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Exploit numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Exploit their poor ability to.
  2. So exploit the greatness within you.
  3. We see that as weakness to exploit.
  4. Destroy and/or exploit Her Creations.
  5. And he was swift to exploit his new.

  6. You can exploit this to your advantage.
  7. This she could exploit to her advantage.
  8. When you steal and exploit others, you.
  9. And then all I had to do was exploit it.
  10. Camilla learned early on to exploit that.
  11. But they do have a weakness we can exploit.
  12. The next step is, to exploit what they have.
  13. Have you heard of Raévski’s exploit?
  14. In the meantime, Locke would exploit Hamilton.
  15. We then will just have new patterns to exploit.

  16. I wonder what her talent is, if they exploit it.
  17. No one was going to exploit him or ill-treat him.
  18. The world tends to exploit all of this, of course.
  19. Maybe I don’t want to exploit my looks anymore.
  20. In this exploit, a shoe-black divided his £200,000.
  21. His brave and unique exploit was relatively unknown.
  22. She has a major vulnerability that they can exploit.
  23. Cole, to whom this adventurous exploit had more and.
  24. ANY weakness they find: they exploit: systematically.
  25. Lope felt she could enter and exploit to her advantage.

  26. We need consequences for those who exploit the system.
  27. His government would later exploit this position to its.
  28. Cole, to whom this adventurous exploit had more and more.
  29. You can aways count on the homeless to exploit the system.
  30. A weakness, he decided, one that he should exploit somehow.
  31. Even Neverofsky’s exploit is described in Bulletin XVII.
  32. Perhaps soon, when they had found some weakness to exploit.
  33. Creating the strategic value for the buyer to exploit is not.
  34. Factors Complicating Efforts to Exploit General Market Swings.
  35. To them you would appear as naïve, an open scroll to exploit.
  36. Hinder and his desire to exploit the child to assess the adult.
  37. Proper planning pays if you can exploit the four Ms of success and.
  38. Both groups had conspired to use religion to exploit their citizens.
  39. It is simply just another method by which people exploit the system.
  40. This is one of your biggest advantages, so exploit it to the fullest.
  41. When man tries to exploit the World then he becomes minor part of it.
  42. Suzan could only roll her eyes as Nancy ‘B’ giggled at her exploit.
  43. Liquidity providers facing low trading costs can exploit this pattern.
  44. Ah, we've heard of that exploit of yours, too, cried the captain.
  45. This proves that this civilization’s true purpose is to exploit and.
  46. Those moves create multiple trading opportunities, which we can exploit.
  47. The key to any crime is to observe, to calculate habits and exploit them.
  48. Prospective buyers need to have time to work out how to best exploit the.
  49. In Spiritual Contemplation we exploit this weakness of mind to our benefit.
  50. You need to build a scenario for how the buyer would exploit your strategic.
  51. I could exploit my new confidence and attractiveness and get a lot of girls.
  52. The stones had several unique properties, one of which I intended to exploit.
  53. As Nangong Changshu did not want to hurt him, therefore he did not exploit it.
  54. In the international area the Democrats will probably exploit the following:.
  55. Golden Dawn also wanted to fully exploit the world media, now that is was here.
  56. People did not want to be fixed, but they were happy to exploit her psychosis.
  57. The reason they were a growing group was that they had found a niche to exploit.
  58. If it meant anything now to Theo, the Congo crisis was an opportunity to exploit.
  59. They had one weakness though, which I intended to exploit as my grandfather had.
  60. Putin strives to exploit the West's aversion to conflict and addiction to wealth.
  61. The Bible offers us a righteous path, but we instead exploit it for personal gain.
  62. Had I thought you any weaknesses that the High Counsel could exploit, I would.
  63. She gauged that she had him on a roll now and was ready to exploit her advantage.
  64. Well, I have the firm intention to fully use and exploit those files from now on.
  65. He literally bloomed so from this exploit that he could afford radiantly to assent.
  66. The sight playing no part in this desperate exploit, lowered his courage still more.
  67. This forced us into new innovations to exploit our environment better, and in new ways.
  68. A modern man can no longer be a victim of His unconscious forces that exploit His mind.
  69. Similar scenarios arise when industries exploit natural resources without caring for the.
  70. They’ve learned how to exploit weaknesses in our sentient-class ships, Rykus said.
  71. We are the illness and the insurance, but choose not to pay to heal it, but to exploit it.
  72. I was witness to the fact that homeless people will exploit any opportunity, honest or not.
  73. There certainly was, as I remember it now, something of the knight-errant about the exploit.
  74. This finding could explain why a rational investor may not want to exploit the value premium.
  75. But all exploit the difference between the market price of a business and its intrinsic value.
  76. Learn these patterns and develop trades that make sense to you to exploit these opportunities.
