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Fin numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Fin gave it to me before.
  2. Fin looked across and nodded.
  3. You saw what happened to Fin.
  4. This tail fin - it's really big.
  5. Troy and Lee laid Fin on the sand.

  6. Just like Huck Fin and Tom Sawyer.
  7. My legs replaced with fin and tail.
  8. On the upper tail fin there were a.
  9. Every one groaned and Fin took a bow.
  10. Grant spoke to Fin as though to a child.
  11. The blue fin tuna migrated from Japan to.
  12. Fin fish are prepared in a variety of ways.
  13. This is my girlfriend, Kirsti, Fin said.
  14. Fin grabbed the lantern, tapping its side.
  15. Huck Fin and his worthy deckhand Tom Sawyer.

  16. Kirsti, is Fin with you? Troy shouted.
  17. Fin, she screamed as loudly as she could.
  18. He’s got a fin growing out of his hand.
  19. It contained a small green fin and poultice.
  20. Fin felt his friends hands as they lifted him.
  21. The memory faded and Fin heard someone sobbing.
  22. I saw his hideous Fin and fear’d for my Life.
  23. Her fin resembled that of a beautiful beta fish.
  24. Males will have an orange or yellow dorsal fin.
  25. And harpoons sticking in near his starboard fin.

  26. Fin put the rifle down and walked over to the desk.
  27. Fin shook his head and set off across the concrete.
  28. Fin climbed the old steps until he reached the top.
  30. Fin screamed again, scrabbling around on the ground.
  31. Fin took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself.
  32. Fin sat back in disappointment when the file opened.
  33. Fin caught the flash drive and stuck it in his pocket.
  34. Fin couldn’t hear what, but Troy’s voice was loud.
  35. Lyra looked at the pen drive Fin dropped into her hand.
  36. The stink was overpowering and Fin felt his bile rising.
  37. After I tried a few different words I gave it to Fin.
  38. Then we’ll get Fin aboard and get the hell out of here.
  39. With a muttered, Ooh get you! Fin cast the rope off.
  40. Troy knelt beside Fin, turning his head towards the light.
  41. Huck Fin and Tom Sawyer used! Now he was going to have the.
  42. Shut up Fin, Willow said, giving him a slap on the arm.
  43. They have a "false eye" towards the back of the dorsal fin.
  44. Fin walked out onto the concrete and spun around in a circle.
  45. With a flash of menace the huge fin came at him, he didn’t.
  46. Fin gave a shuddering sigh when the bulb gave out a weak glow.
  47. There was a dull metallic clunk as his air bottle hit the fin.
  48. The caudal fin is often a shade of green with hints of yellow.
  49. Then, a large hook was inserted behind the whale’s front fin.
  50. The lion sat on a wooden dais a fin above the finely raked sand.
  51. The flute was a fin in length with three holes of scaled sizes.
  52. Arriving at his bedroom, Grant pulled Fin in and closed the door.
  53. Fin made a new file on the pen drive and saved the password in it.
  54. Tough luck mate, Grant said, tossing the flash drive at Fin.
  55. Wopsle as Your Honor, solicited permission to take him by the fin.
  56. The call went dead and Fin turned off his mobile, shaking his head.
  57. Fin could hear a steady noise coming from the direction of the sea.
  58. A la fin, tu es un chic type, I told him in my meager French.
  59. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin.
  60. Fin grabbed her around the waist from behind and gave her a squeeze.
  61. Always thought there was something funny about that, Fin said.
  62. Fin just stood there, mouth open as he looked at all the equipment.
  63. Fin said something in Troy’s ear and they both burst out laughing.
  64. Grabbing a coat, Fin told his mother that he was going out for awhile.
  65. Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Fin knew it would come back to him.
