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Engulf numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A madness seemed to engulf the.
2. His love will engulf our hearts.
3. But Hell will engulf the disbelievers.
4. The fires of hell waiting to engulf me.
5. It will close again to engulf those who pursue.
6. Another few seconds and it will engulf them both.
7. The roar of the crowd began to engulf the oarsmen.

8. Now, again unreasoning rage threatened to engulf him.
9. The Shadow wanted to engulf the Light, to consume it.
10. The water was black mercury that threatened to engulf him.
11. Mayhem and madness engulf the Temple and adjacent streets.
12. Some zoos allow stimulus overload to engulf the animals in.
13. Meanwhile, a swarm of vines and branches moved to engulf him.
14. Macrophages are the immune cells of the body which engulf the.
15. But what if they’re really states that engulf us every moment.
16. The long day should engulf the short day by at least 30 percent.
17. The sun was low and huge, as if it had come to engulf New Jersey.
18. If only I ignite his urge, won’t he engulf me with his ardor?’.
19. She knew the power contained in the Sceptre would engulf the shadows.
20. They consider us thirsty fox that will attack them and would engulf them.
21. The second candle needs to engulf only the real body of the previous candle.
22. It seemed to flow about him in almost liquid waves, to envelop and engulf him.
23. October was crawling by, and an uneasy tension was starting to engulf the town.
24. Fernández watched a bloody, savaging civil war engulf his country into flames.
25. Barnes's tired, pathetic eyes, and hastily I engulf myself once more in goodness.
26. The core became so large that it started to engulf the higher areas of the tower.
27. Her mind started to shift back to her problems and emotions threatened to engulf her.
28. Aesa could barely hold back the rising tide of power that was threatening to engulf him.
29. He pushed down the tide of rage that threatened to engulf him, taking deep, long breaths.
30. On a couple of occasions I had seen different colours flood toward me and then engulf me.
31. But were he wrecked, the living water would engulf him, helpless, and he would indeed be lost.
32. Nine steps down and she’s on the sand and the twenty thousand sounds of the ocean engulf her.
33. He had imagined that the sea would terrify and engulf him, but instead he felt surprisingly calm.
34. Sam felt his bottom lip quiver momentarily and fought of the emotion that was about to engulf him.
35. We relish the few moments of frolic – ready to dash back out when a wave threatens to engulf us.
36. We turned and watched the river crash down on itself and engulf the riverbed once more with its turbulence.
37. Mary let the music engulf her and moved back and forth in time with it as she placed her hands on his chest.
38. He pushed aside the feeling of sheer hopelessness that threatened to engulf him and forced himself to his feet.
39. He rode slowly around the large pile as a huge sadness threatened to engulf him at the sight of such destruction.
40. As surely as she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering.
41. That information was used to point the launchers optimally, so the fuel cloud would engulf the island, completely.
42. With luck the flames would spread and engulf the entire monastery before the fat brothers could do anything about it.
43. The next Messianic movement to engulf large numbers of Jews would be Marxism in the 19th, 20th, and now, 21st century.
44. Two men’s deaths were little enough against the scale of the disaster reaching out to engulf the Army of the Sylmahn.
45. As the smoke and flames threatened to engulf him he managed to push open a door that he thought led out on to the stairs.
46. A busy shift at work, coupled with constantly thinking about the doom about to engulf her and Pete’s life, had left her feeling numb.
47. She never expected the green fire to roar into life and engulf the mind-cane, whilst the screams of the villagers echoed through the air.
48. Our kisses and our caresses in the dark night hours somehow brought comfort and assuaged the loneliness that otherwise threatened to engulf us.
49. She had the sensation of wanting to melt into his arms, to let those big shoulders engulf her and soothe the nerves frayed by this difficult morning.
50. Eventually, he was able to talk them into accompanying him, by promising to engulf in raging flame any moles they happened to encounter on their trip.
