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Exercise numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. We can use Exercise 4.
  2. It is not an exercise.
  3. Recall that in Exercise 4.
  4. This was no mere exercise.
  5. Now that that exercise is.

  6. I do no exercise at all.
  7. Now try this exercise again.
  8. The exercise was a disaster.
  9. We have over 200 exercise.
  10. There was an exercise mat.
  11. It gave them the exercise.
  12. It’s an exercise in will.
  13. It was a focusing exercise.
  14. He’s out of the exercise.
  15. He had to exercise his 165.

  16. He returned to her exercise.
  17. Writing is a mental exercise.
  18. I will observe the exercise.
  19. This is a nice exercise in.
  20. This is an advanced exercise.
  21. Any form of exercise helps.
  22. As in the previous exercise.
  23. This exercise is related to.
  24. In an early exercise, in The.
  25. See, for example, Exercise 4.

  26. It was like an army exercise.
  27. For now, use an exercise book.
  28. The beauty of this exercise:.
  29. It is not a muscular exercise.
  30. Put rhythm into your exercise.
  31. Exercise is the key to success.
  32. You need to exercise as much.
  33. Rather, you need exercise to.
  34. Food is magic next to exercise.
  35. Would I exercise the puts? Is.
  36. My favorite exercise for this.
  37. Exercise #19 — Cut the Chaos.
  38. Exercise #8 — Plan of Action.
  39. He needed the exercise and it.
  40. Should I choose to exercise it.
  41. You have failed the exercise.
  42. Let's think of another exercise.
  43. Exercise 17: The Two-Year Test.
  44. One School has an exercise of.
  45. Here is your exercise: follow.
  46. I intend to exercise that power.
  47. Best to exercise when you can.
  48. Do this exercise with the left.
  49. Ought to be tough from exercise.
  50. But the exercise is good for us.
  51. This will be a training exercise.
  52. You need exercise and recreation.
  53. Our bodies need physical exercise.
  54. But when choosing what exercise.
  55. The exercise is rather aimed at.
  56. Daddy said we need to exercise.
  57. Exercise helps to blow our steam.
  58. Exercise is a process of evolution.
  59. Welcome to your first exercise.
  60. Kletsova returned to her exercise.
  61. Exercise is the only way you are.
  62. Chapter 10 - Six Days of Exercise.
  63. Fred didn’t disrupt the exercise.
  64. In Exercise One, you wrote a brief.
  65. Do this exercise in three steps:.
  66. I’m interested in that exercise.
  67. Each type of exercise has its uses.
  68. It was an exercise we both enjoyed.
  69. It’s important for this exercise.
  70. Early Exercise of American Options.
  71. I exercise in the gym and I swim.
  72. The Arched Foot Breathing Exercise.
  73. Do the same exercise with left arm.
  74. Use this exercise for several weeks.
  75. The leg press is a compound exercise.
  76. The purpose of exercise is to keep.
  77. It was a tiresome circular exercise.
  78. Whatever physical exercise you are.
  79. Stop the exercise and ask them how.
  80. J-turn stops as an isolated exercise.
  81. Yes, it was probably the exercise.
  82. Writing is a form of mental exercise.
  83. But they do not exercise that power.
  84. Kin Slayer revelled in the exercise.
  85. Meditation is a skill not an exercise.
  86. He doesn't exercise, except for golf.
  87. Concentration exercise with the cross.
  88. If nothing else, it is good exercise.
  89. It is called THE WOODCUTTER Exercise.
  90. He returned and finished the exercise.
  91. At the end of the exercise you must.
  92. He needed the exercise, and so did I.
  93. Here's a challenging exercise for you.
  94. A sailor should exercise self-denial.
  95. Exercise out doors as far as possible.
  96. So it is important to exercise some.
  97. Early Exercise of Options on Futures.
  98. Exercise is great for a beautiful skin.
  99. No, this must be part of the exercise.
  100. Check out exercise videos on the web.
  1. Exercising is the best thing.
  2. How to stay committed in exercising.
  3. What Is Your Purpose of Exercising?
  4. Exercising without going to the gym.
  5. We are exercising to get the dividend.
  6. If that happens, don’t stop exercising.
  7. And since exercising is a core part of.
  8. Gradual abuse was his way of exercising.
  9. Exercising always helps her to calm down.
  10. That would include eating and exercising.
  11. How to become more committed in exercising.
  12. I am now exercising more and eating better.
  13. Years ago my mom decided to start exercising.
  14. John is in bed writhing in pain or exercising.
  15. Exercising will help the brain to stay active.
  16. Like exercising, it is beneficial both to the.
  17. Keep yourself healthy by eating and exercising.
  18. And since exercising is a core part of boosting.
  19. Presumably she was exercising the same philosophy.
  20. Exercising is the easiest and most effective way in.
  21. Exercising is an effective and instant stress reliever.
  22. When we can laugh at self within, we are exercising our.
