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  1. This is the very fabric.
  2. The Fabric of the Cosmos.
  3. It’s made of fabric for.
  4. He gently moved the fabric.
  5. She tried to pull the fabric.

  6. It’s a new fabric as you know.
  7. Her eyes assessed the red fabric.
  8. This can be no mortal fabric, Mr.
  9. It is interwoven into the fabric.
  10. It was bound to get in the fabric.
  11. Imprinted on the fabric of eternity.
  12. The fabric of Time itself was broken.
  13. Even through the fabric of his tuxedo.
  14. Blood seeps through the fabric as it.
  15. Her fingers dig into the beaded fabric.

  16. She opened the fabric of our universe.
  17. Another shift in the fabric of the ship.
  18. It was covered with golden satin fabric.
  19. The fabric straightened and apparently.
  20. Records Etched in the Fabric of Reality.
  21. The boots were different and the fabric.
  22. I unrolled the fabric, revealing a staff.
  23. She pressed the soft fabric to her cheek.
  24. A bulge of muscle is stopping the fabric.
  25. It is an integral part of life’s fabric.

  26. The fabric of their Universe is damaged.
  27. What kind of fabric is this? I asked.
  28. The Space – is a fabric of the Universe.
  29. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once.
  30. I tried bunching the fabric with my fingers.
  31. The waters waved as if it they were a fabric.
  32. He would pull the fabric away from his chest.
  33. She’d become a part of the town’s fabric.
  34. The shock ripped through the fabric of this.
  35. The dark fabric was lifted away, and I blinked.
  36. Their arms were covered in thick, black fabric.
  37. Only a bit of light penetrated the tent fabric.
  38. Then Zem let a couple strips of fabric that was.
  39. His garments were of rich fabric, but simply made.
  40. Her nipples formed points in the fabric, making.
  41. Squares of fabric were beside it, ready to be cut.
  42. Karma is part of the fabric of this universe and.
  43. Her hand reached out and lifted a parcel of fabric.
  44. Blood started seeping through his layers of fabric.
  45. The fabric is so soft it glides between my fingers.
  46. Carefully unwrapping the fabric, she pulled out an.
  47. The contents were covered by a dark piece of fabric.
  48. The legs were nearly covered in camouflaged fabric.
  49. But the skin is in direct contact with the fabric of.
  50. The sound of the tearing fabric stopped Tommit short.
  51. It is representative of the fabric of life and karma.
  52. It tasted salty and its fabric covered him like a book.
  53. The fabric of his dream disintegrated and he let it go.
  54. His hand on my back, though the thin fabric of my shirt.
  55. That tore the fabric of my life and left me with a hole.
  56. I took the two top corners of the fabric in each hand.
  57. Earth is thus the medium or fabric for this masterpiece.
  58. Disconnected dots, hardly the fabric of a genuine voice.
  59. The men were covered with a modest loin fabric made of.
  60. The fabric of his suit pants grew tight and he squirmed.
  61. He still felt he could torch the fabric if he wanted to.
  62. Without a moral base, the fabric of society (morality).
  63. She reached into the fabric bag she had brought with her.
  64. The fabric dropped closed behind him, and they moved on.
  65. The fabric of Bethesda is overrun by rats and feral cats.
  66. You could say that it ripped apart the fabric of my life.
  67. One was a furniture plant and the other was a fabric mill.
  68. The fabric fell to the ground and I swallowed reflexively.
  69. Wow, what irony, the crop of slaves is the fabric of pay.
  70. Its turbulent history has decimated the fabric of the home.
  71. Their mixture into the social fabric was hurried along by.
  72. For a pleasurable moment, he lingered, observing the fabric.
  73. She drew her legs together, catching the item in the fabric.
  74. But the woman's face was blanker than the fabric of the tent.
  75. The man put his hand on the palm lock of the fabric house door.
  76. The fine, clean fabric felt stiff and strange against my skin.
  77. Desolé had fingered the soft, shiny fabric and shaken her head.
  78. The next morning, she washed the fabric that sealed his windows.
  79. Both were a bit too small for Rina but the fabric could stretch.
  80. Andrew heard the crackle of the fabric and he could see from Mr.
  81. Halfshaft pulled back the fabric, and made his way into the tent.
  82. The fabric of nature wears thinner as he is more and moire ab-.
  83. The fabric of Amarillo has been enriched in recent years by the.
  84. The fabric of time does not care about us, Ravan…not at all.
  85. Just once, she said, and picked at the fabric of her skirt.
  86. Building, colliding, tearing at the tender fabric of my emotion.
  87. Wear Protective Fabric - Tightly woven clothing are effective in.
  88. These individual sections focus on furniture, color, fabric and.
  89. Miss Bunker was settling nicely into the village's social fabric.
  90. After Baby Katherine was fed, Felicia located a length of fabric.
  91. I can and will create a coveted new fabric to clothe your soul in.
  92. Be he a devil or be he a god who sports the fabric of his soul ?
  93. Everywhere else, the fabric had evenly spaced square holes in it.
  94. We establish our karma directly upon the fabric of this existence.
  95. Slave labor destroys the thread of the social fabric for progress.
  96. The fabric was stiff, its weave dusty and not altogether compliant.
  97. Bev sat a folded, quilted piece of decorative fabric on the counter.
  98. It was a cloak, made of a fabric unlike any I had ever seen before.
  99. These scars from his past, though, weakened the fabric of his heart.
  100. DynamX is a high performance fabric made from sustainable resources.

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