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  1. Frederick Heinz, one of the excavation crew.
  2. They headed towards the excavation without lights.
  3. Second half of excavation work for foundations and.
  4. Meticulous excavation of the reported area revealed.
  5. This formation continued till the excavation ceased.

  6. My dad had probably taken me to excavation sites in.
  7. A7 Halfway excavation of wall foundations and machine.
  8. Do you mean as in blasting caps for excavation?
  9. The men rode an elevator to the bottom of the excavation.
  10. My name will finally be first on an excavation report.
  11. Excavation involves wall foundations and machines plinths.
  12. It was like standing on the edge of a giant excavation pit.
  13. I looked at the actual excavation, and back to the picture.
  14. The excavation of the sewer of Paris has been no slight task.
  15. Concrete can then be cast into excavation dies and left to set.

  16. Carter of his desire to stop the excavation because he was fed up.
  17. In this section, the excavation was carried out mostly on solid rock.
  18. On the left, in a sort of valley, he perceived a circular excavation.
  19. No one spoke as the Land Cruiser drove down the ramp into the excavation.
  20. After a while he realized that the excavation had reached a crucial stage.
  21. And after that I abandoned altogether the idea of escaping by excavation.
  22. This way I can monitor the excavation of the ruins and guide you with that.
  23. The excavation was continued to the depth of one hundred and seventy-two feet.
  24. This excavation was made one hundred and twenty miles north northeast of Natchez.
  25. Excavation work for the rest of foundations and plinths shall continue in parallel.

  26. The grotto is a large natural excavation of the rock, 60 feet high and 30 feet wide.
  27. As the excavation went deeper, he examined every layer for weakness, and found none.
  28. Select an operation and assign it to an excavation team by dragging the two together.
  29. Max had figured it would be better to dig the new hole into the side of the excavation.
  30. I grabbed the back of a camp chair that was near the edge of the excavation and sat down.
  31. As the excavation continued three wide and very high tunnels were dug out and reinforced.
  32. It was excavated in 1895 and from 1896 until 1900 everyone who participated in the excavation died.
  33. The completion of excavation work can start preparations for casting floors in new production shops.
  34. The excavation and the fitting of the cylinders was performed accurately by means of a turning lathe.
  35. He had had to continually chase the children away from the water-main excavation in front of his house.
  36. From the penthouse they took the lift down into the bowels of the building where the main excavation happened.
  37. The breeze flowing through the cab as the vehicle roared across the excavation brought some relief to them both.
  38. The completion of excavation work initiates the preparations for casting the floor in the new production premises.
  39. After the second half of excavation work is complete the concrete casting group of workers continue with this area.
  40. The first object which excited attention was an excavation about twenty feet wide, and in some parts ten feet deep.
  41. The excavation inside was massive, a hole probably a quarter-mile long, filling all the acreage between road and river.
  42. Obviously no in depth analysis was possible at that stage, it would have to be done once they had seen the excavation.
  43. The excavation gradually diminishes in size as you proceed backward, till at 100 feet from the entrance, it terminates.
  44. Finding a skeleton was almost a given on any excavation site—at least when Steven Spielberg had anything to do with it.
  45. He had begun the excavation of a large building, perhaps a basilica or a curia, which appears to be about 40 metres long.
  46. The building site area thus prepared is ready for the excavation work to begin and the concrete formwork for casting to start.
  47. The resident firm of architects and engineers are unaware that, during excavation, they may have uncovered an archaeological site.
  48. On the way to join the crowd, Amaranthe and Maldynado skirted a second pit, a recent excavation with a mound of dirt piled next to it.
  49. The park was long and narrow, bordered on the left by a busy Roman road and on the right by the ongoing excavation of an ancient square.
  50. But the one that stands out the most is the fact that Chelsea’s dad owns a construction company that uses blasting caps for excavation.
  51. The Sheik threatened to cut off his funds for search and excavation, wine, women and song and give him a short deadline to produce some proof.
