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  1. Tap a photo to enlarge it.
  2. God will enlarge his heart.
  3. Notice he says enlarge my territory.
  4. But it is useless to enlarge on this.
  5. But why enlarge upon these particulars?

  6. Would you enlarge on that a little?
  7. There is no need to enlarge on this, however.
  8. But I will not enlarge on a fact already familiar.
  9. And he began to enlarge on his encounters with the.
  10. Secondly, he said: enlarge my territory - that's kingly talk.
  11. Club the animal then enlarge the hole to recover the carcass.
  12. Silicone impact is now replaced by stem cells to enlarge breasts.
  13. Let these monumental meals enlarge our souls with love and life.
  14. We should destroy it even while pretending to enlarge its limits.
  15. Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory ….

  16. Captain Mitchell was not the man to enlarge upon mere dangers much.
  17. And he began to enlarge on his encounters with the new institutions.
  18. It is by using our fullest strengths that we can expand and enlarge.
  19. He hoped to enlarge it greatly now that the country was going to be.
  20. He must enlarge his expectancies in order to receive in a larger way.
  21. I will not enlarge on those provocations which only the individual can.
  22. Often people buy additional homes or expand and enlarge the present one.
  23. My God, this year increase and enlarge us - and God grants their request.
  24. I didn’t know at the time that he’d enlarge it and put it on his wall.
  25. It is said that maca root helps to treat enlarge prostate gland resulting in.

  26. It is deemed unnecessary to enlarge upon the consequences; they are too well known.
  27. I won't enlarge on Andrey Petrovitch himself ; but he is anyway of a good old family.
  28. Psalms: 119:32: I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.
  29. Drag the bar between 2 sections to the position you want to enlarge or shrink one section.
  30. He saw her enamored eyes enlarge as though to accommodate his admiring stare fixed on her.
  31. Write it down, underline it, God, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory.
  32. Now the next thing you need to do is, clarify what it means for you to enlarge the territory.
  33. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the.
  34. In 1697, the bank was allowed to enlarge its capital stock, by an ingraftment of £1,001,171:10s.
  35. I watched to see whether it would spread: but no; as it did not diminish, so it did not enlarge.
  36. You can use the


    tags to enlarge your text, which will not only help with capturing.

  37. There would be three replies; and Frau Dremmel, being in her own language, would of course enlarge.
  38. It is, however, doubtful whether this is really so; but I will not enlarge on this obscure subject.
  39. He made no advances whatever; appeared to have no desire to enlarge the circle of his acquaintances.
  40. By intelligent symbols man is able to quicken and enlarge the appreciative capacities of his friends.
  41. Let’s blow it up a bit, said Clayton, manipulating the computer programme to enlarge the image.
  42. To enlarge the sphere of command in either grade would not be a mean of best promoting the public good.
  43. He said: give me today my daily bread, give me what I need, so what his prayer was - enlarge my influence.
  44. Your committee will not enlarge on any of the injuries, however great, which have had a transitory effect.
  45. But I have not space here to enlarge on the many ways by which animals endeavour to frighten away their enemies.
  46. Our moderation and conciliation have had no other effect than to encourage perseverance and to enlarge pretensions.
  47. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant, Genesis 9:26-27.
  48. Though the co-op moved not that long ago, plans are being made to either enlarge the store or develop a second location.
  49. Meanwhile, the small crowd had already begun to enlarge, to the extent of it becoming a genuine campus fraternity party.
  50. Rapunzel's eyes enlarge, and he bows before asking in a whisper that carries, "Do you have two hairpins, your highness?".
  51. See, the first one was personal, second one there was about presence, and now it's about provision - enlarge my territory.
  52. I won't enlarge on this fact or analyze it here, but confine myself to remarking that this was his attitude at the moment.
  53. Add unto thy church daily such as shall be saved; Enlarge the place of its tent, lengthen its cords, and strengthen its stakes.
  54. Notice what he said, look, it seemed selfish didn't it? Oh bless ME, enlarge MY territory, Your hand with ME, keep ME from evil.
