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Expound numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The following verses expound that way.
  2. But when we come to try to expound its.
  3. Expound the Gospel to the people unceasingly.
  4. We will not expound on these verses here but.
  5. States passed by Congress and as the courts expound.

  6. I would have liked to expound further, but I have just.
  7. It is in Ephesians that I desire to expound the first topic.
  8. That’s all he said, and I was reluctant to ask him to expound.
  9. I expound on this strange tale a bit in Mirror, Mirror, On My.
  10. And Levin began carefully, as it were, feeling his ground, to expound his views.
  11. Often the surface text would either relate to the phrase or further expound it.
  12. It may be well to expound its principle here at somewhat greater length than the.
  13. I was already longing to expound the cherished ideas I had brooded over in my corner.
  14. We will expound the following actions: a) Solution of the payment of the foreign debt.
  15. If it please the court, I will expound upon the just accusations of the town fathers.

  16. It is in verse 18 that Paul starts to expound the wisdom of men versus the wisdom of God.
  17. I’ll expound on further proof of this in subsequent chapters, but here are some insights.
  18. For he had heard Paul preach and expound several times and knew this life was for him and his.
  19. He declined politely to expound upon the matter and bid them all good evening as he left the barn.
  20. The key point in making job listings is not to expound more on the highly technical business terms.
  21. Others expound that option expirations are simply too numerous and complex and simply cannot be calculated.
  22. However, capitalism can be brutal to companies that do not maintain or expound upon their competitive advantages.
  23. It is because my programming is so advanced that I am able to become intoxicated and thus expound wisely on any subject.
  24. While speaking, you may nod your head occasionally to expound on a subject or to give more meaning to what you are saying.
  25. Dreamer who thinks it appropriate for him to expound on every conceivable subject except that on which he is supposedly an expert.

  26. But what plays the mischief with this masterly code is the admirable brevity of it, which necessitates a vast volume of commentaries to expound it.
  27. But Dimarico was still playing his silly game, as Swann saw it—so he had decided to play his own silly game, and make Dimarico beg him to expound.
  28. The Queen had hardly ceased to expound her views, when the old courtier began eagerly to refute her arguments, and they started a polite but very heated discussion.
  29. This forces us to not only look around and absorb matters, but also to take advantage of the media and what they expound, which you can find by reading and listening.
  30. He didn't expound much on that; the remainder of the discussion centred on how they deal with what could not be seen either in terms of an enemy or potential ally: L76M.
  31. When they rose from the table and the ladies had gone out, Pestsov did not follow them, but addressing Alexey Alexandrovitch, began to expound the chief ground of inequality.
  32. In time, you will receive additional support and manpower to this end, ones who will be in a better position to expound upon the subject of the renegade and exile, Roscius Avienus.
  33. Of course there would hardly be a soul here who had an interest other than their duty, but here they could talk of it as they wished, carry on ad nauseam and expound their own opinions.
  34. It seems to me, therefore, that in such a state of things one of two alternatives must be admitted: either Christianity is a failure, or those who have undertaken to expound it have failed in doing so.
  35. Now it seems to me that with that state of things one of two positions must be accepted: either that Christianity is a failure or, that those who profess to expound Christianity have failed in expounding it properly.
  36. Now it seems to me that with that state of things one of two positions must be accepted,—either that Christianity is a failure, or that those who profess to expound Christianity have failed in expounding it properly.
  37. The New Testament goes further to expound on the blindness of the Jews with a yet another prophecy where Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, explains that the Jews will be blinded until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.
  38. It was a time to exhort one another, and learn the different ways that the Lord was leading, it was certainly enjoyable listening as one by one would detail the happenings of the Holy Spirit, and another would then expound on what he saw.
  39. I wanted to expound my views to the meeting in the most concise form possible, but I see that I should need to add a great many verbal explanations, and so the whole exposition would occupy at least ten evenings, one for each of my chapters.
  40. I would lay there basking in the glory of these revelations while still sensing His love emanating from Him standing next to me! Other times Jesus and I would read the Bible together, and He would expound on different Scriptures as I would read.
  41. His project, as he went on to expound, was to withdraw from the round of idle pleasures such as form the chief business of sir Fopling Popinjay and sir Milksop Quidnunc in town and to devote himself to the noblest task for which our bodily organism has been framed.
  42. He asks all the right questions about the neighborhood, and Beatrice is happy to expound on how it had once been predominantly Ukrainian but now is filled with yuppies and Mexican foreigners — Beatrice doesn’t quite catch the irony in her being from the Ukraine and a foreigner.
  43. Alexey Alexandrovitch cleared his throat, and not looking at his opponent, but selecting, as he always did while he was delivering his speeches, the first person sitting opposite him, an inoffensive little old man, who never had an opinion of any sort in the Commission, began to expound his views.
  44. But to suppose Cervantes deliberately setting himself to expound any such idea in two stout quarto volumes is to suppose something not only very unlike the age in which he lived, but altogether unlike Cervantes himself, who would have been the first to laugh at an attempt of the sort made by anyone else.
  45. The divine incarnation, the sacrificial death of Christ, His ascension, the free pardon of sinners, the world-wide aspect of redemption, the final issue in an endless life,—all these are parts of a system, incredible in fragments; and you must expound the whole at once to render any single portion thoroughly intelligible.
  46. Having once departed from the indications of reason, men heap up and take upon faith, generally in the shape of laws, revelations, dogmas, such complicated, unnatural, and contradictory propositions that, in order to expound them and harmonize them with the lie, there is actually a need of astuteness of mind and of a special gift.
  47. Kutúzov looked wearily at him and, lifting his hands with a gesture of annoyance, folded them across his stomach, repeating the words: For our country’s welfare? Well, what is it? Speak! Denísov blushed like a girl (it was strange to see the color rise in that shaggy, bibulous, time-worn face) and boldly began to expound his plan of cutting the enemy’s lines of communication between Smolénsk and Vyázma.
  48. Never did the Delphic priests collect with more holy care the frantic expressions of the agitated Pythia, or expound them with more solemnity to the astonished Grecians, than has the committee gathered the opinions and testimony of these deputies, and through the gentleman from Massachusetts, pompously detailed them to the Senate! Philadelphia has her immediate representatives, capable of expressing her wishes upon the floor of the other House.
  49. I should like to go farther, and give reasons to show that it is advisable to choose those who are to hold so necessary an office in the state, but this is not the fit place for it; some day I will expound the matter to some one able to see to and rectify it; all I say now is, that the additional fact of his being a sorcerer has removed the sorrow it gave me to see these white hairs and this venerable countenance in so painful a position on account of his being a pimp; though I know well there are no sorceries in the world that can move or compel the will as some simple folk fancy, for our will is free, nor is there herb or charm that can force it.
  50. How can man go to school, talk with the traditional old-men of the past, put on their shiny clothes, rehearse their weekly sermon, draw their pay check and think that they have come up with a way-of-life that’s actually going to change others in a Godly direction? If I’m seeing right, then is not the Holy Spirit that knows all things, and teaches all things, anointing men to expound on the things of God? Again of course, it wouldn’t matter what type of clothes we wear, or if we have a Rolex watch, some institutionalized seminary training, or maybe just a gift of gab, since the people world-wide have been trained through the centuries to accept the status-quo.

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