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Fault numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was my fault I.
  2. Hey !! Not my fault.
  3. He is not at fault.
  4. No one is in fault.
  5. Yes, it is my fault.

  6. It was all her fault.
  7. It is not her fault.
  8. It is not his fault.
  9. It was all his fault.
  10. And it was my fault.
  11. It is not your fault.
  12. And it was her fault.
  13. It was not her fault.
  14. But it was her fault.
  15. This is all my fault.

  16. It is no one's fault.
  17. And it was his fault.
  18. It was his own fault.
  19. But it was his fault.
  20. It was not his fault.
  21. I was partly at fault.
  22. But it's not my fault.
  23. This was her own fault.
  24. This is all his fault.
  25. It is their own fault.

  26. Maybe it was my fault.
  27. So it was Bobs fault.
  28. But this is their fault.
  29. This is all your fault.
  30. It was not their fault.
  31. This is NOT your fault.
  32. It wasn't all my fault.
  33. How am I at fault?
  34. The fault of the ins-.
  35. It isn't all his fault.
  36. But it wasn't my fault.
  37. And it is all her fault.
  38. It was not your fault.
  39. This was all her fault.
  40. I find no fault in me.
  41. But it wasn't his fault.
  42. And it is NOT OUR FAULT.
  43. It was all of our fault.
  44. It is NOT your fault.
  45. It was no fault of mine.
  46. It never is their fault.
  47. It was solely his fault.
  48. And it was all her fault.
  49. It had been all my fault.
  50. Now my fault is repaired.
  51. It was the guide's fault.
  52. It's not his fault, love.
  53. It was totally our fault.
  54. Love is a fault; so be it.
  55. This was all his fault!.
  56. This was all my fault.
  57. It is my own fault, etc.
  58. It is no fault of theirs.
  59. Perhaps it was her fault.
  60. And it was all his fault.
  61. It's my fault she's dead.
  62. But it was Bovary's fault.
  63. This was not you're fault.
  64. Better to admit his fault.
  65. It is my fault he is dead.
  66. It is the child’s fault.
  67. This is not my fault!.
  68. I can’t fault the pills.
  69. Don't, it was our fault.
  70. Yes; whose fault is that?
  71. But it wasn’t your fault.
  72. Was it her fault that she.
  73. There was no blame or fault.
  74. I wonder whose fault is it.
  75. Whose fault was it really?
  76. That was your own fault.
  77. He was prideful to a fault.
  78. Two was definitely a fault.
  79. This was all Abby’s fault.
  80. Besides, it isn't my fault.
  81. None of this is your fault.
  82. It was entirely my fault.
  83. But it weren't your fault.
  84. That is my fault Brianna.
  85. It is not my fault, madame.
  86. But this wasn’t my fault.
  87. But this is not your fault.
  88. It wasn’t her fault, as.
  89. But it’s not My fault.
  90. It was no longer his fault.
  91. Mom, it wasn't your fault.
  92. It wasn't her fault at all.
  93. It was definitely my fault.
  94. It was my fault for doing.
  95. This is all, your fault now.
  96. It’s my own stupid fault.
  97. Whose fault was it? No one's.
  98. The incident was my fault.
  99. That would be your fault.
  100. My fault, he thought harshly.
  1. Over time the reaction and faulting of the earth will evaporate.
  2. Note that once the earth began faulting and shifting, the rock was.
  3. You can blame anyone you like, but you won’t do badly by faulting all three branches.
  4. It is a proven scientific fact that underground volcanoes caused by faulting, and a rock formation called serpentine.
  5. Remember that due to faulting, many exceptions to the rule exist on earth (the Rockies are higher than some places of the equator), although the highest place in the world is near the equator.
  1. The Holy God cannot be faulted.
  2. They are to be praised and not faulted.
  3. Adolf Newman couldn’t be faulted really.
  4. Even if he was wrong he could not be seriously faulted.
  5. In the past, he had been faulted many times by those who knew.
  6. But in the end nothing worked and I should be faulted for not quitting sooner.
  7. Shikone faulted her for lack of interest in sex and too much interest in crystals when their affair ended.
  8. They topped the brink of the hill and Oak halted, his eyes widened and his brain faulted his eyes for not working properly.
  9. When he left the room having bowed before her portrait, he felt that neither his mother could be blamed nor his father be faulted for whatever happened.
  10. Eileen Cauldron’s testimony couldn’t be faulted, not faulted until Rudolph peered closely into the face of the man before him who was spouting the lies.
  11. Besides, as the notion of a Muslim nation would restore the loss of power and pelf under the British Raj, the craving of those Musalmans for Pakistan cannot be faulted.
  12. He also wrote a long analysis of his family's business, Gimbel Brothers (which also owned Saks Fifth Avenue), in which he faulted their planning process from top to bottom.
  13. In her concern for the safety of her colleagues, she may have pressed her case more forcefully than was judicious, but she cannot be faulted for the truth of her statements.
  14. Maybe, because of this abnormality in such a religiously conditioned Muslim mind-set, ‘the others’ too cannot be faulted for misconstruing their indifferent, if not hostile, behavior.
  1. He was blind to her faults.
  2. None of this is their faults.
  3. Well, we all have our faults.
  4. And we share the same faults.
  5. Harriet's faults were her own.
  6. Hers are not faults of temper.
  7. They had their faults, and Mrs.
  8. The faults of fathers must not.
  9. And what crimes! And what faults!.
  10. There are no faults of orthography.
  11. It stops you dealing with your faults.
  12. So it was in a way both of their faults.
  13. He had his faults, Princess Constance.
  14. Shipra masi finding faults with my mother.
  15. The fears and faults have now gone like a.
  16. She knew she possessed many faults and flaws.
  17. Hath she her faults? I would you had them too.
  18. She accepts my faults as well as my strengths.