51. The clumsy entrance had taken a short while to register through the veil of disconsolation that sometimes distracted her, sometimes even threatened to engulf her.
52. There were other days when, for no particular reason, a great sadness would engulf her spirit, as though she had seen things best forgotten, had indeed forgotten.
53. Again waves of ecstasy threatened to engulf her with every thrust and she wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him deeper inside while still begging for more.
54. But sometime later, feelings of utter loneliness would literally engulf me, gripping my heart and choking my throat, causing me to breathe spastically and rapidly.
55. Indeed, her classmates--in particular-- would drive her to the point of no return, resulting in a desire for beauty that was unmatched, unparalleled, one that would so engulf her.
56. The French Emperor already appreciated the necessity of lowering his haughty Dresden tone, and took every opportunity of throwing oil on the troubled waters that threatened to engulf him.
57. He hoped the bubble would soon engulf the device and shrink the wave in the predicted time: a picosecond after full power, before it had time to destroy his surrounding’s temporal presence.
58. He swung it gravely, then handed it to Charles, who sank to his knees in the earth and threw in handfuls of it, crying, "Adieu!" He sent her kisses; he dragged himself towards the grave, to engulf himself with her.
59. The army was methodical in its approach, wearing down the defenders of the city, forcing them to occupy themselves with the spreading fires that threatened to engulf them in a firestorm that would burn the city of Pyr to the ground, along with most of its populace.
60. At first God dawns upon the heart of the aspirant as morning dew comes to the blades of the grass then He flows across heart as stream then turns into a river and finally waves of the divine ocean engulf the heart of the seeker and seeker feels fully inundated in divine presence.
61. People trying to live close enough to benefit from the rich overlays of the silty loam, and sometimes being surprised by higher than usual amounts of water, would of necessity looked for quick escape routes that could take them up and away faster than the water could rise to engulf them.
62. Yet, how did I fail to rein in my enamored heart! Why this fruitless feeling for my friend’s man? Oh, won’t this fatal attraction for him engulf my life in passionate misery? Well, the dead weight of my hopes used to be a drag on my life but hasn’t this throbbing pain of love activated my heart.
63. It seems as though, around these great centres of the movements of a people, the earth, full of germs, trembled and yawned, to engulf the ancient dwellings of men and to allow new ones to spring forth, at the rattle of these powerful machines, at the breath of these monstrous horses of civilization which devour coal and vomit fire.
64. And all these accumulations of human resentment and bitter disappointment which Judas had laid by in his soul in habiliments of hate were now well organized in his subconscious mind and ready to spring up to engulf him when he once dared to separate himself from the supporting influence of his brethren while at the same time exposing himself to the clever insinuations and subtle ridicule of the enemies of Jesus.
65. My God! Mine is the God of Socrates, of Franklin, of Voltaire, and of Beranger! I am for the profession of faith of the 'Savoyard Vicar,' and the immortal principles of '89! And I can't admit of an old boy of a God who takes walks in his garden with a cane in his hand, who lodges his friends in the belly of whales, dies uttering a cry, and rises again at the end of three days; things absurd in themselves, and completely opposed, moreover, to all physical laws, which prove to us, by the way, that priests have always wallowed in turpid ignorance, in which they would fain engulf the people with them.
