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He told me to fetch.
I went to fetch the car.
I was asked to fetch you.
She decided to fetch him.
Fetch the gun and the men.
I shall come to fetch you.
I ordered one to fetch me.

I went to fetch her myself.
It’s the truth – fetch.
Ooh, we can fetch him later.
He told me to fetch some water.
Albert ran to fetch a carriage.
He told me to go and fetch you.
Then he roared: Fetch a sword!.
Come in, I’ll fetch the keys.
Fetch that stool, said Mr.
Fetch me a sword, he said.
Please sir, fetch some water.
I’ll fetch Celina for you.
I’ll have them fetch it when.
Ordering Bane to fetch what he.
Go fetch a brush and ink for.
If I fetch the priest, and he.
She went to the kitchen to fetch.
Wait a minute, I'll fetch Zossimov.
Just give me ten minutes to fetch.
However, I'll go and fetch Ladislaw.
The Tartar girls went to fetch water.
And I believe, it is a fetch of wit:.
Thought that Belfast would fetch him.
I must fetch my husband, said Mrs.
Here stood a prize that would fetch.
Go fetch a stick before I spit on you.
I will send two men to fetch your sons.
I told a small girl to fetch it for me.
Valentine rose to fetch the dictionary.
So we rode up this morning to fetch her.
It was time to fetch the Master’s wine.
He has gone now to fetch some rusks; he.
Fetch in our wood, and serve in offices.
But not for fetching water.
Take your time fetching Theakston.
Men were fetching water from the fall.
Fetching it would give me a small reprieve.
Rushworth is so long fetching this key!.
So that, when your fetching day has come, you will.
The day we got him he was at once put to fetching water.
She was fetching me from her brother's home, said Ma.
When it comes to fetching commands, that’s one tough master.
Captain Nemo hadn't even suggested my fetching Ned or Conseil.
I reckon I was right to think of fetching the little bags along.
Not the superb ships with sail-power or steam-power, fetching and.
A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands;.
Ironically enough, she’d been hit while fetching the morning paper.
Jarvis (aside)—That’s a fetching way she has of raising her eyes.
On the other hand, what she was proposing was quite far fetching indeed.
So after fetching the ball out of the back of the Arcadia net, I did a.
He wore a flower in his buttonhole--a very fetching touch with some women.
I’m in the pantry fetching the cereal for them when I hear Liz say quietly.
But what wilt thou give me if I succeed in fetching thy plaything up again?
With each dog fetching the equivalent of US $250, it is a lucrative industry.
It has been pierced by a bomb, so the infantry-men are fetching more earth.
He moves away for a moment, and I can hear him near the door fetching something.
I remember Alex called me to say that he’ll be late in fetching me up here.
I busied myself for some time in fetching water from the cistern for the wounded.
The cow-tender said that she did not mind fetching it herself, if he would let her down.
We start by fetching the network parameters for the main, production Bitcoin network ➊.
The gun skittered across the hardwood floor, fetching up against the wall next to the open lounge door.
She looked harmless enough, he recalled, and was actually rather fetching when she turned on her charm.
The following weeks flew by quickly, and we were soon at the end of term and fetching our report cards.
She went into her closet, and, fetching her crape hat from the shelf, began pinning it on before the glass.
Copies of Sauce Force, the band’s last single put out on vinyl in 2001, are currently fetching up to £500.
Consequently, the Costume I sought was to be found right in Coxtart’s Emporium—and a fetching one ’twas.
We moved around each other in the kitchen, fetching milk, sugar, a teapot, exchanging polite queries about biscuits.
You guys could have warned me! Oh, I’m so embarrassed! She was still blushing, and James found it rather fetching.
On every balcony families were sitting round tables waiting for the servant who was fetching their dinner from a restaurant.
Debby and Michelle hovered near, fetching tissues for Libby and fussing over her the way they should have done a good hour ago.