  23. Competition is exercising a healthy restraining influence.
  24. When exercising the body heats up, causing the heart rate.
  25. One of my success statements was related to me exercising.
  26. Volition involves exercising choice to determine an action.
  27. It also allowed me to start exercising with more intensity.
  28. What has happened is that people have been exercising at an.
  29. It’s the powers he is exercising that we are interested in.
  30. Suppose that we exercise today instead of exercising tomorrow.
  31. By exercising our free will, we can just be who we want to be.
  32. Most of us have learned what to do when it comes to exercising.
  33. His crime is being a Christian and freely exercising his faith.
  34. The best way to stop snoring is through exercising and losing.
  35. By exercising the option, the holder of the put can sell at $70.
  36. Exercising in later years can help improve and maintain our health.
  37. Exercising does not allow the deposition of extra fat in the body.
  38. She should be exercising her memory whenever she can, said Anna.
  39. But there are ways and ways of exercising your power, Lammasser.
  40. Don’t be angry with me for exercising an old woman’s privilege.
  41. This can be done with the follow up of a regular exercising pattern.
  42. By exercising the option, the holder of the 400 call can buy at $400.
  43. In a sense, exercising the 90 call is the same as selling the 90 put.
  44. Knees should also be massaged and given more support when exercising.
  45. Days that I am not exercising or going to the gym are interesting ones.
  46. Massage them regularly and give the ankles more support when exercising.
  47. Having and exercising discipline comes in handy more often than you think.
  48. It was indeed a gigantic one, and capable of exercising enormous pressure.
  49. The dream may be highlighting your anxieties about exercising that control.
  50. Not exercising an option to retain the theta value may seem counterintuitive.
  51. In-the-money option :An option that would be worth exercising if it expired.
  52. It’s going to be old news for you to be reminded that exercising is a bit.
  53. That conversion of options to shares is called exercising the options.
  54. Clearly, if we are considering exercising an option, it must be in the money.
  55. She was exercising the privileges of a fiancee without making the commitment.
  56. Smith cursed himself for not exercising more; he used to be quite an athlete.
  57. Instead of exercising the call, we can purchase the stock at its market price.
  58. But it is worth repeating item 4 above that exercising the option may present.
  59. But having and exercising responsibilities and powers they never knew they had.
  60. Joe took a pin out of his lapel and began to assist in exercising the prisoner.
  61. There are other times where exercising patients and waiting around can be very.
  62. Many people think that after they stop exercising, they are not burning calories.
  63. Because of your exercising, the Hawai an tour is about to become a reality—no.
  64. On entering, they found Garcia exercising while watching the Iotian news footage.
  65. That’s because the process of exercising generates free radicals – and over-.
  66. You need a cushioned shoe for comfort and to avoid injury when you’re exercising.
  67. Its going to be old news for you to be reminded that exercising is a bit part of.
  68. Music makes it more fun – and running or exercising with a friend is less boring.
  69. Exercising is another way of detoxifying through sweating and exhaling from the lungs.
  70. These should be massaged regularly, and give the ankles more support when exercising.
  71. Section for the purpose of attribution in the manner set out above and, by exercising.
  72. Therefore, exercising the 90 call is equivalent to selling the 90 put at a price of 0.
  73. It is good to massage these regularly and give the ankles more support when exercising.
  74. Success for the infant is being comfortable and exercising control of physical reflexes.
  75. Gastrointestinal problems are quite common nowadays given our eating and exercising habits.
  76. By repeating, the two lists over you will be exercising the brain to override the past and.
  77. Yet if cardiovascular exercising is the place to start, does that mean that its the place.
  78. Since these hormones tell the body to use fat as a source of energy, exercising during this.
  79. Exercising to strengthen muscles around knees and hips helps prevent falls and serious injury.
  80. Exercising to lose weight can be effective, especially if you combine it with a balance diet.
  81. It is better not to strain; just develop an effective exercising schedule over a period of time.
  82. Instead of exercising today, what about exercising the option tomorrow? Or the day after that?
  83. His stiff gestures discredited the ostentatious position that as Regent Magician was exercising.
  84. Chief The Nore was the highest ranking operational commander in the Navy exercising control over.
