Sophia endeavored to fight the inexplicable emotions she felt, at that very moment.
  31. I endeavored to keep a low profile, but it was apparent that I was the subject of a lot of speculative interest.
  32. Sheffey,) which pointed out the distinction which I have endeavored to do, though with more ability and success.
  33. I endeavored to satisfy him, he carried out all my wishes, any one would have said that we still loved each other.
  34. Even the youths who had endeavored to entrap him marveled greatly at the unexpected sagacity of the Master's answer.
  35. She endeavored to show no sign of them to Ashley, with the result that in her manner to him he saw only the endeavor.
  36. I withdrew yet farther into my shell, and endeavored to keep a bright fire both within my house and within my breast.
  37. Gentlemen have also endeavored to point out such parts of the Union as they think are suffering the most by the embargo.
  38. Pocket (who in the meantime had twice endeavored to lift himself up by the hair) laughed, and we all laughed and were glad.
  39. Waldengarver, "that there was a man in the gallery who endeavored to cast derision on the service,—I mean, the representation?".
  40. Having endeavored to show the importance of Canada to both of the contending nations, I I will only add that it is within our power.
  41. Now, a heavy rainfall collapsed from Sophia’s eyes as she started to cry, and endeavored to face her mother, with vanishing strength.
  42. There was one lying on the table; he endeavored to vain attempts to vomit; but the jaws were so clinched that the pen could not pass them.
  43. To counteract this tendency, England, under various but flimsy pretences, has endeavored to support her commercial superiority by monopoly.
  44. In vain I endeavored to interest him in Afghanistan, in India, in social questions, in anything which might take his mind out of the groove.
  45. At my suggestion a couple of the county police were summoned to be present, and I then endeavored to raise the stone by pulling on the cravat.
  46. Grundy) had made a direct appeal to the Republican party, and endeavored to rally and unite them in this, to them at least, new doctrine of war.
  47. At length Uncas, who, with his father, had endeavored to trace the route of the horses, came upon a sign of their presence that was quite recent.
  48. Glancing over the somewhat incoherent series of Memoirs with which I have endeavored to illustrate a few of the mental peculiarities of my friend Mr.
  49. His feeble eyes endeavored to distinguish objects, and behind the bandit he saw a man enveloped in a cloak, half lost in the shadow of a stone column.
  50. On both sides, pressing against the nets, were the faces of wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, children, who endeavored to see and speak to each other.
  51. We then turned over the book together, and I endeavored to explain to him the purpose of the printing, and the meaning of the few pictures that were in it.
  52. Monte Cristo endeavored also to leave, but Maximilian would have died rather than relax his hold of the handle of the door, which he closed upon the count.
  53. He once more endeavored to pass the supposed empiric, scorning even the parade of threatening to use the knife, or tomahawk, that was pendent from his belt.
  54. The station agent winced, as though she had laid a lash across his shoulders, and in his awkward fashion endeavored to apologize for his road’s remissness.
  55. On this crucial forenoon they each sought to find God, and each endeavored to cheer and strengthen the other, and they returned to Jesus as he had bidden them.
  56. The justiciary was the personification of impartiality and justice, and endeavored to impress on the jury that which they already knew and could not help knowing.
  57. The repast was magnificent; Monte Cristo had endeavored completely to overturn the Parisian ideas, and to feed the curiosity as much as the appetite of his guests.
  58. Several times during the day both Jude and Ruth endeavored to elude the vigilance of the Pharisees in their efforts to send word to Jesus, but it was of no avail.
  59. Even after this demonstration of pouring out the spirit upon all flesh, the apostles at first endeavored to impose the requirements of Judaism upon their converts.
  60. Had it been possible to save you, I should have considered it another proof of God's mercy, and I would again have endeavored to restore you, I swear by my father's tomb.
  61. Then, he became excited as he felt what there was to be done, and he endeavored with all his might to keep his thoughts from wandering and concentrate his mind on his task.
  62. This time Caderousse endeavored to call again, but he could only utter a groan, and he shuddered as the blood flowed from his his eyes were closed, and the mouth was distorted.
  63. But being unable to account for it all, she did the customary thing for her—banished all these recollections from her mind, and endeavored to obscure them by a life of dissipation.
