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  1. You need to evacuate now.
  2. We had to evacuate the city.
  3. She doesn’t want to evacuate.
  4. All the others should evacuate.
  5. I want to evacuate you to—.

  6. Number two, we will not evacuate St.
  7. You had the rest of the Bridge evacuate.
  8. We have no choice but to evacuate ourselves.
  9. A decision was made to evacuate it immediately.
  10. We have come to evacuate you to someplace safer.
  11. You are to evacuate the White House immediately.
  12. We could use them to evacuate the elderly and sick.
  13. I can get there and help the Priests evacuate her.
  14. You’ve come to evacuate the island I take it?
  15. Players have twenty seconds to evacuate Level One.

  16. Help all the injured you can to the pods and evacuate.
  17. You will be less at risk than trying to evacuate on foot.
  18. It happened the day he flew his helicopter to help evacuate.
  19. If they evacuate, the areas will face economic bankruptcy.
  20. Because of the breach in security, our unit had to evacuate.
  21. If not in a sturdy structure, evacuate to a hurricane shelter.
  22. In the severe cases I have to evacuate the hard stools manually.
  23. Thus, the ship was ordered to immediately to evacuate the premises.
  24. Great Father, do we have sufficient ships to evacuate Old Earth?
  25. Following a large spillage of liquid nitrogen, evacuate the area and.

  26. Or, evacuate her away from that village for she was in very real danger.
  27. We will have to evacuate all our people still outside the fort to safety.
  28. Only the wailing of the sirens and the call to evacuate to higher ground.
  29. If they’ve moved that C-4 in here, I’ve got to evacuate this place now.
  30. Evacuate affected sections and seal off in two minutes, Bayis ordered.
  31. I know, and I’ve sent the Priests to see if they can help her evacuate.
  32. We’ll need to get some buses to evacuate the elderly, said the mayor.
  33. Your mission is to evacuate the planet’s population before the comet hits.
  34. These Jews caused us enough grief to finally force us to evacuate Palestine.
  35. Don’t you think we should evacuate to higher ground? asked a young man.
  36. We will have to evacuate the building, tent it, and fumigate it, he said.
  37. We either give them what they want, set everybody loose, or we evacuate St.
  38. When the Capital had begun to evacuate he had managed to secure her passage out.
  39. Plus, we called in reinforcements that were out helping to evacuate Mars’s Temples.
  40. An inspector came to have a look and see if they would have to evacuate any of the houses.
  41. Within the next few days we should have a plan to evacuate these areas, sooner than later.
  42. We know that in Houston it is mandatory that the entire city evacuate no later than Sunday.
  43. The timer on their screen passed seven minutes and still no order had been given to evacuate.
  44. The council fears that the cabal will evacuate in time if we destroy only the pyramid site.
  45. Because of the bomb scare that happened in our office, they obliged to evacuate the premises.
  46. Those who would place their trust in El Elyon must evacuate at once before it is too late!.
  47. Is there a possibility of this bomb going off? Should we evacuate the village? the chief.
  48. What's the alternative? To evacuate a warren is a tremendous flood perhaps, or ferrets and guns.
  49. And what options do we have? Do you want to evacuate the nobility like the Paerets wanted?
  50. I will need the services of your transport squadron to help evacuate to Okinawa American civilians.
  51. He and Commissioner Oldam had come to an agreement on taking the course of action to evacuate the city.
  52. Our offices were severely damaged and, of course, we had to evacuate and save whatever could be salvaged.
  53. Ava had no mission from the Pan Solar League other than to evacuate as many other souls as wished to board.
  54. Those who were at the subdivision in that fateful night were warned to evacuate because of the danger signals.
  55. Believing that another attack could hit the area, the fire commander immediately ordered his crews to evacuate.
  56. Ngo kept watching for the next half-hour, the time it took to pick up and evacuate safely all of his wounded men.
  57. It was impossible to evacuate wounded and prisoners or for reserves to approach with food, water, and ammunition.
  58. Gathering his senses, he scrambled clumsily across the room to evacuate his bowels into the receptacle in the corner.
  59. We had no time to evacuate the children, and some of us stayed behind to protect them while the rest set off to fight.
  60. This was a company that had to evacuate its New York headquarters housing 4,000 employees after the September 11 attack.
  61. Residents would have maybe a day and a half’s warning to evacuate, which clearly is not enough time for so many people.
  62. Yet without a means to evacuate them, they would only have died still faster if he’d tried to mount a rescue operation.