  55. Adem suspected Carl was trying to work out how to enlarge a wormhole using the Power to try to get home to his wife and daughter.
  56. You can see them pretty well on this one’s back if you enlarge the photo here (this is the Cairo spiny mouse, Acomys cahirinus).
  57. Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that your hand might be with.
  58. A number of the Justices have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the opportunities available to the Court to enlarge its jurisdiction.
  59. Our field engineers are working hard to enlarge it, but it will take at least two weeks before it can be safely used by our jet fighters.
  60. When they had a trench of ample size to bury the chest, Tarrant suggested that they enlarge it and inter Snipes' body on top of the chest.
  61. Noticing stealthily that Avdotya Romanovna was following his words with close attention, Zossimov allowed himself to enlarge on this theme.
  62. The invisible part of your territory is your inward life, so the prayer to enlarge my territory means God, I want my inward life enlarged.
  63. As space built up they would be resurrected, but most would have to wait til they were at the next star system and could enlarge the ship.
  64. I have just the thing in mind, and I noted your measurements earlier, when Alilia got them from Yazadril so she could enlarge your chair.
  65. An alderman about to be mayor must by-and-by enlarge his dinner-parties, but at present there were plenty of guests at his wellspread table.
  66. The degree to which you are able to temporarily enlarge your awareness, yet still hold yourself together, determines the blinkable distance.
  67. Maybe there's an issue to resolve, but face the giant, they're bred to enlarge you, to go somewhere else, and become increased in your influence.
  68. In contrast with these unfortunates, victims of will-to-power and self-centered passion, those in monogamic fellowship enlarge the life they share.
  69. American construction units are presently working full tilt to rebuild and enlarge the airfield and port in Da Nang, on the East coast of Vietnam.
  70. Did he tell you the story of the siege of Kars? Or perhaps the one about his grey horse that talked? He loves to enlarge on these absurd histories.
  71. It was enlarge it, digging between the roots and tunneling upward to make a second run still no more than a small, irregular cave with one entrance.
  72. Your persistence, however, is not to win favor with God but to change your earth attitude and to enlarge your soul's capacity for spirit receptivity.
  73. When we force movements through it that are too large, we create pressure from the inside and straining from the outside causing hemorrhoids to enlarge.
  74. But I need not enlarge further, for to do so would require a story to itself, and entail a colouring which I am loth to impart to the present narrative.
  75. They describe that side of your personality which you should seek to enlarge until you are able to act with complete effectiveness in your everyday life.
  76. As Veynes drew near, the dance became a little more flamboyant, still further ruffling him; the spaces of dainty petticoat seemed to enlarge his grievance.
  77. We will have to enlarge the raft to carry these young hunters to the next village but once they are done they can then return by foot to their own villages.
  78. Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil that I might not cause pain.
  79. National growth for Israel means building more settlement places in the Palestinian sector of the west bank, to enlarge upon the blood between Arabs and Israelis.
  80. The high pressure needed to keep the Butadiene gas liquefied soon worked on the fracture to enlarge it enough for gas and a trickle of liquid butadiene to escape.
  81. Oh God, that You would enlarge my territory, increase my influence, give me influence that goes well beyond what I've ever had, multiply the extent of my territory.
  82. But do not make the mistake of thinking that I have come to set aside the law and the prophets; I have not come to destroy but to fulfill, to enlarge and illuminate.
  83. In his Call for a New Coalition, he spoke of the need for land-grant and state universities to enlarge their national program of support for public universities.
  84. Their captivity was a grave (sheol) to them as a nation; grave is used as a metaphor of their captivity, their death as a nation, a literal grave cannot enlarge herself.
  85. The late addition of another American medium bomber group based in Australia to the Lae attack plan had made it possible to enlarge the planned initial strike on Rabaul.
  86. Yet, if need be, when the other gentlemen have given in their evidence, rather than anything shall be wanting that will despatch him, I will enlarge my testimony against him.
  87. They say a meal at The Open Table always feels like a last supper, because it is celebrated as the sacred now where one finds the will to continue to enlarge the table for all.