  77. LSV list popular errors that may give rise to mispricings that contrarian investors can exploit.
  78. A good analyst can detect repetitive patterns of crowd behavior on his charts and exploit them.
  79. But the downside was that a practiced criminal might exploit a weakness in the lock and hinges.
  80. He was, after all, going to heed the Armenian’s advice to exploit a crisis whilst it was hot.
  81. Varanasi’s DM, intentionally or otherwise, had provided them with one last moment to exploit.
  82. Proud of this exploit, Vampa took the dead animal on his shoulders, and carried him to the farm.
  83. Their tool-use adaptations had been geared to exploit meagerness-scarcity: never wasting anything.
  84. Such strategies often exploit short-term price reversals and effectively act as liquidity suppliers.
  85. What would she make of his mad exploit? He didn’t think he could even give a rational explanation.
  86. No matter what kind of advancements in technology identity thieves will always find a way to exploit it.
  87. The covert methods exploit a basic principle of this holographic universe, which is that it is based in.
  88. The evidence clearly points to the short call strategy as the preferred choice to exploit negative PEAD.
  89. Veck has quite a few nasty vices that some crime syndicates were quick enough to exploit to their profit.
  90. Because with our new and better tools: we could always find new sources of food and resources to exploit.
  91. Is it your intention to exploit the difficulties the church is facing for some purpose of your own?
  92. It was not a dangerous exploit for he could always pretend that he had simply looked in to ask a question.
  93. It was not a dangerous exploit, for he could always pretend that he had simply looked in to ask a question.
  94. Rostov was always thinking about that brilliant exploit of his, which to his amazement had gained him the St.
  95. Their exploit, it was felt, would be handed down to the most distant posterity, and outlive the jail itself.
  96. Rostóv was always thinking about that brilliant exploit of his, which to his amazement had gained him the St.
  97. Well, we have two major advantages in this war that offer us a chance, if we exploit them to their fullest.
  98. However, in retrospect, unlike 1940, the Germans did not have the resources to exploit their tactical success.
  99. Once again, the short call strategy was a superior choice over the long put strategy to exploit negative PEAD.
  100. Her first exploit, which cost her immense effort and established her authority, was the packing of the carpets.
  1. But who is exploiting what…?
  2. They make excuses by exploiting the bible.
  3. I would never accuse you of exploiting your followers.
  4. Exploiting the townspeople, summoning devils and monsters.
  5. Rate of failure is only 1% and you are exploiting this 1%.
  6. Dispelling it by exploiting the structure of the spell is easier.
  7. They did all the dirty work of exploiting Indians for the British.
  8. Remember, it is not the investee which will execute on exploiting.
  9. Classical charting is about exploiting small edges over many trades.
  10. Exploiting the situation, Ravan carried Sita away and Sita had to stay in.
  11. Australia is a slut for exploiting and it's too late to change her now.
  12. They serve the greedy that have been oppressing, enslaving and exploiting.
  13. You see, there is a difference between learning and exploiting the knowledge.
  14. How alluring it was for man to profit by exploiting that which is innnocent.
  15. Perhaps Arbitan and Larocka were not the only ones exploiting illegal slaves.
  16. The inhibitors to growth often prevent them from exploiting their underlying.
  17. Although preventing the directory listing does not stop them from exploiting those.
  18. For the buyer, risks in the deal are anything that will cause delays in exploiting.
  19. Knowing people’ s weaknesses, and exploiting them shamelessly, was his speciality.
  20. Bolour has been exploiting this correlation with a scalping strategy for over one month.
  21. While the appeal of exploiting trends is compelling, risk should be kept in mind as well.
  22. Exploiting that correlation can be another profit avenue for more advanced option sellers.
  23. The Koran showed thistles for his own purpose exploiting men and women in abuse and mass marry.
  24. Youth, it’s said, is wasted on the young; they’re incapable of exploiting their vigor and energy.
  25. We could have MacDonald’s piped up another girl, exploiting the situation for all it was worth.
  26. By exploiting new food resources with better tools: humans could get more food, and raise more babies, faster.
  27. With whom were we dealing? Surely with some new breed of pirates, exploiting the sea after their own fashion.
  28. And the exploiting of the mere sensation on the other side is not pretty in its wealth of heartless inventions.
  29. Except the ones he had planted in other databases before he went to prison, and was now exploiting to the fullest.
  30. Here are some specific suggestions for exploiting the long investment horizon:• harvesting illiquidity premia (e.
  31. Again, the short put strategy was a superior choice compared to the long call strategy in exploiting positive PEAD.
  32. The evidence strongly suggests that investors can profit with options by exploiting post-earnings-announcement drift.
