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Escape numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He may try to escape.
  2. AJ saw an escape plan.
  3. It is time to escape.
  4. That you escape it all.
  5. I still have to escape.

  6. Then he tried to escape.
  7. But they did not escape.
  8. Q: Is there no escape?
  9. He had made his escape.
  10. It was her last escape.
  11. Hard work was an escape.
  12. Yet there was no escape.
  13. You aided her to escape.
  14. She would not escape it.
  15. We can escape this hell.

  16. He wanted her to escape.
  17. She needed to escape it.
  18. It was an escape so he.
  19. There would be no escape.
  20. Then we have to escape.
  21. I helped her to escape?
  22. There is no escape hatch.
  23. He will not try to escape.
  24. We can't escape the cross.
  25. No excuses, and no escape.

  26. Escape back to his family.
  27. They will never escape it.
  28. There is no escape for me.
  29. This is my time to escape.
  30. He felt his breath escape.
  31. I escape the hands of time.
  32. You cannot escape the king.
  33. But it was a futile escape.
  34. I don’t want to escape.
  35. That was no escape, either.
  37. Escape was the only reality.
  38. Unable to escape any of it.
  39. He’d had a narrow escape.
  40. I came here to escape and.
  41. Fifth, we can't escape taxes.
  42. We can make our escape then.
  43. A tear threatened to escape.
  44. Then he saw the fire escape.
  45. We have had a narrow escape.
  46. See that no one escape you.
  47. There was no escape that way.
  48. Now there could be no escape.
  49. He was helping Jews escape.
  50. That which you can't escape.
  51. We had to rethink our escape.
  52. They would not escape this.
  53. And there is but one escape!.
  54. Her escape did not last long.
  55. Corey prepared for an escape.
  56. I'd actually made my escape.
  57. I could see the fire escape.
  58. You cannot escape your own.
  59. For those of us who escape.
  60. Tears slowly escape my eyes.
  61. And, obviously, I did escape.
  62. The third was able to escape.
  63. Even escape into the screen.
  64. There was no possible escape.
  65. Land about making his escape.
  66. We can’t escape that damage.
  67. From which there was no escape.
  68. Stop! You cannot escape me.
  69. It was like the great escape.
  70. She didn’t escape this time.
  71. This was her chance to escape.
  72. You will not escape this time.
  73. Why would she escape without.
  74. I have tried to escape those.
  75. The only escape will be death.
  76. He must escape from this power.
  77. I had to find a way to escape.
  78. There is no escape from action.
  79. There was no chance of escape.
  80. I can’t escape this issue.
  81. He couldn't escape them! They.
  82. It's the only chance of escape.
  83. In this game there is no escape.
  84. I tried pretty hard to escape.
  85. I have to try to escape myself.
  86. I was all for making my escape.
  87. There was no escape that way!.
  88. Only by a hair did they escape.
  89. I defy you to escape from that.
  90. True, he might escape at night.
  91. To escape from this fire, the.
  92. Even then I was able to escape.
  93. I decided it was time to escape.
  94. They can’t escape each other.
  95. But his power tries to escape.
  96. Escape was out of the question.
  97. Had to chew it off to escape.
  98. Otherwise, no one would escape.
  99. Only an oof! managed to escape.
  100. So they devised a crude escape.
  1. There is no escaping it.
  2. There was no escaping it.
  3. There was no escaping this.
  4. He was a prisoner escaping.
  5. Limpy kept any from escaping.
  6. The kid was an escaping slave.
  7. I lost her as we were escaping.
  8. Escaping the Cult of Hero Worship.
  9. Therefore, it is Escaping Hell©.
  10. Here he was, escaping a crime scene.
  11. Here though, there was no escaping.
  12. He was escaping from her, she feared.
  13. She was thinking about escaping again.
  14. All he could think about was escaping.
  15. I had been so intent on just escaping.
  16. And don’t even think about escaping.
  17. Her mind soars, escaping to the heavens.
  18. Please, I said, the word escaping.
  19. Not knowing whether he was escaping or.
  20. The sound of escaping air could be heard.
  21. Sadly there is no escaping that which is.
