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  1. We never spoke in the Fiat.
  2. I’m behind in a white Fiat.
  3. Some by choice, others by fiat and ostracism.
  4. This may result in Fiat hitting the lottery if U.
  5. Sergio waited in the Fiat as Callucini approached.

  6. Bob Spade had parked his Fiat 500 around the corner out of.
  7. It was a specially made Fiat with an official license plate.
  8. The taxicab was an ancient Fiat with a long but low passenger cabin.
  9. A drop of vinegar in a spoonful of flour paste supplies the fiat lux.
  10. This is real money, not a fiat currency, but a precious commodity.
  11. After this variation lie fiat on your back and relax for a few minutes.
  12. Now we’re in the back of a black Fiat speeding past French road signs.
  13. Fiat is known for its small cars that whiz in and out of traffic in Italy.
  14. The only cars were small Seats [rhymes with Fiat]; the Spanish version of Fiat.
  15. The most newsworthy of the three was the merger of Italy’s automaker Fiat and U.

  16. By then, Sneha too had a Fiat of her own to have the thrill of being at the steering.
  17. Then I read it, said Hippolyte, in the tone of one bowing to the fiat of destiny.
  18. The next morning, they picked me up in Ace’s two-tone Fiat resembling a red-and-white saddle shoe.
  19. Maria Lucia Mugno (Italy) owns a hirsute Fiat 500 covered with 100 kg (220 lb) of natural hair.
  20. The merger will allow the Fiat to introduce and produce their small, European cars in the United States.
  21. The Fiat brand has also had some issues in the past, and some say Fiat stands for, Fix It Again,Tony.
  22. Barrington waited till he heard Frankie open and close the door of Owen's fiat, and then he hurried away.
  23. He booked a small Fiat for three days and showed the guy his fake ID in the name of Fredo Mendes and paid him in cash.
  24. We got into Jacob’s tidy white Fiat, and within a couple of minutes we were tearing south through Paris at warp speed.
  25. Theo parked his shining 2013 Audi TT convertible next to a dented and scratched Garda Fiat Ulysse with a 2003 license plate.

