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He had lost a father.
He is the father of.
I was with my father.
Now she had my father.
A cousin of my father.
I know it will, Father.
My father was a healer.

I found my father, too.
To the joy of The Father.
My father will kill you.
His father doted on him.
As the Father shows me.
Father Al, 245, 246, 247.
I and the Father are one.
David his father had done.
Elated, I told my father.
The father had seen the.
My father took me back!.
Q: My father and mother?
Abihu means my father is.
His father hung the name.
Father agreed to this plan.
His father brought him a.
Father was eldest of his.
Father of Albert Gore, Jr.
My father used to own.
But your father not only.
Father, The Prince of Peace.
God and saw Him as a Father.
Father Cook, 231, 233, 237.
He and the Father were one.
He nodded to father Boward.
I was going to be a father.
As father finished the tale.
In The bosom of The father.
I'm a poor sort of father.
Never even knew his father.
Her father had always said.
His father laughed out loud.
Which Jesus calls the Father.
He was fathering them.
National Center for Fathering (The).
I’m not worried about fathering a child again.
A recent book on fathering by Bill Cosby was advertised on New York City.
Ashat’s joy of fathering other sons was always sobered up by the memory of Rosa in labor.
Jesus fathered them - not physically fathered them, but He actually had a fathering spirit over Him.
You are ordinary of the ordinary; you have no chance of ever fathering the pettiest idea of your own.
You’re continuing to engage in this competition, even though you have no chance of fathering children now.
But she knew, too, that a homosexual is as capable of fathering a son as any other man—a son to continue the Melville line.
He said the comforter, the fathering I've given you, the spirit of God will come into your life and there's some things He's going to do inside you.
I have it on good authority that Forrest’s plans were to shoot Ricky in the gonads to prevent him from fathering a child with Donna or any other woman.
What if he was accused of fathering kids; what if he had got infected; and what if there were photos and blackmails—nobody knew when things would go wrong.
If you are not properly handling your fathering role with your children then you should think twice about taking on the involvement and responsibility of a personal relationship.
Sky fathered children upon her.
He shouldn’t have fathered me.
A fling with which I fathered a son.
And by a father and what he fathered.
I think he also fathered the child we saw.
She’s saying Malcolm fathered her child.
He distrusted the AI software he’d fathered.
All except for me, who Jeremiah had fathered.
A few more years and he could have fathered her.
I feel like I have already fathered a swarm of them.
That was my father: the man who hadn’t fathered me.
He fathered some one hundred sons and fifty daughters.
I’ve fathered a child, so I should take care of it.
Chikatilo was married in 1963, and fathered a son and a.
Children who’d been fathered by hobo men who’d hit the road.
It is believed that Faustine was fathered hundreds of years ago by a.
That would be her last romance with the man who fathered her children.
The son he fathered in England was of course Iason and you met him in Limnos.
It also says that he was quite a fornicator and fathered six illegitimate children.
Regarding the identity of the father of my twins, child A was fathered by Jim Munson.
It came as a huge shock to him that Michael had fathered the child of which he knew so little.
Sir William was a ladies’ man and legend has it that he had fathered seven hundred children.
Indeed, continued the King, It says that they fathered many strong and brave warriors.
Tracey wasn't entirely sure if Wayne had fathered Julie's baby, she wondered if Julie knew herself.
How well I understood his pain now, that he had fathered these creatures, and apparently no others.
Jesus fathered them - not physically fathered them, but He actually had a fathering spirit over Him.
So what is he going to do if she chooses to keep and raise the child that he fathered biologically?
Stories were circulating on the Hill that the fiery Hoosier Republican, a known womanizer, had fathered a.
Her resentment for the Abbot and in turn, the resentment she felt for the child he fathered, was so painful.
Her mother had worked at the Hammersmith Palais in the 1960s and later claimed my Dad had fathered her child.
Thoth fathered me in ancient times but is too unruly an Entity to be allowed access to Gaea or this Plane.
Enoch fathered Irad, and Irad fathered Mehujael; Mehujael fathered Methushael, and Methushael fathered Lamech.
See, Temmy is one of probably a thousand demigod children Bacchus, the god of grapes and spirit, has fathered.
Johnson documents that Marx fathered an illegitimate child by a servant girl provided to his wife Jenny by her family.
I’ve fathered half of my children gathered here and I wish that I had fathered the other half that I claim as my children.
The twins were fathered by a man, a great warrior, who was one of us but chose to live on land and leave his daughters below.
He had fathered children by another woman during Terri’s prolonged illness, and apparently wanted to get on with his new life.
But the cyclonic and such atmospheric convulsions that fathered them would have been ever tending many of them into the atmosphere.
Although he would never acknowledge it, there’s no telling how many illegitimate children Forrest has fathered to achieve that goal.
I had thought it was because Forrest had fathered the child, but according to the paternity test, the unborn is Kevin Wilson’s son.
It's one of my fathers.
I ride my fathers horse.
There you are, my fathers.
The Fathers ate in silence.
The fathers Let’s do it.
Through fathers and sons -.
Bury me with my fathers in.
And the voices of my fathers.
Most of the Founding Fathers.
Christ is now on His Fathers.
Two fathers and two daughters.
They are fathers in the faith.
Who fathers the drops of dew?
Consists of the five fathers:.
She admired her fathers work.
Rick was my fathers play thing.
Their fathers are old and poor.
Our fathers used to dote upon;.
The church fathers had to have.
I and my father's fathers have.
The faults of fathers must not.
The Bishop and the Fathers knelt.
My fathers in a terrible state.
He had been the best of fathers.
She went to your fathers house.
Fathers weren't supposed to cry.
The Greek Fathers have used the.
O fathers of time, forgive me.
Let the Fathers deal with her.
Pray for your mothers and fathers.
Who? The exempts? No, the fathers.
Advance the cause of single fathers.
Your fathers ate the manna in the.
The two Fathers clutched each other.
He was his fathers spitting image.
Fathers, nor their Father's Fathers.
The City Fathers were thinking of.
Your fathers did eat manna in the.
Mothers of our Founding Fathers was.
Well, it was his fathers funeral.

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