  88. All during the honeymoon she had been thinking how she could bring up the subject of the thousand dollars she needed to buy fifty feet more of land to enlarge her lumber yard.
  89. Palin it was necessary to scrape and scour for every wart or carbuncle to be found in her public, private, or family life, and to enlarge anything found to hideous dimensions.
  90. Not so much for the moral influence they exert, of which we have heard so much, but that people may be led through the vision of the artist to enlarge their experience of life.
  91. He denies the function of education, trying to turn the children of all Falun Gong practitioners into new followers so as to enlarge the organization and to recruit more members.
  92. But I found it when I was downloading the camera to the computer and thought you might … I’ve never seen any pictures of Sam here … I got a photographer to enlarge properly.
  93. There each Government is surrounded by kingdoms powerful and strong, the ambition of whose rulers prompts them to seize upon every occasion to enlarge the boundaries of their dominions.
  94. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the vizier had authorized, bringing it to the size of a corps in anticipation of the march ahead.
  95. She grumbled a bit and scratched at herself, stepped over to peer into the pond once more, and nodded and returned to her hut, determined to enlarge it to accommodate her increased girth.
  96. The mountain work among the poor whites is full of promise, and calls loudly for our aid, and the Association only waits for the necessary funds to greatly enlarge its efforts in this field.
  97. With Senator Joe Buck in command of the US1, he requested the rescue team to bring explosives to enlarge the hole in the rock face, so they could drive the sub through and escape the tunnel.
  98. A contract for dynamite with the San Tome mine, and then, perhaps, later on, other mines, which were sure to—The little man from Esmeralda was ready to enlarge, but Charles interrupted him.
  99. Education is very valuable, because if you invest in yourself, what you do is, you take the potential, and you enlarge what you're capable of, and therefore you improve your value to your employer.
  100. The relaxation of investment bankers’ standards in the late 1920s, and their use of ingenious means to enlarge their compensation, had unwholesome repercussions in the field of corporate management.
  1. Secrets for enlarging your private parts.
  2. Instead of enlarging and deepening action we chisel our.
  3. The tunnel enlarging crews had started work on enlarging the tunnel.
  4. It would require enlarging the Long Lac and Ogoki reservoirs in northern.
  5. Tunnel enlarging proved to be a more time consuming task than digging the.
  6. Telling the rest of them it was soft dirt, she started enlarging the hole on her.
  7. Now, his mouth agape, he simply stared at the rapidly enlarging plot of land below him.
  8. Now one of the things about enlarging influence is, there's always a giant in the land.
  9. There's some practical things you could do; one, pray consistently over that issue of enlarging.
  10. By reducing r would bring about the same result as enlarging the mass factor of the cosmic objects i.
  11. Most men of my time were however still resistant to enlarging the role of women, even with the war on.
  12. When there’s an abnormality such as an enlarging core that could effectively lead to our imminent.
  13. Eye pinning is the term for a parrot enlarging and reducing the size of the pupils of its eyes rapidly.
  14. In the hallway, two enlarging shadows suddenly eclipsed the corner then entered the room with flashlights on.
  15. She had solos with the group, which traveled to white neighborhoods as well as black, enlarging her experience.
  16. A plain man could carry on his little business now in the country, and even think of enlarging it—with safety.
  17. Bigwig and some of the other rabbits had already begun enlarging their burrows in preparation for Holly's return.
  18. Lydgate was ambitious above all to contribute towards enlarging the scientific, rational basis of his profession.
  19. Do you know that enlarging penises is a big business over there? You see, they have their own special kind of stupidity.
  20. At the end of it, they had three stunning images suitable for enlarging and framing for putting on the waiting room wall.
  21. And this evolving and enlarging concept of God virtually supplanted all previous ideas of Deity in our fathers' religion.
  22. I rose, and again began digging and enlarging the hole; still I found nothing, nothing—the chest was no longer there!.
  23. Love must thereby grasp the ever-changing and enlarging concepts of the highest cosmic good of the individual who is loved.
  24. David employed forty to fifty messengers in this intelligence division of the rapidly enlarging and extending work of the kingdom.