  66. Nearby, a triangular fin was cutting the water in a slow circular motion.
  67. By the time you fin ish readin g this cha pter, you will rea lize wh y I.
  68. Fin glanced at him and saw that he was wearing a mike and small earphones.
  69. Fin was still engrossed in the rifle and jumped when Grant called to him.
  70. The moon was high, lighting the road as Fin rode out into the countryside.
  71. Fin could see the creature’s strong muscles rippling under its scaly skin.
  72. They were moving to fast to read, but didn’t make any sense to Fin anyway.
  73. Kirsti, I’m bloody stuck up here! Fin shouted at the top of his voice.
  74. Fin fought for breath, his eyes growing round and wide, bulging from his head.
  75. The point is, that when Fin and Lyra don’t show up, she’ll raise the alarm.
  76. Ready, Fin hesitated a moment, then taking a deep breath, he tapped the Enter key.
  77. It's larger than the ships nearby, and bigger than any tail fin has a right to be.
  78. Using every atom of mind control he could muster, Fin sent the command to his leg.
  79. This fin has four regular bone-fingers, the index, middle, ring, and little finger.
  80. That sounded like Fin, Lyra said, her voice trembling as she clutched at Troy.
  81. Onward, mine leader, Fin said, swinging the pack onto his back with a big grin.
  82. Fin heard voices calling in the distance, but couldn’t move - couldn’t even blink.
  83. After which they had a dark road to go, but they would travel it together, fin in fin.
  84. Fin watched for the next half hour as Grant studied screen after screen of characters.
  85. Fin tried to slow his breathing, feeling the sweat forming between his shoulder blades.
  86. He found Kirsti on her hands and knees, scrabbling about in the sand where Fin had died.
  87. Suddenly realising what was happening, Fin plucked the lamp off the ground and shook it.
  88. Its oblong body ended in a very long caudal fin and its lateral fins in actual fingers.
  89. The process begins when one machine sends a message in which the FIN control bit is set.
  90. So what’s the emergency then? Fin said as he stuck his head into the bus shelter.
  91. Whether he had lost that fin in battle, or had been born without it, it were hard to say.
  92. Use caution when netting a Yellow Tang because of the blades at the base of their tail fin.
  93. Fin could hear Kirsti’s sobs now and tried to reach out to her, but his hand didn’t move.
  94. Up close, Jay’s entire arm was revealed for what it had become — a green, fish-like fin.
  95. He’s hacked into the school files and given us some good grades, haven’t you Fin?
  96. Gender : Females have the black spot on the dorsal fin, whereas males may not have the black.
  97. I tossed him a fin and told him to keep the change, then took the elevator down to the street.
  98. Gender : More noticeable during mating, the female's anal fin will be a little larger than the.
  99. Firefish have a white or yellow body that fades to black towards a multi-colored caudal fin, and.
  100. Fin might not have been able to scream physically, but mentally he could, and did - over and over.

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  1. Sure enough, there was a small, red finned fish wriggling on the hook.