  52. I checked and cleared up any signs around my excavation then I lay in the hole pulling what dead falls I could reach to cover the small entrance.
  53. From one point of view it is a misfortune in the study of archæology that, with the progress of excavation, fresh discoveries are continually being made.
  54. Nine hours of discriminate excavation under floodlights had exposed the muddy grave of the bloated South African, Shark with five bullet holes in his back.
  55. From its entrance, the cave consists chiefly of one grand excavation through the rocks, preserving for a great distance the same dimensions as at its mouth.
  56. A huge hydraulic lifting apparatus was installed into the deep excavation and then containers began to arrive by the dozen full of tank parts and ammunition.
  57. Moreover, the laying of underground cables in the new area must wait for the completion of the excavation, and must be completed before the floor can be cast.
  58. Excavation work, concrete casting and laying of the steel structure is carried out by different building and construction teams and these can work in parallel.
  59. The excavation continued deep into the ground and was strengthened by thousands of tons of steel erected by workers who were on the payroll of the Brotherhood.
  60. For example, more excavation machines and tools could be involved to complete excavation work thus reducing the time necessary to perform this part of the work.
  61. That was the main excavation and the one that caused devastating slides during the building of the channel and soon after the opening of that important waterway.
  62. Perhaps he wanted to discuss the means of excavation, or the time involved, which, in this case, is much shorter when you have a lot of manpower at your disposal.
  63. Even if someone had found the camp and vehicles, it only needed one person to cover the boards with sand, and a few goats to obliterate any signs of the excavation.
  64. Sometimes there is a mist at night and, whilst we are screened by the 15meter high walls of the excavation, stray light might illuminate the mist above ground level.
  65. The wayfarer bent over and examined a rather large circular excavation, resembling the hollow of a sphere, in the stone on the left, at the foot of the pier of the door.
  66. The museum of Constantine has received among other things, the results of an interesting excavation made at Collo, especially some curious vases with female silhouettes.
  67. In this excavation I found some human bones, some pottery, some whorls and some thin objects composed of bronze much decomposed; all in the midst of ashes and cooking-debris.
  68. Excavation for foundations and plinths, casting of concrete and making the steel structure will be carried out by three different groups of workers to allow for them to work in parallel.
  69. More precise evidence of its site we may obtain from future excavation: though as this region lay outside the Byzantine city-walls, the ruins may have been more or less completely swept away.
  70. The sides of the principal excavation present a few apartments which are interesting, principally because they furnish large quantities of the earth from which the nitrate of potash is obtained.
  71. The drawing was a composite of the total excavation site, the structure in front of us with the fire pit in the middle, other structures that were being uncovered, and those we might uncover later.
  72. She superimposed a half sphere built with a short, circular, stone wall about fourteen inches high, continuing to the roof in wooden planks and mud or wattle and daub for each of the excavation sights.
  73. I discovered this new form and locality of magnesia in examining the strata exhibited in an excavation now making, under the delusive expectation of finding gold, about three miles from the Quarantine.
  74. With the positive ID through Civil Service records of Jonathon Sands’ body, the vultures from the press went into full cry, especially when news of a police excavation at Pitchers Gardens leaked out.
  75. The sheer length of the line—not to mention the amount of grading, excavation, and bridge-building which would have been required—made it impossible at the moment, even with Sahndrah Lywys’ Lywysite.
  76. In 1996 the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said that maybe all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on excavation, removal of tanks treatment of soil and etc was misguided and misspent effort.
  77. The sub-contractor for the building and construction work can start excavation work on the site prepared for the new production bay, and eventually continue with the framework structure for casting concrete.
  78. While the work was in progress, the excavation was kept free from water by means of eight pumps, worked by steam power, and in operation, without interruption, day and night, from March second to October thirteenth.
  79. When the amphitheater had cleared I crept stealthily to the top and as the great excavation lay far from the plaza and in an untenanted portion of the great dead city I had little trouble in reaching the hills beyond.