  19. It is one of the faults which resemble a duty.
  20. With this act, all your faults will be purged.
  21. I think you will be able to overlook my faults.
  22. Admit faults but let it not be an end in itself.
  23. For all his faults, Luis Çrámerr died bravely.
  24. Faults would be cleared from the security system.
  25. Who having abandoned all verbal faults, possess a.
  26. By this point, Obama's faults are familiar to most.
  27. The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise.
  28. You say you have faults, Helen: what are they? To.
  29. If their faults should not be your place to correct.
  30. Of course they never spoke of their own little faults.
  31. Our tendency is to overlook the faults and weaknesses.
  32. Realization of your own faults is the way to salvation.
  33. Reveal the faults of another in a tactful and subtle way.
  34. Love creates less faults in the form of positive energy.
  35. Do not be so quick to judge the faults of others Benaiah.
  36. The faults he had- if he had any- were not of his making.
  37. Therefore they are subject to any faults that I may have.
  38. We need to accept that we have faults and are not perfect.
  39. Many small faults that crossed the western seaboard were.
  40. That for all his faults he is loved; whose works are but.
  41. Here’s a satire I wrote to point out faults in scripture.
  42. The Doc’s told me he has faults, maybe this is another.
  43. She is very generous, though of course she has her faults.
  44. The faults he had—if he had any—were not of his making.
  45. He has no faults but what a serious attachment would remove.
  47. Within two seconds I’m a cheetah, fully and without faults.
  48. Others who candidly expressed faults with Hitler’s regime.
  49. He also had many faults like fear, anger, lust, and jealousy.
  50. She began to fight with herself, to watch her faults and try.
  51. We have to accept them as they were, with all their faults.
  52. One of the greatest faults of pupils is to neglect to practice.
  53. Haliburton, whatever its faults, doesn’t do that kind of thing.
  54. He has paid the perfect price for human imperfections and faults.
  55. But whatever their faults, the men of Xuthal did not lack courage.
  56. Griffiths found numerous faults with the diving board and wrote.
  57. Democracy, for all its faults, was an attempt at securing balance.
  58. They checked the vehicle for faults, but they couldn’t find any.
  59. However, it must be acknowledged, she had faults to foil her gifts.
  60. They were her Mom and Dad and despite their faults, she loved them.
  61. He suffices as the All-Informed Knower of the faults of His creatures.
  62. Church for the faults I saw, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t.
  63. He may have his faults, being a redneck and all, he thought, but if I.
  64. Human emotion and behaviors are never a sin for us unless those faults.
  65. Why wouldn’t I? Every couple have their faults, but it seems that.
  66. Pops wasn’t blind to my faults, and he pointed them out in a gentle way.
  67. Humor was the only way he could tolerate and examine his own inner faults.
  68. He could find no faults with it given that it was based on earlier success.
  69. Michael did a thorough check of his instruments and detected no faults or.
  70. Whatever his faults might be, surely they can be no greater than yours.
  71. Pumblechook, to her faults of temper, but it is to be hoped she meant well.
  72. Look at your sisters and brothers and see their beauty and not their faults.
  73. That was one of Peter's faults; he could open a hole, but could not close it.
  74. I am concerned, faults related to alimentation often fall under this category.
  75. Sex alone cannot combat the monster of seeing faults between husband and wife.
  76. But the real problem wasn’t that—wasn’t an accumulation of small faults.
  77. Yes, I am a line inspector; I work on the overhead cables and fix any faults.
  78. Not being faultless myself, I won't presume to probe into the faults of others.
  79. We can forgive all faults of our school friends or of our brothers and sisters.
  80. I hear Galeron is a mite enthusiastic about cataloguing the keep’s faults.
  81. The Beatles were musicians, and whatever their faults music was their signature.
  82. Despite his heterodoxy, faults, and weaknesses, Clare was a man with a conscience.
  83. You love her, Heyward; that would conceal a thousand faults, though she had them.
  84. He needed to know what had made her leave him if he was ever to fix those faults.
  85. Crawford replied, I know Mansfield, I know its way, I know its faults towards you.
  86. They will recover from their faults so that when they die, they will be without sin.
  87. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.
  88. However, I find 3 faults with his theory of digital physics and I’l discuss these.
  89. But, after all, Jesus knew that Peter's faults were of the head and not of the heart.
  90. These devices can pinpoint the exact location of many different types of cable faults.
  91. He accepted himself, faults and all, and forgave himself for the mistakes he’d made.
  92. The house was however in a good state of repair and had no obvious faults or problems.
  93. But, there were growing weaknesses; faults in the very foundation of the economy that.
  94. He studied them for a few days, trying to figure it out, looking for individual faults.
  95. He saw the unconditional love of Kastur for him in spite of all his faults and demands.
  96. Whatever faults there were to young Carrington’s credit, cowardice was not one of them.
  97. Below is a data set with some dates and a count of machine faults occurring on that date.
  98. You should accept your faults boldly and frankly and should endeavour to get rid of them.
  99. At least I know my faults and acknowledge them, though late and in part only, I admit it.
  100. Neither of you were honest and courageous enough to show your faults to the other person.

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