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Feed numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I have to feed Ms.
  2. Then the feed cut out.
  3. I have mouths to feed.
  4. They feed him in a pan.
  5. And I will feed you.

  7. What to feed your lawn.
  8. No way! You feed him.
  10. Itll feed her for days.
  11. The feed back of other.
  12. It could feed an outpost.
  13. So we just feed on them.
  14. You have mouths to feed.
  15. The feed below (Figure 3.

  16. I got to feed the fambly.
  17. So that’s the news feed.
  18. She had to feed him herself.
  19. You feed her the apples.
  20. Feed you to water creatures.
  21. Vince pays us chicken feed.
  22. Just feed off of me then.
  23. He would not even feed him.
  24. A staple to feed the masses.
  25. We cannot feed them this.

  26. Would feed on one another?
  27. You feed your spirit with it.
  28. How do we feed the insects?
  29. He saith unto him, Feed my.
  30. Flapdoodle to feed fools on.
  31. But don't feed him any junk.
  32. It is a sin to feed Russians.
  33. Arguing will not feed anyone.
  34. She pried open the feed and.
  35. That’s where the crows feed.
  36. I switch the video feed again.
  37. It showed the pad video feed.
  38. To feed me false information.
  39. She needs to feed immediately.
  40. Feed Ulfur to water creatures.
  41. Just feed your kids the pills.
  42. They could be cheap to feed.
  43. Where those who feed on fear.
  44. Getting the chick starter feed.
  45. We got another mouth to feed.
  46. He doesn't feed her, you know.
  47. Swollen with what they feed on.
  48. This is the live radio feed.
  49. Even feed each other to water.
  50. In that time you must feed me.
  51. These fritters feed the flames.
  52. I will feed them with judgment.
  53. They had to feed the flying rats.
  54. Feed them all to water creatures.
  55. I found a story on the news feed.
  56. Feed your mind with the proper.
  57. He gave straw and feed for the.
  58. These are to feed the poor folks.
  59. They have to feed their families.
  60. She had even offered to feed her.
  61. Don’t feed him, I’ll do that.
  62. He just wants to feed his family.
  63. Time to feed, eh? she asked.
  64. What do they currently feed the.
  65. Take him to his room, feed him.
  66. They eat the feed, Jay said.
  67. I made enough to feed the third.
  68. I could bath him and feed him and.
  69. I haven’t had time to… feed.
  70. You’ll have to feed him by hand.
  71. That will feed you for a month.
  72. The eels should feed well tonight.
  73. Are you ready to feed them?
  74. Silflay To go above ground to feed.
  75. Kill the feed as soon as you can.
  76. Joseph said he’d feed the dogs.
  77. Dreadnought troops, feed the moose.
  78. I tire and slow, dragging my feed.
  79. Fishing is how I feed my family.
  80. He said to him Feed for me my sheep.
  81. I said feed the hungry, satisfy the.
  82. Kin Slayer needed to feed some more.
  83. Dreadnought Troops (Feed the Moose).
  84. That live and feed upon your majesty.
  85. He stinks and it's hard to feed him.
  86. This is an example of an RSS feed:.
  87. What is wanted to feed the body is.
  88. There are feed water qualities for.
  89. They do feed us in here, you know.
  90. Give them protection and their feed.
  91. It's on every other major news feed.
  92. The duck will want a special feed.
  93. We feed the fear, and speed the fall.
  94. At times it would not feed any water.
  95. He will feed the people only a little.
  96. They feed on you when you are asleep.
  97. Derek, but they feed us, we help them.
  98. He cannot feed himself or even speak.
  99. They feed on the earth, he said.
  100. But, off his feed, refused roast beef.
  1. I better get to feeding.
  3. They needed feeding as well.