  25. If there would be no movement, no enlarging of love, then there would be no time; as to space, it is the representation of other beings.
  26. This enlarging of the experience is true education, and a very different thing from the memorising of facts that so often passes as such.
  27. The enlarging cosmic conceptions of an advancing spirit personality are due to augmentations of both depth of insight and scope of consciousness.
  28. He found him incredibly inattentive and irritable, though he, Andrey Semyonovitch, began enlarging on his favourite subject, the foundation of a new special.
  29. He found him incredibly inattentive and irritable, though he, Andrey Semyonovitch, began enlarging on his favourite subject, the foundation of a new special commune.
  30. Later the roles of the married couple reversed but the three always remained good friends, many other people becoming part of the enlarging circle of friends over the years.
  31. As summer began to heat up the already overheated atmosphere, troposphere and so on, enlarging ozone-layer holes near to the point of merging, things down below were coming to a boil.
  32. What, sir, was the avowed object of this war? It has ever been said that conquest, with a view of extending our territory, and enlarging our dominion, was not the wish of this Government.
  33. The enlarging brotherhood of gospel believers, the social aspects of the enhanced morals and quickened ethics resulting from the reign of God's spirit in the hearts of individual believers.
  34. Frodo told many tales, yet always he steered the matter away from the quest of the Company and from the Ring, enlarging rather on the valiant part Boromir had played in all their adventures.
  35. As to altering my way of living by enlarging my expenses, I put it to him whether in our present unsettled and difficult circumstances, it would not be simply ridiculous, if it were no worse?
  36. Seeing him in good heart, the others set aside their fear as best they could and did as he told them, enlarging the burrows beyond the south end of the Honeycomb and piling become a solid wall.
  37. Nihilist, Godless, paganized, the contemporary generation accepts as an undoubted law, that the development of man consists in enlarging the number of needs and refining them to the point of a cult.
  38. Construction of complex option combinations allows creating a multitude of nonlinear payoff functions, thereby considerably enlarging the potentialities and flexibility of the sophisticated investor.
  39. He was himself vigorous and formidable; he armed himself with his staff, made a shield of his knapsack, and made his way out of the kennel in the best way he could, not without enlarging the rents in his rags.
  40. This year God's enlarging our territory to include millions of Muslims in Pakistan, but right here in Hastings He wants to enlarge our territory to include the people in your world, and the one who reaches them is you.
  41. A good opportunity has thus been afforded for enlarging a little on gradations of structure, often associated with strange functions—an important subject, which was not treated at sufficient length in the former editions of this work.
  42. Though the first family was very nice too, Prince Tchetchensky felt happier in his second family; and he used to take his eldest son with him to his second family, and told Stepan Arkadyevitch that he thought it good for his son, enlarging his ideas.
  43. It must be admitted that the latter case is rarely met with in practice,’ said the lawyer, and stealing a glance at Alexey Alexandrovitch he paused, as a man selling pistols, after enlarging on the advantages of each weapon, might await his customer’s choice.
  44. And allow me to suggest, whether, under the auspices of our learned societies, some men of science might not be employed and supported in exploring the country, with the prospect of greatly enlarging the science of our country, and of enriching our Journals and Cabinets of Natural History.
  45. This is not the place for enlarging disproportionately on certain ideas; nevertheless, while absolutely maintaining our reserves, our restrictions, and even our indignations, we must say that every time we encounter man in the Infinite, either well or ill understood, we feel ourselves overpowered with respect.
  46. At the meeting of the Woman's Missionary Association of Alabama, held in connection with the Congregational Conference at Mobile, April 1st, the Constitution was amended, enlarging the sphere of work to cover both home and foreign missions, and thus we have the Woman's Missionary Union of the State of Alabama.
  47. Clouds thicken upon us; our wrongs are still increased; during the sensibility of this nation, and without atonement for the attack upon the Chesapeake, on the 16th October, 1807, a proclamation issues from the British Cabinet respecting seafaring persons, enlarging the principles of former encroachments upon the practice of impressment.