  2. Even though he was finned,.
  1. It was a full thirty fins tall.
  2. The green fins were still there.
  3. Rare lamps with faint rainbow fins.
  4. Some fish even have two dorsal fins.
  5. The dorsal and anal fins will grow past.
  6. Cliff’s fins drooped like wilting leaves.
  7. Its fins shimmered in the silver moonlight.
  8. The fins look circular like stingray bodies.
  9. What are those fins, do you see them?
  10. What good are fins when you’re kept in a bowl?
  11. The fast moving tail and flapping fins work in sync.
  12. This noose slid as far as the caudal fins and came to a halt.
  13. Jaden moves over to the shark’s fins and tastes that as well.
  14. Yes, he decided, graceful; like a plump angelfish without fins.
  15. In the center of the clearing was a stone tower, thirty fins tall.
  16. It was thirty fins tall, made of the same gray stone as the tower.
  17. Two heat fins on the air-cooled engine had been ripped off as well.
  18. Come on, let's get out of the water, before we grow scales and fins.
  19. The fins resemble sharp Q-tips and carry small gills on each of them.
  20. If these fins stay parallel with the boat, the latter moves horizontally.
  21. The lobsters jump on the sharks’ backs and quickly bite into their fins.
  22. It would take a year to cut through ten fins of this insidious atrocity.
  23. He took another drink of water and began winding his legrope around his fins.
  24. Eel-like fins now inhabited poultices where the severed digits had once been.
  25. Everything else, including the change from fins to fingers, is small potatoes.
  26. The dorsal fins on this fish are venomous so we need to handle them with care.
  27. The Triton's scaly length, his fins and tail, are drawn in quite the same way.
  28. There is another small set of fins towards the midsection and a long narrow tail.
  29. They towered over the entrance to the river, their upraised hands fifty fins high.
  30. They are striped white and black with yellow dorsal and caudal fins along with the.
  31. The spines usually occur on the back but may also be on fins on the side of the fish.
  32. Trout, bass, whiting, and salmon have both scales and fins and make wonderful dishes.
  33. As tetrapods evolved into amphibians, their stout fins were slowly transformed through.
  34. Its oblong body ended in a very long caudal fin and its lateral fins in actual fingers.
  35. Most of the sea animals adapted with wings or fins that work underwater and in the air.
  36. Brawny arms swung the dead man over the rail, and a dozen fins cut the water as he sank.
  37. Females will have no scribbles on their body, just the fins and instead have a dark blue.
  38. Jai and Ceder swapped a look of amazement—the log had passed only fins above their heads.
  39. With the thrust of its propeller curbed by the slant of its fins, the Nautilus stood still.
  40. Ben watched the sharks swimming with their fins breaking the water like a knife slicing meat.
  41. Half the time the damned fins don't unfold evenly, and they wind up going all over the place.
  42. Their heads contain helium that enables them to float without needing wings or flapping fins.
  43. Gender : Males reportedly have the horizontal scribbles not only on the fins but on their body.
  44. There were half a dozen of them, their fins cutting through the water as they sped toward the raft.
  45. Leviticus 11:10 But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers, that do not have fins and scales.
  46. Leviticus 11:10 ―But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers, that do not have fins and scales.
  47. The grey fish have two spiky, white, long fins on each side of their bodies that helps them to swim.
  48. Over the south hills to green the gardens of Virnraya and Aclun, and warm the fins of the Iraelde.
  49. He could see a number of large fins protruding from the water and moving slowly in random directions.
  50. They could have been divers with fins strapped to their backs, actors in yet another terrifying game.
  51. She had the same long golden hair and dazzling light blue eyes, but instead of fins, she now had legs.
  52. Astoundingly calm, Mitchell emerged near the surface, pulling off the fins, before clasping the ladder.
  53. The corpses, white and black, were hurled overboard, where triangular fins were already cutting the water.
  54. They looked like fins and they were growing right out of Jay’s hand, fish-like in their scaly moistness.
  55. The creatures also have 10-20 small fins moving on the side of their eyes across the side of their bodies.
  56. With a desperate threshing of her fins and clutching of her outstretched hand, the gap continued to close.
  57. On each side of the sharks near the head are round, double layer fins that stick out five feet in diameter.
  58. Quickly, he located Yang's body churning underwater, and then used the large fins to propel himself forward.
  59. The Nautilus, driven downward by its propeller and slanting fins, descended to the lowest strata of this sea.
  60. He jumped up to see the three large black fins, one very tall, and the other two smaller, moving in perfect unison.
  61. Looking out I could see fins diving back in the water and as I had a closer look I realized that they were mermaids.
  62. But just then the Nautilus'sslanting fins took us to great depths, and I could see nothing of those high coral walls.
  63. He has no fins on his back (most other porpoises have), he has a lovely tail, and sentimental Indian eyes of a hazel hue.
  64. Her legs had been replaced by the tail end of a fish, with gigantic fins that spread and flopped over the side of the boat.
  65. When it hit the firing pin at the base, it would trigger the cap, which ignited the propellant attached to the bomb’s fins.
  66. Grey medium-sized sharks with red flapping fins and several eyes around their nose leap out from the clouds below the octopuses.
  67. His climb down the tower complete, the Dangler peeked over the hole in the top of the mountain, a hundred fins above the children.
  68. Great slate-colored backs and high serrated dorsal fins shot up with a fringe of silver, and then rolled down into the depths again.
  69. The children saw that as the blue gems swept from side to side, the myriad tiny fins and turtle shells rose and fell below the waves.
  70. I wanted out of the trees as badly as any swimmer might want to get out of the water when spying the fins of a dozen schooling sharks.
  71. Batam was terrified, in other words, opened his eyes excessively, expanded the fins of his nose and bleached the complexion of his face.
  72. Looking back, the ledge they had sailed off was no more than ten fins high; looking forward, their new location was far less preferable.
  73. Glenelle drifted back from logging readings, her personification the little zero-gee fairy with goldfish fins on her feet instead of wings.
  74. Black stems, thick and thin, crashed into the shallow river as Jai cleared a path of twenty fins through the formerly impassable brambles.
  75. These you may eat, whatever is in the water: all that have fins and scales, those in the water, in the seas or in the rivers, you may eat.