  4. What about feeding the fish?
  5. They were feeding and playing.
  6. That way he can keep feeding.
  7. Good luck with feeding him.
  8. After that, shark feeding was.
  9. Scott was feeding on Charlie!.
  10. After the top-off feeding, go.
  11. I saw a zombie that was feeding.
  12. The sweetness feeding on itself.
  13. Feeding the larvae is one of the.
  14. Or the feeding on a day of hunger.
  15. Feeding them should not be an issue.
  16. You shouldn’t be feeding the.
  17. You need feeding, said Tom.
  18. Had no intention of feeding on her.
  19. Guard against overuse when feeding.
  20. Feeding off the decay of the real.
  21. Desperation seemed to be feeding it.
  22. They’ve removed the feeding tubes.
  23. Lora used to love feeding the ducks.
  24. By feeding back on what she’s said.
  25. The older man was spoon feeding his.
  26. He has to be feeding himself somehow.
  27. After feeding their young fish they.
  28. Recognize that feeding your baby is.
  29. I enjoyed feeding it to your mouth.
  30. The newspapers are in a feeding frenzy.
  31. This is the first art: feeding oneself.
  32. Vampires were feeding now, doing what.
  33. I remained silent; feeding both of you.
  34. Vampires can go a week without feeding.
  35. You can try feeding it coconut milk.
  36. A cruel God was sitting there feeding.
  37. Then the baby gets her morning feeding.
  38. Bobby was feeding Cynthia a load of crap.
  39. The baby in the feeding trough was both.
  40. He could see Nellie feeding on the slope.
  41. Or feeding, on a day of privation.
  42. God only knows what they’re feeding you.
  43. This is its apprenticeship: feeding others.
  45. Type Feeding in the Wild in the second row.
  46. Feeding them shouldn't be much of a problem.
  47. A man becomes a reflection of such feeding.
  48. You better have finished feeding the stock.
  49. No doubt people were feeding them up there.
  50. She walked them through feeding the horses.
  51. During the feeding, old Tom said very little.
  52. It was as if the crowd was feeding him with.
  53. This Warrior will look after their feeding.
  54. Is there more than one feeding time each.
  55. One looks after feeding; breeding, and so on.
  56. You heard what I said, it’s feeding time.
  57. She's quite capable of feeding 'em to her cat.
  58. In a week or so, we can start feeding on the.
  59. Quit feeding the beast and the beast will die.
  60. Your friend is still feeding, and resting James.
  61. I was feeding fats, including cholesterol, to.
  62. Then she went back to feeding the slot machine.
  63. A feeding bear is just that: one that is eating.
  64. As they were feeding the fowls Miriam came out.
  65. Half an hour later, I was force feeding Tahira.
  66. The nurse then took out Sharon’s feeding tube.
  67. And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.
  68. The IV bag had stopped feeding him some time ago.
  69. Worried About Feeding your Chickens Healthily?
  70. She dropped the bag and a feeding frenzy ensued.
  71. It is the same as dressing and feeding a shadow.
  72. Just ensure that the feeding time is maintained.
  73. He and I were out on this very pasture feeding.
  74. If they did not stop feeding on her, she would.
  75. We are feeding Christ whatever we feed our hearts.
  76. They were then led to the feeding grounds by Rah.
  77. All they have to do is stop feeding the hostages.
  78. As they grow, tadpoles start feeding on algae and.
  79. If it’s not, keep waiting, feeding and stirring.
  80. He was at the time feeding a large number (about.
  81. I frowned at him, my fear feeding into indignation.
  82. Gently push the food towards the feeding tentacles.
  83. Been feeding none too well of late, I should guess.
  84. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the.