Don't you think this time it should be me who deals with shifty merchants? he said, fetching a stout stone and the ball hammer.
A swathe of pink chiffon draped over the offending flesh was rather fetching, she thought – not stopping to wonder what it would fetch.
If I had made any difficulty about fetching the key, there might have been some excuse, but I went the very moment she said she wanted it.
He fetched a card from.
He had been fetched by a.
Jeremy fetched her a chair.
Now nothing fetched him up.
Someone must have fetched him.
Does this sound far fetched?
This is all a bit far fetched.
Your friend fetched me here.
She waited while Remy fetched it.
Scotty fetched me the sleeping bag.
I fetched one and threw it over him.
She fetched him food from the fridge.
Robert, however, would not be fetched.
He fetched another piece of scrap paper.
Will you have them fetched back?
Have your captive Octavia fetched here.
I don't know why he hadn't been fetched.
Norris fetched breath, and went on again.
Dutch, and he fetched us both cold drinks.
Nick fetched her from the office next door.
They fetched high prices too, Moisel told me.
It could have fetched a reasonable price then.
That was quickly fetched and placed before her.
In any case, I have fetched a ball that we'll.
Cook fetched water to bathe Virginia’s wrists.
Nanon fetched it from Fessard's; there was none.
I fetched them out of my trouser pocket and gave.
Gail had fetched some cushions from the couch to.
She fetched her handbag, then she went to her car.
From the library he fetched a copy of Shakespeare.
Families fetched their dinners with them from the.
Gantry as he fetched his newspaper off the sidewalk.
He went to the kitchen and fetched a glass of water.
Mohamed got out and fetched a trolley for the cases.
He snorted impatiently, and fetched the candle himself.
I fetched the drinks and brought out some hors d'oeuvres.
I stirred up the cinders, and fetched a scuttleful myself.
A local resident had fetched blankets out for the victims.
Alcor found himself fetched up somewhere away from the lab.
It fetches unbelievable sums on Earth.
Why, I met on the road a lad that fetches milk here.
Ah, it's sublime, sublime! Always fetches the house.
I wonder what fetches the most money? she said.
Hence, shoplist[0] fetches the first item and shoplist[3].
In war he is the best backer of the war, he fetches artil ery as.
The Sahib's men need not watch, for they will not see who fetches it.
Wise living, rather fast living fetches the fruits of a prosperous career.
Skuld nods and Anthony fetches the keycard from his wallet and hands it to her.
Bex fetches a box of her Dad's wine from under the stairs when they empty the bottle.
As scrap aluminium, which currently fetches 70 Baht a kilogram, they would be worth 50,000 Baht.
A year-old calf normally fetches ten to twelve shillings at market, though prices are down this season.
So the boasts of men about their conquests would seem hollow since it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
The model function select_data() fetches all the rows from the database table loop_table and returns it to the calling controller function.
Now, if after he fetches a few breaths you alarm him, so that he sounds, he will be always dodging up again to make good his regular allowance of air.
Just consider how much each can fetches, how many you have to collect and from where will you get them? Then think about all the effort that is involved.
When he comes out again, he drives us over to the wood stalls at the end of the dirt road and fetches the silver suitcase he stashed in his trunk earlier.
I’ve read in Benign Flame that the boasts of men about their conquests would sound hollow for it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
Takeover greed appeared to be supporting the price: Value Line said avoid, despite potential for near-term price rises if the company fetches another buy-out proposal.
The peasant who fetches vodka—even though you are going to drink it and not he and he knows that beforehand—seems, as it were, to be enjoying part of your future gratification.
With everything packed and the Beretta tucked safely in his jeans, the doctor goes to the kitchen and fetches the last bottle of red wine and two glasses, which he wipes on the bottom of his shirt.
Silly mermaids! How come they don’t keep their big mouth shut which always fetches them trouble? I feel sorry for her half body which totally went a waste, after he said that both of them switched to their evil laughter.

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