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Eruption numa frase em (in ingles)

1. But the eruption never came.
2. Suddenly there was an eruption.
3. The eruption back then would have.
4. Mount Saint Helen's eruption effects.
5. The eruption of the mountain caused.
6. Highest death toll from a volcanic eruption.
7. There was a huge volcanic eruption in the States.

8. I said nothing; I controlled my volcanic eruption.
9. The eruption of Indonesia’s Toba supervolcano c.
10. The eruption of static from the open top of the jeep.
11. A volcanic eruption of self-defeating thoughts and emo-.
12. The next thirty minutes were an eruption of mass confusion.
13. An eruption of bullets battered against the shield, sending.
14. This causes irritation, inflammation, skin eruption and pain.
15. The eruption of emotion, which comes from confessing a very.
16. A second later, there was silent and then an almighty eruption.
17. No! Sephiroth roared in anguish, his scream an eruption of.
18. No, actually before the eruption of Yellowstone this was a fairly.
19. I glance around, and on the road behind me, I see an eruption of fire.
20. For example, the evolution of minerals – is the eruption of volcanoes.
21. My confidence exploded and I roared into the sky like the Thira eruption.
22. He expected questions—an eruption of voices—but the room was dead silent.
23. That was clear from the eruption of sound and the silence that smothered it.
24. But their moment of peace is interrupted all too soon with an eruption of violence.
25. He remembered well the last time there had been such an eruption of the lifestream.
26. Cryovolcanism is the eruption of cold material such as nitrogen, water or methane.
27. Only very close to an eruption are gases concentrated enough to poison healthy people.
28. It was the largest explosive eruption in the Cascade Range going back a million years.
29. A second eruption threw colossal boulders out onto the surrounding grasses and shrubs.
30. Make sure you don�t have to leave the house to avoid a major eruption in the wrong place.
31. Elm was feeling nothing, everything had numbed with the volcanic eruption of extreme hostility.
32. He hadn’t made it twenty feet and his body heaved outward, projecting a huge eruption of vomit.
33. The mudflow is the result of a volcanic eruption consisting of a debris flow of around 3 km³ (0.
34. The News reported that there had been an immense explosion, probably the precursor to a volcanic eruption.
35. Her shaking hands try and cover the eruption streaming out her eyes that are careful not to hide her gaze.
36. They watched from the shade of the forest and prepared for the eruption, but when it came they still jumped.
37. The final extinction of that vast people which had been in eruption for twenty-six years—such was the dream.
38. The only eruption of culture we pass is a statue, ten metres high, of a labourer hacking at a rock with a pick.
39. The entire slums area was entirely wiped out, perhaps ten percent of the population survived the eruption unharmed.
40. Adding to the already fragile economy and stock market was the eruption of corporate scandals that rocked the world.

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