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Excogitate numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. If people look at this universe and excogitate on its marvels which express the Majesty of God, then their spirits will revere this Creator and believe that He is Great.
  2. This verse reads that if you, man, do not excogitate this universe or apprehend the Day of Resurrection, remember then what had happened to the nations who opposed the Envoys of their Provider and the woe that had befallen them in their worldly life before the life to come.
  3. And therefore, however those learned men and artists may call themselves, who excogitate the theory of penal laws, of state laws, and of the laws of nations, who invent new guns and explosive substances, who compose obscene operas and operettas, or similarly obscene novels, we have no right to call such activity the activity of art and science, because this activity has not in view the welfare of the society or of mankind, but on the contrary is directed to the harm of men.
  4. In like manner, however those men may call themselves who excogitate the application of electricity to lighting, heating, and motion; or who invent some new chemical combinations, producing dynamite or fine colours; men who correctly play Beethoven's symphonies; who act on the stage, or paint portraits well, domestic pictures, landscapes, and other pictures; who compose interesting novels, the object of which is merely to amuse rich people,—the activity of these men cannot be called art and science, because this activity is not directed, like the activity of the brain in the organism, to the welfare of the whole, but is guided merely by personal gain, privileges, money, which one obtains for the inventing and producing of so-called art.

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