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Falsify numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. God to falsify your justification.
  2. Strange that their very elevation was a misapplication, that to raise seemed to falsify.
  3. A detail that suddenly appears to falsify part of the foundation upon which a theory stands.
  4. If a organization indicates that you open accounts in a new name or falsify your details on financial applications, run, don’t walk, away.
  5. It is accepted, but only conditionally, depending on future testings, discoveries, or proofs that either verify or falsify this educated guess.

  6. Those in science who unwisely made this point of contest now find themselves on the uncertain ground of attempting to falsify that which cannot be proven or disproven.
  7. Faith Is unwavering belief in the truth and validity of one’s adopted premises and conclusions without any observational testing by anyone to either verify of falsify the truth and validity of those premises and conclusions.
  1. The corruption and falsifying of facts are there for.
  2. That is falsifying facts not on behalf of God but you use.
  3. Now, he was accusing me and other channels of falsifying his remarks on Modi.
  4. However if you discard the falsifying of facts that I charge Newton with, physics will.
  5. On the publication of this book I expect to be accused of falsifying history, especially in regard to the march and death of the homeless.
  6. It is true that he was the most powerful vice president the US has ever had, not just gathering intelligence but shaping (many would say falsifying) it as an instrument to guide policy.
  7. He confides in Gerard that he has been taking survivor jobs, usually using false names and falsifying his resume so that employers would not learn of his criminal history and addiction issues.
  8. Also, he enjoys a little creative writing, deliberately falsifying scientific information that travels through these channels, and on his paper and digital reports—not just among competing scientific teams and projects, but among the staff at the Great Lakes Space Center.
  1. Her documents had been falsified.
  2. When teachers teach falsified information.
  3. Jews and Christian’s follows falsified books.
  4. Is it falsified gods, instead of God, that you want?
  5. He sent me to tell you that he has falsified your records.
  6. Moral judgements cannot be verified or falsified by scientific procedures.
  7. Sometimes they themselves had deliberately embellished and falsified the.
  8. It was then found that the announced discovery was based on falsified data.
  9. By presenting incorrect, falsified or unproven facts and other untruths as.
  10. The age of the deceased as well as the cause of death of these bodies was falsified.
  11. He had already tried her home planet and found that she had falsified her documents.
  12. Suddenly, Taul realized that Myra's documents had been falsified and never discovered.
  13. Those practising physics waste billions of dollars on falsified theories while I can.
  14. They need someone to correlate the data on tests with the patient’s falsified records.
  15. What happens when what happened is falsified? Is Truth lost forever? Some would have it so.
  16. Not surprisingly, he had falsified his employment records and faked several recommendations.
  17. A lame story that could be easily falsified, but it was the best he could invent on the spot.
  18. Next, there is the title of Christ and the actions of putting it together with the falsified name.
  19. Oh! oh! As to texts, look at history; it, is known that all the texts have been falsified by the Jesuits.
  20. Are you suggesting professor that the death of Hitler, for instance, was falsified? Michael was smiling.
  21. Unfortunately for 600 years, people have falsified the teaching of Christ, having transformed it into religion.
  22. Department in response to biologists’ submitting falsified samples during a national study of the threatened Canadian lynx.
  23. As such, ghost conspiracies are incessantly spontaneously self-generating whenever any phenomena requires an interpretation that can never be falsified.
  24. There was the case of a man who died at age 79, from cancer of the bladder which the dentist falsified to death at age 64 and cause of death to heart attack.
  26. If there were mothers waiting for adopted babies in the system, then they were each allocated a baby, and the records falsified to show that they were the actual mothers.
  27. And the Church cannot forbid such action because the abolition of these iniquities is in conformity to the Christian doctrine, that the Church preaches after having falsified.
  28. It was not clearly profitable because like most small affairs the bookkeeping was largely falsified and the tax inspectors verified and endorsed these accounts only with an appropriate bribe.
  29. Instantly the yards were squared, to the lively song of "HO! THE FAIR WIND! OH-YE-HO, CHEERLY MEN!" the crew singing for joy, that so promising an event should so soon have falsified the evil portents preceding it.
  30. Had that event not occurred these hints would have been forgotten, as we have forgotten the thousands and millions of hints and expectations to the contrary which were current then but have now been forgotten because the event falsified them.
  31. Let every declaration and every conception concerning the American character, as a nation, in respect to its cherishing an overweening attachment to gain, so as to be willing to submit to indignities for the sake of it, be completely falsified.
  32. As the financial puzzle continued to clear, the company charged that Eddie had falsified inventory and profit reports, created phantom inventory, and destroyed the records in a coverup in order "to artificially inflate the net worth of the company" and the value of the stock.
  33. But that religion was falsified afterwards and in process of many hundreds of years the weakness sneaked to it because of stop thinking and believing truly, by means of the pagan Greek convictions incorporated to it, for they abandoned thought following merely blind imitation.
  34. But all these hints at what happened, both from the French side and the Russian, are event not occurred these hints would have been forgotten, as we have forgotten the thousands and millions of hints and expectations to the contrary which were current then but have now been forgotten because the event falsified them.
  35. The official records of the flight have been falsified to deceive Sigma; in the communications between the Air Force pilots and the ground controllers, our cargo is identified as nine hundred cartons of meal rations, all destined for the small army of American advisers who are assisting the Russian troops outside Tatishchevo Missile Base.
  36. But unlike in the times gone by, led by the Sangh Parivar, the Gujarati Hindu retaliation that followed accounted for 790 Musalmans (falsified by the Congress chamchas in the TV circuit as 2000-odd to politically hurt the irrepressible Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State) in which rioting 254 Hindus too were dead, which fact was equally glossed over by the pseudo-secular media.
  1. Instead of the Roman empire washing their hands of his guilt: the American empire falsifies and invents his guilt.
  2. Ah, Belinda, Memory e’er falsifies the Facts, and thus to tell the History of one’s Life is e’er a perilous Business.

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