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Escape numa frase em (in ingles)

AJ saw an escape plan.
It is time to escape.
He may try to escape.
That you escape it all.
It was her last escape.
Then he tried to escape.
He had made his escape.

I still have to escape.
But they did not escape.
Q: Is there no escape?
She needed to escape it.
She would not escape it.
You aided her to escape.
We can escape this hell.
It was an escape so he.
There would be no escape.
He wanted her to escape.
Hard work was an escape.
Yet there was no escape.
I helped her to escape?
There is no escape hatch.
Then we have to escape.
No excuses, and no escape.
He will not try to escape.
There is no escape for me.
This is my time to escape.
Escape back to his family.
They will never escape it.
We can't escape the cross.
But it was a futile escape.
That was no escape, either.
I don’t want to escape.
Unable to escape any of it.
I escape the hands of time.
He’d had a narrow escape.
I came here to escape and.
He felt his breath escape.
Escape was the only reality.
You cannot escape the king.
There is no escaping it.
There was no escaping it.
There was no escaping this.
He was a prisoner escaping.
Limpy kept any from escaping.
The kid was an escaping slave.
I lost her as we were escaping.
Therefore, it is Escaping Hell©.
Escaping the Cult of Hero Worship.
Here though, there was no escaping.
Here he was, escaping a crime scene.
He was escaping from her, she feared.
She was thinking about escaping again.
All he could think about was escaping.
I had been so intent on just escaping.
And don’t even think about escaping.
Her mind soars, escaping to the heavens.
Please, I said, the word escaping.
The sound of escaping air could be heard.
Not knowing whether he was escaping or.
Joey just ran with the intent of escaping.
It was hard escaping it for long anyways.
I came from the south, escaping invaders.
Halfshaft changed his mind about escaping.
Sadly there is no escaping that which is.
That explains the running without escaping.
Escaping from the clutches of a ski-masked.
Think you're escaping and run into yourself.
There were only two ways of escaping from it.
Surely, escaping slaves would head elsewhere.
This was to prevent the Goblins from escaping.
On escaping the "have tos"�December 9, 2011.
In the end, there's no escaping from the truth.
Suddenly all hope of her escaping was restored.
She was still alive, living, not escaping death.
There was no means of escaping what was to come.
Only seven of us made it, escaping in a life pod.
They were escaping threats of deadly retribution.
Escaping with him for an hour sounded like heaven.
Round and round a moth flies, colliding, escaping.
He escaped to a cave.
I am sure some escaped.
I doubt if any escaped.
Bruce and I had escaped.
A short cry escaped her.
A sob escaped my throat.
A sigh escaped his lips.
He had escaped the fires.
It had escaped my memory.
A gasp escaped his mouth.
A moan escaped her throat.
But he escaped in the end.
This time the grin escaped.
I only just escaped by.
A growl escaped his throat.
Once more Beck had escaped.
He had just escaped neatly.
He told me you had escaped.
So yeah, I finally escaped.
One of the demons escaped.
A low moan escaped his mouth.
A deep sigh escaped his lips.
A low groan escaped his lips.
I escaped out of sheer luck.
Father had escaped the Land.
A tiny moan of fear escaped.
None of the bastards escaped.
He escaped in a naval vessel.
But the Sauba itself escaped.
A long breath escaped Drapaku.
A small gasp escaped her lips.
No one had escaped unscathed.
Although he had escaped the.
A tear escaped, then another.
He escaped out the back window.
Rodney escaped in the same way.
And then he escaped overnight.
They escaped the next evening.
A tiny gasp escaped her throat.
Nonetheless a sigh escaped her.
A sob escapes his throat.
But these are all escapes.
The mob, of course, escapes.
And if she escapes? Townside.
A strangled scream escapes me.
And then he escapes from prison.
A breath escapes from her throat.
We warn them and Quaid escapes.
I grin and a chuckle escapes my lips.
Watch the back door in case he escapes.
The name of the airline escapes me for.
This is India, no one escapes Delhi belly.
Nothing escapes their concentrated vigilance.
Nothing escapes his attention or his interest.
Built up pressure escapes out the opened door.
One about heroic adventures and daring escapes.
I can't help the snort of laughter that escapes.
What, the reference escapes you, brother?
And he that escapes of them shall not be delivered.
If the Runner escapes, the Red team wins 300 points.
Such easy escapes from justice robbed her of speech.
With a grunt of pain, he escapes through his fissure.
The trial of the beach, that which no one escapes and.
Everything desires to flee from it, but nothing escapes it.
The city itself escapes the brunt of the storms, usually.
No one escapes from that place, disagreed the bald man.
Paper, too, escapes my paw and floats, serenely, to the floor.
On one or two occasions he had narrow escapes from death—.
The blood drains from my face and then a wail escapes my lips.
You must come with me and defeat the Warlock before he escapes.
Nothing that happens in the market on a daily basis escapes us.
The sound that escapes his lips sounds like a strangled snort.
Maybe one too many narrow escapes had put these doubts into her.
This is a concept that escapes even the most seasoned investors.
He narrowly escapes poisoning by carea and is in an awful tornado.
Hypothetically, what would you do if he escapes? asked a young.
I was like a gaoler with an eye to possible surprises and escapes.
Only lightly warmed by the heat, which escapes from this open door.
Even when distended with blood it escapes by a rapid flight sideways.
Some retreated into brooding isolation or lost themselves in escapes.

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