  85. Nor would he advocate the feeding of the destitute.
  86. She sung a lively tune while feeding Redbolt leaves.
  87. SCRIPTURE as seen above and also in the feeding of.
  88. So there are many examples; the feeding of the 5000.
  89. Angus had just finished feeding the horses a couple.
  90. Herds of grazers came by, slowly this time, feeding.
  91. Once again Sharon’s feeding tube was leaking and.
  92. To ease the feeding problem, mixtures were also used.
  93. Ashi was feeding the animals when everything changed.
  94. I think Edith might have been feeding it on the sly.
  95. The two dogs finished their feeding at the same time.
  96. They haven't and won't, until we stop feeding them.
  97. Napoleon's concern was for the feeding of his armies.
  98. Is there more than one feeding time each day?
  99. The force feeding of ducks was first practiced by the.
  100. Traquair supposes, of feeding with ease on the ground.
  1. I fed her a chicken.
  2. You have not fed us.
  3. And the column fed me.
  4. I have never fed raw.
  5. Income tax (st & fed) 2.
  6. He just fed, you see.
  7. The White Cube fed him.
  8. He was totally fed up.
  9. The tear fed the river.
  10. Finally, I was fed up.
  11. A horse that is not fed.
  12. Fed the string, pulled up.
  13. The lies that she fed him.
  14. I’m fed up (with [what]).
  15. Al were fed a hearty meal.
  16. I was fed up with my life.
  17. I’m fed up of this place.
  18. We need to keep him fed.
  19. Hungry people are being fed.
  20. But that spark has to be fed.
  21. Moreover he fed the need of.
  22. They only fed at our expense.
  23. In the mornings they were fed.
  24. Bradshaw told the Fed he was.
  25. Rotting flesh was fed to hogs.
  26. Stay patient, the fish is fed.
  27. The Mexicans were weak and fed.
  28. We fed that into the equation.
  29. Are you fed up with either? :.
  30. The Fed had a body to die for.
  31. Jodie's mind was being fed data.
  32. They fed at this very table.
  33. I am fed up with you two, you.
  34. RF signal is fed to the antenna.
  35. I had never fed or dressed him.
  36. Fed you well, did he, that Mr.
  37. The Fed Crushes the 1981 Economy.
  38. The other man looked like a Fed.
  39. A child whose’ never been fed.
  40. They are fed tons of junk facts.
  41. A group of men fed coal into it.
  42. He immediately fed the scanned.
  43. Mount which fed the five thousand.
  44. The man who pulled them fed them.
  45. I fed you Dieterhof’s heart.
  46. He appeared healthy and well fed.
  47. Q: All my life I was fed on words.
  48. Fed by the streams of loneliness.
  49. He bought milk and fed the child.
  50. I’d fed cases on the warehouse.
  51. Well the dolphins have been fed.
  52. I could have fed you to my beasts.
  53. He fed her and the baby warm soup.
  54. She was fed up of all their games.
  55. It had been too long since he fed.
  56. He came in and fed the ‘twins’.
  57. And for the next hour or so I fed.
  58. I hadn’t fed it in quite a while.
  59. A child is fed with milk and praise.
  60. The fed vanishes around the corner.
  61. I get so fed up with that question.
  62. He fed Max and headed out the door.
  63. Take in the love that is being fed.
  64. He fed, bathed and clothed himself.
  65. We have fed ourselves, and not the.
  66. I fed the fire, and feared them not.
  67. God fed 5000 when Jesus gave thanks.
  68. That truly got me fed up in the end.
  69. The growing pigeons are fed by the.
  70. I am fed up with tears and weakness.
  71. They fed her and washed her clothes.
  72. As it fed into the rotation of the.
  73. He was content as long as I fed him.
  74. Thoughts of you are continually fed.
  75. Oh, and of course…that he was a Fed.
  76. I have fed well though and feel sated.
  77. From the crows that fed upon the.
  78. Tired, hungry and fed up with their.
  79. Sophie was tired and fed up, so she.
  80. The reporters fed us this whole story.
  81. It thinks it is being fed because it.
  82. They are fed with tons of junk trivia.
  83. Gobs and gobs of grass fed to her by.
  84. Now he need not be fed for some years.
  85. But Billy says he's fed up with Alice.
  86. It was fed by hot underground springs.
  87. He shook his head and I fed the birds.
  88. I’m getting fed up of using torches.
  89. I saw a sign that said, Fed Ex Express.
  90. She hummed to herself as she fed the.
  91. You must be really fed up with her by.
  92. See the food and water fed to the cats.
  93. Shit, the Fed murmured behind her.
  94. He’d fed recently—I could taste it.
  95. I am a poor student and need to be fed.
  96. Are you fed up of the 'me' generation?
  97. I fed mostly on rodents and animals.
  98. This only fed my delusions of grandeur.
  99. Quinn had fed on you, almost taken you.
  100. Not that the Fed seemed to be suffering.
  1. The one who feeds on.
  2. She feeds it day after.
  3. Deorci feeds off your fear.
  4. The Krummling feeds on fear.
  5. CNC Feeds and Speeds Tutorial.
  6. She feeds their wasted dreams.
  7. Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand.
  8. Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.
  9. He who feeds me, and waters me.
  10. Something feeds back on the PA.
  11. Your Heavenly Father feeds them.
  12. Each feeds and defines the other.
  13. The slack feeds and comes to an.
  14. This use of RSS feeds is called.
  15. The One Who feeds the Sacred Fire.
  16. There is also nothing that feeds it.
  17. Optical input feeds are functioning.
  18. Chapter 25: Big Earl Feeds The Beast.
  19. She then feeds it regurgitated food.
  20. That's similar to how a vampire feeds.
  21. For memory feeds imagination and im-.
  22. She helps the poor and feeds the hungry.
  23. Every mouth that feeds becomes a table.
  24. The screen snatched surveillance feeds.
  25. The G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator.
  26. Corn feeds the spirit that makes us one.
  27. Introduction to CAM and Feeds and Speeds.
  28. What About Feeds and Speeds Calculators?
  29. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  30. Pastor: One who feeds the flock; a shepherd.
