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Filthy numa frase em (in ingles)

He is a filthy smoker.
He did these filthy sex.
He threw her a filthy look.
He was still a filthy mess.
He is a dirty filthy animal.
Filthy waste water backed up.
It was called Filthy Rich.

Her feet were cut and filthy.
I was cold, filthy, and hungry.
We’ll be fucking filthy rich.
Mist curled off the filthy water.
This filthy hell-hole of a place.
The place was filthy, and spider.
The faded green carpet was filthy.
They are all filthy stinking liars.
They were filthy and stupid looking.
Toward the filthy, darkened alleyway.
He was blind, gray-haired and filthy.
The little girl, about 5, was filthy.
Don't think anything filthy about it.
The water from the Jordan was filthy.
Just filthy, dirty, sex: just fucking.
Its stock was wrapped in filthy cloth.
The filthy dogs were going to kill him.
His gaze fell on a heap of filthy rags.
All three were filthy with matted blood.
This is the filthy lie of genetic energy.
This unspoken assumption is a filthy lie.
That is how sick their filthy souls were.
You’re a filthy slut! he snarled.
The whole place was filthy and fly ridden.
I tracked it for months, the filthy thing.
Lorkyn's filthy with the blood of others.
Abominable: That which is filthy; detestable.
God, who would swim in those filthy waters?
I opened the thing up and it was just filthy.
Someone has to try to stop the filthy bastard.
They came by their filthy name because of this.
Thorns and snares are in the way of the filthy.
Her T-shirt is stained and her jeans are filthy.

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