  33. The B'tari, with human assistance, were taking full advantage of the disarray, using investments and exploiting the markets.
  34. Thus, in risk-adjusted terms, diversification across signals is somewhat more beneficial than exploiting the strongest signal.
  35. Survey forecasts are often influenced by some compelling fundamental story that argues against exploiting the carry advantage.
  36. Yes, its practitioners wore the clothes of doctors and deceived people by exploiting the revered position that was harbored for doctors.
  37. Kill the landlords: Landowners were hauled before special People’s Courts and charged with exploiting the peasants for their own gain.
  38. So we would expect to see such regularity showing more persistence instead of being destroyed by the few traders capable of exploiting it.
  39. To determine which countries are exploiting these reserves adequately, I recommend looking at another important metric: actual production.
  40. Statistical arbitrage strategies (pairs trading or exploiting short-term return reversals) may work even better in high-volatility regimes.
  41. The locals loved the profits and the gruff camaraderie that came from exploiting small, arcane futures markets like those for wheat and soybeans.
  42. But charting is also about exploiting small edges, and we may prefer to enter a bit earlier as signaled by the symmetrical triangle interpretation.
  43. In the case of Claude Monet's work, however, this does not matter, as form with all its subtleties is not a thing he made any attempt at exploiting.
  44. The War Department probably didn’t want it known that they had erroneously declared two airmen dead, especially as the Japanese were exploiting this fact.
  45. Trading gains from exploiting temporary price concessions, caused by supply–demand imbalances, can be viewed as a fair reward for such liquidity provision.
  46. Since most bitcoins are stolen by exploiting security holes in smartphones and laptops, using the Trezor dramatically cuts down on the risk of Bitcoin theft.
  47. You also helped by your directives and policies to protect the interests of the large land owners, which had been exploiting Korean peasants for generations.
  48. You should also ban documentary movies about (say) the holocaust, because the people shown in the movie were the victims of crime and you are exploiting them.
  49. Had my father really been a morally driven, visionary genius with a superior intellect? Or had he been a crass capitalist exploiting his own children for profit?
  50. They already agree about the nature of their reality: they see everything in terms of class struggle, rich exploiting poor, and capital and labor continually at odds.
  51. People enter the Post Modern stage because they have gone beyond exploiting their planet and being selfish to becoming aware of relationships of their behaviors and its effects.
  52. Yet they also made it clear that exploiting such misvaluations was difficult, because few investors had the patience to stay with a bearish stance through a lengthy bull market.
  53. It was her uncle; Budgy Niru a pot-bellied, middle aged, degrading man who earned a comfortable living by exploiting his niece and the other young women that lived in the building.
  54. Rules to use at the moment and according to the situation, for oneś own benefit, especially in moments of crisis, exploiting also the scarce knowledge that people have in general.
  55. As socialists, they rejected the way in which the Europeans were exploiting the colonies for their own economic advantage: Lenin called imperialism ‘the highest form of capitalism’.
  56. You don't want to organize anything; it's simply just as you've been all your life, that you want to be original to pose as not exploiting the peasants simply, but with some idea in view.
  57. The main thing however, according to Brereton, is that she is applying the lessons from the future that her adoptive mother gave her, exploiting the Japanese planes weaknesses to out fly them.
  58. At the CBOT, for example, three-quarters of its 1,402 seats had historically been controlled by small grain-trading businesses and retirees who love exploiting the inefficiencies of the market.
  59. Putting that aside, the fact that the average scores are improving proves that some people are still willing to invest their time stabilizing the foundations of the Program instead of exploiting it.
  60. There are other governments, exploiting their subjects by violence in the same way, and always ready to pounce down on any other government and carry off the fruits of the toil of its enslaved subjects.
  61. Our evidence suggests that the short put strategy is strongly preferred to the long call strategy when exploiting positive PEAD, unless the underlying stock is expected to go through a phenomenal uptrend.
  62. All that is needed is that men should feel as much ashamed of doing acts of violence, of taking part in them, and exploiting them, as it is now a disgrace to pass for a rascal, a thief, a coward, a beggar.
  63. PE funds can create wealth by improving operating efficiency and exploiting tax deductibility of interest payments through leverage—thus PE is not subject to the zero-sum-game argument of most active managers.
  64. From its founders to the robber barons to multi-national outsourcing to insourcing temporary workers and iWorld philanthronaires, the US of All's capitalism is predicated upon slave owners exploiting slave labor.