  63. He ordered the ship to evacuate the region but the Captain overruled his command and told me to dock with the Starweaver.
  64. The first problem came when Sister Jeanne Mance refused to evacuate her hospital, insisting on staying barricaded inside it.
  65. Dick Thornburgh was told to evacuate the entire area, but he realized that a mass exodus could cause huge problems and chaos.
  66. Your helicopters were often the only way to evacuate or move our troops around when the roads were controlled by the enemy.
  67. They were moving to different parts of the country they felt were safer, even though some still had several weeks to evacuate.
  68. Just between you and me, I am quite disappointed by General MacArthur’s stance about General Walker’s request to evacuate.
  69. Unfortunately the stink in the consultation room may need the family doctor evacuate his room and use another consultation room.
  70. Gavin turned to see Zalisha, I thought I told you to evacuate with the rest of the women and children to the peninsula!.
  71. If the decision to evacuate our landed troops is taken, then we will use the motor launches of our warships to pick up our men.
  72. Many people do not like to evacuate (because of the time, trouble, and money involved) and commit themselves to riding it out.
  73. I think the natives would know the asteroids were coming for years with their astronomy, hopefully in time to evacuate the cities.
  74. We are now about to jump to eight more camps to take them, but we have over 150,000 ex-inmates to evacuate to safety and to care for.
  75. A few of the braver men that had remained in the camp, were trying to evacuate the women and children without anyone getting trampled.
  76. Our strategy is to evacuate the first island to be hit by the pirates once they’ve realized all of their power and are ready to move.
  77. That bitter truth had compelled his orders to evacuate not just Esthyr’s Abbey but every other town between there and the Kalgaran River.
  78. We were given a two-minute warning to evacuate, but the code that had just opened the interior door to let us in, wouldn't let us back out.
  79. I could see that there was a pontoon bridge over the Cautin on the western end of the village, so they could evacuate if things became tense.
  80. We have an emergency and I must evacuate you as quickly as possible before this place is bombed to rubble in less than half a hour by the RAF.
  81. Equally important was the fact that those 32 transport planes were going to be able to evacuate most of the men seriously wounded in the Japanese attack.
  82. Our plan is to kill all the Japanese in the Philippines, evacuate all the American and Allied prisoners and leave the islands in the hands of the Filipinos.
  83. A first group left by sea from Inchon this morning, but I still have about 700 persons to evacuate in Seoul and I was hoping for them to be flown out of Suwon.
  84. Rocky would become isolated, with only volunteer State Emergency Services and police personnel continuing to evacuate locals to higher ground as the river peaked.
  85. Especially when combined with the fatal mistake of halting the panzer's outside Dunkirk; thus allowing the British to evacuate their troops back across the Channel.
  86. Manstein, by skilful military manoeuvering, managed to evacuate the endangered German armies which Hitler had recklessly and fatally thrust south into the Caucasus.
  87. Manstein, by skillful military manoeuvering, managed to evacuate the endangered German armies which Hitler had recklessly and fatally thrust south into the Caucasus.
  88. The panic started when Taj vomited a flood of dark fluid and security began shoving people and furniture out of the way in an effort to evacuate the guests of honor.
  89. To refuse permission to the 8th Army to evacuate Korea in these conditions is tantamount to sacrificing all these men and women for nothing, you damn jackass!’’.
  90. So, how do we evacuate the prison and what do we do with the prisoners once we do? Do we attempt to relocate the unfortunates that have been determined to be innocent?
  91. We have four C-54s on hand to help evacuate our ground personnel and surplus pilots and a truck convoy will take the rest to Pusan by road, along with our ground equipment.
  92. He immediately leapt to his feet and yelled grenade to alert his teammates of impending danger, but they could not evacuate the sniper hide-sight in time to escape harm.
  93. They would still have to fight their way back to the flight line so that they could evacuate the injured, and he would need to return the prisoners he had taken that afternoon.
  94. He immediately leapt to his feet and yelled grenade to alert his teammates of impending danger, but they could not evacuate the sniper hide-sight in time to escape harm.
  95. If there’s any sign of a hurricane coming our way, they’ll immediately notify us, and at the same time the ship’s engines will be started and preparations to evacuate will begin.
  96. Comrade Khrushchev, if we don’t accept to evacuate the Baltic states, then we will lose our troops, on top of losing eventually all the territories that we took since the start of the war.
  97. You do not easily evacuate ten thousand Venetian-glass boyos with their great blinky cow eyes, and their phonograph symphonic records in their hands, and their rings in their ears, without tearing down the middle.