  76. Max rotated, not the nut! So Max removed his fins, gripped either side of the tire with his knees and with his feet on the chassis, he tried again.
  77. Yvonne Barns told me she had sometimes seen him driving, quote, ‘one of them flash American cars with no top and big fins on the back,’ unquote.
  78. Still more, for the ample fins, I here saw but a few disordered joints; and in place of the weighty and majestic, but boneless flukes, an utter blank!.
  79. Those animals are only members of the genus Balaenoptera furnished with dorsal fins, and like sperm whales, they're generally smaller than the bowhead whale.
  80. The fins or flippers of whales may also appear—likewise those of porpoises and dolphins, which are harmless and will probably show themselves more completely.
  81. He stood by Peg and trained his underwater camera on the Beetle as it rotated in the breeze, both doors hanging open like the pectoral fins on a floundering dolphin.
  82. Not a few are captured having the deep scars of these encounters,—furrowed heads, broken teeth, scolloped fins; and in some instances, wrenched and dislocated mouths.
  83. As every one knows, these same "hogs' bristles," "fins," "whiskers," "blinds," or whatever you please, furnish to the ladies their busks and other stiffening contrivances.
  84. But he, poor man, disturbed only a couple of fins while I was catching a fair string, and he said it was his luck; but when we changed seats in the boat luck changed seats too.
  85. Die-cut army men with little fins of extra metal at the neck where the machine had stamped them out scrambled up these trunks to perform recon missions on a Friday night in winter.
  86. Fourthly, Salt fish of all kinds, whale fins, whalebone, oil, and blubber, not caught by and cured on board British vessels, when imported into Great Britain, are subject to double aliens duty.
  87. Canard: A small winglet, mounted on the forward area of an aircrafts fuselage, in the opposite location (in front of the wing) to where horizontal tail fins or elevators, are typically located.
  88. How many other marvelous new specimens I still could have observed if, little by little, the Nautilus hadn't settled to the lower strata! Its slanting fins drew it to depths of 2,000 and 3,500.
  89. Most venomous fish: Stonefish (family Synanceiidae), notably Synanceia horrida; has the largest venom glands of any known fish, and contact with poisonous spines of its fins can prove fatal.
  90. Cavorting around the Nautiluswas a school of triggerfish with flat bodies, grainy skins, armed with stings on their dorsal fins, and with four prickly rows of quills quivering on both sides of their tails.
  91. She wore a diver’s wet suit, with a mask, tuba and a pair of fins hooked to her belt and with a watertight small pack now at her feet, while she held a compact, silencer-equipped pistol in her right hand.
  92. I was tempted to gather their fresh petals, which were adorned with delicate tentacles, some newly in bloom, others barely opened, while nimble fish with fluttering fins brushed past them like flocks of birds.
  93. The front half was a calf—a baby, with black fur and big, sad brown eyes and a white muzzle—and its back half was a black-and-brown snaky tail with fins running down the top and bottom, like an enormous eel.
  94. He needed so much concentration to link scales, fit minute rubies into the eyes, laminate gills, and put on fins that there was not the smallest empty moment left for him to fill with his disillusionment of the war.
  95. The lower, or resting-surface, resembles at first sight the ventral surface of an ordinary fish; it is of a white colour, less developed in many ways than the upper side, with the lateral fins often of smaller size.
  96. Having already in various ways put before you his skull, spout-hole, jaw, teeth, tail, forehead, fins, and divers other parts, I shall now simply point out what is most interesting in the general bulk of his unobstructed bones.
  97. Lightning hit the water a dozen fins in front of the boat—before they sailed directly through the geyser of sparks the children saw that the river was flowing straight for the edge of a ravine, gushing over the side to disappear.
  98. Head black above, cheeks and gills olivaceous, back blackish olive, sides olivaceous, lower parts olive gray; a black ring at the base of the tail; lateral line ascending upwards at the base, tail forked, dorsal and anal fins with nine rays.
  99. With one vigorous stroke of its fins, the voracious animal shot toward the Indian, who jumped aside and avoided the shark's bite but not the thrashing of its tail, because that tail struck him across the chest and stretched him out on the seafloor.
  100. Though his entire back down to his side fins is of a deep sable, yet a boundary line, distinct as the mark in a ship's hull, called the "bright waist," that line streaks him from stem to stern, with two separate colours, black above and white below.

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