  64. A rather long and tedious journey! However, Paris is everything we thought that it would be and we have endeavored to pack as much as we possibly can into the few days that we have here.
  65. Yet, as if it was on all hands admitted that no such idea could be found in these letters, all who have most anxiously desired to find it, have endeavored to establish it by recurring to Mr.
  66. Well, the good farmer was astounded because he had with great honesty endeavored to relate to the seller the uses to which he would put the horse and believed that he had put it to no other.
  67. Darling, I have endeavored to introduce to you the many aspects of managing a large household, and I am gratified to say that your abilities are unsurpassed in thoroughness and creativity.
  68. Knowing that he could never fulfill their Messianic expectations, he endeavored to effect such a modification of their concept of the Messiah as would enable him partially to meet their expectations.
  69. You can imagine, Watson, with what eagerness I listened to this extraordinary sequence of events, and endeavored to piece them together, and to devise some common thread upon which they might all hang.
  70. French scrambled to his feet and endeavored to help his aunt, who had raised herself to a sitting posture and was looking white and disheveled, while she cast furious glances at the motor and its owner.
  71. Therefore, it appears that Lieutenant James’ actions in giving the order was not only negligent but premeditated in that he endeavored to shift the blame to Colonel Geist in the event of an accident.
  72. They thought he slipped, as at first, and the witnesses, seeing he did not move, approached and endeavored to raise him, but the one who passed his arm around the body found it was moistened with blood.
  73. He endeavored to pronounce the name, but could not manage it; and compressing his mouth he held a silent combat with his inward agony, defying, meanwhile, my sympathy with an unflinching ferocious stare.
  74. If I endeavored to overtake him in a boat, in order to see how he would manoeuvre, he would dive and be completely lost, so that I did not discover him again, sometimes, till the latter part of the day.
  75. And if they had but preserved unimpaired, if they had not totally destroyed the inestimable treasures intrusted to them, I would have endeavored to overcome my resentment, my indignation, and my despair.
  76. Behold, when the winds blow and the earth begins to shake, this very same Word, which they endeavored to cut in pieces, shall instead fall hard upon the hard of heart, and My servants shall rule over them.
  77. She did not know exactly what those qualities were, but, at all events, not to deceive him, she endeavored with all her power to call forth her best qualities and, necessarily, be as good as she could be.
  78. While groping over the successive panels with the greatest care, I endeavored not to lose a minute, for I was feeling more and more overcome with the heat and we were literally roasting in that blazing forest.
  79. And so it has gone on for hundreds, nay, thousands of years, and the governments, that is to say, their representatives, have endeavored, and still go on endeavoring, to preserve this delusion among the people.
  80. During the contest, I endeavored to get the Detroit on our side, by sending a line (there being no wind) on shore, with all the line I could muster; but the current being so strong the boat could not reach the shore.
  81. When the apostles went out to view this assemblage of mothers with their children, they endeavored to send them away, but these women refused to depart until the Master laid his hands on their children and blessed them.
  82. These two, finding that through his ignorance of the language he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner, and had endeavored by cruelty and starvation to make him sign away his own and his sister's property.
  83. Madame Wolff had in vain endeavored to avoid using the great hall at all, for the foolish old legend of the sealed chamber aroused a certain superstitious dread in her heart, and she rarely if ever entered the hall herself.
  84. These men who grouped themselves under different appellations, but who may all be designated by the generic title of socialists, endeavored to pierce that rock and to cause it to spout forth the living waters of human felicity.
  85. In 1938, holders of Reynolds Investing Company 5s endeavored to have a trustee appointed on grounds of insolvency, but stockholders claimed that the market price of certain large security holdings was less than their real value.
  86. But," he added, with an air of chagrin, which he endeavored, though unsuccessfully, to conceal, "had I been aware that what I then believed a soldier's conduct could be so construed, shame would have been added to the list of reasons.
  87. In the observations which I made upon this part of the question when I was up before, I endeavored to prove that every construction that had been given to this instrument, upon the idea of its being perfect, was likely to be erroneous.
  88. The power to create the Supreme Court cannot be expressly granted in the power to pass all laws necessary and proper to carry into effect the powers vested in that court, but must, as I have endeavored to prove, be derived from implication.