  65. But with Updegraff, interested only in enterprises west of the Mississippi and keeping Denver as his legal residence and exploiting himself as a Western man who hated Wall Street, I had a mere bowing acquaintance.
  66. In the late stages of a crowd’s life cycle, virtually all of the content will be devoted to methods for exploiting the market’s projected movements, not to explanations of why these movements should occur at all.
  67. They could be justified only by a combination of naïve hope in the future accomplishments of these enterprises with an apparent shrewdness in exploiting the speculative enthusiasms of the uninformed and greedy public.
  68. I am convinced that the difficulty of identifying periods of market overvaluation means that the contrarian trader, especially the novice, should focus his efforts on identifying and exploiting periods of market undervaluation.
  69. This program is significantly important to the government, because it ties in with efforts to help minimize deforestation and illegal poaching, by creating income opportunities that do not involve exploiting the forest terrain.
  70. They were able to continue exploiting the famous cedars of Lebanon to trade, construct buildings and make the ships that carried them all over the Mediterranean, and as far as the west coast of Africa, and Britain to the north.
  71. Although the behavioral finance literature may have the benign intent of helping investors correct their own mistakes, I suspect its readers have focused more on potential profits from exploiting other people’s systematic errors.
  72. The two objections just discussed must considerably temper our enthusiasm for privileged senior issues as a class, but they by no means destroy their inherent advantages nor the possibilities of exploiting them with reasonable success.
  73. Arguments exploiting ―root causes‖ by advancing false notions based on questionable economic assumptions, rather than devolving moral standards, have gradually promoted our society‘s collective disregard for human life while providing little if any credible solutions to this problem.
  74. These robber barons, so called because they acquired their wealth by ravag-ing natural resources, exploiting workers, and cozying up to like-minded politicians, built massive palaces, collected priceless antiques or historic manuscripts, and held lavish parties for their super-rich friends.
  75. Until the English lower class masses became totally spoiled and rotten and took it as their god given right that the British Empire should give them everything they needed by exploiting millions of people thousands of miles away on foreign continents for their own personal fucking convenience.
  76. Frustrated by not fully exploiting a massive downside break in September-October 2008, despite being up in a year when the markets were down some 50-odd percent, toward the end of 2008 I became fascinated with the situation in the banking sector, which represented ground zero of the bear market.
  77. Or there lives a merchant, whose whole commerce, like any commerce, is based on a series of rascalities, by means of which, exploiting the ignorance and need of men, articles are bought of them below their value, and, again exploiting the ignorance, need, and temptation of men, are sold back at prices above their value.
  78. My colleague Chris Kacher has confirmed that the patterns and methods outlined in How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short are deadly accurate when the proper window of opportunity opens, as we will see in Chapter 8, and that this is the key to fully and optimally exploiting a downside break in the market during a bona fide bear market leg down.
  79. And those who occupy a similar position will believe in him and sing his praises, and take counsel together upon the best methods of improving the condition of those very laboring classes they spend their lives in exploiting; and for this purpose they suggest every possible expedient, save that which would effect it,—namely, to desist from robbing the poor of the land necessary for their subsistence.
  80. Three major factors in my psychology were coming together to create a perfect storm: (1) frustration over not fully exploiting the September-October 2008 short-selling window of opportunity, (2) allowing myself to be influenced by outside sources, and (3) allowing fundamentals and my sense of dread as a result of my experience with Bear Stearns in March 2008 to override my normal reliance on price/volume action.
  81. What for; what’s the point? Who is getting the better part of the bargain here? You, or the 2,000 workers who built it for you? You, or the Earth you are raping; by stealing and exploiting its resources? You, or the machine? You, or 10,000 years of tool evolution? A spear and bow: becoming a giant oil tanker? Or 10,000 years of human tool-workers wasting their lives building bigger, more complex machines? Exploitation is exploitation.
  82. And so we see this man, without the least trouble of mind or doubt that people will believe in his sincerity, organizing an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or sending some soup and stockings by his wife or children to three old women, and boldly in his family, in drawing rooms, in committees, and in the press, advocating the Gospel or humanitarian doctrine of love for one's neighbor in general and the agricultural laboring population in particular whom he is continually exploiting and oppressing.
  83. Democrats have been shamefully exploiting this unhappy event for political reasons; unyielding in their persistence that poverty and racism are (somehow) the underlying factors responsible for this (―avoidable‖) tragedy when, in fact, it was the result of ―unintended‖ consequences precipitated by decades of political cynicism, cronyism, mis-management, fiscal incompetence and (local) corruption at every conceivable level; this despite the forewarnings of field experts (Army Corps of Engineers) citing potential or probably breaches in drainage canal levees since the Johnson Administration.