66. The sun began to engulf the area with its brightness, rays,.
1. God, God, what a huge, engulfing plot.
2. The lights had went out, engulfing the ground.
3. A blinding light appeared, suddenly engulfing her.
4. The Bearish Engulfing candle operates the same way.
5. Was it the mist lying low to the ground, engulfing.
6. Its formation is opposite that of the engulfing pattern.
7. Which of the following is true of an Engulfing pattern?
8. The engulfing pattern is found often and is highly reliable.
9. An Engulfing pattern is similar to the traditional outside day.
10. The lights overhead flashed and cut out, engulfing the carriage.
11. Sandra began running across the field, the darkness engulfing her.
12. The Bullish and Bearish Engulfing candles can signal powerful moves.
13. Because of this, the Engulfing pattern is considered more important.
14. You must decide how much engulfing constitutes an Engulfing pattern.
15. One must decide how much engulfing constitutes an Engulfing Pattern.
16. The second candlestick is a two-session signal, the bullish engulfing.
17. The Dark Cloud Cover is also the beginning of a bearish Engulfing pattern.
18. The Harami patterns require confirmation but the Engulfing patterns do not.
19. The fear never went away; rather it grew up engulfing his beingness totally.
20. In each case the Bearish Engulfing candle has a higher high and a lower low.
21. The Three Line Strike reduces four days to the same signal as the Engulfing.
22. The buy should have been executed on the day after the white Engulfing candle.
23. The most common two-day reversal patterns are the Engulfing and Harami patterns.
24. The amount of engulfing of the second day by the first day should be significant.
25. Here is a look at the Bearish Harami and Engulfing reductions (see Figure 10-58).
26. They have turned out to a big Anaconda snake and are eating us rather engulfing us.
27. The actual Bullish Engulfing candle itself is also what is known as a Marubozu candle.
28. The color of the second, or the engulfing day, should be the opposite of the fist day.
29. As he left, he could hear the hissing sound of the escaping gas engulfing the building.
30. This allowed each of the troopers to shoot up the stairs engulfing the area in gunfire.
31. The Shadows took the form of great lions, falling upon our warriors and engulfing them.
32. Never such eternal squirming and sliding to pull the drift out of the engulfing current.
33. The Engulfing Pattern and Harami use both a large body and a small body for their patterns.
34. The Engulfing pattern and Harami use both a large body and a small body for their patterns.
35. A protective sell stop should have been placed below the low of the white Engulfing candle.
36. In the hazy background they could indeed see a wall of sorts engulfing their field of vision.
37. The Harami takes three days at best to create the same signal as Engulfing creates on day two.
38. The last two days of this pattern are similar to a bearish Engulfing pattern in most instances.
39. First, prices were declining and the downtrend concluded with a clear bullish engulfing pattern.
40. The first day of the Engulfing pattern has a small body and the second day has a long real body.
41. The small dip midway in the uptrend created a second strong bullish signal, an engulfing pattern.
42. A protective buy stop should have been placed above the high of the January 28 Engulfing candle.
43. The second real body of the engulfing pattern should be the opposite color of the first real body.
44. Momentarily it threatened to burst and fall in an engulfing torrent, yet it continued to jet skyward.
45. A few minutes later, she breezed into the bedroom, engulfing me with the smell of coconuts and mango.
46. The chart of Altera Corporation experienced two bullish engulfing patterns in a five-session time span.
47. Don reached out and shook firmly, his calloused, dinner plate-size hand engulfing the smaller man’s.
48. At the same time, a bullish engulfing pattern predicted an uptrend and confirmed the RSI early signal.
49. Both the bullish and bearish Engulfing patterns reduce to single lines that fully support interpretation.
50. When they, one by one, cautiously peeped through spaced fingers they were not met by engulfing white light.
51. I tried to calm her down — she was hysterical — but the flames were minutes away from engulfing us both.
52. The Three Outside Up and Three Outside Down patterns (CCE 159–162) are confirmation for Engulfing patterns.
53. The bearish Engulfing pattern shown on the second day of the pattern is very strong, as demonstrated by its size.
54. The shape of the two patterns suggests an obvious reason because the Engulfing looks more decisive than the Harami.
55. Instead, the Coveit took its large fistful of people and shoved it into his mouth, engulfing everyone with one bite.
56. The only hope of escaping the catastrophic paradox that is engulfing us is to share and no one has any hope in that.
57. The breakout above resistance was followed immediately by the bearish engulfing pattern, making reversal very likely.
58. The Engulfing pattern is also a follow-through, or more advanced stage, of the Piercing Line and the Dark Cloud Cover.