  89. Just then, Madame de Villefort, in the act of slipping on her dressing-gown, threw aside the drapery and for a moment stood motionless, as though interrogating the occupants of the room, while she endeavored to call up some rebellious tears.
  90. For years I have endeavored to break through the veil which shrouded it, and at last the time came when I seized my thread and followed it, until it led me, after a thousand cunning windings, to ex-Professor Moriarty of mathematical celebrity.
  91. Lidia Ivanovna made inquiries through her friends as to what those infamous people, as she called Anna and Vronsky, intended doing, and she endeavored so to guide every movement of her friend during those days that he could not come across them.
  92. Teresa had become alarmed at the wild and deserted look of the plain around her, and pressed closely against her guide, not uttering a syllable; but as she saw him advance with even step and composed countenance, she endeavored to repress her emotion.
  93. Boat after boat endeavored to take him aboard, but he refused to give up, continuing to swim for nearly three hours until even his great strength of body and mind gave out and he was hauled unconscious into a passing boat and brought aboard the Carpathia.
  94. Could he but have foreseen the future, what a different ending that engagement should have had! But again it was too late, and the author sprang behind the big easy chair with astonishing agility, and from that vantage ground endeavored to bring on a parley.
  95. In place of that eager and garrulous narration with which a white youth would have endeavored to communicate, and perhaps exaggerate, that which had passed out in the darkness of the plain, the young warrior was seemingly content to let his deeds speak for themselves.
  96. Deprived of his book and his pipe, he was fain to trust to a memory that rarely failed him on such subjects; and breaking forth in a loud and impassioned strain, he endeavored to smooth his passage into the other world by singing the opening verse of a funeral anthem.
  97. This sophisticated distrust of guarantees dates back to the Kanawha and Hocking Coal and Coke Company case in 1915, when the guarantor railroad endeavored to escape its liability by claiming that the guaranty, made in 1901, was beyond its corporate powers and hence void.
  98. I fancied that I still heard faint moans, and imagining that the unfortunate jeweller might not be quite dead, I determined to go to his relief, by way of atoning in some slight degree, not for the crime I had committed, but for that which I had not endeavored to prevent.
  99. Then a strange reaction took place; he who had just abandoned 5,000,000 endeavored to save the 50,000 francs he had left, and sooner than give them up he resolved to enter again upon a life of privation—he was deluded by the hopefulness that is a premonition of madness.
  100. In vain did Uncas dart around the cloud, with a wish to strike his knife into the heart of his father's foe; the threatening rifle of Hawkeye was raised and suspended in vain, while Duncan endeavored to seize the limbs of the Huron with hands that appeared to have lost their power.