  1. Th is ban was exploited.
  2. She exploited him without pity.
  3. She had exploited their emotions.
  4. This discrepancy can be exploited.
  5. It is a weak point to be exploited.
  6. He felt exploited and misrepresented.
  7. A trend can be exploited for as long.
  8. Sabrina had exploited that vulnerability.
  9. Jones saw an opening, and he exploited it.
  10. You found his vulnerabilities and exploited them.
  11. Was this also a weakness that could be exploited?
  12. All his employees have a vice that can be exploited.
  13. His inclination to curiosity had been exploited before.
  14. The last words opened a subject Closse exploited at once.
  15. They picked up arms to kill and enslaved, exploited and.
  16. The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed.
  17. They robbed; they cheated; they exploited Chinese coolies.
  18. Missing & Exploited Children and its sister organization The.
  19. These are the feelings that are often exploited, abused and.
  20. I don’t want my actresses to be exploited by such crocodiles.
  21. They have no access to education and are exploited by land-lords.
  22. Where weakness-sponsorships are exploited through overbearing of.
  23. Hmm, so you exploited the age old Rule One of the ho-to-win-a-.
  24. But what if I knew exactly how the business could be exploited and.
  25. Millions of Mexican workers have been exploited for cheap labor by.
  26. To the Kelvan, land animals were just biological tools to be exploited.
  27. A very definite them versus us mentality exists which can be exploited.
  28. The SP and the BSP exploited them as a vote bank with no obvious reward.
  29. The smart vendor works out how the business could best be exploited and.
  30. Then you will be exploited by the priests because they sell that commodity.
  31. Iron ore(?),it is called a mineral as it can’t be EXPLOITED to make IRON.
  32. By this means the law can be obeyed and the public exploited just the same.
  33. Women are nothing more than objects to be exploited in every way imaginable.
  34. With Marilyn, any scrap of her was valuable and would eventually be exploited.
  35. No one was more exploited than the downtrodden workers in Europe’s colonies.
  36. On the other hand, the leaders of the Republican Party who exploited his per-.
  37. They sell and buy women and children to be exploited as labor slaves or sexual.
  38. The local street price skyrocketed, creating an attractive market to be exploited.
  39. Jesus spent his time with the oppressed, enslaved, exploited and the physically ill.
  40. They are sensibly paranoid about penetration which is a weak point to be exploited.
  41. Several researchers have found a momentum variable that can be exploited in some stocks.
  42. In the sixteenth century great fortunes were madeby Spaniards who exploited the mines.
  43. Ravan did not see himself as she described him—as a valuable commodity to be exploited.
  44. Ideal justice demands that the vanquished should be exploited, emasculated, and scorned.
  45. The banks in particular were demonised for their corporate greed that exploited the poor.
  46. They are con-tricks, because these illusions are ruthlessly exploited by the CON-ARTISTS.
  47. For this reason his statesman and world leader role should be carefully but fully exploited.
  48. When exploited, these things can do many a thing—save a life, save a person, save a world.
  49. I was born in a family that lived in a country that was brutally exploited and oppressed by.
  50. They had exploited their weak economic situation and ignored them in pursuit of their own gain.
  51. These Graham-and-Doddsville investors have successfully exploited gaps between price and value.
  52. I thought they tested the teachers for a weakness and then exploited it for their own purposes.
  53. It is also exploited by those local families who are not homeless and just want something free.
  54. Eventually he formed a small airline company operating in Africa and exploited it for a few years.
  55. The Russians energetically exploited their success; launching further attacks with devastating effect.
  56. This is a profitable variance that can be exploited again and again, particularly during earnings season.
  57. He had been informed about the fierce rivalry within the Allied camp which he believed could be exploited.
  58. Our disposable entertainment favors are the malnutrition of the plundered and the poison of the exploited.
  59. Surprise registered on her face, however, and Aazuria exploited this moment to ultimately subdue the woman.
  60. Having large deposits of crude doesn’t mean that a country has exploited and developed all its oil fields.
  61. This break-up value was industriously exploited to justify higher and higher quotations for the latter issue.
  62. In that and other ways he exploited the popularity of Eric’s book while repeating and extending its themes.
  63. It has turned spectators into alienated, uninvolved pawns; who are exploited and manipulated on a mass level.
  64. Utayatu had created a situation that exploited that factor, and it had completely caught the Veiled off-guard.
  65. Exploited and abused, she was finally old enough to marry the handsome, red-cheeked suitor she'd met at a fair.
  66. Any image of a stained kind of nature in our lives is modeled out whenever we are being exploited out in any form.
  67. You see, your bombardment attack exploited a big weakness in their defenses; they can only scan for living things.
  68. By contrast, some businesses have exploited certain areas of the world, as evident in deforestation or overfishing.
  69. These divisions were exploited by the British by giving special privileges to some and accentuating the differences.
  70. The ‘lower’ castes were exploited by the ‘upper’ castes by paying less for their services and keeping them poor.
  71. We are exploited by these corporations who have studied the weaknesses of humanity and create weapons to use against us.