  98. Know that, through a surprise military aggression by North Korean forces supported by Communist China and by the Soviet Union, the American forces in the Korean Peninsula were forced recently to evacuate Korea entirely.
  99. In the middle of 1940, as the threat of invasion seemed imminent, a more drastic scheme was developed to evacuate children—not to the country but out of the country, to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  100. If the people did not want to evacuate in any of the cities, then they would force them to, or they could just leave them there to fend for themselves; depending on the severity of the storms and availability of FEMA camps.
  1. He focused entirely on evacuating the rest.
  2. He said they were evacuating the I S F base.
  3. Thank you for evacuating the children, she said.
  4. Students had been evacuating all week, so there was barely a trickle of.
  5. They’d started evacuating when she appeared along with a cloud of smoke.
  6. A squad was evacuating the blazing vessel ahead of the Day Star, only to be.
  7. We just came from the VA headquarters and they’re evacuating the building.
  8. Panic broke out on the streets of the nearby towns when the evacuating residents heard.
  9. Leaving Madison seated on the MMARV’s rear seat provided for the purpose of evacuating.
  10. They began evacuating the surrounding houses in case there was a second, larger explosion.
  11. The airlock thought it was evacuating itself, but it was actually evacuating the whole trailer.
  12. Anyone not evacuating within the next three days, will be forcibly removed, for their own safety….
  13. Ideally, Kennedy would soften the harshness of Communist control of all of Vietnam by evacuating all US allies.
  14. We were busy evacuating the wounded in boats across the six-mile stretch of water which separated us from Basra.
  15. In the end, he had ended up evacuating three of his smaller ships, placing one of the weapons aboard each of them.
  16. Your request for evacuating your forces out of Korea is denied… My God! This could be the death of our men in Korea.
  17. President Mohamed Basarick declared martial law this afternoon and they have started evacuating as much of the city as they can.
  18. Traffic going around Pittsburgh from S, E, and N was very slow going because a large portion of the city’s population was evacuating.
  19. Alright, but I am evacuating all the nursing sisters present here: you will be a lot more useful in a hospital in Melbourne than here.
  20. Probably in a week or so, but they had a greater priority, evacuating the surrounding islands, just in case the volcano decided to blow.
  21. He envisaged a "new Dunkirk" situation developing, with the British once again evacuating to England or this time being completely destroyed.
  22. The hall was half dark, poorly lit by a few torches and by the fire in the central hearth, whose too small hood had problems evacuating the smoke.
  23. At this very moment, I knew Admiral Vance and the other pilots who had been in control of the Icebreaker’s fighter escort were evacuating the Raven Rock installation.
  24. The job of evacuating all seven prisoners took ten minutes, with the loaded gurneys brought outside the main entrance, where a shuttlecraft had landed vertically in the street.
  25. Basically, he could have summed most of it up in ten minutes by simply saying that they were going to start evacuating the affected areas once they felt one-hundred percent sure that Mr.
  26. When Khan was informed that some fortresses’ crews were fleeing their posts, he flew into a rage and ordered the other fortresses to fire on the craft evacuating the crews and destroy them.
  27. The first thing that happens when you emerge from a time travelling wormhole, no matter who or what you are, is that you start evacuating whatever body you happen to have in a rather disgusting manner.
  28. Before the arrival of Major Dows and his priceless package of information from Nancy Laplante, he had planned to safeguard his precious heavy bombers by evacuating them to Mindanao, out of reach of the Japanese.
  29. Those submarines kept the Japanese ships from approaching the islands, thus leaving helicopter resupply as the only mean of supplying the Japanese force on the islands and of evacuating the dozens of wounded soldiers.
