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Expulsion numa frase em (in ingles)

1. So we didn’t fight the expulsion.
2. The expulsion hearing he had in front.
3. I replied with both hands on the expulsion.
4. It was two weeks after the expulsion of Friar Murdo.
5. He had obviously heard about the expulsion of Murdo.
6. Rather than weakening him, the expulsion seemed to.
7. On 8 February 2008, this Dalai Lama caused the expulsion of.

8. So you see, expulsion seems to be too severe a punishment.
9. Agreement’, and cal ing for the expulsion of the Chinese from.
10. Even expulsion would not be a greater infringement of his right.
11. Soviet Communists — was the official reason for his expulsion.
12. In the years fol owing this expulsion of the Chinese, the Dalai.
13. Monastery expressing appreciation for the expulsion of the eleven.
14. During this time the important thing was the expulsion of Boulanger.
15. Of course, if the perpetrator was a student expulsion would occur too.
16. The long, thin white expulsion appeared to be moving and slithering.
17. The expulsion took place and I pocketed 600,000 francs the day Charles V.
18. The Vampire Lord considered the events that transpired since his expulsion.
19. But instead of experiencing my actual expulsion down the birth canal from.
20. Jason’s recuperation at home lasted about as long as Buffo’s expulsion.
21. Michael to perform the expulsion of Satan from Heaven with his rebel angels.
22. This moment of merger corresponds to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.
23. This time there will be a mass revulsion and expulsion of all Jews from all lands.
24. In the parable does not say that after the expulsion from Eden, Adam and Eve go to Hell.
25. The old man and he had not spoken since the expulsion; there was shouting but no speaking.
26. You heard a private conversation respecting Spanish affairs—on the expulsion of Don Carlos.
27. Because of increasing discrimination culminating in expulsion last year, they had mostly left.
28. One would be to demand his immediate expulsion, and the other to arrange his immediate arrest.
29. This event happened previous to the expulsion of the tyrant Christiern the Second from Sweden.
30. The expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767 caused the closure ofseveral colleges in Ecuador, and for a.
31. It wasn’t until they threatened expulsion from their town did I come clean, mostly for Joss’s sake.
32. There are, however, bidding practices that are considered illegal and can lead to expulsion from the site.
33. It took several minutes of deep breathing and total expulsion of air before I could rid myself of the foul air.
34. This entailed the killing, terrorisation, and expulsion of non-Serbs in order to create new Serbian territories.
35. Where the announcement was made of his expulsion for leading a Greek protest against the visiting prelate from Canterbury.
36. William couldn’t be sure, but he thought a complaint from the boy’s parents might have been what led to that expulsion.
37. It is unknown whether Anna had an opportunity to take the Conlict Resolution class that she had missed due to her expulsion.
38. One of them was the growing discord among the Democratic Party following the expulsion of President Truman from the White House.
39. So much for the expulsion of Great Britain from her dominions in North America, and their incorporation into the United States of America.
40. These influenced by sentiments of common humanity and reflecting on the uncertain issue of life shed tears at this their miserable expulsion.
41. NEVER, by a slip of the tongue, have they so much as alluded to either of their old friends, any more than Miles has alluded to his expulsion.
42. The expulsion of the British from their North American possessions, and granting letters of marque and reprisal against Great Britain are contemplated.
43. From the late eighteenth century through the nineteenth century, expulsion, outbreaks of mob violence, and even massacres became increasingly frequent.
44. Her life had been in turmoil recently, what with their hasty expulsion from London, then her husband disappearing and now her new flat-mate being murdered.
45. It described in detail what the headmaster had seen in Bart’s office that morning, demanded immediate expulsion for him, and termination of employment for Bart.
46. Al Ulbrickson had a long-established policy that a single training infraction would drop a man two shells; a second infraction would lead to his expulsion from the squad.
47. Her relationship with her father had lacked affection since the expulsion of Aunt Escolástica, although they had found the way to live together without bothering each other.
48. If you can expel 10 times like this, the tenth expulsion is followed by a deepest inhalation, retained as long as it can be done with comfort, and another deepest exhalation.
49. The expulsion of toxins for the body does not always need to be performed within the confines of a medical institution via the utilization of highly advanced machineries and methods.
50. Bemis's old, unfounded opinion, which calumniates Christ in assuming that Christ's expulsion of the cattle from the temple means that he struck the men with a whip, and commanded his disciples to do likewise.
51. One of the most important aspects of returning back to life, in second birth such as Mohammad, and Satan after expulsion from heaven in dragon form, the return form must loose its previous memory in total sense.
52. Lorenzo Daza (no one knew if he was alive or dead) might have revealed the secret to Sister Franca de la Luz when he was trying to stop Fermina Daza’s expulsion, but it was unlikely that it had gone any further.
53. Therefore, out of Al’lah’s Mercy for such people, He firstly drives out the vicious lust that has settled in their spirits, and then He follows this expulsion with cure and treatment, giving the magicians the upper hand over them.
54. However, by the end of the 11th century, when Jewish skills were less essential, the religious fervor of the crusades found expression in anti-Jewish sentiment, beginning a process which culminated in the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492.
55. Planet Earth was covered thick in ice until about 500 million years ago, when existing sea creatures provided through breath expulsion, enough carbon dioxide to create an atmosphere that kept the warmth of the sun in, allowing the ice to melt.
56. Maslova's expulsion from the hospital on the ground of flirting was particularly painful to her by reason of the fact that, after her meeting with Nekhludoff, all association with men, which had been so repugnant to her, became even more disgusting.