  72. For what labor can't be exploited by gun or law? Stand back, this is so pornhorny I'm going to fire multiple ware ho uses.
  73. This decline presented the aggressive contrarian trader with another opportunity similar to the one he exploited in March.
  74. Philosopher Russell Kirk answered the neuroscientists some years before their science had been exploited to its present level.
  75. Slow-moving multi-month trends, fast-moving multi-day trends, and even within-day high-frequency data trends may be exploited.
  76. Eventually the projectiles took their toll on the moon, whose light faded and whose weaknesses were exploited by the sun and.
  77. Then you will be exploited by temples and churches and mosques – because those are the shops where that commodity is sold….
  78. Now the Chinese masses are exploited worse, work harder, and are paid less, and have less benefits than they ever did under Mao.
  79. You're right, I imagine, but it's more manipulation, isn't it? Poor Sal—she's always helping, and always being exploited by me.
  80. They also encountered socialist ideas, which said that rich people exploit the poor and that the exploited poor should seize power.
  81. Without that he has to live like an animal trying to survive life which is a major weak point to be exploited by the security forces.
  82. Wherever the rulers of a nation or kingdom have exploited their subjects, those subjects have revolted in anger, creating a revolution.
  83. He had risen to his current level of incompetence through cleverly exploited connections, not upon his own talents or the lack thereof.
  84. Whether it’s an athlete, a CEO, or a money manager, any false move or seemingly slight crack in the armor is exploited to the fullest.
  85. Some patterns are likely to be due to data mining and most of these patterns are so weak that they cannot be exploited after trading costs.
  86. Now, it would be down to very close range fighting, in which the heavy numerical superiority of the enemy could be exploited to the maximum.
  87. The profits they made from the war will be seized and will be used to compensate the poor souls who were exploited by the German war industry.
  88. And they would understand how Carl Huckabee and Johnny Jackson had exploited their law enforcement careers to make sure that no one ever found out.
  89. Every and any weakness in the auras of lovers is secretly exploited, negative thoughts and feelings are secretly injected into their minds and hearts.
  90. This means that the companies have exploited all and any weaknesses including emotional/psychological problems including dependency and fashion trends.
  91. Their overwhelming political influence makes any responsibility to the billions of politically powerless poor that are exploited, hopelessly one-sided.
  92. It was a weakness that could be exploited, but even with that possibility, Rapp recognized that this was about as deadly a situation as he’d ever faced.
  93. We Spacers cherish nature, because we see so little of it, while too many on Earth have treated nature as something to be exploited for short-term gains.
  94. Such thinking is implausible; perhaps, given the rise in social costs exceeding in proportion the exploited wages many of these families oftentimes receive.
  95. The Japanese had conquered the country and exploited it ruthlessly, enslaving the Koreans and trying hard to destroy Korea’s culture, language, and identity.
  96. The unfairness of this system would be so obvious that the poor exploited workers, who had produced the wealth in the first place, would rise up and take over.
  97. I’ll have a lot more to say about how these short bull markets can be exploited when I describe The Grand Strategy of Contrarian Trading in Chapter 11.
  98. For Detective David Maguire anything that saved time and energy that could be usefully deployed in the performance of his job was to be applauded and exploited.
  99. I was the older woman, the teacher, but she knew the depth of my attachment to her, and she exploited those feelings as only a beautiful, younger person can.
  100. Paradoxically enough, the new-era theory that exploited this finding refused to accord the slightest importance to the asset values behind the stocks it favored.