  85. Exercising was a way of driving out the demons and making a little personal space inside my head.
  86. The goal is to create a new way of exercising that feels good mentally, physically and emotionally.
  87. On the contrary, he is exercising an important and necessary role in an open society of many views.
  88. If there is something specific to you such as guilt from food, not exercising, procrastination etc.
  89. Because exercising reduces stress, the chances of dying from stress-related diseases are decreased.
  90. How stupid men are! They are fond of exercising their wits on us, but they have less sense than we.
  91. The thing with exercising without weights is that you need to subject your body to more resistance.
  92. We look forward to applying our knowledge and exercising our discipline on the next promising set-up.
  93. In this case, Mary could close the position out for a $500 profit without ever exercising her option.
  94. When this happens, you need to find a good alternative to walking, so that you can keep on exercising.
  95. But he would be taking better care of his health and diet, and would start exercising and working less.
  96. The three requirements were met for exercising the greatest magical powers in the world: those of Love.
  97. I falsely believed that I would counter this reaction by exercising more and changing my eating habits.
  98. The heaviest, most unhealthy, junk shit food you can eat in the morning before you even begin exercising.
  99. Once you do, it can become a regular thing to you, and eventually make you put a stop to your exercising.
  100. I was feeling pretty self-satisfied as I shut the trunk without exercising the stealth I used in the house.
  1. The feelings that He exercised.
  2. Norah exercised more caution than Piper.
  3. FCRs need to be exercised on a daily basis.
  4. Case 3: Only the 110 put is exercised early.
  5. There had at first been exercised against M.
  6. Case 4: Only the 100 call is exercised early.
  7. Caution should be exercised in using external.
  8. In fact, many at-the-money options are exercised.
  9. He also exercised and practiced his fielding for.
  10. The greatest watchfulness and care to be exercised.
  11. You can scarcely conceive the tyranny exercised by.
  12. Sliding Scale Based on Extent Privilege Is Exercised.
  13. These tools are exercised at the Command Prompt line.
  14. Case 1: Both the 100 and 110 put are exercised early.
  15. Jindos can live indoors if they’re exercised daily.
  16. The expired option, if exercised, is settled in cash.
  17. Case 2: Both the 100 and 110 call are exercised early.
  18. Intrinsic value: The value of the option if exercised.
  19. This is a place where trial and error can be exercised.
  20. Of course she didn’t know how regularly he exercised.
  21. The puts will be exercised the day the dividend is paid.
  22. When an option is exercised, SEOCH selects, on a random.
  23. Case 5: Both the 100 call and 110 put are exercised early.
  24. The Swissy should be moderately exercised on a daily basis.
  25. It sounds like that was the last thing that was exercised.
  26. One bathed and shaved while the other prayed and exercised.
  27. In order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised.
  28. Inthe papal states the Pope exercised temporal as well as.
  29. The LCLD can live indoors but must be exercised (physically.
  30. The seller will not know whether the option will be exercised.
  31. We rested every fifteen feet and exercised extreme caution as.
  32. And note: abilities that cannot be exercised are not abilities.
  33. The calls will be exercised the day before the dividend is paid.
  34. Options with a European exercise can be exercised only at expiry.
  35. Sheba can live indoors if adequately exercised, but would prefer.
  36. European Option An option that may only be exercised at expiration.
  37. Monarchy and in 1918 the Slovenes exercised self-determination for.
  38. If the puts are exercised, the trader does no worse than break even.
  39. The power of refunding money was one which had been often exercised.
  40. Even if an option is exercised, it is generally not the worst thing.
  41. Now, whether this power be exercised by one, or many, it matters not.
  42. Until that day, your ability to wield must be exercised like a muscle.
  43. Revolving thought, and exercised affections had banished some of the.
  44. He had, for more years than he cared to remember, exercised his little.
  45. But the cash flow when the option is exercised is independent of these.
  46. They exercised the brinkmanship of the underdog who has nothing to lose.
  47. And it will be; there is no concealment, it is intended to be exercised.
  48. Using the Power to break things was the way Adem exercised that ‘muscle.
  49. This is because in essence you will have two options exercised at expiry.
  50. The first is that it expires in the money and you get exercised at a loss.
  51. The crew were exercised and worked very hard in the first few days with Mr.