  1. He had evacuated his wife and.
  2. We’ve evacuated most of those.
  3. The school was completely evacuated.
  4. We evacuated everything we could here.
  5. The fucking towns have been evacuated.
  6. They would have to be evacuated and scuttled.
  7. We evacuated all the believers who were in it.
  8. You evacuated, and the storm missed your house.
  9. The government should have at least evacuated.
  10. The refugees would not be evacuated to the surface.
  11. I hope you're wrong, but he's been evacuated again.
  12. Many were evacuated when the water kept coming up.
  13. The entire apartment complex had to be evacuated and.
  14. The Princess must be evacuated to safety at all cost.
  15. I drove through several villages that had been evacuated.
  16. The office is evacuated with the Mayor being the last to.
  17. Once the people have been evacuated, we can vent into the.
  18. Yes, miss: the King ordered that she be evacuated with us.
  19. We evacuated the plant while we did it, and nobody was hurt.
  20. When the building was evacuated to the other dimension, the.
  21. However, if the plant had to be evacuated and the four other.
  22. It appears the airport has been evacuated, Mythos replied.
  23. Luckily, the deck seemed to have been evacuated and he saw no one.
  24. Most of the victims were senior citizens who could not be evacuated.
  25. He was dying to have me evacuated, just to keep me from being killed.
  26. We should stop the injection of water until the people are evacuated.
  27. Other civilians may also come to here and Kimpo to be evacuated by air.
  28. Fluids even evacuated his tear ducts, moving out and away from his eyes.
  29. You will be evacuated back to the United States once all the guards are dead.
  30. As the Spaniards withdrew, I travelled through the districts they evacuated.
  31. The few engineering crew evacuated the room when they saw what was happening.
  32. The villagers were evacuated three weeks ago to save them from the witches.
  33. When Garcia peered over, he noticed the room had been evacuated, so he jumped.
  34. Every civilian within thirty miles of the Wards on our side has been evacuated.
  35. The floor was cold when Sophia evacuated her bed and prepared for her art class.
  36. British and Australian citizens will also be evacuated forcibly towards Australia.
  37. Every civilian within fifty kilometers of the Wards on our side has been evacuated.
  38. One by one the White armies collapsed until by 1921 the last of them was evacuated.
  39. Rainbow Waters wasn’t looking forward to receiving the prisoners evacuated from St.
  40. Consequently, no one heard the alert klaxon go off because the air had been evacuated.
  41. All the other children had been loaded back on the ships by their mothers and evacuated.
  42. About 3,500 residents were evacuated, and much of the public praised Sherman for doing so.
  43. One option may lie in evacuated tube transport: capsule-carriages that run in vacuum tubes.
  44. Federal buildings, the United Nations, and skyscrapers throughout the nation were evacuated.
  45. His plan was to seal off cities that were severely damaged as soon as they had been evacuated.
  46. Perhaps in a couple of days he would be evacuated to another hospital, one with better facilities.
  47. Use the Translocation Plates if you have to, but get everyone evacuated before the last Wards fail.
  48. The inhabitants had all been evacuated when the village had been the setting for a decisive battle.
  49. I’m assuming that by the time they set off the bombs, the staff would either be dead or evacuated.
  50. Next to be evacuated were Max and Star, because they were ill and would be unwell for about four more hours.
  51. When he and Susan had arrived outside and everyone else evacuated he put her down and stared at the airport.
  52. A foreign correspondent had written that Dick Thornburgh’s pregnant wife had been evacuated from the area.
  53. If the city were not totally evacuated, then you would also be looking at a very large death and injury toll.
  54. We thought that the base had been evacuated in advance of the war, as it was found deserted in the 28th Century.
  55. On this first visit a year ago, the Govicide Agents told Locke this place had been evacuated almost thirty years ago.
  56. Monygham who came upon him, by chance, in the Custom House, evacuated an hour or two before by the wretched Sotillo.
  57. Also four days ago, a convoy of ambulances was going to Kimpo Airfield with wounded soldiers to be evacuated by air.
  58. There were tens of thousands of them and they were sent to towns from which the woman and children had been evacuated.
  59. There were very few others in their area, most having evacuated deeper into the Republican States or fled to Laurentia.
  60. But I’ve noticed that they have evacuated this part of the city for blocks and are pulling out a lot of the soldiers.
  61. Our medical convoy was ambushed yesterday as we were approaching Kimpo airfield with wounded men to be evacuated by air.
  62. Thanks being returned for what we had not got, and a second hymn chanted, the refectory was evacuated for the schoolroom.
  63. The building had obviously once been a hardware store evacuated long ago, now providing homes for numerous nesting birds.
  64. Stones had been evacuated and earth dug out in order to run underground cast iron water pipes to all of the building sites.
  65. At a few minutes after twelve the next day, word came from Washington that 810 families in the community would be evacuated.
  66. Ladies set such a store by so rudely evacuated, had shocked him almost as much as the cemetery, for Frank loved cats and dogs.
  67. There she evacuated a group of loyal Dauntless—including Tobias—to a fire escape the Dauntless traitors had not sealed off.
  68. In fact, the prisoners have already been evacuated by some friends of mine, along with close to 1,400 of the town’s inhabitants.