  48. Let every man make sure that the intellectual and moral foundations of character are such as will adequately support the superstructure of the enlarging and ennobling spiritual nature, which is thus to transform the mortal mind and then, in association with that re-created mind, is to achieve the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny.
  49. Do you realise what you see in these pictures arte the same cosmic principles applying in such a manner that it is the very same thing happening in the cosmos and on earth? The circles forming is gravity forming Π by the movement of Π2 as gravityΠ0extends into wider circles by enlarging Π from connecting to one dot and then connecting up to 4Π0in the circle.
  50. We trust that all cultivators of mineralogy and geology in this country, will willingly aid Professor Cleaveland in enlarging his list of American localities for a second edition; and we hope that he will repay them, at a future day, by giving us a distinct treatise on geology, with as particular a delineation as possible of the geological relations of the great North American formations.
  51. I am confident, that if Volta and the other investigators of Galvanism, instead of multiplying the pairs of Galvanic plates, had sought to increase the effect by enlarging one pair as I have done, (for I consider the copper and zinc surfaces as reduced to two by the connexion) the apparatus would have been considered as presenting a new mode of evolving heat, as a primary effect independently of electrical influence.
  52. After enlarging at great length in this book on the 'error,’ as he terms it, 'of the doctrine of the soul’s natural immortality,’ he breaks out into the following apostrophe to the heathen philosophers:—'Will you lay aside your habitual arrogance, O Men, who claim God as your Father, and maintain that you are immortal, just as He is? Will you inquire, examine, search, what you are yourselves, whose you are, of what parentage you are supposed to be, what you do in the world, in what way you are horn, how you leap into life? Will you, laying aside all partiality, consider, in the silence of your thoughts, that we are creatures either quite like the rest, or separated by no great difference? 'a fact which Arnobius then proceeds to illustrate with great vivacity (ii.
  53. Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.
  1. God, I want to be enlarged.
  2. Your circle of friends is enlarged.
  3. He’d taken a cave and enlarged it.
  4. The head was enlarged and gave the.
  5. He pointed to the enlarged ventricles.
  6. There was an enlarged photograph of Mrs.
  7. Does Hell have an enlarged immortal soul?
  8. Harry had enlarged his chart on the monitor.
  9. They enlarged the caves and created others.
  10. It was enlarged and embellished by CharlesV.
  11. These enlarged vessels are called varicose.
  12. I didn't, this is a compacting spell enlarged.
  13. Jesus enlarged on the spirit for its real value.
  14. But his interest in engines had greatly enlarged.
  15. His pupils were quite enlarged now, He had stopped.
  16. This table, long as it is, might be greatly enlarged.
  17. Farms were enlarged, and the occupiers of land, not.
  18. The salary is proportionately enlarged, I should add.
  19. The path of logs led back to the enlarged mine entrance.
  20. Access to those rooms was now from the enlarged central.
  21. It still showed her ventricles enlarged and no improvement.
  22. Haemorrhoids are enlarged raised veins in the anus or rectum.
  23. The first planet, Neptune, enlarged and zipped past in a blur.
  24. Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins close to the surface.