  52. He exercised a peculiar drawing power over men, but he was not dictatorial.
  53. European options: A type of option that can only be exercised at expiration.
  54. If the option is deeply enough in the money, it ought to be exercised early.
  55. It was, therefore, tolerably well exercised, and tolerably well disciplined.
  56. In order to make a decision, he must know whether the call will be exercised.
  57. Underlying The instrument to be delivered in the event an option is exercised.
  58. American Option An option that can be exercised at any time prior to expiration.
  59. European Option :A type of option that may be exercised only on its expiry date.
  60. The short put will be exercised against you, forcing you to buy the stock at 95.
  61. After this date, any outstanding options held and not exercised become worthless.
  62. The apostle Paul on several occasions exercised his privileges as a Roman citizen.
  63. European Style: European-style options can be exercised only on expiry (not before).
  64. Or the put can be exercised and shares will be sold at the fixed strike of the put.
  65. Exercise is nothing to fear, but when you are exercised, there are additional costs.
  66. This does not mean that a put should never be exercised prior to the dividend payment.
  67. VIX binary options are European-style options and may be exercised only at expiration.
  68. During a run, the arteries get exercised as well, what with all the blood moving about.
  69. As a reminder, American-style options may be exercised anytime until and upon expiration.
  70. VIX index options are European-style options, which are exercised upon option expiration.
  71. They are American-style options, which may be exercised any time up to and upon expiration.
  72. He was a quiet, grandfatherly man who exercised some influence behind the scenes in Eudora.
  73. Displaying the painstaking energy that its founders the Normans so faithfully exercised to.
  74. He exercised a considerable influence over certain of its leaders, notably Mirabeau and Sieyes.
  75. Four and twenty seats–Symbolizes the dominion exercised by the concept of time, symbolized as.
  76. Properly exercised, the mind has the amazing ability to connect these seemingly different worlds.
  77. American options: A type of option that can be exercised at any point up until the expiration date.
  78. He exercised, ate only organic, and had his meals prepared by people who knew what they were doing.
  79. He had the same soft belly, the same hint of muscles that were too infrequently exercised at the gym.
  80. At a lower volatility, the difference is greater because the put is more likely to be exercised early.
  81. But the manner in which this monopoly has been exercised in different nations, has been very different.
  82. Little control was exercised over the tax collectors, as long as they met the demands of their masters.
  83. At a lower volatility, the difference is greater because the call is more likely to be exercised early.
  84. His vigilance, however, seemed exercised in vain; for after a fruitless pause, he whispered to Duncan:.
  85. The overall monitoring is exercised by the risk manager and he reports regularly to the project manager.
  86. If the price rises and the near month Long Call is exercised, the trade truly does become a Covered Call.
  87. But there were many exciting things to keep our minds exercised, apart from the piddly matter of location.
  88. Those who exercised, even those at high risk for Alzheimer’s, maintained the volume of their hippocampus.
  89. They were greatly exercised about the sound of explosions heard when half the ship was under water already.
  90. Every one of the sellers of the options does not want to be exercised against, because they will lose money.
  91. But, sir, the sovereign power of Congress is sometimes exercised on subjects of comparatively little moment.
  92. Competition tends to erode growth firms’ profitability advantage (reinforced by exercised growth options).
  93. So early as the year 1792, the British nation commenced the practice of impressment, as now exercised by it.
  94. If you just wait for it to be exercised at expiration, then you run the risk of the trade going against you.
  95. An extraneous jurisdiction of this kind, besides, is liable to be exercised both ignorantly and capriciously.
  96. Our discussion thus far has focused on why and when an American option might be exercised prior to expiration.
  97. You receive cash in the form of the premium up front and your hope is that the call option is never exercised.
  98. One way is for the manager to sell all or a portion of the exercised stock and use the proceeds to pay the tax.
  99. Caroline loved every moment of it, but exercised phenomenal self-control and demonstrated nothing but sympathy.
  100. But, the central question is always whether an unwarranted coercive force or ability existed and was exercised.
  1. The Exercises of the day.
  2. Do these exercises in the.
