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Fart numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. An old fart goes up next.
  2. Spock let rip a thunderous fart.
  3. Silly old fart, but he had a point.
  4. I’ve seen the old fart write in it.
  5. Too bad the Boers missed the old fart.

  6. A loud fart floated out of the en suite.
  7. This is worse than the cow fart project.
  8. Go back to being an old fart, I mean wolf.
  9. I thought it was a fart, but it came out.
  10. The indebtedness to a fart ends in the anus.
  11. Josef Stalin could fart and burp at the same.
  12. Only one camel could possibly fart that badly.
  13. And then that old fart to walks in here one day.
  14. Remember the fart bomb that was so vulgar in smell.
  15. Why would that old fart be involved in this?

  16. I ripped the transmitter out of the fart machine and.
  17. I felt a nervous fart coming on as I started to back up.
  18. The buncher was so terrified he let out a gigantic fart.
  19. And it wouldn’t be no little mouse fart party neither.
  20. Sam then used his fart bubbles to catch Michael as he fell.
  21. My dad says that every man loves the smell of his own fart.
  22. His gift was blowing huge fart balls that were green and slimy.
  23. He seemed to be a sweet old guy in a grumpy old fart sort of way.
  24. Interestingly, none of us had ever been aware that dogs could fart.
  25. Where’d you go? That’s from another boring old fart, by the way.

  26. He couldn’t fart without the camera swinging around to look at him.
  27. He wasn't a dirty old fart chasing after young women, far from it he.
  28. I wouldn't give an ant's fart for the whole sodding lot of them …'.
  29. Instead I let out a squeaky high-pitched fart that lasted only a second.
  30. One of the men, DAVID WELLS, a crusty old fart about 65, vigorous with.
  31. You fart, unleashing the dragon’s breath in your tiny hospital restroom.
  32. Why do we fart? He stood there, elegantly backlit by the blazing sun.
  33. Someone told the old fart he was coming and now Bruner tried to turn this.
  34. I looked at the little old lady opposite who was laughing at EVERY fart noise.
  35. It was just the sort of thing she would do to rescue the old fart, Max Fortune.
  36. Lucinda bared her fangs and hissed at Dragovich, Do not listen to the old fart.
  37. He let out a fart, a belch, and then another fart, settling himself deeper into his seat.
  38. If you couldn't understand that you weren't worth a coot's fart … that's what Guy said.
  39. And I could swear I SAW the fart and how bad it stunk, even if it didn’t smell at all!.
  40. After the putrid message of his fart had assailed our nostrils, the Prof shifted his quid in.
  41. By the saints, that was a good stew, but it’ s making me fart like the devil, said the.
  42. No one gave a fart about understanding anything this formula said because if they did they would know.
  43. Honoi popped out of his hand with a nasty fart sound and a smoky stream that dropped towards to the ground.
  44. Any way, about the ship; I crashed her into a reef just out of port, sinking her as swift as a fart in the night.
  45. Then a microsecond later, a prolonged high-pitch whistle-like fart flatulently escaped from the bottom of his chair.
  46. He knew that catching Joe Billie by surprise in skull hammock would be akin to a popcorn fart sneaking by a bloodhound.
  47. He knew the far end of a fart about soldiering but put him on a production line, or behind the counter in a shop…’.
  48. Victor volunteered that it would have been hard to avoid my essence but I’m pretty sure he was making a cheap fart joke.
  49. Sam made fart balls that were disgusting, not only did they smell, but when they burst, they left slime all over the place.
  50. It's gotten to where my morning fart is equal parts the crowing of a rooster, a bugle blowing reveille and a starter's pistol.
  51. He was sick of the greasy old fart expecting him to come running every time he had another inspiration about bloody God and sin.
  52. Jeanette, if that old man called me a piece of meat, I would not have hesitated spraying that old fart with my pepper spray!.
  53. That’s why they call me Spock, with ears like mine, I can hear a gnat fart at 200 yards, he continued, to lighten the mood.
  54. Who was that decrepit old fart he looked half dead and surely the army should have put him out to pasture long ago? I replied.
  55. Where they don't sit all day listening to some boring old fart telling them boring stuff without ever using their hands to learn with.
  56. The Captain let loose with a wagon driver’s fart, and with a wave of his hand he ordered the pilot to turn around and go back to the marshes.
  57. He was nice, but nearly as old as my father! After breakfast the next morning looking as fit as a fart, he asked if I wanted to go to a Turkish Bath.
  58. The tinker said it didn’t matter a toad’s fart whether she was noble or not because when the Lollards took over there wouldn’t be any nobles left.
  59. They talk like they do because like our esteemed commander Haig and the old fart that has just been talking to us they are all cavalry or ex-cavalry Officers.
  60. Just then, as though following the conversation and insulted, Pixie released a long, squeaky fart, looked up at Jeff, and stuck his pink tongue out, licking his lips.
  61. Selene never once imagined that a man could make her laugh so hard that she would fart and then have to excuse herself to check herself in the john, just to make sure.
  62. You ever think about that? For Christ‘s sake, Samson, you don‘t have the foggiest notion why you can suddenly smell a fart in a whirlwind or how long it will last.
  63. At this point I began to think that I must have had a brain fart, had blacked out, or maybe was hallucinating, because I was pretty sure that I’d lost touch with reality.
  64. Having had quite enough of her jingo related jokes, Mac decided to retaliate by placing an almost undetectable-blending evilly into Julie’s desk seat-camouflaged fart bag.
  65. You know, we should have told that pompous old fart Monsieur Gilbert, in Switzerland, that he was about to get a few more millions deposited in his precious bank! she joked.
  66. A radio reflection barely picked up, and would not have been if not for your incredible array of instruments so amazingly fine-tuned that you could hear a mouse fart from the other side of a planet.
  67. There’s actually way more, I could go on for hours but I don’t have time to tell you everything, but let’s just say this; my cousins and I had to endure our fair share of fart machines, which I’m sure you can figure out what that was.
  68. Hearing a gargantuan fart all eyes turned immediately to Julie whose beat red face, belonging to such a dainty young women of utmost respect and demeanor, screamed, with no words necessary, Yes I am responsible for that hideous monstrosity of a fart.
  69. Witty started cackling even louder and told me,” Dude, check this out, last week, we made a pact and we both ate beans, sauerkraut, and broccoli in our omlettes for breakfast just so we could fart our asses off and then blame poor Sabinta who sits in between us, it was hilarious,” he said.

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