57. Being only à glorious human boy', of course he frolicked and flirted, grew dandified, aquatic, sentimental, or gymnastic, as college fashions ordained, hazed and was hazed, talked slang, and more than once came perilously near suspension and expulsion.
58. Taking this view Plato is more decided in his expulsion of the dramatic than of the epic poets, though he must have known that the Greek tragedians afforded noble lessons and examples of virtue and patriotism, to which nothing in Homer can be compared.
59. It has been argued with probability, from the divine sanction given to sacrifice in the patriarchal ages, that it was originally of divine appointment, and was instituted immediately after the expulsion from Paradise, as part of the worship of the exiled sinners.
60. And in those days Enoch received books of zeal and anger and writings of disquiet and expulsion; And mercy shall not be accorded to them says the Lord of Spirits; And in those days a whirlwind carried me off from the Earth; And set me down at the end of the heavens.
61. And in those days Enoch received books of zeal and anger, and writings of disquiet and expulsion; And mercy shall not be accorded to them, says the Lord of Spirits; And in those days a whirlwind carried me off from the Earth; And set me down at the end of the heavens.
62. Her former schoolmates were in a heaven that was closed to her, above all after the dishonor of her expulsion, and she was not a neighbor to her neighbors, because they had known her without a past, in the uniform of the Academy of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin.
63. Akihiko Sato, an attaché of the Embassy of Japan, persona non grata and to order his immediate expulsion from the United States; but in any event no later than twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of this letter due to activities that are inimical to the security interests of the United States of America.
64. It was not long before we had some feedback about the expulsion of the priests from government posts, Wedon came and said he had sent messengers to mother, Jodas, and Coatl to meet us to hear his news so I sent for refreshments while we waited, two jugs of maize beer later we were all assembled, and Wedon began.
65. After expulsion from Jackson County, Smith softened his follower’s dissappointment at being once again forcibly evicted and having their property confiscated, by announcing that Adam and Eve had also been kicked out of what would later become Jackson County because that was the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden.
66. I should not wish to extend the boundary of the United States by war if Great Britain would leave us to the quiet enjoyment of independence; but, considering her deadly and implacable enmity, and her continued hostility, I shall never die contented until I see her expulsion from North America, and her territories incorporated with the United States.
67. The period of the campaign of 1812 from the battle of Borodino to the expulsion of the French proved that the winning of a battle does not produce a conquest and is not even an invariable indication of conquest; it proved that the force which decides the fate of peoples lies not in the conquerors, nor even in armies and battles, but in something else.
68. The period of the campaign of 1812 from the battle of Borodinó to the expulsion of the French proved that the winning of a battle does not produce a conquest and is not even an invariable indication of conquest; it proved that the force which decides the fate of peoples lies not in the conquerors, nor even in armies and battles, but in something else.
69. The monopoly of the colony trade, as it necessarily drew towards that trade a greater proportion of the capital of Great Britain than what would have gone to it of its own accord, so, by the expulsion of all foreign capitals, it necessarily reduced the whole quantity of capital employed in that trade below what it naturally would have been in the case of a free trade.
70. All his brother sectaries are, for the credit of the sect, interested to observe his conduct; and, if he gives occasion to any scandal, if he deviates very much from those austere morals which they almost always require of one another, to punish him by what is always a very severe punishment, even where no evil effects attend it, expulsion or excommunication from the sect.
71. He joined company with the Moriscoes who were going forth from other villages, for he knew their language very well, and on the voyage he struck up a friendship with my two uncles who were carrying me with them; for my father, like a wise and far-sighted man, as soon as he heard the first edict for our expulsion, quitted the village and departed in quest of some refuge for us abroad.
72. Some there were, I shall here mention, who said that the expulsion of the players was owing to what I had heard anent the intromission of my nephew; but, in verity, I had not the least spunk or spark of suspicion of what was going on between him and the miss, till one night, some time after, Richard and the young laird of Swinton, with others of their comrades, forgathered, and came to high words on the subject, the two being rivals, or rather, as was said, equally in esteem and favour with the lady.
73. The annexation of Nice to France, Lorraine to Germany, the Czechs to Austria, the partition of Poland, the subjection of Ireland and India to the English rule, the waging of war against China, the slaughter of Africans, the expulsion of the Chinese, the persecution of the Jews in Russia, or the derivation of profits by landowners from land which they do not cultivate, and by capitalists from the results of labor performed by others,—none of all this is done because it is virtuous, or because it will benefit mankind and is essentially opposed to evil, but because those who hold authority will have it so.
74. But shall our superintendence go no further, and are the poets only to be required by us to express the image of the good in their works, on pain, if they do anything else, of expulsion from our State? Or is the same control to be extended to other artists, and are they also to be prohibited from exhibiting the opposite forms of vice and intemperance and meanness and indecency in sculpture and building and the other creative arts; and is he who cannot conform to this rule of ours to be prevented from practising his art in our State, lest the taste of our citizens be corrupted by him? We would not have our guardians grow up amid images of moral deformity, as in some noxious pasture, and there browse and feed upon many a baneful herb and flower day by day, little by little, until they silently gather a festering mass of corruption in their own soul.
75. In trying to put his expulsion from Arthur Young behind him,.

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