  3. Compare Exercises #3 and #6.
  4. Find out what exercises will.
  5. The Top 3 Rotation Exercises:.
  6. Bank exercises proper care in.
  7. Now, compare Exercises #4 and #5.
  8. Do these exercises in the order.
  9. The Top 3 Hip Flexion Exercises:.
  10. Perform the exercises as a circuit.
  11. Explore other forms of exercises.
  12. Changing exercises is not necessary.
  13. The Top 3 Trunk Flexion Exercises:.
  14. He/she also exercises verbal abuse.
  15. Use the other exercises in this book.
  16. You will use it for combat exercises.
  17. The Top 3 Lateral Flexion Exercises:.
  18. Motherly Love: Exercises in Futility.
  19. Cardio exercises will not only help.
  20. Simply reading the exercises is not.
  21. Relaxation Exercises are indeed basic.
  22. Just before closing the exercises, Mr.
  23. Mudras are exercises of the advanced.
  24. An inductive treatise, with exercises.
  25. And we've started gymnastic exercises.
  26. We will cover exercises to lower the.
  27. What Kind of Exercises Should You Do?
  28. Must take up Sandow's exercises again.
  29. Beth had us doing all these exercises.
  30. The speculative merchant exercises no.
  31. Breathing exercises will be beneficial.
  32. And on the contrary — exercises that.
  33. Practice the exercises given, with the.
  34. Some teachers invent their own exercises.
  35. There are many exercises one can use on.
  36. All of the training exercises that you.
  37. He exercises universal lordship over all.
  38. Ground exercises are also the best way to.
  39. There are flexibility exercises, aerobic.
  40. Must begin again those Sandow's exercises.
  41. The exercises that follow are tedious and.
  42. This is just where these exercises are of.
  43. Practice these exercises and you will sleep.
  44. Ground control exercises start out with the.
  45. Simple exercises while performed out of the.
  46. Fat is best burned through cardio exercises.
  47. The morning’s exercises are about to begin.
  48. Bad-Back Exercises: Can They Help Back Pain?
  49. There are many different vocalizing exercises.
  50. He then suggested some exercises to relieve.
  51. The object of these exercises is to develop.
  52. The destroyer played target for the exercises.
  53. Here are some more exercises for that tension.
  54. Here are some exercises that you can perform:.
  55. Of course, these exercises may or may not work.
  56. Try these exercises to de-stress at the office.
  57. You will find exercises of this kind invaluable.
  58. Completion of the 10 exercises of Tai Chi Qigong.
  59. For instance making exercises that stretch the.
  60. Then a whole series of so-called exercises in Mr.
  61. The next two exercises illustrate this approach.
  62. The output from our example and from Exercises 9.
  63. Do all of these exercises initially at the walk.
  64. Your Exercises for this Module are as follows :-.
  65. Some of these exercises may not make sense to you.
  66. After you finish high intensity exercises, your.
  67. Any of these exercises is better than no exercise.
  68. He exercises every day and he looks half his age.
  69. Only these isolation exercises can place maximum.
  70. Once you have completed all the exercises in the.
  71. After exercises, Ish did catch and field practice.
  72. You can use breathing exercises on their own or.
  73. The chances are that the above exercises will at.
  74. In fact, physical exercises, to give the maximum.
  75. He repeated what looked like stretching exercises.
  76. That way you will learn the best exercises under.
  77. You are also to rest in between sets of exercises.
  78. In addition to the exercises, here is something to.
  79. Pradipika, there are 1–2 exercises of each type.
  80. These exercises required intensive physical labour.
  81. The exercises are practical and interesting to an.
  82. For relaxation exercises, I suggest the following:.
  83. This completes the exercises in the seated position.
  84. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor exercises.
  85. The above abdominal exercises will help you build a.
  86. Now we will cover stretching and anaerobic exercises.
  87. His mind is grinded of so many unnecessary exercises.
  88. I introduced him to a few Natural exercises that he.
  89. Eye exercises should always be done very gently and.
  90. Then they’re magnetizing needles in field exercises.
  91. Use the meditation exercises to find deeper stillness.
  92. It helps to learn some basic techniques and exercises.
  93. I have assigned some exercises for you to do with the.
  94. Integrate these Advanced Bodyweight Training Exercises.
  95. During these exercises they shout and scream vehemently.
  96. Apply the attributes of your vision to your exercises.
  97. Also words of knowledge, and some activation exercises.
  98. Proper breathing and breath control exercises, for the.
  99. Both exercises arouse sentiments of elevation that are.
  100. Simply pick up with your exercises again when refreshed.

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