59. Then she too ran off towards the house, leaving the older man to stand alone in the dark that was engulfing the area.
60. We developed them to assist in improving the overall results of the Engulfing pattern, and they have done quite well.
61. The first example, with a nine-day downtrend before a Bullish Engulfing candle, proved more important than the others.
62. Because of this, it would make the bearish Engulfing pattern a more bearish reversal signal than the Dark Cloud Cover.
63. However, note the strong bearish engulfing pattern at the last portion of the chart, confirming the earlier RSI signal.
64. If a bullish Engulfing pattern forms in an uptrend, this is not a trend reversal pattern because the trend is already up.
65. The engulfing and doji star signals occurred in close proximity, making them even stronger as they confirmed one another.
66. In the midst of the battle a bright blue-white light began to emanate from Ichor engulfing all the black ones around him.
67. As he filled her with the emotions that was engulfing his body, she gripped his wet hair, pulling his deeper down to her.
68. The Three Outside Up and Three Outside Down patterns (Figure 3-130 and 3-131) are confirmations for the Engulfing patterns.
69. The bearish engulfing pattern in Dominion Resource’s chart was a good example because it was confirmed in several ways:.
70. If the bearish Engulfing pattern appears after a sustained move, it increases the chance that most bulls are already long.
71. The chart has a bullish engulfing pattern for today (you can also run this with piercing, hammer, or doji selected as well).
72. Millie looked down to see Molly's body strike a 1929 Rolls Royce, engulfing her in a viking funeral pyre of burning chrome.
73. On January 28, a bearish Engulfing pattern formed as a long black candle completely engulfed the real body of the Hanging Man.
74. Examples of these include the engulfing pattern, a commonly occurring signal and one with very strong reliability for reversal.
75. I punched out with my other hand only to have its action arrested as a big hand folded over it totally engulfing my small fist.
76. The third was a bullish engulfing, which occurred exactly at the point where the MA lines crossed over and above the price level.
77. The final candle in this group was then followed by a bullish engulfing candle, and the following day, with a gapped up move higher.
78. At the very end of the chart, a series of upward-moving sessions concluded with a bullish engulfing pattern, a highly reliable signal.
79. Here, the Engulfing pattern is followed by either a higher or lower close on the third day depending on whether the pattern is up or down.
80. As the next chart shows, when expanding the Intel chart through June, a downtrend did occur as predicted by the bearish engulfing pattern.
81. In this case it was not until the Bullish Engulfing candle, the fourth reversal signal (point 4) that the trend eventually reversed higher.
82. Today sees it building a bearish engulfing candle early, just above the flat simple moving averages (SMAs) before the report Friday morning.
83. No-one is in the magnificent park which has been created alongside it at the time, so they do not notice the fire engulfing the entire area.
84. He stroked her chin with the side of his thumb and her skin flushed, a hotness engulfing her as he kissed her again, less urgently this time.
85. Here, the Engulfing pattern is followed by either a higher or a lower close on the third day, depending on whether the pattern is up or down.
86. With that said, there is another signal in this chart that would get many traders to cheat with regard to the labeled Bullish Engulfing candle.
87. The opening of the bullish Engulfing candle was almost directly on top of the gray-shaded support zone, which gave the pattern more credibility.
88. The figure burst into fast food wrappers engulfing the choices and falling a bag and napkin litter of gutter leaves covering the question's offering.
89. These patterns, representing the confirmation of the Engulfing pattern, can only show the success of the forecast of the appropriate Engulfing pattern.
90. He was about halfway down them, when his foot depressed a little button, and the door above him, instantly slid shut, engulfing him in sudden darkness.
91. It would never be a simple matter of hitting full on; if it were a wave hitting a shallow shore then the ripples washed over, not engulfing in its path.
92. One of the most common candlestick patterns, Nison says, is the bearish engulfing pattern, when the black real body wraps around the white real body.