  69. Unable to defeat the Mongols in direct confrontation, the Vietnamese evacuated their cities and retreated in the face of onslaught.
  70. The dead were left behind for the local population to bury in their improvised temporary cemeteries, and the wounded were evacuated.
  71. I don't mean to brag but I'll bet that when you hear that someone evacuated their bowels, I imagine it a lot more orderly than you do.
  72. This left only a ragtag bunch behind, while the police cordoned off the whole block, instead of part of it, and evacuated nearby houses.
  73. Kyle then entered the room and sat beside her and said, I did it; all the officers loyal to me have evacuated the places you gave me.
  74. We once evacuated a fellow to France where the HR Department did not follow the medical insurance protocol and it cost us almost 130k USD.
  75. Unfortunately, none of the warships’ crews evacuated their ships, leaving the crews of the three tankers alone to rush to their lifeboats.
  76. We evacuated the movie theatres (there were more than one and one could take a 1000 people) and had to deal with moms losing their children.
  77. I knew that large scale integrated circuits were manufactured under high vacuum inside a bell jar that is evacuated to outer space quality vacuum.
  78. Near the front line at Béthune in I917 was a farm which had been evacuated by the tenants, but there were still some cattle and other things on it.
  79. I have given orders so that the wounded pilots, aircrews and ground support crews be evacuated by air to Australia, for treatment and recuperation.
  80. All the while, the mother asteroid went on along its carrousel of orbital destruction, smashing fortress after fortress, whether manned or evacuated.
  81. In April 1918 our unit was billeted near Amiens in a small village from which the inhabitants had been evacuated two days earlier, owing to the German advance.
  82. After I evacuated my crew, I went after their command ship thinking there was no way I would survive and at least this way some of my crew would have a chance.
  83. After we were evacuated they swept poison gas through the Trinity hoping to reclaim it, but new orders came down the line and they ended up destroying the ship.
  84. A Cuban captain, under cover of the darkness, had taken his men round to the west shore and fired the Spanish blockhouses, which were evacuated as he approached.
  85. If the camp’s been successfully evacuated, he said serenely, lowering the cup once more, then the pressure to defend Traymos has … somewhat decreased.
  86. As the air inside evacuated the hollowed out asteroid, the nebula gasses were blown away, diffused to where they could see the Losira agent getting ready to strike.
  87. Thieu finally went along and the Paris peace treaty was signed January 27, 1973, but the war did not end until April 1975 when the United States evacuated all its forces.
  88. A few searching shells from the fleet soon caused him to alter his decision, and the troops evacuated this stronghold, Commandante Billen being killed by a chance shell.
  89. But it is not alright, when faced with this new reality, to think that you cannot yet rise above it! Those of you who are wounded, prepare to be evacuated to the cities.
  90. Miller was, said that she thought that it was a good idea and suggested that a weekly gathering of the evacuated mothers and their infants would also be an excellent idea.
  91. In late 1943, the British Government evacuated approximately three thousand local residents from their farms and villages in the Slapton Sands area and the American Army moved in.
  92. He probably had the logistical capability to reach Hyrdmyn, but he could neither have fed the camp’s inmates after he got there nor evacuated them across that enormous distance.
  93. Half an hour later just less than 100 people were being evacuated from the area and a further four vehicles were extinguishing the fire and preparing to make the area safe once more.
  94. They had evacuated all their people, but I saw what was an ideal place for another port and as soon as our engineer had finished the suspension bridge, I put him to work on the port.
  95. Have everyone who’s incapable of effective combat evacuated to our safest locations as fast as possible, and have the rest made ready to defend our lands at a moment’s notice.
  96. And why he knew that Inquisitor General Wylbyr had decreed the execution of every prisoner in three other camps too far from the Border States to be evacuated before they were liberated.
  97. Pim stressed that if y'all have to be evacuated instantly---and can't make it to the pods for the call---your audial implants have only enough power for one call---so make it count!.
  98. After the fall of Gaza our battalion, on occupying a Jewish colony in the coastal sector which had just been evacuated by the Turks, received a great ovation from the overjoyed inhabitants.
  99. When the blitz subsided, Lillian and Arthur returned to Liverpool, only to be evacuated again when the raids resumed, but by then they knew that they had survived at least one catastrophe.
  100. There was a great deal of frustration for the travelers from upstate, especially when they were told that pregnant women and children under the age of two were to be evacuated from the area.
  1. Even if the habitat evacuates completely, as long as you have oxygen to breathe, you can still get to the dinghy.

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