  22. Joey just ran with the intent of escaping.
  23. It was hard escaping it for long anyways.
  24. Halfshaft changed his mind about escaping.
  25. I came from the south, escaping invaders.
  26. That explains the running without escaping.
  27. Think you're escaping and run into yourself.
  28. Escaping from the clutches of a ski-masked.
  29. There were only two ways of escaping from it.
  30. Surely, escaping slaves would head elsewhere.
  31. This was to prevent the Goblins from escaping.
  32. On escaping the "have tos"�December 9, 2011.
  33. In the end, there's no escaping from the truth.
  34. Suddenly all hope of her escaping was restored.
  35. She was still alive, living, not escaping death.
  36. There was no means of escaping what was to come.
  37. They were escaping threats of deadly retribution.
  38. Only seven of us made it, escaping in a life pod.
  39. Escaping with him for an hour sounded like heaven.
  40. Round and round a moth flies, colliding, escaping.
  41. Alan jerks back, a grunt of pain escaping his lips.
  42. She was her pain, now—there seemed no escaping it.
  43. She knew Moses’ heart was with the escaping slaves.
  44. Greg: What about escaping? Is the gym an escape for.
  45. There was no wind; nothing racing, flying, escaping.
  46. I was slowly reeling him in and escaping his trance.
  47. We, as a physical consciousness, of Escaping Hell©.
  48. As to his escaping by that window, it was incredible.
  49. As he was escaping the crucifixion, a guard attempted.
  50. He also knew that escaping into the fields was useless.
  51. As the last of the escaping animals left the room, the.
  52. You can’t solve your problems by escaping from them.
  53. Escaping, leaving or fleeing an abusive relationship is.
  54. Locke cleared his throat, a mist escaping from his mouth.
  55. Final y escaping the rain of terror he sat on the floor.
  56. The escaping material forms a coma that may be hundreds.
  57. It fuses our mind, actions, and speech, Escaping Hell©.
  58. The pain reached the heart and the tears started escaping.
  59. There was simply no way of escaping through brute strength.
  60. But they had attacking his sentries and escaping by night.
  61. He believes that escaping from the Nautilus is impossible.
  62. The task now for the LSSAH was to stop the enemy escaping.
  63. Oo! I'm afraid! Alyosha, listen! Ivan suggests my escaping.
  64. Graphically speaking, it looks like this: Escaping Hell©.
  65. It seems there’s no escaping the reach of genetic damage.
  66. Zachary’s car escaping without a scratch and mine damaged.
  67. Pretty Boy, if we run there’s a chance of escaping and.
  68. There was no possibilities of escaping, no ways to avoid him.
  69. She kept a firm grasp on my arm, preventing me from escaping.
  70. These sands have good Permeability, which helps in escaping.
  71. Escaping the echoing sounds of death that just surrounded me.
  72. Nevertheless I had every intention of escaping at the first.
  73. Escaping situations that trigger anxiety or panicky feelings.
  74. She rolled, barely escaping the booted heel aimed at her face.
  75. Then Randy said he was off to see his girl, the name escaping.
  76. This is the Odinic principle, which operates Escaping Hell©.
  77. I wouldn’t have to worry about escaping Hadya for a few days.
  78. We couldn't risk you running off and escaping when you woke up.
  79. There would be no escaping the forest, not without his friends.
  80. The prince and his servant succeeded in escaping from the enemy.
  81. Max wasn’t just trying to stop her from escaping now; he was.
  82. He makes a habit of escaping, the Elassai Wizard said flatly.
  83. Suddenly blocked memories started escaping from my subconscious.
  84. Or he could be foiling the attempts of the others from escaping.
  85. I said nothing; stood at the bus stand escaping my eyes from him.
  86. Dalai Lama fled the invaders, escaping north into China where he.
  87. They must’ve heard something to do with the prisoners escaping.
  88. I also have information that he is escaping in a most unusual way.
  89. Daylight to try and escape the heat but there was no escaping the.
  90. He'd done that even being inexperienced agent escaping seemingly.
  91. Andy was having a tough time escaping Drew who had him under his.
  92. Escaping air would make a thrust vector through our center of mass.