  25. They have tits enlarged by one doctor, brains shrunk by another.
  26. His eyes, enlarged with shock and indignation, stared defiantly.
  27. The crimson sphere enlarged and became an oval of arcane energy.
  28. There was an enlarged image of one of Sue’s eyes and eyebrow.
  29. In such a preparation, the enlarged ventricles would be striking.
  30. Enlarged breasts are a sign that your body’s preparations are.
  31. All his peculiarities will, in many other places, be enlarged upon.
  32. When we returned, the tumor, of course, had enlarged substantially.
  33. The image enlarged and I could see a magnified image of the target.
  34. It can easily be enlarged and the weather there is ideal for flying.
  35. Wollaston suspects, their wings not at all reduced, but even enlarged.
  36. In children, enlarged tonsils, blocked nose caused by colds and upper.
  37. It has recently been enlarged and greatly improved by a change of form.
  38. He then enlarged the cities of Beirut, Damascus, Tyre, Sidon and Rhodes.
  39. He enlarged the interior of the car so I would have more space to suit up.
  40. Therefore, HELL (grave-sheol) has enlarged herself and opened her mouth.
  41. Their employment as nurses has enlarged the sphere and influence of woman.
  42. Indeed, the sphere of national legislation has been more enlarged under Mr.
  43. Simultaneous application of three criteria enlarged the set to 18 elements.
  44. Inside the enlarged fangs a red mist swirled, in an almost hypnotic pattern.
  45. With its enlarged capital AAA Enterprises went into two additional businesses.
  46. The patient has an enlarged cervical lymph node for which he undergoes biopsy.
  47. Your understanding of your personal moods and the moods of others is enlarged.
  48. The lock assembly factory was modernised and enlarged and the end product taken.
  49. Therefore, Hell [grave-sheol] has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without.
  50. Therefore, HELL [grave-sheol] has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without.
  51. The question, I think, says Reagan, again stammering, should be enlarged.
  52. The enlarged section of the ‘Game table that showed the militia revealed the.
  53. Each day brings to us fresh grounds of hope, and enlarged prospects for usefulness.
  54. No was the quick answer, and then with a wave of his arm Marah enlarged on it.
  55. He used Abram’s computer, located in the enlarged closet space he called his office.
  56. During the year the building has been enlarged, and many improvements have been made.
  57. Bournisien defended it; he enlarged on the acts of restitution that it brought about.
  58. He shall lead you into the enlarged truth, and I will go with you into all the world.
  59. The other photograph had been an enlarged segment of the first that showed only the box.
  60. She enlarged the picture, focusing not on the field but on the people watching the game.
  61. Therefore, HELL (grave-sheol) has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without measure.
  62. When the pictures arrived, I scanned them into my computer and then I enlarged them and.
  63. Strangely enough, state coffers are frequently enlarged through the mechanism of Medicaid.
  64. The circle enlarged and he could see the cover art—a Messerschmitt ME-262, and the title.
  65. Where is the house built? Within You! Your spirit is enlarged and becomes charged with life.
  66. Adem thought it was possible that they had enlarged one of those wormholes to enter Kismeria.
  67. This is what they wanted in exchange for Kim, said Pon handing Stu an enlarged photograph.
  68. Samantha walked to a side wall and stared at an enlarged photo that was at least eight feet tall.
  69. Water had washed away the soft strata below and progressively enlarged the chamber they were in.
  70. He found the liver considerably enlarged, and the digestive powers weakened, while the course of.
  71. Torbin imagined Roidon having to have his brain greatly enlarged to accommodate the extra knowledge.
  72. Mitchell's eyes enlarged, a naked young boy holding his index finger to his mouth, was on the cover.
  73. For those who have enlarged hemorrhoids, soft and watery stools can leave some residue around the anus.
  74. The glass was clear but so thick they enlarged his eyes to make him look, as he joked, like a goldfish.
  75. My father had a small factory at Coventry, which he enlarged at the time of the invention of bicycling.
  76. A greatly enlarged photograph of the IDF dog tag appeared on a rear projection screen covering one wall.
  77. The information, though voluminous, might have been enlarged with more time for research and preparation.
  78. I climbed beside her on the bed and caressed her luscious breasts, the enlarged tummy, the fattened legs.
  79. It had to be enlarged, for one thing, as Jacob had not counted on the people coming in such large numbers.
  80. So little flesh remained under the skin, the joints seems enormously enlarged and stuck out at odd angles.
  81. When a house is rebuilt, improved, or enlarged, there is a new valuation, and the tax is rated accordingly.
  82. Once a haven for the Viet Cong, the tunnels have been reinforced and enlarged to make them tourist-friendly.