  1. The exploits of the hyper-sexual.
  2. Gary loved to talk about his exploits.
  3. So, we read of your father's exploits.
  4. The Elders said these exploits stemmed from.
  5. His exploits were parsed to help create the New.
  6. Well, now tell me about your exploits, said he.
  7. We heard about your exploits with the invading ship.
  8. Your exploits during the war are, no doubt, legendary.
  9. Their student exploits are the subject of another tale.
  10. These exploits had gained Luigi considerable reputation.
  11. Those types can’t resist bragging about their exploits.
  12. Karyl was a celebrated captain, his exploits widely sung.
  13. I’ve been following your exploits in my morning e-mail.
  14. His notes focused on their exploits with spears and machetes.
  15. I fear my exploits have been exaggerated beyond recognition.
  16. The clan that would learn about my exploits was thankfully much.
  17. At dinner, I related some of Sniggy’s exploits with Perry and.
  18. Of these exploits Padre Corbelan himself was never known to talk.
  19. I turned the caravan around and retraced our exploits so we could.
  20. Chapter 11 of the Book of Hebrews is a chapter about exploits of faith.
  21. But Arjun is yet far from that state and at present he exploits even the.
  22. All websites on the Internet are vulnerable to hacking and other exploits.
  23. Peter and St, Paul are Roman creations based on the exploits of the Roman.
  24. More complex is a second type of bogus ad click that exploits a second form.
  25. I will describe in three lines and without any details one of their exploits.
  26. His career is always full of exploits, any one of which would wither even the.
  27. He bowed and said, Great Master! The fame of your exploits blazed widely abroad.
  28. Not one of them bragged about their exploits in the air, least of all Major Dows.
  29. The poet hopelessly confuses the exploits of the Huns, theGoths, and the Cossacks.
  30. She had heard countless stories of his exploits, daring deeds and stunning triumphs.
  31. We’ve heard all about you and your exploits from Nick Marsden, said Catherine.
  32. The exhilaration of exploits like this came to an end when he was caught with stolen.
  33. His mother's unexpected enthusiasm for his amorous exploits was starting to make sense.
  34. And stabbing the sails into the mazarine, off onto more exploits on the flat blue marine -.
  35. Due to his exploits in the Kobayashi test, however, people’s expectations of him had risen.
  36. Then the hunt was on again, and once more would be marked by the exploits of Ned and Conseil.
  37. LBJ"s amorous exploits even if they pale when compared to JFK"s were, nevertheless, considerable.
  38. It was nice to hear about his mother’s youthful exploits from her first cousin who knew her well.
  39. I asked her if her husband knew about her exploits and she shook her head, but there was fear there.
  40. The tales of his exploits had instilled such fear that men trembled with terror on hearing his name.
  41. I HAD intended "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange" to be the last of those exploits of my friend, Mr.
  42. I had intended "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange" to be the last of those exploits of my friend, Mr.
  43. He came into Master's house and said, Great Master! The fame of your exploits blazed widely abroad.
  44. His exploits were legendary among the local Resistance groups and made him a man wanted by the Nazis.
  45. Then do you care if I am counted along with your exploits? He sat in the chair across from her.
  46. Steve hadn’t noticed Zeke’s climb-out, because he was preoccupied with his own aerobatic exploits.
  47. My knightly exploits, however, were all over in an instant or it would have gone badly with the knight.
  48. This man need not perform any acts or exploits, but has only to make an internal effort of consciousness.
  49. He had been dared to break into the ‘cuckoo coop’ one night and bring back a souvenir of his exploits.
  50. I took no notice, I went on as wildly as before, and one of my exploits at the time set all the town talking.
  51. He was as delighted with her exploits as if he were hearing of someone who had been brave during a shipwreck.
  52. I see, so… so you fear that Gordon will count you in with my many… shall we say… exploits? He was.
  53. Plyometric exercises exploits the stretch-shortening cycle of muscles to enhance the myotatic (stretch) reflex.
  54. Military exploits are openly reprobated by the military themselves, and are often the subject of jests among them.
  55. It is only when self is nothing and Christ is all our confidence, it is then only that we shall do great exploits.
  56. And the young man came to his house and said to him, Great Master! The fame of your exploits blazed widely abroad.
  57. Over our dessert of lemon syllabub, Mia regales us with her exploits in Paris, lapsing at one point into fluent French.
  58. The victorious huntsman rode off to join the field, and there, surrounded by inquiring sympathizers, recounted his exploits.
  59. I've told you of Tulip's exploits, now how's about you oblige me with yours to get that side of the bargain out of the way.
  60. The Diderault boy had an authentic, grade A, war hero dad whose exploits as a Navy fighter pilot in World War II were legend.
  61. And those girls, how are they taking this? Have they been bragging about their exploits, to piss off these guys so bad?’’.
  62. Tom related the tale for the second time and followed it with the daring exploits of Pecos Bill from the comic Willie had chosen.
  63. Chloe was absolutely rapt with attention to the exploits and talents of the young gentleman now in residence under her own roof.
  64. My point is that everyone, including myself and all of my friends here, have been following your exploits with great interest.
  65. The history of England, instead of destroying this argument, is in favor of it; the celebrated exploits of the Dutch confirm it.
  66. Have you never seen the inside of a tavern, these last ten years? All they sing of are the exploits of the great Voyvod Karyl.