  93. That we'll encounter advantageous conditions for escaping just as.
  94. I tried to find a way of escaping, but we were watched too closely.
  95. She'd never imagined that it would prevent them both from escaping.
  96. My breathing felt hard, tears escaping my eyes and then I screamed.
  97. She staggers around and vomits once—there’s no escaping the gas.
  98. Good! Moshe breathed, a sigh of relief escaping with the reply.
  99. The problem with escaping from the Sphere Of Influence was that they.
  100. The cat leapt at the fence, mouth wide, knowing its prey was escaping.
  1. He escaped to a cave.
  2. I am sure some escaped.
  3. Bruce and I had escaped.
  4. I doubt if any escaped.
  5. A short cry escaped her.
  6. A sigh escaped his lips.
  7. A sob escaped my throat.
  8. A gasp escaped his mouth.
  9. It had escaped my memory.
  10. He had escaped the fires.
  11. But he escaped in the end.
  12. A moan escaped her throat.
  13. This time the grin escaped.
  14. A growl escaped his throat.
  15. He had just escaped neatly.
  16. So yeah, I finally escaped.
  17. I only just escaped by.
  18. One of the demons escaped.
  19. Once more Beck had escaped.
  20. He told me you had escaped.
  21. I escaped out of sheer luck.
  22. Father had escaped the Land.
  23. A low groan escaped his lips.
  24. A tiny moan of fear escaped.
  25. A low moan escaped his mouth.
  26. A deep sigh escaped his lips.
  27. A small gasp escaped her lips.
  28. A long breath escaped Drapaku.
  29. But the Sauba itself escaped.
  30. He escaped in a naval vessel.
  31. A tear escaped, then another.
  32. Although he had escaped the.
  33. No one had escaped unscathed.
  34. None of the bastards escaped.
  35. He escaped out the back window.
  36. And then he escaped overnight.
  37. Rodney escaped in the same way.
  38. A tiny gasp escaped her throat.
  39. They escaped the next evening.
  40. I was the only one who escaped.
  41. Nonetheless a sigh escaped her.
  42. Jesus always escaped their grip.
  43. Several tears escaped her eyes.
  44. A small sound escaped his mouth.
  45. They had escaped for the moment.
  46. No operating detail escaped him.
  47. But the escaped slave spared him.
  48. We might have escaped, ourselves.
  49. A huge sigh of relief escaped her.
  50. Most of his men escaped unharmed.
  51. One had died and one had escaped.
  52. Seventy people escaped the famine.
  53. He had escaped death twice today.
  54. He escaped the Land of the Home -.
  55. They had escaped! He felt cheated.
  56. I was abducted and I just escaped.
  57. The patient has once more escaped.
  58. How he escaped alive I don't know.
  59. They escaped without a shot fired.
  60. A strangled cry escaped her throat.
  61. A moan of horror escaped her throat.
  62. He escaped from her grasp and ran.
  63. The one who escaped the ship with.
  64. A small, strangled sound escaped Mr.
  65. He escaped before without our help.
  66. The same labs that she escaped from.
  67. A whimper escaped his parched and.
  68. Not even dreams escaped her notice.
  69. Everybody has escaped by this time.
  70. And now he was an escaped prisoner.
  71. A whimpering gasp escaped her lips.
  72. Some Kyboes had escaped and could.
  73. Pete escaped with a written warning.
  74. Sigma escaped, I tell Hawke.
  75. I chuckled as a tear escaped my eye.
  76. He has escaped my eye altogether.
  77. Only the higher ground escaped the.
  78. He escaped the cells in the quarry.
  79. Hushed comments escaped my attention.
  80. But she escaped when Hurd took over.
  81. The others escaped, I mentioned.
  82. He escaped from it whenever he could.
  83. Nathan and Simon escaped out the door.
  84. Because that’s where I escaped from.
  85. No ship escaped completely unscathed.
  86. I should have escaped, she said.
  87. He escaped, he replied bitterly.
  88. Otherwise, Lester might have escaped.
  89. The bugger’s escaped, said Stu.
  90. A puff of air escaped Melvin’s lips.
  91. He could have escaped but he let them.
  92. A tear escaped and ran down her cheek.
  93. Bilbo had escaped only just in time!.
  94. And that’s not all, you escaped, I.
  95. A chuckle escaped her and then another.
  96. They probably escaped before the fire.
  97. A low exclamation had escaped Nostromo.
  98. I only wonder he has escaped with life.