  1. It applies to all our daily endeavors.
  2. This ebook can help you in those endeavors.
  3. I didn't mention a word about my LOTTO endeavors.
  4. We are allies in this and all associated endeavors.
  5. He would be a good advisor for our future endeavors.
  6. Their endeavors are reported briefly in the current.
  7. The difference lies in the specifics of both endeavors.
  8. Then there was the veiled reference to his endeavors to.
  9. In some respects it is the most difficult of all endeavors.
  10. Use this information to help you succeed in your endeavors.
  11. I do know that it is one of the few creative endeavors that.
  12. She asks for a hundred pounds, and endeavors to buy them off.
  13. The blending of our skills is a revolution in such endeavors.
  14. Wayne in their endeavors to bring about the Boblovian Revolution.
  15. Thank you, and best of luck in all your endeavors, Prince Mark.
  16. What Type of Philanthropic Endeavors Is the Manager Involved In?
  17. What type of philanthropic endeavors is the manager involved in?
  18. And I think you should limit your two year recreational endeavors.
  19. All warp endeavors have risk associated with them, Sheaar said.
  20. I applaud your genuine sincerity with yourself and your endeavors.
  21. It is much the same with him who endeavors the description of the scene.
  22. This is the unique realization that makes greater human endeavors possible.
  23. I wish you all the best on your endeavors and the success of your business.
  24. But I for one have never been accused of being modest in any of my endeavors.
  25. That is why they are left to make ends meet and finance their own endeavors.
  26. To dream that you are ballroom dancing indicates success in your endeavors.
  27. Volatility and correlations are traditional building blocks in those endeavors.
  28. You can use this same advice when failure rears its ugly head in your endeavors.
  29. Whether modern society is a worthy inheritor of such endeavors is problematical.
  30. And in such endeavors as forming a more perfect union there must be a continual.
  31. Oh, they have succeeded in that at times, especially, early on in our endeavors.
  32. It was watching your sluice water that caused the man's endeavors to come to mind.
  33. In what we have done already and in all future endeavors one ideal will guide us.
  34. Money will be needed to finance these endeavors and I am sure that the bank of Mr.
  35. She enjoys writing poems, humorous ar-ticles, and engages in other creative endeavors.
  36. The wife shall support the husband with total dedication for his endeavors to augment.
  37. So I feel it’s only fair that you know exactly who has been assisting me in my endeavors.
  38. Each of these endeavors is like a business with its goods and services and wages and costs.
  39. This organization’s private endeavors vastly improve the quality of life of all involved.
  40. But in these great endeavors we are gravely hampered by the political institutions of today.
  41. He was content in his artistic endeavors, often spending as much as ten hours a day painting.
  42. Important (or high-value) tasks are those that are essential for the success of your endeavors.
  43. That information, if made public, could certainly derail the entire committee and its endeavors.
  44. For natural affection departs from the hearts of the wicked, and lustful endeavors consume them.
  45. It is a known fact that the one thing that makes a difference in all endeavors is on-going support.
  46. To Konstantin Levin the country was the background of life, that is of pleasures, endeavors, labor.
  47. Lord Kikritan looked up from his endeavors as if he had forgotten the rest of them were in the room.
  48. The Hour is coming-but I keep it almost hidden-so that each soul will be paid for what it endeavors.
  49. He has no idea what his uncle meant and goes about his daily selfish endeavors with his new-found powers.
  50. But don’t you think all of this materialistic endeavors is a waste of resources? one of the CEO asked.
  51. As with most such endeavors, the study of grammar has been pushed by those standing to gain, namely teachers.
  52. From my observations, these money-grabbing endeavors should not be here, because of the people living close by.
  53. Their selling activities have been largely related to endeavors to switch from less to more promising holdings.
  54. Not that much of the physically-improbable endeavors had actually taken place in a bed, to hear Moraine tell it.
  55. Endeavors to predict the course of prices have a variety of objectives and a still greater variety of techniques.
  56. Bitten by the vanity bug and fired by his desire for her, he approached her father to spare her for his endeavors.
  57. When you are on that path, find a way to use this to produce income-generating endeavors and invest along the way.
  58. He received, however, no appointment to Kutuzov’s staff despite all Anna Mikhaylovna’s endeavors and entreaties.
  59. And then there were just the ordinary people that Chantry had impacted the fruit of his many philanthropic endeavors.
  60. He received, however, no appointment to Kutúzov’s staff despite all Anna Mikháylovna’s endeavors and entreaties.
  61. The problem for most healthy companies is that most corporate endeavors have to be negotiated—transactions are complex.
  62. Thus, following the second and the third principles an investor endeavors to decrease the number of combinations selected.
  63. He left college after a year to pursuit his music endeavors, staying in Greenwich Village for a month in the spring of 1967.
  64. Harry explained, again, but with more brevity his own private endeavors and aspirations regarding his employment at the firm.
  65. I do have important responsibilities in the care of the bodies for these endeavors, but I’m hardly the one writing the cases.
  66. In 1965 it gave $32,500 to the League for Industrial Democracy, a group identified with militant left-wing civil rights endeavors.
  67. Play and self-irony are wonderful ways to stop our complaining and concentrate our energies in creative and transformative endeavors.
  68. To end this chapter on a high note, by following these basic safety points you stay safe and happy to enjoy your new paint endeavors.
  69. Mentally stifled individuals commonly call for theological schools and governments with apparent ignorance of the fruits of such endeavors.
  70. It is not my intent to promote occultism, but merely to point out the fact that the Higher Self is your key to success in all your endeavors.
  71. While England endeavors to cure the potato-rot, will not any endeavor to cure the brain-rot, which prevails so much more widely and fatally?