  80. At the end of fifteen months the level was finished, and the excavation completed beneath the gallery, and the two workmen could distinctly hear the measured tread of the sentinel as he paced to and fro over their heads.
  81. Eight feet above the floor, a long and massive beam traversed this subterranean excavation from side to side; from this beam hung, at short distances apart, chains three feet long, and at the end of these chains there were rings.
  82. Having completed excavation work for half of the foundations (for walls) and plinths (concrete supports for machines), they can also start casting concrete into finished excavations, separately for wall foundations and machine plinths.
  83. But as I cannot, and you will not, quit this place, it becomes necessary to fill up the excavation beneath the soldier's gallery; he might, by chance, hear the hollow sound of his footsteps, and call the attention of his officer to the circumstance.
  84. The buildings surrounding the excavation were slowly joined together by further constructions which passed the normal planning applications and seemed to offer good residential and commercial property in an area of the city that cried out for development.
  85. I am no geologist, but the lining of this corridor was certainly of some harder material than limestone, for there were points where I could actually see the tool-marks which the old miners had left in their excavation, as fresh as if they had been done yesterday.
  86. We see how important a part excavation plays in the construction of the cells; but it would be a great error to suppose that the bees cannot build up a rough wall of wax in the proper position—that is, along the plane of intersection between two adjoining spheres.
  87. Originaly known as Corte Culebra (Snake Cut), it now takes the name of Colonel David DuBose Gaillard, the engineer who was in charge of the excavation of about seven and a half miles long through the Cordillera Continental (Continental Divide), during the construction of the Canal.
  88. They could not see Michaels’ body when it was ultimately brought out because of the tent that covered the excavation, but Lucy was still there when the police surgeon arrived on the scene, and following the frantic activity that ensued, Derrick approached Lucy in his best customer friendly manner.
  89. The project team monitors the performance of these activities against scheduled time duration’s and sends orders for purchasing new small presses and large presses when excavation work is halfway complete in order to ensure that these machines are delivered before the date planned for their installation.
  90. The 63rd had managed to finish the excavation just in time to avoid the flooding threat of the spring floods—that time pressure had been a large part of General Makgrygair’s original skepticism—and the site chosen for its mouth was on the reverse slope of one of the low hills which was still above water level, completely concealed from even the defenders’ observation towers.
  91. Natural selection acts only by the preservation and accumulation of small inherited modifications, each profitable to the preserved being; and as modern geology has almost banished such views as the excavation of a great valley by a single diluvial wave, so will natural selection banish the belief of the continued creation of new organic beings, or of any great and sudden modification in their structure.
  92. I am well aware that this doctrine of natural selection, exemplified in the above imaginary instances, is open to the same objections which were first urged against Sir Charles Lyell's noble views on "the modern changes of the earth, as illustrative of geology;" but we now seldom hear the agencies which we see still at work, spoken of as trifling and insignificant, when used in explaining the excavation of the deepest valleys or the formation of long lines of inland cliffs.
  93. In this passage he proposed to drive a level as they do in mines; this level would bring the two prisoners immediately beneath the gallery where the sentry kept watch; once there, a large excavation would be made, and one of the flag-stones with which the gallery was paved be so completely loosened that at the desired moment it would give way beneath the feet of the soldier, who, stunned by his fall, would be immediately bound and gagged by Dantes before he had power to offer any resistance.
  94. He must know about digging deep holes; and about sheath-piling, that he may retain the loose soil and keep it from smothering the workmen at the bottom of his excavation; and he must know the best machines to use for drilling rock and the best method for removing it; he must know about all the stones in the country and the best way of making concrete; he must be familiar with the thousand new inventions, and discriminate carefully and rightly between this range and that, and between this form of trap and the other, between a dozen different steam-heaters and twenty systems of ventilation; he must be prepared to give his owners exactly what they want in the way of windows and chimney-corners, of cupboards, shelves in available corners, and recesses to put away step-ladders and brooms.
  95. During the course of the captain’s excavation,.

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