  99. The ship that escaped was the Inyar.
  100. I escaped having to answer a delicate.
  1. A sob escapes his throat.
  2. But these are all escapes.
  3. The mob, of course, escapes.
  4. And if she escapes? Townside.
  5. A strangled scream escapes me.
  6. A breath escapes from her throat.
  7. And then he escapes from prison.
  8. We warn them and Quaid escapes.
  9. I grin and a chuckle escapes my lips.
  10. Watch the back door in case he escapes.
  11. The name of the airline escapes me for.
  12. This is India, no one escapes Delhi belly.
  13. Nothing escapes their concentrated vigilance.
  14. Built up pressure escapes out the opened door.
  15. Nothing escapes his attention or his interest.
  16. One about heroic adventures and daring escapes.
  17. I can't help the snort of laughter that escapes.
  18. What, the reference escapes you, brother?
  19. And he that escapes of them shall not be delivered.
  20. Such easy escapes from justice robbed her of speech.
  21. If the Runner escapes, the Red team wins 300 points.
  22. With a grunt of pain, he escapes through his fissure.
  23. The trial of the beach, that which no one escapes and.
  24. The city itself escapes the brunt of the storms, usually.
  25. Everything desires to flee from it, but nothing escapes it.
  26. No one escapes from that place, disagreed the bald man.
  27. On one or two occasions he had narrow escapes from death—.
  28. Paper, too, escapes my paw and floats, serenely, to the floor.
  29. The blood drains from my face and then a wail escapes my lips.
  30. The sound that escapes his lips sounds like a strangled snort.
  31. You must come with me and defeat the Warlock before he escapes.
  32. Nothing that happens in the market on a daily basis escapes us.
  33. This is a concept that escapes even the most seasoned investors.
  34. Maybe one too many narrow escapes had put these doubts into her.
  35. Only lightly warmed by the heat, which escapes from this open door.
  36. I was like a gaoler with an eye to possible surprises and escapes.
  37. Hypothetically, what would you do if he escapes? asked a young.
  38. He narrowly escapes poisoning by carea and is in an awful tornado.
  39. Even when distended with blood it escapes by a rapid flight sideways.
  40. Some retreated into brooding isolation or lost themselves in escapes.
  41. I didn’t believe this could be a fugue state, one of his escapes.
  42. Transcendence escapes wheels of chaos by eliminating gravity of circles.
  43. I had two narrow escapes in one of my walks with a gun in search of game.
  44. I am not against escapes, but whether you escape through this avenue or.
  45. Five years of cat and mouse, five years of narrow escapes, five years of.
  46. Out in the open, the heat escapes out into the air and does not come back.
  47. Typically, it was lined with a few dumpsters and fire escapes and darkness.
  48. There seems to be nothing in the form of the eye that escapes his attention.
  49. They have done so for 100’s of millions of years and still it escapes them.
  50. It was at one of these lunch escapes that Sashi breached the dreaded question.
  51. Something like a sob and a sigh and a moan escapes him, and he kisses me again.
  52. If a man absorbs the anger within himself, he escapes from the anger of others.
  53. What we call the present escapes more quickly then we can pronounce its name.
  54. But I have my doubts—I don’t think anything escapes the wrath of this river.
  55. Just before the last breath of air escapes the lungs, numbness reaches the head.
  56. Leave the structure sealed for 18 hours ensuring that little or no smoke escapes.
  57. They work by binding to excess stomach acid that escapes up into the esophagus i.
  58. He falls and she escapes, either with or without the object for which she has come.
  59. And he helped, with anecdotes of wonderful rescues, of escapes just in the nick of time.
  60. The building was dun-colored, jumbled with fire escapes like orthodonture over bad teeth.
  61. David’s words were really encouraging but it was up to the woman, whose name escapes me.
  62. Whenever one of our brothers and sisters escapes from whips and chains, he shall be there.
  63. I bite my lip to keep from crying out, but a groan escapes me anyway, and Caleb yanks back.
  64. A single sob escapes my lips and I bring my hand up to my mouth to prevent more from coming.
