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Filthy numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He is a filthy smoker.
2. He did these filthy sex.
3. He threw her a filthy look.
4. He was still a filthy mess.
5. He is a dirty filthy animal.
6. Filthy waste water backed up.
7. Her feet were cut and filthy.

8. It was called Filthy Rich.
9. We’ll be fucking filthy rich.
10. I was cold, filthy, and hungry.
11. Mist curled off the filthy water.
12. This filthy hell-hole of a place.
13. The faded green carpet was filthy.
14. The place was filthy, and spider.
15. They are all filthy stinking liars.
16. They were filthy and stupid looking.
17. Toward the filthy, darkened alleyway.
18. The little girl, about 5, was filthy.
19. He was blind, gray-haired and filthy.
20. The water from the Jordan was filthy.
21. Don't think anything filthy about it.
22. Just filthy, dirty, sex: just fucking.
23. Its stock was wrapped in filthy cloth.
24. The filthy dogs were going to kill him.
25. His gaze fell on a heap of filthy rags.
26. All three were filthy with matted blood.
27. This is the filthy lie of genetic energy.
28. You’re a filthy slut! he snarled.
29. This unspoken assumption is a filthy lie.
30. That is how sick their filthy souls were.
31. I tracked it for months, the filthy thing.
32. The whole place was filthy and fly ridden.
33. Lorkyn's filthy with the blood of others.
34. Abominable: That which is filthy; detestable.
35. God, who would swim in those filthy waters?
36. I opened the thing up and it was just filthy.
37. Someone has to try to stop the filthy bastard.
38. They came by their filthy name because of this.
39. Whose filthy thoughts filled his phone messages.
40. Her T-shirt is stained and her jeans are filthy.
41. Thorns and snares are in the way of the filthy.
42. Without Sati the wife was filthy, impure, not a.
43. Jeff was a filthy reminder of the gang-rape and.
44. Then these filthy rich would be seen a mile away.
45. I say kill the filthy rats, said one Martian.
46. She pulled the filthy blanket off to see her foot.
47. She was filthy and exhausted, but curiously happy.
48. Her clothes looked filthy and her hair was a mess.
49. Though they were probably filthy hypocrites anyway.
50. The boy lifted his head and gave Esme a filthy look.
51. The animals were incarcerated in tiny, filthy, and.
52. The ponds in the park were too filthy and full of.
53. He gave Ariella a filthy look then glanced at Felix.
54. The thieves, the thieves, the filthy little thieves.
55. Afterwards, the bunchers tossed us into filthy cages.
56. Then only the filthy rich could afford such luxuries.
57. Do you have to wear that filthy old hat? he asked.
58. What about the cleaning, then? It’s filthy in here.
59. The water was as warm as soup, shallow and filthy but.
60. He was dirty and unshaven, and his clothes were filthy.
61. At the first glance I saw that he was a filthy debauche.
62. The stable was filthy and smelled like it hadn’t been.
63. They had taken off their yotas as to not get them filthy.
64. You went along with her filthy plans to defame my mother.
65. My jacket hung over her shoulders, huge, filthy, and limp.
66. The man had a filthy mane of hair that hung over his eyes.
67. The wire-mesh, or other cheep cages are filthy, and flies.
68. They let them go and enjoy their filthy ill-gotten riches.
69. As a common coarse jest, a Roman good-humored filthy joke.
70. With the filthy clothes on my back I made for the highway.
71. These unfortunate children were filthy, starving, had head.
72. I don’t mean all dogs are filthy, only the ones who stab.
73. The guy’s a piece of trash , no better than a filthy rat.
74. This is why all of these filthy things must be killed dead.
75. Releasing the man’s filthy flannel shirt, he stepped away.
76. As he stepped towards the light, she saw that he was filthy.
77. It had rained last night making everything muddy and filthy.
78. She never liked the filthy creatures, just like her parents.
79. Her coat was probably a write-off, filthy and probably torn.
80. Jake The Snake pressed the cellphone against his filthy ear.
81. I was tossed onto a cheap bed in a tiny, filthy cell at the.
82. Without him spreading this filthy greed to all of his armies.
83. That is the filthy, rotten origin of our modern legal system.
84. But now I heard the words, bestial and filthy and degenerate.
85. Krone, marks, yen and all the other versions of filthy lucre.
86. The tissue looked filthy with flesh, which was disconcerting.
87. It was that traitor! Again! That filthy, vile, traitor! I.
88. The prisoners were consigned to a stable—a filthy one at that.
89. It helps that it’s dark and cold and the weather is filthy.
90. Finally the oldest of them, a filthy man maybe in his fifties.
91. Standing before one of them was a young girl in a filthy dress.
92. To the west, the banks of filthy mist rolled away to reveal a.
93. I can’t go there; it’s filthy, she said with revulsion.
94. I’ll climb up there and run you out of that filthy place!’.
95. The men stared at their feet, most of which were bare and filthy.
96. She was led to a filthy visiting room and William was brought in.
97. Finally an office door opened and out stepped this filthy pig of.
98. Dave jokes were usually filthy and they all came from his mother.
99. His filthy, sweat stained shirt and tie was the last to come off.
100. Which was a dirty, filthy thing to do and never criticized: why?

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