  83. Two or three individuals hinted, that the man of skill, during his Indian captivity, had enlarged his medical.
  84. The central cell of the community was enlarged to include more than 20-30 people until they used amphitheaters.
  85. Around the courtyard photographs of Joseph Beck at different stages of his life were enlarged into huge prints.
  86. An enlarged prostate gland in elderly men, its symptoms is weak flow of urine or stop- start symptoms or no flow.
  87. After embracing me with her now slightly enlarged tummy she turned to Spencer and with one look burst into tears.
  88. With the passing of time, the locals have enlarged it and used for swimming so as to beat the summer heat.
  89. In a speech in Colorado on July 2, 2008, then candidate Obama called for a vastly enlarged internal security force.
  90. He placed the envelope into his Boss’s hands, who promptly opened it up and out spilled two enlarged photographs.
  91. The explosions had enlarged the outside entrance, allowing in more light, but the cave was still shrouded in gloom.
  92. Prolapsed internal hemorrhoid are enlarged hemorrhoids that get so distended that they push through the anal opening.
  93. The momentary pleasure of success got the better of her; her eyes enlarged, and she involuntarily smiled in his face.
  94. At that moment, he looked like a daemon, with a crooked, enlarged and pitch black face, clawed arms and fuming breath.
  95. It applies to all combinations of human industry, as stimulated and enlarged by the inventions of this scientific age.
  96. But she saw only his eyes hugely enlarged in their sockets and saw in them the frightened child; the son she never had.
  97. The house was overrun with ivy, its chimney being enlarged by the boughs of the parasite to the aspect of a ruined tower.
  98. The map is an enlarged copy of Carleton's map of this part of the state, with one or two corrections, which truth required.
  99. In time, the lack of cohesion amongst the individual qunams of the enlarged plunams would have ruined the plan in the making.
  100. At my age? With this huge belly, with my diabetes and uric acid, with my levels of cholesterol and my enlarged heart?
  1. He enlarges his appetite like Sheol.
  2. In this case the Arctic Fox enlarges the home and then.
  3. While the radius enlarges, at the same proportion does the.
  4. This by itself enlarges your outlook on life and what you can and cannot achieve.
  5. I see in you the estuary that enlarges and spreads itself grandly as it pours in the great sea.
  6. The power of reason is good because it enlarges knowledge for a path that has more light and less secrets.
  7. And all of this loving service of the children of God enlarges our capacity to receive and experience the joys of heaven, the high pleasures of the ministry of the spirit of heaven.
  8. This labyrinth river of compacted blue ice figures as the largest and most rugged glacier accessible by road, as well as the only glacier that keeps on increasing, for though it recedes at one end, it enlarges more at another end.
  9. But let me ask you this—do you think that the Shrine paints itself, or stacks the disaster grain itself, or tends the breeding herds itself, or enlarges itself as it soon must? Those of us who live here must do that, as must the nearby villages we ask to help us.
  10. While the radius enlarges, at the same proportion does the influence of the mass factor reduce and the mere fact that the radius increase shows that at no stage further into the future can the mass stem the growth of the radius because the radius overpowered the mass factor already.
  11. Since the Orleans railway has invaded the region of the Salpetriere, the ancient, narrow streets which adjoin the moats Saint-Victor and the Jardin des Plantes tremble, as they are violently traversed three or four times each day by those currents of coach fiacres and omnibuses which, in a given time, crowd back the houses to the right and the left; for there are things which are odd when said that are rigorously exact; and just as it is true to say that in large cities the sun makes the southern fronts of houses to vegetate and grow, it is certain that the frequent passage of vehicles enlarges streets.
  12. Now, it was plainly a labor of love for Captain Sleet to describe, as he does, all the little detailed conveniences of his crow's-nest; but though he so enlarges upon many of these, and though he treats us to a very scientific account of his experiments in this crow's-nest, with a small compass he kept there for the purpose of counteracting the errors resulting from what is called the "local attraction" of all binnacle magnets; an error ascribable to the horizontal vicinity of the iron in the ship's planks, and in the Glacier's case, perhaps, to there having been so many broken-down blacksmiths among her crew; I say, that though the Captain is very discreet and scientific here, yet, for all his learned "binnacle deviations," "azimuth compass observations," and "approximate errors," he knows very well, Captain Sleet, that he was not so much immersed in those profound magnetic meditations, as to fail being attracted occasionally towards that well replenished little case-bottle, so nicely tucked in on one side of his crow's nest, within easy reach of his hand.

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