  65. Somehow one or both of them overpower him, but only one of the men, Ainsley or Twinn escapes.
  66. Free of Arct control he escapes in the starship where he discovers the microchip's and robots.
  67. Another example of the lunacy of war was mentioned in a book whose title and author escapes me.
  68. Then Toinette, by a ruse, escapes from the man, and, rushing from the dwelling, gives an alarm.
  69. Lucas and Nick started telling us Army stories about their narrow escapes with death and zombies.
  70. This secondary burner burns and oxidises any organic material which escapes the primary chamber.
  71. Upon material death, the soul escapes the bonds of the flesh and leaves behind this mortal coil.
  72. For all three it was probably the most satisfying meal they'd had since their respective escapes.
  73. Go away! I'll kill you! (Catches hold of her arms; she escapes, he runs after her with the spade.
  74. The lurid headline in the New York Daily News the next day read, Teddy Escapes, Blonde Drowns.
  75. Consider the phrase slippery as an eel to mean someone who escapes responsibility or culpability.
  76. Mini made a mental note about silver and decided to steal the book along with that robe when she escapes.
  77. These are narrow escapes and strange experiences, and adventures full of excitement both on land and sea.
  78. But he had no hereditary constitutional craving after such transient escapes from the hauntings of misery.
  79. I close the meeting with the decision that we have one week to make a decision, and Roddy gratefully escapes.
  80. She didn't have AIDS, she had morning sickness! The subtle, you get immediately, while the obvious escapes you.
  81. After four escapes and recapture from Italian prison camps, Stirling spent the rest of the war at Colditz Castle.
  82. The family escapes to America and becomes rich and affluent again and escapes all the horrors of the 2nd world war.
  83. And I guess, added Monty, he never escapes on these expeditions because he would never see his family again.
  84. I hate it when a wounded game animal escapes, but, due to my regular shooting practice, it doesn't happen very often.
  85. Every copper piece spent on roses escapes the tax collector, and instead goes to providing further power for criminals.
  86. Exactly what that is or how to accomplish it escapes me, and I have been involved in those efforts since April of 2002.
  87. Another stupid croaking noise escapes his throat before he closes his mouth with a snap and drops his eyes to the floor.
  88. Earlier in the morning, I had written an episode where Sandra Anderson escapes from her enemies exactly in the same way.
  89. NIKÍTA [rushes at her] Go away! I'll kill you! [Catches hold of her arms; she escapes, he runs after her with the spade.
  90. Now it’s giving you back the hand you lost—and I must have that story from you before the sun escapes the sky again.
  91. She could call 911, but these days they are so busy dealing with zombie escapes that they take an hour to answer a call.
  92. It sometimes happens that a stag is lost head and horns; that is to say, he escapes although he has the pack on his very.
  93. Because fear and anger take turns and intensify each other, the suppressed adrenaline escapes and runs through my entire body.
  94. He escapes and hops a train and is then pursued by the police but escapes by a hair into the forest where he spends the night.
  95. Her late-night escapes from Saint Gertrude’s left her vulnerable to sexual exploitation and unsavory liaisons with unknown men.
  96. The wicked escapes when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as the lion; Because of the transgression of the land the princes.
  97. In the village, while a cow is sold for payment, the police inspector is bribed by a factory owner, who thus escapes taxes altogether.
  98. We hear the sound of footsteps pounding along the corridor as Ben escapes from his sister’s wrath by locking himself in the bathroom.
  99. He wanted to flee in shame, to the kitchenette, to the next room, to the fire escapes and rooftops and the places where the city ended.
  100. Over and over again we plan our escapes, and over and over again we seem to return to the same sad state of feeling caged in or confined.

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