  31. Papilla - the organ that feeds hair growth.
  32. In the mountain he feeds the 4000.
  33. Earth is the heart of the Table; it feeds all.
  34. Audio, visual and sensor feeds were overlain.
  35. He feeds me with a piece of a red velvet cupcake.
  36. Man thinks a lot about the food he feeds himself.
  37. My sister won’t bite the hand that feeds her.
  38. This shepherd feeds himself and feeds not My sheep.
  39. When I finished loading the feeds to the cameras.
  40. Food is the mother of art; it is the art that feeds.
  41. How aggressive should you be with feeds and speeds?
  42. Who feeds these springs? Where do they ascend from?
  43. In the Feeds and Web Slices section, click on Settings.
  44. It feeds off of you, turns you into a shrieking bonfire.
  45. Milk leaks from her breast as she feeds her young child.
  46. Mint is traditionally used in animal feeds as an appetiser.
  47. She helps me with my girlfriends and feeds me, that's all.
  48. Sir Ralph feeds oats to the horses he means to ride hard.
  49. His fear of losing Sookie feeds the vampire and motivates.
  50. He feeds the crows, the foxes, the worms and the vultures.
  51. It is His Scripture which feeds mankind’s spiritual hunger.
  52. It is this stock which feeds, clothes, and lodges the people.
  53. A canvas bereft of color for the myriad of passions it feeds.
  54. Its body feeds on life-force, its mind on pure thought energy.
  55. While RSS feeds provide you with a number of different ways to.
  56. Let's talk for a minute about how the G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds.
  57. One, they up the feeds and speeds tremendously so the MRR's are.
  59. And now Jimmy feeds crows in Flanders and Helen visits hospitals.
  60. Hey, big guy, I hope you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
  61. Since plant life feeds off of CO andCO2 emissions, there would be.
  62. The madam takes out some aspirin and slowly feeds them to Victoria.
  63. What's the Difference Between Toolroom and Manufacturing Feeds and.
  64. In His own land, there is a multitude that gathers and He feeds them.
  65. He had hijacked all the security camera feeds from the rave nightclub.
  66. Prices rise, flush out even more shorts, and the rally feeds on itself.
  67. You can tell how sophisticated a speeds and feeds calculator is by the.
  68. He feeds your document into the copier and your copy drops into a tray.
  69. After you've upgraded your feeds and speeds calculations beyond what is.
  70. Every action we do in the present, feeds into the stream of our actions.
  71. There’s much more to the CNCCookbook Feeds and Speeds Cookbook on our.
  72. In the wild the Seahorse primarily feeds on crustaceans and small shrimp.
  73. By that we meant the most aggressive feeds and speeds that could be used.
  74. Affective Disorder can lead to increased depression that feeds into other.
  75. There are really only two reasons why you'd want to look into a feeds and.
  76. Falling prices flush out even more longs, and the decline feeds on itself.
  77. Most CAM programs have some sort of simplified speeds and feeds calculator.
  78. It feeds on brainwave energy not from its carrier but from those around it.
  79. Yes! Hate me! Hatred feeds me! Hate me because I also hate you all!.
  80. Ah, you know now of the astral body; how it is constructed; how it feeds.
  81. He had hooked his PDA into 87 different news feeds with a small application.
  82. An empire is an empty pyre that destroys and consumes everything it feeds on.
  83. However, do not decrease sugar in yeast breads because sugar feeds the yeast.
  84. The second case where faster feeds help is that larger chips carry away more.
  85. Cole’s cook feeds us, its part of our rent, Tynice replied with a smile.
  86. One such case was already mentioned at the start of this chapter: news feeds.
  87. Instead of sending them away, He feeds them with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.
  88. It feeds almost exclusively on grass and leaves its burrow between two lights.
  89. All around him now, blows are being exchanged, as violence feeds on the crowd.
  90. He Feeds the Sheep (Jeremiah 3:15; Ezekiel 34:14; Isaiah 40:11) - "Feed" and.
  91. As of this writing, there are many data feeds that do not carry this indicator.
  92. Diet / Fish Food : Primarily an herbivore and feeds on marine algae in the wild.
  93. He has been in the military way too long to know that home base only feeds you.
  94. I intercepted three news feeds, and they’re definitely here because of us.
  95. Start subscribing to RSS feeds to monitor how consumers are tagging information.
  96. The young bass often feeds on planktons, organisms, and even on smaller insects.
  97. The only reason they see her as worth anything at all is because she feeds them.
  98. The news feed component allows you to collect feeds from other sites and publish.
  99. In fact, that's how my G-Wizard feeds and speeds software started out, but I'll 20.
  100. RSS feeds are also features of many other types of website but it is probably most.

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