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Eyelet numa frase em (in ingles)

1. She laced her corset straight, without skipping a single eyelet.
2. Another claw strikes his face, scratching the clear lens of his eyelet.
3. You fired it across at another ship, and then hooked the end through an eyelet.
4. White eyelet lace trimmed the ruffles on the matching floral printed canopy and bedspread.
5. I was wearing, the only time I ever wore it, the white cotton jumpsuit with eyelet trim that my mother had sent me.
6. She was wearing pink-and-white Capri pants with a matching top with a little white lace eyelet around the neck and the sleeve.
7. The four largest pillows were encased in a floral printed material, edged with white eyelet lace, which matched the arching canopy and bedspread.

8. I have wrapped it up in mystery and disguise to be sure, but I will rend the veil, I will make an eyelet hole for you, that you shall look through, and behold the insult in all its front of grossness and impudence.

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