  67. In truth, he had developed a crush for the actress playing that role, whose real life exploits had also inflamed his imagination.
  68. He talked about his exploits as a disabled American Veteran and how proud he was to be in attendance at the fundraiser that night.
  69. His exploits in the ‘chambers’ were the topic of unimaginable office horror stories, all enviously related in boisterous tones.
  70. In its early days this band had been looked upon with awe by all the fellows of our course, and had had its exploits much discussed.
  71. Already have the gallant exploits of our naval heroes proved to the world our inherent capacity to maintain our rights on one element.
  72. His exploits in F-100s and F-105s to help set up the fast FAC program were con�sidered top staff work done under formidable conditions.
  73. One of his most unfortunate exploits in the matter of stealing was in connection with a clock which belonged to the estate of his mistress.
  74. He would sit for hours and stare at the little, black-framed pictures on the study walls and relive the exploits of the war in North Africa.
  75. You may admire the exploits of a gentleman cracksman or pickpocket, if you hear or read them with only their ingenuity put before you.
  76. Infotainment news – a primary disseminator of ignomation – follows the continuing exploits of outrageous personalities and outlandish ideas.
  77. His fame of his exploits blazed widely abroad, passed ahead of his appearance, delighted his friends and commanded respect in the hearts of enemies.
  78. All day until eight o'clock that evening did she play; and, though I personally did not witness her exploits, I learnt of them later through report.
  79. They were more interested in the living conditions on an undeveloped planet than they were in the combat exploits Wendy and Rachel were best known for.
  80. When he hesitated, she added, You’re welcome to stay out here and regale me with tales of your bedroom exploits, but I assume you want some sleep.
  81. The exploits of the Red Chief, as they called him, had become legends among them, but the real facts, as far as I could learn them, were amazing enough.
  82. The two men spent dinner reminiscing over their exploits in their college days, cheerfully conversing as each tried to ascertain exactly what the other wanted.
  83. The last thing she wanted to do was talk about her exploits and successes, or entertain them with tales of the fast-paced, jet-setter life they imagined she led.
  84. Photographs of this battle-hardened Panzer commander and stories of his exploits on the Eastern front were frequently published across full-page newspaper spreads.
  85. He used to seat himself on a bench under the great poplar in our plaza, and there he would keep us all hanging open-mouthed on the stories he told us of his exploits.
  86. But he described minutely Mitya's exploits in the Metropolis, all his compromising doings and sayings, and told the story of Captain Snegiryov's wisp of tow.
  87. Their shouted stories, competing for his attention, became almost an unintelligible jumble of sound in their eagerness to inform him of their exploits during his absence.
  88. She railed at his poverty, his exploits, his adventures, his loves and his reputation; but in her heart she had never given him up, as though, indeed, he had been her son.
  89. Dorro and Forgo were mystified by her odd behavior, but had they known of her secret pirate past—or of her exploits as the famed Water Wolf—it would have explained much.
  90. I was about to go on to my final example anchored in the New Testament, when something in my review of the chapter, I Samuel, drew my attention to young David and his exploits.
  91. From there we moved to the exploits of her son, Tommie, who was a forty-something Milwaukee lawyer and who probably hadn’t wanted to be called Tommie in several decades.
  92. Fun though it was, sailing around the islands for several days, enjoying the sun and relaxation aboard, Max and Carla yearned for the rush of adrenaline induced by their exploits.
  93. Though they are fugitives, they work for the good of the empire, a fact that—assuming their exploits are impressive and newsworthy—cannot go unnoticed by the emperor himself.
  94. He was a former Columbia oarsman himself, he said, and after watching their recent exploits he had decided to send his son west for college so he too might become a great crewman.
  95. Besides, in the Vedic times, the Brahmans were well adept at warfare too, as the exploits of the Dronacharyas, Aswathamas et al in the epic battle of Maha Bharata would illustrate.
  96. Of course, I have already mentioned the exploits of the 1980s with American support of both the Iraqis and Iranians with weapons and the covert operations in Afghanistan for starters.
  97. As maddening as his exploits had been for his parents and his town, Louie’s success in carrying them off had given him the conviction that he could think his way around any boundary.
  98. He performed at home just as he did at the office, burrowing immediately into his business affairs and exploits, the atmosphere somewhat softened by a taste or two of excellent cognac.
  99. We do not know for certain in how far his genius was genuine in Egypt—where forty centuries looked down upon his grandeur—for his great exploits there are all told us by Frenchmen.
  100. Women keepers contributed to the annals of Lighthouse Service and Coast Guard history with dedicated service and life-saving exploits that paralleled the careers of their male counterparts.

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