  26. They are entwined in nethermost darkness, the willer with the willed, and in an instant (fiat!) light shall flood the world.
  27. Sully-Prudhomme, hear a penal sentence in the fiat, "You shall be born," particularly if addressed to potential issue of hers.
  28. Locking the shed, he headed home in his old Fiat, trying to ignore the squeal of a dry bearing somewhere deep inside the engine.
  29. It was a quiet back street which would be fine for him to transfer from the Boxter to the Fiat and drive quietly out of the city.
  30. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.
  31. In a complicated series of events, Chrysler was forced into bankruptcy protection and at the same time pursued an alliance with Fiat.
  32. A quick glance showed him that the man and woman from the Fiat were going towards the bank of elevators visible at one end of the lobby.
  33. As the Fiat stopped at the wicket-gate, propelled more by womanly instinct than any welcoming intent, Lalitha stepped out from the main one.
  34. His long, thin legs - about which the baggy trousers hung in ungraceful folds - were slightly knock-kneed, and terminated in large, fiat feet.
  35. The Fiat purred nosily as it forged its way over the busy motorway, the headlights burning into the dusk like the eyes of some ferocious beast.
  36. With the current bubble popping, and the gross devaluation of the dollar, the avenue for pumping more fiat currency into the system evaporated.
  37. Alberto raced along the dual carriageway as fast as the little Fiat would take him but it wasn’t his Porsche and progress was much, much slower.
  38. The so called merger is more along the lines of Fiat becoming a vulture investor and feeding on the carcass of Chrysler for pennies on the dollar.
  39. On getting home, after three sleepless nights, Vronsky, without undressing, lay down fiat on the sofa, clasping his hands and laying his head on them.
  40. After he’d turned it over a couple of times the Fiat spluttered into life and he set off towards Mudeford and the bay where his business was located.
  41. However, in the decades after World War II, the paper (fiat) money regime and a growing public sector made realized inflation virtually always positive.
  42. With the docility of the intelligent, she accepted his fiat, but chose the evil represented by a unit rather than by the sum total of family companionship.
  43. Because most Bitcoin ads are for selling bitcoins, you (the buyer) will hand an envelope containing your dollars (or other fiat money) to the seller first.
  44. My best guess is that Fiat will sell fairly well in the United States, and over the long term, the alliance will benefit Fiat and its shareholders (see Figure 3.
  45. Gold could be in its own bull market and trend higher because the common belief is that the fiat currencies are doomed due to central banks printing too much money.
  46. All economic models of profit, little Unitito, are real models of inequality, selling the world into slavery and unto death for fiat credits, gold coins, and trinkshit.
  47. It was not intended, however, to undermine, through judicial fiat or perverse legal interpretation, the freedoms that every American should properly enjoy without exception.
  48. After the Bretton Woods regime (a quasi gold standard) collapsed in 1971, the major economies were clearly in a fiat money regime and inflation expectations became further unanchored.
  49. With the two occupants of the Fiat now inside the hotel, Erik hurried to it and went through the revolving glass doors, adopting a more nonchalant pace once inside the lobby of the hotel.
  50. Turning this theory into a system of laws by the fiat of denunciation of its competitors discourages the very research necessary to obtain that objective, if indeed that is ever possible.
  51. Mark stashed the suitcase in the boot of the Fiat and Sarah sat in the back with her mother, she lay her sweet head on her Edna’s shoulder and was asleep by the time they reached Lancaster.
  52. Without even troubling himself to see Betsy out of his fiat, forgetting all his resolutions, without asking when he could see her, where her husband was, Vronsky drove straight to the Karenins’.
  53. A light grey Fiat saloon, registration F1J 8FY that passed him; The young woman who was waiting behind one of the market stalls; A market trader who had only just taken his eyes off the Land Rover.
  54. Having switched back on his headlights once in town, in order not to attract police attention, Dean also entered the parking lot but took the vacant spot that was the furthest from that taken by the Fiat.
  55. After sending a rather damning report for Moore’s eyes only to Langley, Erik went to stand behind Julie, looking at the side screen showing the location of the GPS tracer fixed to the mysterious gray Fiat.
  56. Much less would they have endured, military as the nation is becoming by the introduction of large standing armies, that he should have been dispossessed of his property by an armed military force, at the fiat of the Crown.
  57. Sergio got in the back of the car and took one last look at the lifeless body of Don Alberto Callucini and watched as his sons wiped the Fiat down completely then he closed his eyes and slept for the duration of the journey home.
  58. Inflation risks began to dominate real risks, especially after the end of the postwar Bretton Woods regime in 1971 (which finalized the shift to fiat money) was followed by large fiscal deficits, productivity slowdown, and two oil crises.
  59. This in addition to liberal judges who have routinely used the bench to advance their own private prejudices without the formal consent of the governed; by judicial fiat and questionable constitutional interpretations conforming to their world views.
  60. It was my mother who had driven me, with my amplifier and guitar all crammed into her Fiat 500, to my first club gig in Liverpool, and threw my shoes in the dustbin when I came home sick and bedraggled on my first Christmas after leaving Liverpool for London again.
  61. Their tailing work was actually a short one, as the gray Fiat turned after only a few minutes inside the parking lot of the Puertobahia Hotel, near the wide sandy beach immediately east of the port area and actually quite close from the restaurant Dean and Erik had used earlier on.
  62. It takes from our citizens the right of appealing to the courts of justice, and makes the fiat of the Executive the supreme law—a doctrine subversive of the first principles of republicanism, and strange to be advocated by gentlemen who came into power under the name of republicans.
  63. The tall metal poles which held the sodium lights undulated with the terrain and gave an appearance of a column of invading aliens marching towards Armageddon They sped on their way rushing towards their destiny as Mark kept his foot hovering over the accelerator to keep the Fiat at a steady 75mph.
  64. If none of the options discussed in this chapter meet your needs for acquiring bitcoins, you have another alternative to acquire bitcoins that is probably better than any other: Sell something to bitcoiners for bitcoins! Die-hard bitcoiners dream that someday they’ll be able to relinquish all fiat currencies.
  65. Elongation natives tend to be far more open sexually than the conjunctions – not because they are any sexier per se (which is a matter of personal planets posited in certain signs, such as Scorpio and Capricorn) – but rather because they are less emotionally and sexually repressed; more relaxed within themselves and at home with their impulses; less inhibited by parental and societal fiat (what the neighbors might think).
  66. He took charge of a dusty Fiat,.

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