  72. Like most great endeavors, Gilley feels his way into the next situation, planning the next steps based on what happened at the last encounter.
  73. From a professional standpoint, there are many ways to enrich your professional endeavors, whether as an individual or as an entire organization.
  74. But all the things that God would have us do are hard for us to do—remember that—and hence, he oftener commands us than endeavors to persuade.
  75. There are many narrative stories in the synaxaria about saints who were hosts to wild beasts in the cel s or caves of their ascetic endeavors (St.
  76. He would proceed with the same diligence, caution, and reason that he would implement in any of his endeavors, regardless of his personal sentiments.
  77. Of the graver and more solemn character; though it must be acknowledged that, in spite of all my endeavors, the maiden weeps oftener than she smiles.
  78. From there, the student returns home to retreat to their room to recover a sense of joy on the computer, through music, or other individual endeavors.
  79. Weather I remain at Malon Inc until I retire or I go on to something back in the States this job is going to be a factor in any of my future endeavors.
  80. He shouted Christine's name, brandished his pistol, knocked his forehead against the glass in his endeavors to run down the glades of the illusive forest.
  81. Olin was careful to allow only those items, as he was particularly concerned that they never cause sickness, disease or accident by any of their endeavors.
  82. Nevertheless, common interests should be brought together whenever possible, for such endeavors provide the necessary ingredients for peaceful coexistence.
  83. Some will see the event as a jumping off point and others will see it as an insurmountable hurdle, an eternal albatross to encumber all and any future endeavors.
  84. Now, take good care to assure that the building of it is quite solid and sturdy, especially the stairs, the sheriff further guided them in regard to their endeavors.
  85. Our monetary reserves are already adequate, so even if our funding is extinguished, we will be able to fund our endeavors through next February including Operation NewVision.
  86. But when they proceed to bind him the fetters fall from his limbs, whereupon the pilot, recognizing his divinity, vainly endeavors to dissuade his comrades from their purpose.
  87. While he was actively involved in religious endeavors, Roger was also dedicating precious time to participate in political discourse in the communities where he lived and worked.
  88. With more than a little irony, Calley was invited as a guest of the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Georgia, a charity known for its worldwide endeavors for justice and children's welfare.
  89. A clearer and more descriptive example of the willing acceptance of the sugary but vague collective promises of a ‘better tomor- * I am unaware of the outcome of the Senator’s endeavors.
  90. From your environment, personal and social, how love is defined and demonstrated arcs and molds your endeavors, roles, responsibilities and possibilities for evolving into one's self-definition.
  91. They were hired but if they hadn’t learned to speak English in the first twelve days, at least enough to declare peace and wish the white man prosperity in their endeavors, they’d be eliminated.
  92. Andrea had very cleverly managed to descend two-thirds of the chimney, but then his foot slipped, and notwithstanding his endeavors, he came into the room with more speed and noise than he intended.
  93. Their ancestors watched the developments of Harry's endeavors carefully, but would not comment or apprize George and Belle until, the bold experiment had reached the end of its first fragile stage.
  94. It amounts to this, that honor obliges men to fight, that it is for the interest of nations that they should attack and destroy one another, and that all endeavors to abolish war can but excite a smile.
  95. The job wasn't difficult and now that she thought about how much easier it would have been to show a little more effort, than to be in hot water now, she wished she could have carried out her endeavors.
  96. Whether it’s working on homework, practicing a new drill, or even just listening in church, all serious endeavors and undertakings of all kinds have a higher authority telling us to concentrate.
  97. Park not only contributed greatly to the strength and vitality of America through his business endeavors, he followed the altruistic spirit that is the hallmark of so many of our entrepreneurial leaders.
  98. This man they honored hadn’t been an ordinary man in the traditional sense, because he through his effort of will and strength of faith had far outlived the experiences and endeavors of just an ordinary man.
  99. No one who has not felt this limitation on coming back from the ‘Heaven World’ with such valuable information can realise the chagrin and despair which one feels when he endeavors to do this, laments Heindel.
  100. So when her parents required a reference point for the re-supply, or a forecast of certain necessary amendments to their endeavors, Hipolyta's account books were accurate and up-to-date tools for those instances.

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