93. Alex! he said, walking in our direction with the grin on his face widening more than I thought possible, then suddenly engulfing me in his big arms.
94. This one tied us together, engulfing us as one, razing itself into the heavens above, ripping the sky and the full moon as it thrust into its destination.
95. For a short seller, a trade should have been placed the next day because price closed below the low of the Engulfing candle, which confirmed the reversal.
96. One after another, they winked out before him until, after a while, they had all been swallowed by the enveloping gray-blue sky that was engulfing the horizon.
97. Third, the price on the rally to that moving average must have put in a bearish candle of some kind (doji, engulfing, gravestone, hanging man, evening star, etc.
98. The bearish version consists of a white session followed by a black session whose real body extends both above and below that of the prior session (engulfing it).
99. Just like the Engulfing pattern, an outside day will close with prices higher and lower than the previous range with the close in the direction of the new trend.
100. The bullish version consists of a black session followed by a white session whose real body extends both above and below that of the prior session (engulfing it).
1. I was so engulfed in.
2. She engulfed his tiny form.
3. Engulfed in the smoky gloom.
4. While I was deeply engulfed.
5. The table now stood engulfed.
6. Massie engulfed her in a hug.
7. A wave of relief engulfed Kay.
8. One by one it engulfed her kin.
9. Intense nausea engulfed my body.
10. You see, moisture had engulfed.
11. A surge of happiness engulfed me.
12. She engulfed me with a massive hug.
13. His bear paw totally engulfed my.
14. LeCynic laughed as it engulfed him.
15. His strange, pale eyes engulfed her.
16. Forrester's arrest had engulfed my mind.
17. Tommy was engulfed in a terrible thought.
18. A blistering siren engulfed the entire.
19. The city was entirely engulfed in flames.
20. The sewer of Rome has engulfed the world.
21. The fire had finally engulfed the garage.
22. Her head fell back as a moan engulfed her.
23. Her ribs and belly were engulfed in fire.
24. Sensed the bitterness and cold, engulfed.
25. As expected the area was engulfed in smoke.
26. The great shadow engulfed that of the dais.
27. He was engulfed in conversation with Brush.
28. The rosy mist rose about him, engulfed him.
29. You are being engulfed by your subconscious.
30. Before my eyes was a pathway engulfed in fog.
31. His love was an ache that engulfed his being.
32. An enormous cloud of dust engulfed the scene.
33. My trousers and shoes were engulfed in flames.
34. The dense cloud of seeds engulfed the howlers.
35. By 63 BC, all of Palestine was engulfed in war.
36. Blackness engulfed everything that lay beyond.
37. Silence engulfed the table as all of them con-.
38. He quickly engulfed me in a hug stroking my hair.
39. As he finished, I was engulfed by a swirling mist.
40. He engulfed me in a passionate kiss as his hands.
41. She sniffed the air, and a smile engulfed her face.
42. The PC rushed over to her and engulfed her in a hug.
44. And Moscow engulfed the army ever deeper and deeper.
45. Once again, sirens and cops engulfed the entire area.
46. He flung up his hands, and the darkness engulfed him.
47. He is engulfed in wave after wave of joy as he re-.
48. Flames suddenly engulfed me, but they didn’t burn.
49. The TV top story often engulfed the political class.
50. The house was blown up and it’s engulfed in flames.
51. The black warm waters descended and engulfed the town.
52. It was a beautiful day; blue engulfed the whole area.
53. Wow, it’s so hot the bus’s silhouette is engulfed.
54. It engulfed my mind, threatening to wipe out rational.
55. The rich blackness of space engulfed them as they climbed.
56. He was fighting the infection that had engulfed his body.
57. Gavroche engulfed his hand in another of his pockets and.
58. Gomes allowed the tears to flow as his grief engulfed him.
59. Fire leapt out of his open palms and engulfed one of them.
60. It was clothed with fire and the flames engulfed the room.
61. Although the path was engulfed in fog it was nowhere near.
62. His awareness grew, engulfed in this pure brilliant white.
63. Much of the planet was to be engulfed in the hasty flames.
64. My nights at Camp Puppy Mill were engulfed in the shrieks.
65. They are there engulfed, but they display themselves there.
66. His ache and sadness engulfed me and I overlooked my anger.
67. Time stood still and they were engulfed in a beam of light.
68. Juliet’s voice allured him and her laughter engulfed him.
69. As flames engulfed the car, they heard Grandmudda’s voice.
70. He ducked instinctively as the darkness engulfed him again.
71. Wrangler appeared to be engulfed in the infinite caravan of.
72. Sure enough the flames had engulfed the tiny atoll and even.
73. While Cynthia was weeping, a terrible thunderstorm engulfed.
74. On that dreaded evening, the entire block was engulfed with.
75. Daniel could not have imagined the emotions that engulfed him.
76. Within seconds I was engulfed in a violent whirlwind of fury.
77. The blast blew the ship across the sky, and it was engulfed.
78. I was astounded by how quickly the whole place was engulfed in.
79. That is, they will be burnt and be engulfed in a scorching Fire.
80. The road was soon engulfed by a forest of skeletal winter trees.
81. With nothing stirring, silence engulfed us, just three siblings.
82. Engulfed in blackness, she seems to be gazing into a great void.
83. The serpent howled in pain, engulfed in flames and smoke; but I.
84. The prosecutor emerged and was instantly engulfed by microphones.
85. As the dust engulfed them, Joey buried his head in Lezura’s coat.
86. Panic engulfed his mind as he realized he became stuck in the rock.
87. The poor man lay on the floor with his belly engulfed with redness.
88. At least the bubble had engulfed the power switch for the TE device.
89. A sudden wave of nausea engulfed me as Brian swabbed and inspected.
90. The brakes caught fire and the whole car was engulfed in white smoke.
91. They had heard the woman screaming as the car was engulfed in flames.
92. Without warning it promptly engulfed his whole face between its jaws.
93. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the.
94. Before they engulfed her, she tucked her body into a ball and rolled.
95. The hose was turned on and a high pressured jet of water engulfed Jack.
96. He watched in horror as the sludge slowly engulfed the body of Mark Sox.
97. Once your feet are engulfed in the pops you stand fast at your position.
98. She was engulfed in the river of loss that was her own personal torment.
99. The All Beautiful, you will be engulfed in the ocean of love and passion.
100. Sam looks out of the window with interest as the car is engulfed in foam.
1. This engulfs all in one day.
2. The criminal element engulfs this.
3. An aquamarine aura engulfs his arm.
4. Its body engulfs the first black day.
5. The bearish candlestick on May 5th completely engulfs the.
6. Simply said, the second black day engulfs the first black day.
7. It is a giant call to repentance as a sweeping judgment engulfs the land.
8. The fourth day completely engulfs the third day, including the upper shadow.
9. The third day is a white real body that engulfs the second day’s black real body.
10. Presently the masculine impínges upon, limits, and engulfs the feminine in a myriad of.
11. Where are you? you ask, unfamiliar with the specific type of void that engulfs you.
12. I am sore all over, and as I move, the stabbing pain from where the beast's claws dug into my skin engulfs me.
13. A cascading spiral of nothing and everything engulfs your mind, as do calm and panic, love and hate, war and peace.
14. As you close your eyes, the peaceful bliss of an ocean’s sandy beach on a warm, clear day engulfs you and a salty breeze blows across your mind.
15. We also notice that we can draw the possible boundaries of a larger symmetrical triangle that engulfs the smaller triangle: the always interesting pattern-within-a-pattern phenomenon.
16. And not merely ‘some day’: now, today, every day she is bringing you forth, not once but thousands upon thousands of times, just as every day she engulfs you a thousand times over.

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